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Best Business Password Managers in 2024

Businesses today use lots of password-protected tools, each needing different passwords for security. However, keeping track of all these passwords can take time and effort. That's where password managers come in. They help create strong, unique passwords and keep them safe. Plus, they make it easy for employees to share passwords securely.

To help you find the best password manager for your company, the Cybernews research team has tested 18 options, including the one we use – NordVPN. Check out the best business password managers that we listed according to their security profiles, features, and pricing.

Best business password managers

Best corporate business password managers – detailed list

Finding the best password manager that suits your company's needs might be a real struggle. It really depends on the size of a business, too: a medium-sized company might need something more, or something else than a small business.

With this in mind, we compiled a comprehensive list of the best corporate password-management solutions. While testing, we looked into what kind of business features the password managers offer, how many users can be onboarded, whether they provide optimal business-level security, and how easy it is to use and share passwords on a large scale.

1. NordPass – best business password manager in 2024

Business plans:
Business, enterprise
Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Business plan pricing: From $3.59/month
Current deal:Get NordPass now!

NordPass is the best password manager for businesses. It is extremely secure and unbeatable when it comes to simple password management. You can create, share, and manage password permissions with just a few clicks. With advanced encryption, user activity logs, and easy-to-use apps, NordPass is truly a one-of-a-kind enterprise password-managing solution. That’s why we prefer it in Cybernews.

Since the inception of our company, we've been using Nordpass, and we couldn't be happier with this decision. It ensures our data security by centralizing passwords and important information management, saving time and restricting access to authorized personnel.

At Cybernews, we rely on NordPass to securely share passwords among our team members. This feature ensures that everyone can easily access the tools we need, like VPNs, streaming platforms, and analytics tools, which we often test. You can conveniently find shared login details in the Shared Items menu tab within NordPass.

Additionally, Nordpass streamlines many daily tasks, helping us remember or generate secure passwords, which wouldn't be as simple otherwise. For instance, Nordpass has come to the rescue numerous times when our employees forgot crucial login credentials or struggled with creating a secure password for online accounts.

NordPass uses the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm to safeguard all company data. It's considered a cutting-edge encryption method, not as widely used but among the best available today. Unlike LastPass, which is popular but has had security issues, NordPass has never experienced a breach. It's also undergone independent auditing by Cure53 to verify its security and identify any potential weaknesses.

One thing I appreciate about NordPass is that its business accounts allow password sharing exclusively among organization members, which is a great security measure. This prevents accidental sharing if an email address is mistyped.

Also, there’s a new feature in business accounts called NordPass Authenticator. It allows team members with shared access to generate their own two-factor codes, adding an extra layer of security to shared corporate accounts with ease.

On the other hand, NordPass business account lacks emergency access, which could come in handy in emergency cases. Another small downside I've also noticed is that sometimes NordPass prompts you to log in before entering your master password, which can be inconvenient.

Pricing. NordPass pricing plans for business start from $3.59/month per employee. You can self-checkout for up to 250 members, or schedule a 30-minute demo call to discuss the pricing options for enterprises.

2. 1Password – best password manager for the IT industry

1Password banner
Business plans:
Team, business, enterprise
Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Business plan pricing:
From $7.99/month
Current deal:Get 1Password now!

1Password is a near-perfect enterprise password manager – it allows full-scale monitoring of your company’s most sensitive data, easy on- and offboarding, as well as provides free family accounts for all employees.

1Password for business supports 2FA and SSO, as well as allows to delegate administrative responsibilities to trusted members and customize user access. There’s an option to create custom policies and rules, as well as monitor user activity.

1Password is a secure option, as it uses the strongest AES-256 encryption. Like NordVPN and Roboform, 1Password for business supports 2FA and SSO. It also allows to delegate administrative responsibilities to trusted members and customize user access. There’s an option to create custom policies and rules, as well as monitor user activity. This means that you can create rules for how your team members log in and use their 1Password accounts. These rules cover things like password criteria, sharing permissions, and other settings. For emergency access, it offers team members its own tool called Emergency Kit. Company administrators can turn off and on this feature, though.

In my review of 1Password, I found the Developer Tools feature to be impressive. It's particularly useful in the IT industry because it lets you store SSH keys and even sign Git commits and tags using biometrics. This makes 1Password stand out as one of the best tools for developers.

I also liked that 1Password has an option to get custom reporting to identify potential information security threats before they happen. This business password manager continuously checks for data leaks and automatically calls to secure exposed data points.

Pricing. Business owners can get 1Password from $7.99/month per user. Also, there is a free 14-day trial that you can use before purchasing a subscription plan.

3. Keeper – premium security features for business password vaults

Business plans:
Business, enterprise
Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Business plan pricing:
From $2.62/month
Current deal:Get Keeper now!

Keeper password manager is a top all-around choice for any company, offering excellent security not just for the team but also for your family.

Along with most providers, including NordVPN and 1Password, Keeper provider employs zero-trust and zero-knowledge architecture, so no one except you and your employees has access to the stored information. Moreover, like our top providers, Keeper uses the AES-256 encryption protocol as well. Additionally, it has a dedicated admin console that distributes and manages Keeper accounts within your company. You can enforce password security, 2FA, or fully customize role-based access to sensitive data.

Keeper business plans include password security audits with comprehensive reports, as well as user activity monitoring.

What I really like about The Keeper enterprise plan is that it includes a free separate family plan for each user. This means employees not only get a free password manager for their personal use, but they can also invite up to 5 family members. It's a great way to raise awareness about security and data protection. Plus, it saves money and adds an extra layer of protection for both personal and family life.

Pricing. Keeper for business costs $2.62/month per user and is billed annually. You can directly onboard up to 100 employees on Keeper’s website. If your company is larger, you should contact the sales for the best deals.

4. RoboForm – best password manager for managing passwords within teams in large corporations

Business plans:
Business, enterprise
Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux
Business plan pricing:
From $2.49/month
Current deal:Get RoboForm now!

RoboForm is an excellent password manager for handling teams in medium and large companies. It boasts centralized employee onboarding and policy deployment features to help manage many people.

RoboForm uses one of the greatest encryption protocols, called AES-256, to secure your business passwords. It also lets admins easily monitor and customize access to passwords and secured files based on the employee’s role, as well as set security policies for the entire company. Like NordVPN, Roboform supports both 2FA and the single sign-on (SSO) feature that makes access to multiple independent platforms with a single ID possible.

Unlike NordVPN, RoboForm provides an emergency access tool for companies to retrieve a user's personal data if they forget their Master Password or can't access their account.

During RoboForm testing, I discovered a unique feature called Bookmarks. It functions similarly to web browsers, allowing users to save their favorite sites. However, in a business account, company admins and group managers can share these Bookmarks with other employees. In my opinion, while this feature may not be groundbreaking since web browsers offer similar functionality, it can be convenient for quickly sharing useful company resources or other important sites with employees.

Pricing. You can get RoboForm for business for $2.49/month per user. It offers 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year subscription packages priced based on the number of employees. With Roboform plans, you can onboard up to 1000 users, and if you need accounts for larger businesses, you can contact their support team. Also, each plan comes with training webinars and materials to help you get started.

5. Dashlane – simple business password manager to keep everything secure

Business plans:
Team, business
Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux
Business plan pricing:From $8.00/month
Current deal:Get Dashlane now!

Dashlane is a user-friendly and secure password manager for teams that keep you safe even from phishing attempts.

Dashlane is safe to use as it employs AES-256 encryption and has both two-factor authentication (2FA) and universal two-factor authentication (U2FA) options. Moreover, the password manager is compatible with SSO integration, so employees can simplify their sign-in processes and improve work productivity.

Additionally, you can utilize automated systems to enhance your onboarding and offboarding procedures. These systems streamline the process, which is particularly beneficial for medium to large-scale businesses dealing with temporary access needs or frequent employee turnover. Automating the process also reduces the risk of internal issues stemming from offboarding fellow admins.

One thing I really appreciate about Dashlane is its Phishing alerts. If it detects a suspicious attempt to log in somewhere, it alerts you. This could be when you try to paste login info into a site not associated with that login in your Dashlane account or when using Autofill on a site flagged as risky by their machine-learning tool. From my own experience, this feature is incredibly helpful in today's world full of cyberattacks targeting companies and their employees to gain unauthorized access.

Pricing. Dashlane business price starts from $8.00/month per employee, and it supports an unlimited user count. Moreover, you can first try its service free of charge. The free trial setup takes merely 3 minutes.

6. LastPass – manage all business passwords from a single place

Business plans:
Team, business
Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Business plan pricing:
From $6.00/month
Current deal:Get LastPass now!

LastPass is a decent tool to help you control all business passwords from one place. It enables simple sign-ins and quick password sharing among an unlimited number of company members.

LastPass uses AES 256-bit encryption and operates under a zero-knowledge security policy. The admin panel also offers a bunch of useful features: reports on employee password management behavior, 100+ customizable security policies, and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

When I reviewed LastPass, I didn't find anything particularly fascinating or unique about it, except for one extra feature available only to US residents: Credit Monitoring. It's handy for protecting your finances in case of identity theft or credit errors. Setting it up right from your password manager's vault is super convenient.

Another thing worth noting, especially for some users, is that, unlike NordVPN, 1Password, or Keeper, LastPass has experienced data breaches in the past.

Pricing. The cost of this password manager for businesses starts at $6.00/user per month and onboard an unlimited amount of users. It has a 14-day trial that is free of charge. You can also get extra features for an additional monthly price per user.

7. Zoho Vault – cheapest password manager for enterprises

Zoho Vault banner
Business plans:
Team, enterprise
Web app, Android, iOS
Business plan pricing:
From $0.90/month
Current deal:Get Zoho Vault now!

If you’re looking for a very affordable password management solution for your business, Zoho Vault is the one. It is oriented for business users and has multiple different subscription options that provide different features for simplified sign-ins and password sharing.

Zoho Vault provides rock-solid security with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Additionally, all stored information on the password vault is encrypted with an AES 256-bit cipher. It also offers hassle-free logins for employees with the single sign-on (SSO) solution. Zoho Vault has been successfully tested against various vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting (XXS) or SCL injection.

I really appreciate that Zoho Vault provides extra control over password access for important business accounts. You can set up additional users who must grant access for certain passwords or schedule access approvals for specific days or hours. While it might take a bit more time and effort to set up these extra security measures, I think it's worth it for the added peace of mind of knowing your critical infrastructure is even more secure.

What really frustrates me is the confusing privacy policy of Zoho Vault. For instance, in the case of 1Password, it logs account and usage details along with personally identifiable information like logins, payment methods, number of vaults, IP addresses, names, and email addresses, which is all pretty clear.

However, Zoho Vault follows a general policy shared across the entire Zoho company. This can be annoying because Zoho offers many products, making it hard to find the specific terms that apply to Zoho Vault. It also leaves a lot of room for interpretation from a legal standpoint.

Pricing. Zoho Vault is the cheapest business password manager on this list. Its price starts from $0.90/month per user. And its cheapest business plan covers 50 employees. However, you only get advanced features with its premium enterprise subscription packages – you can try them for 15 days for free.

8. Passbolt – customizable business password vault

Passbolt banner
Business plans:
Business, enterprise
Browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox only
Business plan pricing:
From $10.16/month
Current deal:Get Passbolt now!

Passbolt is an open-source password manager that IT professionals can easily customize according to their business needs.

This password manager offers multi-factor authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of protection to your data. You can also manage access based on roles, as well as manage groups and individuals from a security dashboard. Unfortunately, advanced audit logs and password policies are still in development. Nevertheless, SSO is available for Microsoft and Google accounts.

Passbolt allows you to host the password manager yourself, meaning you can run its software on your own infrastructure instead of using the company's servers. This gives you complete control over managing, securing, and keeping your data private. They offer detailed guidelines for setting up and configuring self-hosting Passbolt. However, I don’t think it's simple. It requires technical know-how, but it could be a great choice for organizations that prioritize data security and want full control over their password management solution.

Pricing. The price starts from $10.16/month per 5 members. You can self-checkout for up to 250 users or get in touch with the sales department to get tailor-made offers for larger enterprises.

How we test and review business password managers

All business password managers differ in terms of their service quality and available features. For a password manager to be listed as one of the best for businesses, it needs to meet our standards for security, features, pricing, customer support, and user experience.

  1. Firstly, we take into account password manager security features like encryption algorithms, password hashing, multi-factor authentication, and compliance with no-logs policies. We also make sure that the provider uses AES-256 encryption, as it is considered the most secure nowadays. XChaCha20 is another reliable option, but it’s not so widely adopted by password managers.
  2. We also consider additional features that add value to our users. VPN, dark web monitoring, easy-to-use password generator, and passkey support are the main nice-to-have tools for extra security.
  3. In our tests, to see how autofill works, we check if the password manager can spot new accounts and suggest saving them. We also check how easy it is to add new items and fill in details manually. We make sure the manager and browser extension can autofill login info accurately and don't miss any suggestions or mix-up accounts.
  4. When we test password sharing, we focus on how simple it is to share private info with colleagues using the same or different password managers. This is crucial for coworkers who need to share passwords securely without risking the organization's security. So, in our tests, we make sure it's possible to give temporary or restricted access to shared passwords.
  5. Lastly, we check the prices to see which apps give you the most for your money. We also check if they offer money-back guarantees. This helps us see how providers treat users who aren't happy after trying out the services. If a provider offers an easy money-back guarantee, it shows they trust their product works well.

After this, we rank them based on the value they offer for the price, helping companies make smart choices for their data security.

Best business password managers compared

NordPass1PasswordKeeperRoboFormDashlaneLastPassZoho VaultPassbolt
Password sharing✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Security audits✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
2FA✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Price per userFrom $3.59/monthFrom $7.99/monthFrom $2.62/monthFrom $2.49/monthFrom $8.00/monthFrom $6.00/month From $0.90/monthFrom $10.16/month

What to look for in a password manager for business?

It doesn’t matter if you have just started or have been looking for a good business password manager for a long time now – there are so many of them that it’s quite hard to choose the one. To make the choosing process easier, here are some things to consider:

  • Business-level security. To know if a password manager is safe and dependable, look for independent audits and check if it doesn’t have past security issues, like data leaks. Prioritize services with strong encryption, multi-factor authentication, central control, secure sharing, and audit tools.
  • Business features. To get the most out of your password manager, look for business-related features, such as SSO, autofill, password vaults, and/or folders that can be easily categorized and shared. A comprehensive admin panel or a security dashboard with password health audits and reports, and user activity logs is essential for any business, too.
  • Multi-platform support. Make sure the password manager works on different platforms, which is essential in your company, like Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. It should also have browser extensions for popular browsers. This way, you can easily access your passwords from any device or operating system.
  • Money-back guarantees. It's crucial because it lets you test the password manager's features, interface, and ease of use. This way, if it doesn't meet your needs, you can switch to another service easily.

Above are just some of the most important features to consider when looking for a business password manager. To find the best solution for your company, consider how many employees you have, and whether you deal with many passwords on a daily basis – this will also help determine what kind of password manager provider suits your needs best.

Should companies use a password manager?

A company password manager is a must-have for any business. It boosts security, saves time, and makes sharing account access easy. Over 60% of corporate data worldwide is in the cloud, making it a prime target for hackers. So getting a password manager can greatly enhance your company's data security.

Here are some reasons to consider using a password manager for your business:

  • With a password manager, you can easily manage access and permissions, as well as update, delete, and create strong passwords
  • A business password manager will help you keep track of all your passwords and share them securely with the right people.
  • Since password managers encrypt all of your information, it lowers the risk of getting hacked and sensitive company logins getting leaked.
  • Password managers store not just passwords but also notes, documents, and other data, all accessible and controllable from one place.


Due to the number of passwords and other credentials used in business, it is nearly impossible to manage them manually. Employing a password management solution can significantly improve employee productivity and boost your company’s security.

The best business password managers offer simplified sign-ins, secure password sharing, and multiple layers of other data protection. You can get all of these perks with NordPass and 1Password.

They have flexible subscription plans which allow you to pay for only as much as you intend to use. In other words, you pay a monthly fee per user and can easily upgrade if your business grows.

It’s good to know that these password managers have demo versions. You can request one and try the service for free. This way you’ll be able to pick the best business password manager for your business.


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