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Best tablets for gaming in 2024

You might have heard of portable gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch. But what if you like to enjoy your favorite game on a bigger screen? We have the right solution for you – the best gaming tablet. However, choosing the right one can be quite tricky.

There are a few things that you must take into account, such as its processor, RAM, storage, battery life, display, and plenty more. We’ve prepared a handy guide that will present you with the best tablets for gaming and their most prominent features.

So, let’s get down to business!

Top 5 gaming tablets – shortlist

How to choose the best tablet for playing games?

Choosing the right tablet for gaming might be tricky. There are a few important things to consider, such as:

  • Performance. A powerful processor ensures smooth gameplay, while ample RAM allows for efficient multitasking. For gaming, a tablet with a high-end processor and at least 4GB of RAM is recommended.
  • Display. The quality of the display significantly impacts the gaming experience. A tablet with a high-resolution screen will provide crisp and vibrant visuals, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The screen size also matters; a larger screen can give a more immersive experience.
  • Operating system. The operating system determines the range of games you can play. Android and iOS have the widest range of games available. However, some games are exclusive to one platform, so it’s important to consider which games you want to play when choosing a tablet.
  • Storage. Games can take up a lot of storage space, especially high-end games. Therefore, a tablet with ample storage is necessary. A tablet with at least 64GB of storage is recommended, but if the tablet supports expandable storage, that’s even better.
  • Battery life. Video games consume a lot of power, so a tablet with a long battery life is essential. So, we recommend a tablet with a battery life of at least 10 hours for gaming.
  • Audio quality. Good audio quality can greatly enhance the gaming experience, providing more immersive and realistic gameplay. Look for a tablet with high-quality speakers and, if possible, Dolby Atmos support.

7 best gaming tablets – our detailed list

We wanted to help you delve into the world of gaming with the best possible experience, so we decided to test some of the best tablets. Based on their processor, RAM, storage, and display, here are the 7 best gaming tablets!

1. Apple iPad (10th Generation) – fantastic gaming tablet in 2024

Main features: Auto image stabilization, nits brightness, video image stabilization
Sound quality:Excellent
Graphics:4-core graphics
Operating system:iPadOS

Apple products have been proven to have high build quality over the years. So, it’s not weird that their Apple iPad 10th generation and its amazing video quality features took the first place on our list.

Processor. The tenth-generation iPad uses an A14 Bionic processor, which was previously seen in the fourth-generation iPad Air and the iPhone 12. This processor delivers the right amount of power and performance for gaming.

RAM. Apple iPad (10th Generation) comes with 4 GB LPDDR4X SDRAM. Therefore, it has fast speeds that are sufficient for gaming.

Storage. The 10th-generation iPad has either 64GB or 256GB of storage. If you plan on gaming, then it’s better to go for the 256GB model.

Display. With an all‑screen design and a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, this iPad gives you a powerful way to get things done and enjoy your favorite online games.

2. Apple iPad Air (5th Generation) – affordable tablet for gaming

Main features: True tone display, five-element lens, dual microphones
Sound quality:Good
Graphics:8-core graphics
Operating system:iPadOS

Which gaming tablet would be in second place if not the Apple iPad Air (5th Generation)? With numerous features that enhance your gaming experience, you’ll enjoy any game you like.

Processor. This Apple iPad utilized the M1 SoC, which has an 8-core CPU, an 8-core GPU, and a 16-core Neural Engine. Therefore, it can process more than 11 trillion operations per second.

RAM. The iPad Air 5 has 8GB RAM, which gives you great speeds and reliable performance. Due to this, it supports games that require fast speeds.

Storage. Like the previous Apple iPad, Air 5 comes with 64 and 256GB of storage. That said, you can choose the one that will cater to your gaming needs better.

Display. Apple iPad 5th Generation comes with a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display. Thanks to the LED‑backlit Multi‑Touch display with IPS technology and the 500 nits backlight, you’ll get vibrant colors and an immersive gaming experience.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 – tablet for gaming with many extra accessories

Main features: Powerful battery, 5G capability, hyperfast processor
Sound quality:Excellent
Graphics:3D graphics
Operating system:Android

Samsung doesn’t fall behind Apple, so let’s see what kind of gaming experience you will enjoy with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

Processor. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is loaded with the hyperfast Snapdragon 865+ processor. Therefore, you’ll enjoy lag-free gaming and powerful performance.

RAM. You can purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with either 6 or 8GB RAM. As a result, you should expect high-end speeds that will support your gaming activities.

Storage. What we really liked about this tablet is the wide range of storage capacity. You can choose between 128, 256, or 512GB of storage, meaning you won’t have any issues playing your favorite video games.

Display. The Galaxy Tab S7 features an 11-inch 2560 x 1600 LCD display, contributing to clear and crisp video and image quality.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – best gaming tablet with the largest screen

Main features: AMOLED screen, dual front camera, incredibly fast processor
Sound quality:Excellent
Graphics:Octa-core graphics
Operating system:Android

An even better gaming tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. It comes with a huge screen and incredible display quality.

Processor. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra comes with a Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which guarantees stellar speeds for gaming.

RAM. With RAM of 8, 12, or 16GB, you can be sure that Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has you covered for any video game you’d like to enjoy.

Storage. Thanks to the incredible storage of 128, 256, or 512GB, you can find the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra that will fulfill your gaming expectations.

Display. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra boasts a massive 14.6-inch display, the largest tablet screen on the list. This large screen provides an immersive gaming experience, allowing for more detailed visuals and a broader view of the game.

5. Amazon Fire HD 10 – prominent tablet with a vibrant gaming display

Main features: Long battery life, vibrant colors, 1080p display
Sound quality:Decent
Graphics:Octa-core graphics
Operating system:FireOS

If you want a tablet with battery longevity and robust gaming capabilities, let’s have a look at the fantastic Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet.

Processor. Amazon Fire HD 10 has a powerful octa-core processor that enables it to establish fast speeds that are great for gaming.

RAM. You can get the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet with either 3, 32, or 64GB RAM. This is more than enough for uninterrupted gaming.

Storage. The Amazon Fire HD 10 comes with 32GB of internal storage, making it great for seamless gaming experience.

Display. The Amazon Fire HD 10 has a 10.1-inch display of solid quality, which is considerable value for money.

6. Amazon Fire Max 11 – fantastic productivity-focused gaming tablet

Main features: Sleek design, long battery life, strong processor
Sound quality:Moderate
Graphics:Octa-core graphics
Operating system:Android 11, Fire OS 8

Processor. Amazon Fire Max 11 has a Mediatek MTK8188J octa-core processor with two Arm Cortex-A78 cores running at up to 2.2GHz and six Cortex-A55 cores tuned to 2GHz.

RAM. With only 4GB RAM memory, this Amazon tablet is not the fastest. You can still use it to play various online games.

Storage. You can choose from 64 or 128GB of storage and improve your gaming experience by avoiding lags and other interruptions.

Display. Amazon Fire Max 11 features an 11-inch IPS display with a 2000 x 1200 resolution. The display is bright, and the colors are vibrant.

7. Google Pixel Tablet – clear audio gaming tablet with 128 GB storage

Main features:Numerous built-in security features, Android system intelligence, camera and mic toggles
Sound quality:Excellent
Graphics:Octa-core graphics
Operating system:Android 13

Although the last on our list, the Google Pixel Tablet is nevertheless the least. It has robust security features that will protect all of your gaming activities.

Processor. The Google Pixel Tablet comes with a Tensor G2 processor, making it among the best Google tablets in terms of powerful processor implementation.

RAM. The Tensor G2 processor comes with 8GB of RAM, ensuring decent gaming speeds that will minimize all interruptions.

Storage. What makes it a perfect choice for gaming is the storage of 128GB. Therefore, you can download any online game without an issue.

Display. The Google Pixel Tablet has a Pixel-dense screen with vivid 24-bit color. As a result, it enhances your gaming experience and provides crisp visual elements.

Comparison of top 5 tablets for gaming

We’ve come to the part of our guide where you’ll find a brief overview of the top 5 tablets for gaming. Let’s check out the table below:

Model Apple iPad (10th Generation)
Apple iPad Air (5th Generation)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 UltraAmazon Fire HD 10
Sound qualityExcellent Good Excellent Excellent Decent
Graphics4-core graphics8-core graphics3D graphicsOcta-core graphicsOcta-core graphics
Operating systemiPadOSiPadOSAndroid Android FireOS
Main features
  • Modern design
  • Video stabilizer
  • A14 chip
  • Dual mics
  • 8-core CPU
  • True tone display
  • Hyperfast processor
  • Up to 512GB storage
  • 3D graphics available
  • Largest screen
  • Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor
  • Up to 16GB RAM
  • 64GB RAM
  • Octa-core graphics
  • Very lively colors

How we selected these tablets for playing games?

We tested a bunch of tablets to come up with the best ones for gaming. Here are the features we’ve considered when making our list:

  • Overall performance. The performance of a tablet is crucial for gaming. We tested this by running high-end games that require a lot of processing power and graphics capabilities. We also ran multiple applications simultaneously to see how the tablet handles multitasking. We observed if there were any lags, crashes, or slowdowns during gameplay.
  • Display quality. A good gaming experience requires a high-quality display. We tested the display by playing games with high-resolution graphics and observing the color accuracy, brightness, contrast, and refresh rate. We also checked if the display is comfortable to view for extended periods.
  • Sound quality. Sound is an important part of the gaming experience. We tested the sound quality by playing games with high-quality sound effects and music. We checked for clarity, volume, and whether the sound was immersive.
  • User interface. A good gaming tablet should have an intuitive and responsive user interface. We tested this by navigating through the tablet’s menus, opening and closing apps, and checking for any lag or unresponsiveness.
  • Storage. Games can take up a lot of storage space, so we tested the storage capacity of the tablets by installing multiple large games and checking how much space was left. We also checked if the tablet supports expandable storage.

Mobile vs. Tablet: Which is better for gaming?

Gaming tablets offer high-resolution screens that provide crisp and vibrant visuals. This enhances the gaming experience by offering more detailed and immersive graphics than phones. Therefore, they reduce eye strain, making it more comfortable for long gaming sessions.

Also, they have efficient power management systems that ensure longer battery life, so you can play your favorite games for extended periods without worrying about the battery draining out. On top of this, gaming tablets, especially those running on Android and iOS, have access to a vast library of games.

The only aspect in which smartphones surpass gaming tablets is the portability. Tablets may be more portable than PCs, but you can put your phone in your pocket and save space if you’re traveling over longer distances.

Which processor is best for a gaming tablet?

All tablets come with a processor. This is basically the driver of your device’s performance. In other words, the processor’s speed and number of cores determine the performance. Based on this, the best processor for a gaming tablet is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or MediaTek. They both offer lag-free gaming and prevent any disruptions.


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