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Top 10 best web hosting providers for small business 2023

To have a website is rapidly becoming a must these days, especially for businesses. A professional website serves as a great tool to build a business's online presence and attract new customers. And best of all, it’s a cost-effective method too.

While website building might seem fun to some and daunting to others, a reputable hosting solution like Hostinger could help you create a small business website in no time. Just go for the host that is simple to manage, offers good server resources, fast and reliable performance, as well as many security features to keep your site safe.

And while many hosts will classify themselves as the best web host for small business, we did the actual testing and shortlisted only the ones that proved to be secure, fast, and of high quality.

10 best hosting providers for small businesses: ranked

  1. Hostinger – best hosting for small business
  2. Bluehost – great ease of use
  3. A2 Hosting – performance-focused approach
  4. DreamHost – superb month-to-month billing
  5. SiteGround – exceptional WordPress-focused features
  6. ScalaHosting – highly flexible cloud hosting
  7. HostGator – impressive server resources
  8. InMotion Hosting – fast and generous security options
  9. WP Engine – good premium WordPress hosting
  10. Liquid Web – superb cloud hosting for businesses

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The main aspects of choosing hosting for small business:

There are a pretty large number of hosting providers that claim to be business-oriented. However, not all of them are equally suited for the job. So here are a few things you should look for when picking the best website hosting for small business:

  • Ease of use. Are you a newbie in the hosting world? Or maybe an experienced user? Regardless, make sure that your chosen provider comes with an easy-to-use panel that is intuitive too.
  • The type of hosting. This depends on what kind of website you'll be running. An online store or an informative site with numerous pages will require different hosting solutions.
  • Resources and features. Estimate how "heavy" or "light" your site will be. Will you have loads of videos or images? This will determine how much server resources you'll need.
  • Performance. Everyone wants a fast loading site. It is proven that a fast website is more likely to see larger traffic, so make sure you opt for a speedy hosting provider.

These are just basic things to look for. However, if you wish to know more, jump to our detailed step-by-step guide.

10 best web hosting services for small business – detailed list:

We have compiled a list of hosting solutions that are well suited for small businesses in terms of resources, features, and affordability. However, in addition to shared hosting that we mainly discuss on this list, they also have other hosting solutions like VPS, cloud, or dedicated hosting. This makes our selected hosting providers suitable for both medium and large businesses too.

1. Hostinger – best web hosting for small business overall

Features:Free SSL, weekly backups, SSD storage, LiteSpeed web server
Best for:Affordable prices and excellent performance
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Hostinger is one of the best hosting solutions for small business. The host not only comes for a very reasonable price, but it also includes very generous resources and puts a strong emphasis on performance. On top of that, it’s user-friendly and the features included are great for businesses.

With prices starting at just $2.99/month, it’s no wonder Hostinger is among the top picks for many small businesses. Best of all, a low price does not equal to Hostinger cutting corners. So you can expect only the best:

Regular hardware and software updates. Hostinger keeps its technology up to date, which results in reliable and speedy performance. Additionally, features like LiteSpeed web server and pre-configured caching, as well as the latest PHP versions are available.

Hostinger is very easy to navigate. The provider uses a very intuitive and easy-to-use custom control panel – hPanel. There you’ll be able to manage anything from billing for your services to all functionalities related to your business website.

Performance. If you have an international audience, Hostinger offers 7 data center locations to choose from. You can opt for the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Brazil, Singapore, or Indonesia. Plus, throughout our testing, showed very impressive results:

Average response time:511ms
Fully built site loading time:0.8s
On-site traffic:50 VUs

Experienced customer support. The host offers support via numerous channels: 24/7 live chat, a ticketing system, and emails. More so, you can also browse an extensive knowledge base. So rest assured, knowledgeable agents are always ready to solve any issue you might have with your small business hosting solution.

Pricing. Hostinger has 2 shared and 1 cloud hosting plan: Premium ($2.99/month), Business ($3.99/month), and Cloud Startup ($9.99/month). Plus, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee to make use of.

All things considered, Hostinger is the best affordable web hosting for small businesses. For a low price, it checks all the boxes – speed, reliability, features, and ease of use.

Visit our Hostinger review to learn more about the provider.

2. Bluehost – small business hosting for great user experience

Features:Free SSL, domain, cPanel
Best for:Great user experience and ease of use
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Probably the biggest name in the industry, Bluehost is yet another hosting solution highly favored among small businesses. The main factors that make it so appealing are reasonably priced plans and the variety of business-oriented features included in said plans.

As for the specifics:

Well-rounded plans. All Bluehost’s plans come with all the main necessities like a free custom domain, an SSL certificate, and a staging area. More so, all plans come with great business features like Google Ads and Google My Business.

Beginner-friendly approach. Bluehost makes everything from its setup process to its easy-to-navigate dashboard intuitive and simple enough, even for rookies. It also includes a user-favored cPanel too.

Performance. The host offers data centers in the US alone, meaning that the best site load time will the in the states too. Additionally, while the’s no official uptime guarantee, throughout our testing, Bluehost showed a very reliable and speedy performance:

Average response time:361ms
Fully built site loading time:1.8s
On-site traffic:15 VUs

Good customer support. Bluehost’s customer support options include a 24/7 live chat and phone calls. Additionally, there’s also an extensive knowledge base you can browse too. If the typical support is not enough, it also offers a paid service Blue Sky – a premium customer support option.

Pricing. Bluehost has 4 shared hosting plans with prices starting at $2.95/mo. Plus, the host also has several other affordable options like VPS or dedicated servers for scaling too. Regardless, has a standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

As a whole, Bluehost takes the crown when it comes to user experience – it's one of the most functional and beginner-friendly hosts out there. If you're looking for a host that will make it easier to manage your site – here it is.

Learn more about its services in our full Bluehost review.

3. A2 Hosting – performance-focused option for businesses

A2 Hosting
Features:Free SSL, LiteSpeed web server, automatic backups
Best for:Classic cPanel hosting and speed
Current deal:🔥Get A2 Hosting with 72% OFF🔥

If you’re in search of a performance-focused web hosting provider for your business, A2 Hosting is it. The host is a highly secure and performance-oriented provider that puts simplicity first.

Here are the main advantages of A2 Hosting:

Ease of use. A2 Hosting makes management tasks easy by offering a classic cPanel, which is very intuitive, yet powerful and flexible for easy everyday business site management.

Strong security features. A2 Hosting will be great at keeping your business site safe. On top of basic features like free SSL, DDoS protection, and automated backups it adds advanced tools like 24/7 active malware protection, dual firewall, auto-heal protection, virus scan, and many more.

Performance. A2 Hosting is best known for its many performance-enhancing features, like A2 Optimized (plugin for configuring and managing caching), optimized Turbo plans, and Anycast DNS. More so, you can choose whether you wish to host your site in the US, Europe, or Asia.

Average response time:597ms
Fully built site loading time:1.4s
On-site traffic:50 VUs

Good customer support. A2 Hosting has quite a few support channels to choose from. You can contact its agents via live chat, phone, or by submitting a ticket. Additionally, there’s also a large knowledge base at your service.

Pricing. 4 shared hosting plans that could work for small businesses: Startup ($2.99/month), Drive ($6.99/month), Turbo Boost ($7.99/month), and Turbo Max ($15.99/month). More so, alongside its standard 30-day money-back guarantee A2 also has an any-time money-back guarantee, which makes users eligible for a prorated refund for any unused service

Altogether, A2 Hosting is an option to host a business website on a speedy and reliable classic host. You'll get to use cPanel, which is a staple of the industry too.

Find out more about this provider in our A2 Hosting review.

4. DreamHost – budget-friendly and reliable hosting for businesses

Features:Free SSL, domain, automatic backups, domain privacy
Best for:Affordable month-to-month or yearly hosting
Current deal:🔥Get DreamHost with 79% OFF🔥

A darling of the hosting industry and business owners, DreamHost is very affordable. It also offers one of the cheaper options for 1-year or month-to-month hosting. Besides that, the provider packs plenty of great features in its plans, too. Plus, it’s easy to use, especially for WordPress sites.

Here's what DreamHost has in store:

Great ease of use. DreamHost also prioritizes simplicity. The host comes with a very intuitive and well-organized native user interface that allows you to manage all aspects of your business site in one place. More so, if you prefer WordPress, the host includes BoldGrid, a functional drag-and-drop WP website builder.

Strong security tools. The provider offers a well-rounded security package that includes features like free Let’s Encrypt SSL, automatic daily backups, Cloudflare CDN, domain privacy protection, and Mod_security.

Performance. First, DreamHost offers servers in the US alone. Therefore, it is best suited for US audiences. Despite that, you can expect very speedy performance. Plus, the host comes with a pretty rare 100% uptime guarantee.

Average response time:231ms
Fully built site loading time:1.6s
On-site traffic:50 VUs

Knowledgeable customer support. DreamHost has plenty of customer service options to choose from – there’s live chat (5:30 AM – 9:30 PM PT), phone support, and 24/7 email tickets. More so, you can seek information in its active community forum or its knowledge base.

Pricing. With DreamHost prices start at just $2.59/mo. However, you get generous server resources and many useful features like one-click WordPress installation, free custom domain, an SSL, automatic updates, and many more. More so, the money-back guarantee is very generous – 97 days.

Altogether, DreamHost is among the best options to choose from. It has ease of use, reliability, speed, and even tools to help you build a website more easily.

Find out more about this provider in our DreamHost review.

5. SiteGround – WordPress-focused business hosting

Features:Daily backups, staging, SSL, caching
Best for:Premium-level hosting for business
Current deal:🔥Get SiteGround with 80% OFF🔥

SiteGround is among some of the best web hosting services in the market if you’re willing to invest in it. The provider includes tons of business, performance, and security-focused features in its plans designed for WordPress. Plus, its ease of use is just the cherry on top.

If you have the fund and want to invest in a solid service, SiteGround is perhaps the best web hosting for a small business. Especially the ones that are planning to sell online or compete in fierce markets.

Good business tools. SiteGround provides numerous features for business users. This includes good eCommerce features, an easy staging tool, and the ability to add collaborators.

Numerous security-focused features. The provider includes automated daily backups, 24/7 server monitoring, a web application firewall (WAF), spam protection, account isolation, a security plugin, and many more features to keep your business site secure.

Very performance-oriented approach. SiteGround uses the Google Cloud infrastructure to host its users' websites. The host also includes multiple speed-enhancing solutions like SuperCacher, Ultrafast PHP (a faster custom PHP setup), SG Optimizer plugin (for front-end WordPress optimizing), and a native CDN. More so, there are 7 server locations to choose from.

Average response time:217ms
Fully built site loading time:1.8s
On-site traffic:50 VUs

Fast and helpful support. SiteGround puts an extensive knowledge base and lives chat, email, and ticketing options (all available 24/7) at your disposal. The agents are very friendly and quick in solving your issues.

Pricing. SiteGround has 3 suitable shared hosting plans: StartUp ($2.99/month), GrowBig ($4.99/month), and GoGeek ($7.99/month). Plus, there’s also a standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

Altogether, SiteGround is a very good option, when considering hosting for small business sites. Performance, UX, and the rest are designed to make your life, as a business owner, easier.

You can read more about this provider in our SiteGround review.

6. ScalaHosting – flexible cloud hosting for small business sites

Features:Free domain, SSL, daily offsite backups, real-time malware protection
Best for:Affordable cloud hosting for smaller businesses
Current deal:🔥Get ScalaHosting with 40% OFF🔥

ScalaHosting offers a flexible and affordable cloud hosting for medium-sized business-oriented websites. While this product is fairly new, the host is well-prepared to help you build a powerful business website in no time. Plus, you can expect generous server resources and good speeds too.

Here are a few things that make ScalaHosting suitable for small business sites:

Resource-rich plans. All ScalaHosting’s cloud plans come with all the necessities, like a free custom domain, SSL, CDN, WordPress staging/cloning, cPanel, 50GB storage, unlimited email accounts, and unmetered bandwidth to run a business site. Plus, depending on the plan, you can opt for a shared or dedicated environment.

Good security. No matter which plan you choose, all cloud options include SShield security, daily automated backups, virus and spam protection, free security scans, and brute-force protection.

Performance. When it comes to performance, ScalaHosting showed great results. Throughout our testing, the host experienced 0 outages and kept a very speedy avg. response time. Plus, you can choose between data centers in the US or the EU.

Average response time:443ms
Fully built site loading time:1.8s
On-site traffic:50 VUs

Helpful customer support. The provider offers fast and knowledgeable support via 24/7 live chat and a ticketing system. ScalaHosting even officially promises to respond to you in no longer than 30 seconds via live chat and 15 minutes tops via ticket.

Pricing. ScalaHosting offers 3 cloud plans with prices starting as low as $5.95/mo. Better yet, despite the low prices, the host comes with an anytime unconditional money-back guarantee for unused services.

All things considered, ScalaHosting is a great option for more advanced users looking to run small business sites with eCommerce functionalities. The host proves to be secure and flexible enough to scale whenever needed.

You can check out our ScalaHosting review for more details.

7. HostGator – affordable web hosting for small business

Features:Free SSL, domain, cPanel
Best for:Affordable web hosting for small business
Current deal:🔥Get HostGator with 65% OFF🔥

HostGator is a popular small business web hosting solution known for offering all the essentials you need at inexpensive prices. Plus, its ease of use is attractive to many business owners. This host is a great option, especially for inexperienced users.

Some of the main HostGator features include:

Beginner-friendly management. The provider has simplified and streamlined all the necessary setup and management processes – including CMS installation, website migration, and plugin management. On top of that, you get a very intuitive native user interface and a traditional cPanel for all management tasks.

Free website builder included. All HostGator plans include a free website builder that allows you to build up to 6 pages. For newbies, this website builder means that you can easily and quickly get your business site up and ready.

Performance. HostGator comes with reliable and speedy performance. However, be mindful that its servers are located in the US alone, meaning the host will suit you if your audience will be US-located.

Average response time:525ms
Fully built site loading time:1.2s
On-site traffic:50 VUs

Helpful customer support. HostGator offers support via 24/7 live chat and phone. The staff is very friendly and quick to help too. In addition to this, there’s also a large knowledge base that not only includes articles but video tutorials too.

Pricing. HostGator prices start at just $2.75/mo, yet all the basics like a free custom domain, an SSL, unlimited storage, and email accounts are included. More so, it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee too.

In sum, those new to hosting would find HostGator to be a great option for small business web hosting. Especially considering its low barrier of entry, comprehensive resources, good performance, and ease of use.

You can check out our HostGator review for more details.

8. InMotion Hosting – secure and performance-oriented host

InMotion Hosting
Features:Website builder, free SSL, security features
Best for:Security-focused web hosting
Current deal:🔥Get InMotion Hosting with 75% OFF🔥

InMotion Hosting is a very well-suited solution for small business web hosting and eCommerce sites due to its good performance, many security features, and beginner-friendliness.

Here are a few main points that make InMotion Hosting a good choice for small business website hosting:

Inclusive plans. With any InMotion plan you’re going to get all that’s needed to start and market a website – professional email, security covering most of the vulnerabilities, and marketing tools to promote your business online.

Ease of use. The provider uses an audience-favored cPanel for all hosting management-related tasks. It’s a straightforward control panel that is easy to navigate and get used to. More so, you can also make use of BoldGrid – a WordPress website builder that allows you to build a professional-looking site in minutes.

Speedy performance. InMotion is well-known for its performance-oriented approach. All plans come with features like UltraStack which includes NGINX proxy caching, PHP FastCGI Process Manager (PHP-FPM), and Brotli Compression for a speedy business site.

Average response time:759ms
Fully built site loading time:0.8s
On-site traffic:50 VUs

Numerous costumes support options. InMotion has an incredibly huge array of customer support options that includes a community forum, knowledge base, blog, 24/7 live chat, email, ticket, phone line, and even Skype. So you can rest assured that you’ll get help anytime.

Pricing. InMotion Hosting comes with 4 shared hosting plans: Core ($2.29/month), Launch ($4.99/month), Power ($4.99/month), and Pro ($12.99/month). Plus, you get a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is 3 longer than with most hosts.

Overall, InMotion Hosting ticks all the boxes when it comes to quality web hosting for small businesses. You get good resources, speed, and support at each step of the way.

Find out more in our full InMotion Hosting review.

9. WP Engine – premium and managed WordPress hosting

WP Engine
Features:Custom caching and staging, free SSL, CDN
Best for:Premium hosting for online business
Current deal:🔥Get WP Engine with 25% OFF🔥

WP Engine is a premium high-performing solution for small businesses looking to get online. The provider delivers amazing reliability, strong security, and handy features for your business. Exclusively for WordPress sites.

Over the years, the host has carved its name in the industry by providing extremely reliable and amazingly speedy WordPress hosting that is suitable for anyone from a beginner to a web developer. Here’s what you can expect from WP Engine:

Useful business tools. The host comes with 3 environments: development, staging, and production environments. With these, you can build, test, and introduce any new changes to your business site safely.

Strong security suit. WP Engine offers both basics like an SSL and advanced features like server monitoring, daily automated and manual backups with up to 40 backup points, and proprietary firewalls with all its plans.

Impressive performance. To begin with, WP Engine offers over 20 data center locations (in the US regions, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia) all over the world. On top of that, the host offers many performance-optimizing features, uses speedy Google Cloud and AWS servers, and includes a free CDN for fast business site loading.

Average response time:489ms
Fully built site loading time:1.1s
On-site traffic:30 VUs

Knowledgeable customer support. WP Engine’s support agents are very helpful, efficient, and professional. And best of all there are numerous channels you can contact them via – 24/7 live chat, email, and a phone line, plus there’s an extensive resource center too.

Pricing. WP Engine offers 4 pre-packaged plans: Startup ($22.50/month), Professional ($44.25/month), Growth ($86.25/month), and Scale ($217.50/month). Additionally, the provider offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, double the market's standard.

All in all, WP Engine can be one of your business’ best investments. The host is most suitable for fast-growing small businesses selling online or agencies building websites for clients.

Find out more about this provider in our WP Engine review.

10. Liquid Web – powerful and fast cloud hosting for large business sites

Features:Fully managed, free SSL, automated backups, control panel
Best for:Premium cloud hosting for larger business sites
Current deal:🔥Get Liquid Web with 75% OFF🔥

Liquid Web is a premium enterprise-level fully-managed cloud solution for larger business sites. The provider packs together simplicity, great server power, as well as many business-oriented tools for fast and easy site management.

While the price for Liquid Web services is noticeably higher than the rest of our reviewed providers, the sheer server power, reasonable storage, and the variety of management panels you can choose from makes this host very suitable for online businesses. Especially online stores.

Here’s what you can expect to find:

Managed VPS hosting services. The provider will take care of all the technical aspects of your hosting while you’ll still get to have full root access, plus a choice between 3 easy-to-use control panels – InterWorx, Plesk, and cPanel.

Strong security. Security is essential for any site, especially a business one. Therefore, Liquid Web includes all the necessities like a free SSL (manually activated), automated backups, a dedicated IP, custom firewalls, and DDoS protection with all its VPS plans.

Performance. The host offers 100% uptime in its SLA. Therefore you can be sure that your site will be live and well at all times. If not, Liquid Web promises to compensate you.

Average response time:521ms
Fully built site loading time:1.2s
On-site traffic:50 VUs

Easily scalable. If you happen to need more resources than initially tough, Liquid Web makes it very easy to scale by offering dedicated, cloud, and enterprise-level managed hosting solutions.

Pricing. Liquid Web has 4 cloud plans: 2GB RAM ($15.00/mo), 4GB RAM ($25.00/mo), 8GB RAM ($35.00/mo), 16GB RAM ($95.00/mo), as well as a standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

All in all, Liquid Web is a premium enterprise-level VPS hosting that is well-suited for businesses of all kinds. If you’re looking for reliability, server power, and ease of use, Liquid Web has it all.

You can read more about this provider in our Liquid Web review.

Best web hosting providers for small business compared

All of the hosting providers mentioned on this list offer quite different resources at various price points. To make things simpler, here’s a quick side-by-side comparison for you to visually see how these providers compare with each other in terms of the features that they offer.

HostHostingerBluehostA2 Hosting DreamHostSiteGroundScalaHostingHostGatorInMotion Hosting WP Engine Liquid Web
BandwidthUnmeteredUnmetered Unmetered Unmetered UnmeteredUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered50GB10TB
Free domain
VPS hosting
Dedicated hosting
PriceFrom $2.99/moFrom $2.95/moFrom $2.99/moFrom $2.59/moFrom $2.99/moFrom $5.95/moFrom $2.75/moFrom $2.29/moFrom $22.50/mo
From $15.00/mo

Choosing the best hosting for a small business website

There are tons of web hosting providers out there – many of whom cater to small businesses. However, the headache lies in the search for a good provider, and I know the pain well. So I have prepared a step-by-step guide on what to do when picking a good hosting solution for your business site.

Let me break it down.

Determine your level of experience. First, evaluate your personal skills in terms of web hosting. Are you a beginner or an experienced user? Some providers like Hostinger or Bluehost are very beginner-oriented and offer simplistic and streamlined website setup processes. At the same time, SiteGround and WP Engine are just as easy to manage but come with a wider set of advanced tools like staging.

Decide on the type of your website. You also need to decide what kind of website you’ll be running. Depending on whether you’ll be building a landing page, a portfolio, or an eCommerce site, you will either need a shared, VPS or dedicated hosting solution. The former is the cheapest and is best suited for small pages with low to medium traffic. The latter is slightly pricier and is meant for growing business, eCommerce, and medium-sized business websites. Lastly, dedicated hosting is best for enterprise-level solutions and big online stores with thousands of products and visitors.

Calculate necessary server resources. Of course, you should also consider the resources and features that your business website needs. This includes storage, bandwidth, control panel, and security measures. Typically, for small businesses, you’ll need 10-50GB of storage and 15-50GB of bandwidth.

Pick what features you’ll need. To run a professional business website, you will need all the basics like a custom domain name, business email accounts, and an easy-to-use control panel. Additionally, website security if of the highest importance – you'll need at least these basic security features like an SSL certificate, automated backups, firewall, and DDoS protection. Now if you wish to sell online, malware scanning and repairing, security plugins, domain privacy protection, and a Web Application Firewall will be of great use.

Consider performance. Performance-wise, there are 3 main aspects you want to focus on: uptime, server response time, and page load speed. For best results, the uptime should be as close to 100% as possible, the server response time should remain under 600ms, and the page loading time should be no higher than 3 seconds.

Niche business web hosting

This best web hosting list for small business covers all the top providers in the category, but you might be looking for something more specific. In that case, here are a couple of our curated lists you might be interested in:

Best web hosting for small business: final recommendations

The success of your small business website rides mainly on your hosting provider, and a good host can get you far. But, with the sheer number of providers and plans out there, things can get overwhelming.

So if you're looking to create a simple few page site to inform people about you business, any provider on our list will do. However, if an online store is what you're after, our top pick for the job will be Hostinger.

4.8 /5
Special deal
-75% OFF
4.5 /5
Special deal
-75% OFF
4.3 /5
Special deal
-80% OFF

Best web hosting for small business FAQs