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Best hosting sites for WordPress Canada 2024

Ready to launch a new WordPress site in Canada this year? Well, you’re going to need a great web host for that. While WordPress might be one of the most popular Content Management Systems, your experience with it depends on what web hosting service you choose.

To guide you through the best hosting sites for WordPress Canada, we’ve put together a detailed list of our top 6 choices. We evaluated these popular hosts for WordPress compatibility and features, impressive performance, and ease of use for the Canadian market.

Keep reading to see who made the list of the best hosting sites for WordPress Canada this year.

Best WordPress hosting Canada 2024:

Best hosting sites for WordPress Canada – detailed list:

Whether you’re on a budget or you’re looking for the best performance, we’ve got you covered. With 6 impressive WordPress Canada hosts for to choose from, keep reading for the pros and cons, special features, and exclusive coupon codes.

1. Hostinger – best WordPress Canada host on a budget

Hostinger banner
Features:1-click WordPress installation, WordPress Starter wizard LiteSpeed cache for WordPress, servers in the US
Best for:Small WordPress sites for Canadian audiences
Current deal: 🔥Get Hostinger with 78% OFF🔥

Hostinger is the most budget-friendly WordPress hosting Canada option. With 8 data centers worldwide, its powerful US location supports Canada-oriented sites effectively. Canadians will be able to enjoy reliable and speedy WordPress performance for an affordable price.

WordPress features. The provider is pretty serious when it comes to WordPress hosting. You can expect all plans to offer a quick WordPress Starter website set-up wizard, LiteSpeed cache for WordPress, and automated core updates. The pricier plans will also add WP-CLI and a WP staging tool.

Performance. Hostinger is known as one of the fastest hosting providers in the market. While the host doesn’t have any Canadian servers, Hostinger does offers data centers located in the north of the US. This means that Canadian visitors can expect speeds just as good as the US audiences.

Ease of use. Hostinger makes it easy for beginners and advanced users to host a website. You’ll get access to its native user interface hPanel, where all the main features like WordPress installation, domain, SSL, and much more can be found.

Pricing. Hostinger offers 3 WordPress-optimized plans, with starting price standing as low as US $2.69/mo. Plus, the host also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can make use of.

Want all the details? Visit our complete Hostinger review.

2. DreamHost – affordable WordPress-centered hosting for Canada

Dreamhost banner
Features:Free WordPress migration, easy WordPress setup, automatic core and security updates
Best for:Both personal and business WordPress websites
Current deal: 🔥Get DreamHost with 79% OFF🔥

Looking for an affordable host for Canada with an official recommendation from WordPress? Well, DreamHost checks that box. This is one of the best-known WordPress hosting sites on the market and delivers impressive speeds at a low price.

WordPress features. All plans include a pre-installed WordPress, free automated WordPress migrations, WordPress core and security updates, plus a WP website builder.

Performance. DreamHost is the only provider on this list that offers a 100% uptime guarantee. Plus, our tests proved that the host was very speedy too. While there are no servers available in Canada, DreamHost’s data centers located in the US will not disappoint any Canada-based users.

Ease of use. DreamHost is very well suited for users of any experience level. The provider offers a custom user interface that will enable you to manage your billing as well as all site-related settings from one place.

Pricing. DreamHost offers 2 WordPress-optimized plans with prices starting at US $2.59/mo. Plus, a generous 97-day money-back guarantee is available. Now if you wish to get even more features, you can opt for 1 out of 3 DreamHost’s managed WordPress plans with prices starting at US $16.95/mo.

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3. SiteGround – secure and speedy WordPress host Canada

Features:CDN, WP site set-up wizard, WP-CLI, automated WordPress updates, SG WordPress plugin, caching
Best for:Performance-centered smaller WordPress websites
Current deal: 🔥Get SiteGround with 83% OFF🔥

SiteGround is one of the best hosting for WordPress Canada if you need a host that can handle heavier traffic for your growing site. SiteGround is known for its exceptional performance, tight security, and simplicity.

WordPress features. All SiteGround’s WordPress plans come with a WordPress Starter website set-up wizard, free site migration, WP-CLI, automated WordPress core and plugin updates, SG optimizer WordPress plugin, and caching.

Performance. SiteGround does not play around in terms of performance. All provider's plans are hosted on a cloud infrastructure and include numerous speed optimizations like customized server setup, free CDN, caching, and servers in Canada's closest neighbor (the US) territory. All of this makes the host very speedy and reliable for Canada-located visitors.

Ease of use. The host is known for its simplicity in the management department. SiteGround includes a custom panel – Site Tools, which is very well organized and can even be slightly customized to suit your needs. From this panel, you’ll be able to manage everything from your billing to the site's security and performance optimizations.

Pricing. SiteGround has 3 WordPress dedicated plans with prices ranging from US $2.99/mo to US $7.99/mo. On top of that, the host also has a standard 30-day money-back guarantee too.

For more details, check out our complete SiteGround review.

4. GoDaddy – business-centered Canada WordPress hosting

GoDaddy banner 1
Features:1-click WordPress installation, automatic malware scans, one-click migration,
Best for:Small WordPress business sites
Current deal: 🔥Get GoDaddy with 30% OFF🔥

GoDaddy might be one of the biggest names in domain name registration, but it has plenty of web hosting options for Canada WordPress hosting too. This host has multiple data centers in the US that easily support WordPress sites in Canada.

WordPress features. Now talking about WordPress hosting, GoDaddy offers a more basic package. You can expect all plans to include a 1-click WordPress installation as well as some freebies like a custom domain, an SSL, and 2 free Microsoft 365 mailboxes.

Performance. GoDaddy’s strongest virtue in terms of performance is its numerous US-based server locations. Depending on where in Canada you’re located, you can choose the closest center. Plus, with managed WordPress plans, you’ll also get a CDN.

Ease of use. The provider offers a native user interface that is paired with a well-known classical cPanel. Such a combination makes GoDaddy very appealing to beginners and advanced users alike.

Pricing. GoDaddy comes with a selection of 3 shared hosting plans with prices starting at CA $4.07/mo. As for the more advanced managed WordPress plans, the host has 4 options starting at CA $9.99/mo. Regardless of your option, you’ll be able to use the host's 30-day money-back guarantee if needed.

To learn more about this host, continue on to our full GoDaddy review.

5. Bluehost – WordPress hosting with plenty of support

Bluehost banner
Features:Free domain, SSL, staging, cPanel
Best for:Beginners looking for a WordPress website
Current deal: 🔥Get Bluehost with 77% OFF🔥

Bluehost is another top contender for the best hosting sites for WordPress Canada. It’s been officially recommended by WordPress since 2005, and its price and quality ratio makes it a strong candidate for this list.

WordPress features. Bluehost has a few WordPress-oriented features to offer. All plans include a WordPress staging area as well as automatic WP installation and updates. Plus, a WP site builder and custom WP themes are available too.

Performance. The host is fast and reliable, with a 99.99% uptime. While Bluehost has servers in the US alone, it is still a very good option for Canada WordPress hosting due to its free Cloudflare CDN inclusion.

Ease of use. One of the most notable things about Bluehost is its ease of use. With its simple yet highly functional custom user interface and a classic cPanel combination, the provider is targeting all types of users, beginners included. It even has a step-by-step guide on how to build your first site.

Pricing. Bluehost comes with 4 WordPress-supporting shared plans that start at CA $3.93/mo. Plus, if you’re not satisfied with the services, the provider offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

Want more details? We’ve got them for you in our full Bluehost hosting review.

6. InMotion Hosting – feature-rich WordPress Canada hosting

Inmotion hosting
Features:Pre-installed WordPress, a website builder, automatic WP updates, caching
Best for:Speedy site hosting for Canada audience
Current deal: 🔥Get InMotion Hosting with 75% OFF🔥

InMotion Hosting is another good choice for WordPress Canada hosting, due to numerous WordPress optimizations, good speed, and affordable plans. Plus, it’s very beginner-friendly too.

WordPress features. Now talking about WordPress hosting features, the provider comes with a pre-installed WordPress, a free website builder with over 200 themes, automatic WP core and plugin updates, plus a WordPress caching tool. And all that with only shared hosting – even more features are available with managed WP plans.

Performance. InMotion Hosting offers servers in the US, which is very convenient for Canadian visitors. Plus, our testing proved that the provider is very speedy when it comes to site loading time.

Ease of use. When it comes to ease of use, InMotion Hosting is no stranger. The provider makes website management a breeze by incorporating a user-favored cPanel. Additionally, its account management panel is also just as easy to navigate.

Pricing. InMotion has 4 shared hosting plans for you to choose from. The prices for said plans start at just US $2.29/mo. More so, if you wish to get a managed WordPress plan, the provider has 4 more options, with prices starting at US $3.49/mo. Lastly, there’s a very generous 90-day money-back guarantee in place too.

For more specifics, keep reading our full InMotion Hosting review.

Choosing the best Canadian WordPress hosting

When finding the best hosting sites for WordPress in Canada, we had 3 main priorities – outstanding WordPress features, verified uptimes, and notable security features.

WordPress features

With so many web hosting services out there, we focused our search on those with the best WordPress features.

Here are a few main ones we were looking for:

  • Automated WordPress core and plugin updates
  • Easy WordPress installation
  • Latest PHP versions
  • Caching
  • Free website builder compatible with WordPress
  • Official recommendations from WordPress.org
  • Beginner-friendly interface

As a whole, all of these features make it easy to get started and maintain a new WordPress site.

Server performance and uptime

The closer the server is to the intended audience of the site, the better the speeds and performance usually are. That’s why we looked for WordPress hosting with servers close to Canada.

All of our top hosts have powerful data centers located in the United States. Most of them have multiple locations spread across Canada’s southern border. These servers power sites all over the world and are ready to bring great speeds to Canadian audiences too.

Additionally, we also took note of each provider's official uptime guarantees. While each provider offers at least a 99.9% uptime guarantee, our testing proved that none of them had an uptime lower than 99.98%.

Lastly, another factor was server responsiveness. Based on our server response time testing results, we shortlisted only the speediest options.


Finally, we checked to see what security features each host had in place.

Free SSL certificates are becoming the industry standard, even with cheaper hosting plans. This feature provides an encrypted connection for visitors on a website and will help keep their personal data safe.

Beyond that, included security features will depend on the host and the plan. We made sure to highlight hosts that offer impressive security features in even the most basic plans. These might include malware and threat protection, plus DDoS protection. Automatic backups are also handy, so you don’t need to back up your valuable files manually.

Best hosting for WordPress Canada comparison

ProviderHostingerDreamHostSiteGroundGoDaddyBluehostInMotion Hosting
Automated WordPress updates
Data center location for CanadiansThe USThe USThe USThe USThe USThe US
Dedicated WordPress hosting
Control panelhPanelCustomSite ToolsCustom user interface +cPanelCustom user interface +cPanelAMP +cPanel
Customer support team24/724/724/724/724/724/7
Price rangeFrom $2.69/moFrom $2.59/moFrom $2.99/moFrom $6.99/moFrom $2.75/moFrom $2.29/mo
ReviewHostinger reviewDreamHost reviewSiteGround reviewGoDaddy reviewBluehost reviewInMotion Hosting review

WordPress hosting Canada: final thoughts

If you’re looking for the best hosting sites for WordPress Canada, there are plenty of excellent options to choose from. For the best mix of performance, price, and WordPress features, our top pick is Hostinger.

Powered by servers next door in the US, Hostinger can provide fast speeds and reliable uptimes to Canadian sites. Plus, at just US $2.69/mo, it’s one of the cheapest options for any small business or personal site to get started right away.

Want the best deal on your WordPress hosting plan? Check out our latest coupon codes for Hostinger.


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