Data of 16M clients of Russian retail chain DNS leaked

DNS acknowledged the breach after hackers shared the details of the company’s customers and employees on a popular hacker forum.

Hackers claim to have stolen the data from DNS online shop last month. In a post on a popular site for posting leaks, a user who announced the breach said that the DNS leak impacted 16 million people.

The compromised information includes usernames, passwords, names, phone numbers, and email addresses. According to the post on a forum, threat actors took 7.7M emails, 3M full names of users, and 11.4M username and phone number combinations.

DNS data leak
Post announcing the leak. Image by Cybernews.

“DNS was found to leak personal data of customers and employees. […] We see that the attack was carried out by a group of hackers from servers located outside the Russian Federation,” the company said in a statement.

DNS also said that user passwords were not affected, whereas its customers’ payment information could not be affected since it was not stored on DNS servers.

DNS (short for Digital Network Systems) is one of the largest retail chains in Russia, with over 2,000 stores throughout the country. The company focuses mainly on computer and household appliance sales.

European cyberwar

Threat actors who published the data on the hacker forum claim that a pro-Ukrainian hacker group ‘NLB team’ was responsible for the attack. The attack would be the latest in a string of hacks targeted at undermining Russian systems if confirmed.

Competing hacker groups launched numerous attacks after Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February. Anonymous, Ukraine’s IT Army, Hacker Forces, and many other hacktivist groups started targeting Russia’s state-owned enterprises and businesses.

Meanwhile, pro-Russian groups carried out several DDoS attacks against countries supporting Ukraine. Government websites in Finland, Italy, Romania, Germany, Norway, and Lithuania, as well as websites in Czechia, Latvia, and elsewhere, were under cyber fire.

According to the United Nations, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has created the ‘fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.’ Over 12 million people were displaced due to the conflict in a nation with 44 million residents.

Witness testimonies from Ukrainian towns Russian forces have occupied point to severe human rights violations and targeted lethal attacks against civilians. Reports of “gross and systematic violations and abuses of human rights” got Russia suspended from the UN Human Rights Council.

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