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It’s not stupid if it works: best tech support MacGyver moves

It’s easy to do a proper job with the right equipment and plenty of time. Real life, however, is not always like that. That’s why people are forced to think out of the box to allow our daily routines to continue with only the tools that are immediately available. Take a look at the most impressive ‘MacGyver’ fixes we’ve come across.

The term ‘to MacGyver something’ originates from the 80’s TV show named after its lead character. In the show, Angus MacGyver uses his genius-level intellect to solve complex problems or get himself out of tight situations. Like defusing a bomb with a paperclip.

MacGyver solved most of his problems using low-end tools, like duct tape or a Swiss Army knife. The character’s name became a verb in popular culture, and it is associated with complex problem solving using immediately available materials.

One of the most prominent illustrations of tech MacGyveriansim even got its own Hollywood movies with Tom Hanks, Kavin Bacon, and Bill Paxton in lead roles. The story of Apollo 13, NASA’s unsuccessful moon mission.

On their way to the Moon, astronauts James A. Lovell, John L. Swigert, and Fred W. Haise noticed a critical failure of an oxygen tank. Without a way to quickly turn back, the spacemen used duct tape, covers ripped from procedure manuals, and plastic tubes to engineer an air filter thousands of miles away from Earth.

Earth-bound MacGyver solutions might not be as spectacular, but they employ the same idea. Since people are not shy of sharing their best attempts at outperforming Mr MacGyver, Reddit houses a community dedicated to such attempts called r/techsupportmacgyver.

Below you’ll find some of the best instances of Macgyver solutions we’ve encountered.

“Windows Update wouldn’t finish because the computer kept going to sleep”

“When you need to charge your phone during a hurricane”

“How to keep WiFi when a random snowstorm knocks your power out”

“Ticking time bomb”

“They said they needed 10 computers in the middle of nowhere”

“We needed to set up a camera to see who was coming to the IT door”

“Clever workaround to the buzzer”

“PC was running hot, so I replaced the side panel with this”

“My pocket WiFi had a low battery life”

“Couldn’t find a big enough flash drive, so I’m installing Windows from my drone”

“Chipset running hot?”

“Saved a Students Thesis”

“My 6-year-old has a bright future ahead of him”

“CD held down at an angle reflects the keyboard area up into the webcam”

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