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How to fix Overwatch 2 lag using a VPN in 2024

Overwatch 2 lag can make you rage. Luckily, we researched the issues that can cause lag while playing Overwatch 2 and how to fix them.

The main reasons that cause Overwatch 2 lag are overcrowded servers and unstable wireless internet connections. Thankfully, a reliable VPN can be a solution to fix this.

For starters, a VPN can hide your activity from your ISP and bypass throttling. It can also mask your IP address and location to prevent DDoS attacks. Naturally, there are several other reasons that can cause lagging. Keep reading and learn how to fix Overwatch 2 lag with a VPN.

How to fix Overwatch 2 lag with VPN – quick steps

Games without lagging
  1. Choose a reliable gaming VPN. We suggest NordVPN, now 72% OFF
  2. Install the VPN app on your gaming device
  3. Make sure to connect to a VPN server before you start playing the game
  4. Play Overwatch 2 without lag

How can a VPN help you fix Overwatch 2 lag?

Popularity of Overwatch 2 brings millions of players worldwide, causing server overcrowding and resulting in lag issues. Enhance your gaming experience by utilizing a gaming VPN, which provides access to servers in various countries and unlocks exclusive rewards for specific regions.

A VPN not only shields you from DDoS attacks and conceals your IP address but also guarantees a smoother and more secure gameplay environment, reducing lag. This becomes especially apparent when you choose to connect to servers in different countries.

Furthermore, employing a VPN for Overwatch 2 is advantageous as it can reduce the distance between your IP address and the game server, resulting in a more seamless and less laggy connectivity experience. Online games like Overwatch 2 can strain your network, and if it struggles to handle the data transmission, your ISP can throttle the connection, leading to lag and other issues. A VPN, with servers in various global locations, can allow you to bypass bandwidth limitations, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

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Why is Overwatch 2 lagging?

Overwatch 2 can lag because of corrupted game files, outdated drivers, weak graphics cards, and other reasons like this:

  • System Requirements. You will experience lag if your system specifications don't meet Overwatch 2 requirements. Make sure your device can run modern games like Overwatch 2 without performance issues.
  • Wireless network. Wireless networks are unstable and vulnerable to interference. Besides, having many devices connected to one router will give you minimal network data. All of this contributes to the lag you experience. Use an ethernet cable instead of a wireless connection if you can.
  • Server issues. Overwatch 2 can lag because of excess traffic on the server. To avoid lag, log into the server closest to your region; it lowers your ping and fixes lag.
  • Excessive graphics settings. If Overwatch 2 graphics settings are too high, your computer may have insufficient resources for graphics processing. It means your graphics card will struggle with such demands and cause low framerate.

Five methods to fix Overwatch 2 lag

Here are the 5 best workarounds that helped us remedy Overwatch 2 lag. Try it yourself and enjoy OW2 without stuttering:

1. Use a VPN

A VPN can fix a lot of the issues you're facing in Overwatch 2. It helps you connect to a server that's less crowded and glitchy. Plus, it stops your internet provider from slowing you down by going around the data limits. A VPN also keeps your device safe from DDoS attacks. Setting up a VPN is easy, and you can do it on any device in just a few steps.

2. Update GPU drivers

An old GPU with up-to-date drivers won't run OW2, but a new card with outdated drivers can. Although some devices usually update them automatically, it is still worth checking if they need updating.

3. Lower your in-game graphics

Lower the Overwatch 2 graphic settings or resolution to avoid potential lag and FPS drops. In addition, turn off local reflections and shadow detail.

4. Turn on power mode

Set your PC to "High/Best Performance" mode. It allows the CPU and GPU to operate at higher clock speeds, which leads to better gaming performance.

5. Prevent device overheating

PC overheating can lead to thermal throttling. That means reduced performance. Reduced performance equals lag. Ensure effective device cooling systems (fans, heat sinks). Make sure the computer has good ventilation, the hardware is clean, etc. Use external cooling solutions like cooling pads for laptops or additional fans for desktop computers.

Why does Overwatch 2 lag on different devices?

You can play Overwatch 2 on your console, computer, mobile device, or tablet. But lag can occur to whatever device or operating system you choose.

Moving forward, we will highlight some reasons and suggest possible solutions for lag fixes on different devices.

Why is Overwatch 2 laggy on Windows or Mac?

PC gamers experience lag in Overwatch 2 for many reasons. Here are the main causes why Overwatch 2 lags and solutions to fix them:

  • System Requirements. Ensure your Windows PC or Mac meets the necessary specs. Upgrade if needed.
  • High graphics settings. Adjust graphic settings in Overwatch 2, focusing on texture and shadow quality. Lower these settings.
  • Background services. Open task manager and turn off all unnecessary programs and processes running in the background.
  • GPU drivers. Update your GPU or other drivers.
  • Internet connection. Reconnect to your Wi-Fi or even reboot the router. Use network cable instead of wireless internet if you have one.

Why is Overwatch 2 laggy on Xbox or PS4/PS5?

Unfortunately, lag can occur to console users, too. Here's a breakdown of common causes and potential fixes:

  • Network connection. Try to reconnect to Wi-Fi, restart your router and device.
  • Server distance. Select servers closer to your location.
  • High graphic settings. Try reducing graphic settings.

You can increase your console's security by setting up a VPN on your router. This way, every device on the network, including your console, can enjoy the benefits of the VPN. Check out our setup guide for detailed instructions on installing a VPN on your router.

Why is Overwatch 2 laggy on Android or iOS devices?

Playing Overwatch 2 on your phone is fun, but lag can be a problem. Find out why it happens and learn how to stop it:

  • Slow internet. Reboot your router.
  • Background processes. Close unnecessary background apps.
  • Full storage. Remove unnecessary apps to free up space.

Overloaded servers, poor internet connection, and other problems provoke lag. To fix lag in Overwatch 2, we recommend a VPN, which works on several devices at the same time. A VPN not only ensures a smooth gaming experience but also provides digital protection.

Fixing lag on Overwatch 2 – the final word

Overwatch 2 is a viral online game. But like many others, Overwatch 2 faces lag issues and slowdowns due to crowded servers and unstable internet connections.

Utilizing a reliable VPN with thousands of servers, such as NordVPN, helps you bypass overcrowding, reducing lag and bringing you closer to the game server.

A VPN prevents ISP throttling by encrypting your activities, making it impossible for your ISP to monitor and slow down your internet connection while gaming. It enhances security against cyber threats, providing protection against DDoS attacks by hiding your true IP address. Without your home IP address, potential attackers can't target you.


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