You’ll soon be able to see less of your ex on Google Photos

Google Photos is testing an upgrade that’ll allow users to control which faces they want to see in their Memories recaps.

Who’d want to get a Google notification on their device, offering you to “relive the moment” with a photo of your ex after a recent break-up? Probably nobody. The same applies to recently deceased loved ones, which can obviously cause an emotional response.

Google is aware of this and is currently tackling the issue. Now, to conceal someone from appearing in Memories on Google Photos, users can navigate to the app's settings, select Preferences > Memories, and enable "Hide people and pets."

This action prevents the individual from appearing in user memories, creations, or search results without removing any photos they're featured in.

Reportedly, the company is testing a new “Show Less” feature to its photo sharing and storage service Google Photos, that will enable users to choose the content they do not wish to see.

The update, spotted by AssembleDebug and reported by Android Authority, will allow users to exclude specific people from automatically-generated “Memories.” The app will recognize the person’s face and will not show pictures of them unless it’s a group image.

This appears to be a milder version of the “Block face” option, which makes faces completely disappear from Memories and group photos.

The update is still not available publicly and will possibly be available in a future app release. The settings will be possible to reach via Settings > Preferences > Memories.

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