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Meta’s Threads app may not launch in Europe due to stricter privacy laws

Meta’s rival to Twitter may not be launching in the EU countries just yet due to stricter privacy laws.

While Threads, an Instagram app, is ready to pre-download in US and UK app stores, users in EU countries like Germany were reportedly not offered an option – and with good reason.

Threads will not be launching in the EU on Thursday (July 6th) because of the stricter data privacy laws in the 27-nation bloc, according to the Irish Independent, which quoted a spokesperson for Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC).

While the Irish regulator has not actively blocked the service in the EU, Meta has not yet prepared the service for the European launch outside the UK, it said.

Threads would use Instagram user data, including location, search history, and other sensitive information. The DPC has previously prevented Meta from launching advertising services on WhatsApp in the EU because it uses data from Facebook and Instagram.

The Irish regulator oversees Meta because the company's EU headquarters are located in the country.

Cybernews has reached out to Meta for comment.

Bard, Google’s answer to ChatGPT, is still not available in EU countries because of data privacy laws. It was not rolled out in the EU during its original launch in May, and was again blocked by the DPC from doing so in June.

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