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You already know the standard checklist for your must-have Android apps to install once your brand-new and shiny phone is out of the box. You’ll just probably import them from your old phone. So I won’t go into the facebooks, twitters, and google-drives with this post.

Instead, I’ll show you some cool Android apps to make your phone more useful in everyday business tasks. From social media management to CRMs and crypto wallets – these apps are made to get your business done on the go.

So without any further ado, what is the best Android software you can get for your phone right now?

PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro banner
Best for:Individuals
Features:Reliable and smart PDF reader for Android users, multiple display modes, editing option, OCR functionality
Free plan:Yes

PDF Reader Pro is a reliable and feature-packed PDF reader and editor app for Android devices. The app offers a smooth reading experience with various display modes and rich annotation tools.

It allows you to create, read, and edit PDF files and you can also convert them to other formats as well. The app offers accurate OCR functionality, which recognizes characters in an image or scanned PDF file as editable characters, making it easy to search, modify, and copy text.

The following are the main features that PDF Reader Pro offers.

  • Different display modes for various occasions
  • Rich annotation tools with multiple colors
  • Quick creation of blank PDF files or converting PDFs to any office format file
  • High editability of text content, pages, and documents
  • Accurate OCR functionality to recognize characters
  • PDF conversion from/to various file formats
  • Merging multiple PDF files into one compact PDF
  • Compressing PDFs to reduce the file size

The app also allows you to protect your confidential files and sensitive data with passwords and permissions.


Best for:Remote teams, time tracking, and workforce analytics
Features:Time tracking, productivity monitoring, project management, team collaboration
Free plan:Free to use

Hubstaff is an essential tool for businesses managing remote, hybrid, or flexible teams, offering robust features for time tracking, productivity monitoring, and payroll. With a user-friendly interface, Hubstaff empowers employers to monitor work hours, gauge activity levels, and generate insightful reports effortlessly.

Key features of Hubstaff include:

  • Time Tracking: Accurate tracking of work hours and tasks for remote and in-house teams.
  • Productivity Monitoring: Tools to measure and enhance team productivity through activity levels and application usage.
  • Project Management: Streamline project workflows with task assignments, progress tracking, and collaboration features.
  • Team Collaboration: Easy communication and collaboration with team members, enhancing overall efficiency.

Try Hubstaff for free for 14 days. Paid plans start at $7 per monthly user. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Hubstaff is designed to optimize your team's workflow and enhance overall productivity.


ContentStudio banner
Best for:Content and marketing teams, solopreneurs, influencers
Features:Content trends and discovery, planning, collaboration, publishing
Free plan:14-day trial

Seamlessly integrating with all the major social media platforms, ContetStudio is a content discovery and social media management app. It allows staying on top of your industry content and scheduling your own posts, and tracking performance on multiple platforms at the same time.

While ContentStudio is an all-things-content application, here are the main features, making it worth your attention:

  1. Discovery: the app allows you to track and analyze top-performing content based on industry. This way, you can learn from the best and improve your own performance.
  2. Editorial calendar: planning function allows you to add all your future posts in one comprehensive editorial calendar. Whether working alone and needing to stay on top of your game or planning your team’s tasks – it’s a good productivity booster.
  3. Collaboration: all posts can be set to approve by team members or clients so only the highest quality content goes live.
  4. Publisher: all planned content across different channels can be published from one single interface, saving your time and avoiding human error.

To try out ContentStudio, you have 14 for free, no credit card required. Meanwhile, paid plans start at $39/mo with an annual subscription.

Briefly, ContentStudio one single phone app you’ll ever need to manage all of your social media content, stay on top of the trends, and increase performance.


Chanty banner
Best for:Small businesses and teams
Features:Unlimited messaging history, task management, video chats
Free plan:Yes

Chanty is a free Android communication app with unlimited message history and task management tools. It's one of the best free Android applications for small businesses, allowing team members to communicate and plan tasks efficiently.

With the free version, you can connect up to 10 team members and enjoy all the main features:

  1. Unlimited group and private conversations with messaging history, audio messages, and one-on-one calls.
  2. Built-in task management to replace sheets and bulky task management software. You can easily assign tasks to team members straight from the chat.
  3. Multiple app integrations like Google Drive, Trello, Giphy, and Zpier for both getting work done and increasing team engagement

While the free version is more than enough for small teams on short budgets, the paid version ($3/per user) is available and includes video conferencing, roles&permissions management, as well as dedicated support.

Overall, Chanty is an amazing alternative to slack for teams on a budget. A convenient Android app allows managing your communications on the go, and built-in task management allows organizing workflow smoothly.


Planable banner
Best for:Businesses, agencies, creative teams
Features:Content creation, planning, approval, and collaboration
Free plan:Yes

Content planning and management app, Planable helps teams and businesses collaborate on content strategy and fulfillment straight from your Android’s screen. Connecting to all major social media platforms, it helps you produce content calendars and preview upcoming posts seamlessly.

With a free version available, Planable is best known for:

  1. Content creation for multiple platforms from one single app. You can create all your social media content in Plannable and tweak posts according to the channel. Adding gifs, emojis, and boosting the posts with hashtags is available.
  2. Content calendars planning and their visualization in multiple views, showcasing content that’s ready to go live. Plus, you can create templates for each week or month, avoiding repetitive and unnecessary tasks.
  3. Possibility to set up approval processes for stakeholders so everyone knows when and what should be done.
  4. Team collaboration tools. Multiple members can join the tasks with different permission levels. Plus, commenting in context is possible – rather than overflowing teams with docs, you can simply add comments on each post individually.

While you can try Planable for free for up to 50 posts, paid version starts at $9/user and unlimited posts.

If you’re looking to boost your creative team’s productivity, Planable is a single tool that will handle all social media tasks. Plus, it increases collaboration and saves time for all parties involved. The best part – all available on the go from your mobile device.


EngageBay banner
Best for:Businesses, creatives, agencies
Features:CRM, marketing automation, customer service integration, sales automation
Free plan:Yes

EngageBay integrates marketing, CRM, and customer care functionalities for all-in-one customer care solutions to businesses. Easily managed via one of the best Android apps, it’s a good solution for busy entrepreneurs juggling multiple tasks at once.

While you can choose whether you need marketing, CRM & sales, or customer service features, the all-in-one suite can help you with:

  1. Contact management, sales automation, and appointment scheduling.
  2. Marketing automation with forms and landing pages, automated emails and email sequences, as well as email template building.
  3. Helpdesk software allows integrating ticketing system into your website.
  4. Live chat integration is possible for quick customer inquiries.

All of the above is conveniently managed through one of the best Android phone apps. Plus, a free plan is available. At the same time, paid all-in-one options start at $11.99 per user a month.

If you’re a busy solopreneur scrambling multiple tasks at once or a growing business that needs automation. EngageBay is an excellent Android app to help you out.


OnPage banner
Best for:Healthcare industries, IT companies, mission-critical projects
Features:On-call calendars, intrusive alerts, dedicated support lines, HIPAA-compliant communication
Free plan:Free trial

OnPage is a real-time alerting solution that brings crucial alerting and HIPAA-compliant communication right at the fingertips of the incident response team. This Android software comes with alerting and communication capabilities, useful for mission-critical industries, allowing for greatly reduced incident response times and system downtimes.

Replacing pagers, emails, phone calls, and text messages, this is what OnPage is capable of:

  1. Delivering alerts automatically to the right person when an incident happens, so it can be resolved immediately.
  2. On-call functionality so only the members ready to respond are involved with the possibility to override the phone’s silent mode.
  3. HIPAA-compliant messaging for healthcare industries to provide a secure way of communicating sensitive information remotely.
  4. Dedicated lines and live phone calls for dedicated support teams to manage critical requests or redirect incidents to on-call specialists.

OnPage has a fully functional 7-day free trial, no credit card required. However, paid options start at $13.99/mo per user, billed yearly.

Altogether, OnPage is meant to ensure that all incidents and critical alerts go to the right person immediately, cutting down on response times, minimizing system downtimes, and increasing team efficiency across industries.


Edge crypto wallet banner
Best for:Crypto exchange and secure banking
Features:In-app buying, selling, gift cards, crypto exchange
Free plan:Yes

Edge is a crypto wallet app that combines full control with security and ease of use of mobile banking. It’s one Android app for all of your assets, supporting all major coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Dogecoin, among others.

Some of the most notable features of this Android crypto wallet include:

  1. In-app buying and selling as well as mobile top-ups, and gift cards.
  2. Strong security, including client-side encryption, automatic backups, and 2FA.
  3. Easy exchange: from crypto-to-crypto, from credit card or bank to crypto, and vice versa – all via secure mobile app.

Edge is a completely free Android app for all your cryto asset needs.

Altogether, Edge combines all the crucial functionalities for crypto assets, exchange, and management. It’s secure, easy to use, and the best part – it comes in a convenient Android app for easy use whenever you need it.


NiceHash banner
Best for:Crypto operations, mining, and trading
Features:Rig manager, wallet, hash-power Marketplace, instant notifications
Free plan:Yes

If simply manipulating crypto is not enough, NiceHash is among the best Android software for managing your crypto mining and trading operations. Boasting many functionalities, it allows you to oversee and adjust your processes.

The NiceHash mobile app features include:

  1. Rig manager, allowing you to manage rigs and check their status on the go.
  2. Wallet for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies + checking wallet activities.
  3. Hash-power Marketplace so you can manage all hash-power related information – order status, cancellation, as well as place new orders.
  4. Notifications for finding out about statuses and new activities instantly.

Best part is, NiceHash is completely free for personal use, unlike most of the competition. Meanwhile, enterprise solutions start at 200eur per location.

Simply put, NiceHash is an excellent application for your Android to keep track of your crypto operations wherever you are.


Noxinfluencer banner
Best for:Brands and influencers
Features:Comparative analysis, rankings, earnings calculator, sponsorship, forecasts
Free plan:Free to download

Noxinfluencer is a go-to Android app for influencer marketing and social media analysis. This one powerful app gathers data and statistics from millions of social media accounts for those who want to proceed with data-driven business strategies.

Mainly working with YouTube and TikTok, here’s what Noixinfluencer Android software is capable of:

  1. Real-time subscriber tracker updated every second.
  2. 5-dimensional analysis to determine channel quality.
  3. Estimated earnings calculator for campaigns and videos.
  4. Convenient influencer/sponsorship search with competitor analysis.
  5. Trends for subscribers and global & country rankings.
  6. Channel forecasts for the upcoming year.

Noxinfluencer app is free, but to enjoy all functionalities, paid plans start at $99/mo for both influencers and brands.

Briefly, Noxinfluencer is a powerful mobile app analyzing data across channels to help brands and influencers scale up and optimize profits.


DriveStrike banner
Best for:Theft protection, data breach prevention
Features:Locate stolen or lost phone, wipe or encrypt all data on the device
Free plan:Free trial

Since now we keep an impressive amount of personal and sensitive information on our smartphones, DriveStrike is a great Android software for phone and data protection. It includes the most essential attributes to keep your device and stored information safe from outsiders.

With DriveStrike, you can:

  1. Locate your smartphone in case it’s been stolen or lost
  2. Lock your device from unauthorized access to protect sensitive information
  3. Encrypt valuable data, so that it wouldn’t be exposed to outsiders
  4. Wipe all information from Android remotely

What’s worth mentioning is that DriveStrike offers a free trial version and you can try the software before purchasing a full version. Also, if you buy the subscription and you’re not satisfied with the services, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

All in all, DriveStrike allows you to protect your Android data remotely in case you lose your device or it’s stolen. So, you can always be sure that your sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Best Android Software for business: the must haves

While I will not recommend overcrowding your Android with all the apps on the list, there are definitely helpful business tools out here to boost productivity, streamline processes, and manage a business on the go.

Here are the top Android apps for business and their capabilities:

  • PDF Reader Pro is a reliable and feature-rich PDF reader and editor that allows seamless PDF document management across all your Android devices.
  • ContentStudio helps creatives manage their workflow with social media platforms and increases collaboration between teams.
  • Chanty is a free Android app for team communication and task management perfect for small businesses.
  • Planable helps with social media content creation and management, combining all tools under one powerful Android app.
  • EngageBay offers one of the best Android software for CRM, marketing, and customer service automation.
  • OnPage ensures that critical alerts reach the right person on time every time, combining multiple features for various industries.
  • Edge is a crypto wallet on your phone, featuring powerful tools so you can manage your assets on the go easily.
  • NiceHash is one of the best Android apps for managing crypto mining and trading operations completely for free.
  • Noxinfluencer is a cool app for Android helping businesses, brands, and influencers make data-driven decisions about their social media presence.
  • DriveStrike is an Android security application that helps to locate, lock, and wipe your device if it’s been stolen or lost.

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