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Best authentication solutions: our top picks

The frequent data leaks and security incidents continuously prove that solely relying on passwords to secure your online accounts is not a wise decision.

One of the most popular ways to add a layer of protection is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – a practice where more than one type of authentication is used to log in to an account or an app.

While mobile authenticator apps that generate codes are used most commonly, there are plenty of providers these days offering innovative solutions that harness the power of AI, biometrics, and cutting-edge technology to provide secure and frictionless authentication.

Best authentication solutions: a detailed list

To help you navigate all the types of authentication solutions out there, the team at Cybernews compiled this list of providers offering the best options.


ServicesSingle sign-on authentication, identity wallet, credential issuance
Free versionYes

GATACA is a company that allows companies, governments, and educational institutions to securely authenticate users and even issue documents.

GATACA's product suite includes an identity wallet, credential issuance, and single-sign-on authentication. Most importantly, their signature self-sovereign identity technology provides citizens and organization users secure, passwordless, and privacy-preserving access to digital services.

If you're looking for a solution that would allow you to effortlessly issue digital credentials and enhance your user experience, make sure to check out GATACA.


ServicesIdentity verification, KYC/AML monitoring, KYB, fraud detection
Free versionYes

Next on the list is Persona – a platform that allows you to create fully customizable identity verification experiences for your customers.

With Persona, you can selecting what information you want to collect and verify and automatically adjust the level of identity verification based on the riskiness of the interaction, which allows you to remove unnecessary steps and make the user experience extra smooth. Persona’s smooth and intuitive user experience can help you convert more users, and the platform offers a wide variety of verification components so you can ensure users are really who they say they are and stop fraud before it wrecks havoc on your business.

Another great thing about Persona is that it offers services in 200+ countries and territories and is available in 20 languages, allowing you to quickly verify customers from around the world.


ServicesAccount protection, PSD2 SCA, customer MFA, single sign-on, remote Access, desktop MFA
ResourcesBlog, news, events, videos, case studies, eBooks, one-pagers, reports
Free versionYes

Keyless is a passwordless authentication company pioneering privacy-preserving solutions for both consumer and workforce authentication. Its patented software offers businesses high identity assurance with a simple look into the camera – dramatically improving authentication journeys and easing the overall compliance burden.

Keyless ensures authentication isn’t siloed by integrating with major risk management and identity providers, helping businesses better protect themselves against emerging threats and reducing overheads associated with legacy authentication methods.

In 2021, Keyless was acquired by Sift, the leader in Digital Trust & Safety. Together both companies now deliver frictionless authentication experiences that eliminate account takeover (ATO) fraud, enhance security, and make it easy to comply with evolving regulations such as GDPR and PSD2.


ServicesPrivileged access management, Identity management, MFA_supported, Cloud environment_supported
ResourcesWhite papers, technical documents, brochures
Free versionNo

Security is vital for every business, and as a global IT leader, South Korea houses one of the best cybersecurity firms to assure your company of total protection and trust. The company specializes in identity and access management solutions privileged access management and identity and access management solutions.

7 solutions - Privileged Session Management for System, Identity Management for System, Privileged Access Management for Database, Identity Management for Database, Identity for Active Directory, Mobile Authentication, Password Management for CCTV) which can be installed as an integrated solution or as a separate solution depending on the client’s needs. Businesses can easily analyze accident-related measures, check work history, monitor compliance response, and improve reliability with NETAND's software.

The following are specific services offered by NETAND:

  • Privileged Access Management
  • MFA_supported
  • Cloud environment_supported through AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Oracle, etc.

Having gained experience from working with clients like eBay, Acleda Bank, SC Bank, Samsung, etc. NETAND will have no problem crafting the best security solutions for your business.


ServicesDigital identity, interoperability, cybersecurity, privacy enhancement, naval awareness, border surveillance
ResourcesStories, case studies, webinars
Free versionNo

Cybernetica is an Estonian company building future-proof technologies for digital societies. With their strong focus on research and development, no wonder Cybernetica's solutions are used by the leading banks and governments across the world.

What makes Cybernetica special is their signature digital identity solution called SplitKey that acts both as a mobile authentication and document signing tool. Because it utilizes threshold cryptography technology, users can be authenticated simply and securely – no hardware or PIN numbers required.

This provider is trusted by governments and financial institutions worldwide, so make sure to check out Cybernetica if you're looking for future-proof solutions.


ServicesEmail authentication products, session management, Web3 logins, email magic links, SMS passcodes, OAuth logins, embeddable magic links, email passcodes, session management, WebAuthn, Web3 logins, TOTP authentication apps, passwords
Free versionNo

Stytch is a little bit different than most of the providers on this list. Stytch provides an authentication platform for developers with out of the box customer identity and access management solutions.

Stytch removes the headache of developing an authentication system from scratch and offers you a set of flexible SDKs and APIs that you can use and easily customize when building your authentication flows.

A passwordless future is the main goal at Stytch. Their experts are constantly bringing out innovative solutions that reimagine the authentication process and user experience, so make sure to check out their products and keep an eye out for upcoming solutions.


ServicesPasswordless Authentication, Secure DCB Authentication, Phone Verification, KYC, SIM swap and device change detection
Free versionNo

IPification is credential-less, network-based authentication solution that creates a frictionless user experience on mobile and IoT devices.

By using the IP address to verify a device, SIM, or phone number, IPification delivers a seamless and secure experience that barely requires any actions on the user end – no face scans or filling in countless forms of information.

But a smooth UX is not all that IPification has to offer. Their authentication solutions are highly secure and will detect and notify you in case there is fraudulent activity, whether it's a device change or a SIM swap.


ServicesSoftware license management, device license management, customer identity management, single sign-on
ResourcesBlog, white papers, knowledge base, developer guide, videos, case studies
Free versionYes (free trial)

Next on our list is 10Duke – a cloud-based license management solution that helps software vendors license their products out to their customers for more effective software monetization.

Unlike others, this provider offers both customer identity management and software licensing solutions. Authenticated users can access their purchases once they are granted permission to access them via the license engine/entitlement management API. This way, software vendors can manage who has access to their product and monetize it more efficiently.

Furthermore, 10Duke can easily connect to ERP, eCommerce, and CRM platforms. You may pick the free trial option by going to their website, where you'll have limited access to try out their software in your company.


ServicesEnterprise SSO, password management integration, active SSO, mobile app SDK
ResourcesCase studies, videos, white papers, blog, TCO calculator, TraitWare datasheet
Free versionFree trial

TraitWare is a company on a mission to make authentication passwordless and as frictionless as possible. By using direct login or QR scan technology, TraitWare ensures secure, zero trust Multi-Factor Authentication, delivering a true enterprise-grade passwordless experience.

The great thing about TraitWare is that it not only provides passwordless authentication solutions for your users but also offers options for interface customization and easy integration into your app.

If you're looking to eliminate passwords and enhance the authentication experience for your workforce or customers, don't hesitate to try out TraitWare.


ServicesMagic Link, Email OTP, Social Login, WebAuthn (Biometric Auth), Passkey, SMS OTP, Multi-factor Authentication, Private Cloud
ResourcesBlog, news, glossary, passwordless directory
Free versionFree trial

MojoAuth is an all-in-one passwordless authentication solution, authenticating over 350k+ users per day. It provides a frictionless login experience for your users while accessing your business apps across different channels.

MojoAuth not only provides various passwordless methods to authenticate your users but also offers the facility to white-label your interface, login screen, and emails. You can add MojoAuth passwordless solutions to your existing login page with just 2 lines of code and deliver your customers a secure and frictionless login experience.

With 99.9% uptime, it also offers an option for private cloud to businesses. It is a developer-friendly platform with a set of flexible SDKs and APIs and is easy to integrate, so make sure to check out MojoAuth if you're looking for a passwordless solution.

Keesing Technologies

ServicesEnd-to-end identity verification, ID document database, automated ID document verification, scanner-based ID document verification, face verification, Keesing ID academy, certified courses
Free versionFree trial

Especially for financial service providers, being able to verify users' identities is pertinent to mitigate fraud and to adhere to AML & KYC regulations. Keesing Technologies makes that possible through the cutting-edge verification service they offer. With proven long-standing expertise, Keesing Technologies caters to the needs of several global companies that trust them.

Certified by the ISO, the company has been committed to excellence, quality, and top-notch ID verification provision since 1911. They have the following major infrastructure for their service delivery:

  • DocumentChecker – World’s most comprehensive ID Document Database
  • AuthentiScan - Automated Identity Verification Software
  • AuthentiScan with Face Verification
  • End-to-end ID Verification
  • ID Academy – certified ID document training courses to improve employee verification skills

Identity verification has become a major necessity for the digital ecosystem. Hence, companies like yours mustn't hold back in hiring the best service provider.


ServicesOloid M-Tag, cloud smart reader, workflow builder, identity and access cloud
Free versionFree trial

Oloid is one of the world's first self-install mobile access solutions that helps businesses modernize their access control system. Thanks to cutting-edge software, there's no need to manage complex hardware integrations. Oloid is how they upgrade to a future-ready office for businesses looking to plunge into the future.

Products and solutions that make Oloid stand out are Oloid M-Tag, Oloid Smart Reader, Workflow builder, Identity and Access Cloud.

Getting your business started using the easy solutions Oloid provides is bound to make a considerable difference to efficiency.


ServicesLocation and device intelligence, location spoofing detection, player collusion prevention
ResourcesCase studies, white papers, eBooks, videos, webinars, infographics
Free versionNo

With proven technology that has been scaled to handle about 1.5 monthly sessions, Incognia has proven to stop account takeover, player collusion, and location spoofing.

Beyond these, they also help businesses go passwordless with their in-house operational devices. The software has a high rating that reflects the trust users have in it. Operational efficiency is improved by helping businesses recognize trusted users and weeding out fraud. They help businesses experience:

  • Enhanced trust and safety
  • Detect location spoofing and sketchy devices
  • Password-less systems
  • Prevention of Account takeover
  • Location and device intelligence

With easy-to-use SDKs and APIs, the software is easy for developers worldwide to integrate into businesses.


ServicesPassword-based and passwordless SSO, MFA, proximity login, mobile identification, remote user management
ResourcesBlog, white papers, case studies
Free versionFree trial

Hideez is a US-based cybersecurity company that specializes in hardware and software solutions for password-based and passwordless FIDO-based authentication in multi-user environments.

The Hideez Authentication Service allows users to verify their identity using a mobile app or hardware security keys that enable passwordless desktop login and provide instant access to personal or shared accounts. Hideez’s FIDO-certified server allows administrators to manage employees' access rights and privileges completely remotely.

Hideez develops complex IAM solutions for industries like healthcare, banking, and the military, so you can expect nothing but a commitment to quality and security.


ServicesIdentity verification, phone verification, NFC verification, AML screening, fraud scoring, face authentication
Free versionFree trial

iDenfy is a global all-in-one identity verification, fraud prevention, and compliance platform, best known for its end-to-end ID verification solution.

What makes the iDenfy platform stand out is that it not only uses AI-powered biometric recognition but also ensures a team of in-house identity experts double-checks each verification, which not only allows to extract accurate data but also adds a layer of fraud protection.

IDenfy is trusted by many leading financial institutions, gambling websites, and enterprises worldwide, so make sure to check out their all-in-one platform.


ServicesMobile authentication
Free versionNo

The next provider on this list specializes in SIM-based authentication and offers verification solutions fit for our mobile-first world. The best part is that tru.ID has APIs readily available, so you can add a layer of security to your app in no time.

What makes tru.ID unique is that it uses the same verification technology that carriers use themselves. Because of that, users don't even have to go to an authenticator app – there are no PINs, no URLs to click on, and no actions to review and approve.

Additionally, tru.ID operates based on zero-trust principles, so you can be sure that your user data will remain safe and private.

eID Easy

eID Easy1
ServicesAPIs for electronic signature methods and strong authentication
Free versionFree trial

These days, when every country around the world has their own methods and standards for electronic ID cards, verification can get tricky. Luckily, eID Easy offers a solution.

With their digital signature and authentication APIs, you can easily collect electronic signatures and authenticate users on your app or website, without having to install a different solution for each ID type or issuing country.

eID Easy integrates into your project easily and removes work off your developers' shoulders, so you can focus on other features of your website or app. With eID Easy APIs onboard, you can rest assured that every signature and user will be authenticated according to all the necessary standards.


ServicesAuthentication, SMS API
ResourcesBlog, case studies, guides, free tools
Free versionNo

Messente is an Estonian startup that not only provides two factor authentication but also offers global messaging solutions for businesses.

With Messente’s API, companies can easily verify phone numbers, confirm accounts or account logins by sending generated PIN codes or one-time passwords.

Messente's solutions are widely used by package delivery and logistics companies, hotels, retail chains, and consumer brands, so if you're in need of SMS two-factor authentication and messaging solutions, look no further than Messente.

Alice Biometrics

Alice Biometrics
ServicesIdentity verification
ResourcesBlog, case studies
Free versionFree trial

Alice Biometrics is a company that allows you to onboard customers in 3 simple steps: video selfie capture, ID validation, and user activation.

This provider prevents fraud by verifying identities using facial recognition, liveness detection, automatic document reading and document security tools – all while staying in compliance with CCPA, GDPR, SOC and WCAAG for your customers’ privacy protection.

Alice Biometrics provides identity verification solutions for banking, hospitality, and telecom industries, as well as for social media and gambling websites, so you can rest easy knowing all of your customer onboarding needs are taken care of by experts.


ServicesMobile authentication, e-signing, secured communications
ResourcesArticles, news, videos, use cases
Free versionFree trial

Next on the list is nextAuth – a Belgian company that offers authentication and digital signature software.

With nextAuth's technology, users can be easily authenticated and sign documents with a finger tap, face scan, or a PIN. To ensure strong user authentication and the authenticity of signatures, nextAuth uses its Patented True 2FA technology and asymmetric or public-key cryptography.

Making the authentication process frictionless and as smooth as possible is the main goal at nextAuth, so don't hesitate to check them out if you're looking to incorporate an authentication solution into your app.


ServicesMulti-factor authentication, passwordless authentication, digital identity
ResourcesBlog, webinars
Free versionNo

IDEE is a Germany-based SaaS company that specializes in phishproof MFA for authentication, authorization, and identification featuring passwordless technology.

Its signature solution, AuthN, uses biometric data like fingerprint or facial recognition and allows users to log in without any data entry – no passwords, tokens, or usernames are needed. Another neat thing about this product is that it is compliant with PSD2, and GDPR and doesn't store any private user data.

IDEE's AuthN solution easily integrates into any application environment, so make sure to check out IDEE if you're looking for a plug-n-play solution that would offer passwordless and secure authentication for your users.


ServicesEnrollment and onboarding, omnichannel authentication, interaction and transaction protection
ResourcesBlog, webinars, videos, podcast, white papers, guides
Free versionNo

Journey offers an all-in-one trusted identity platform that ensures processes like onboarding, authentication and interactions and transactions are carried out with the highest levels of security.

What makes Journey stand out is its omnichannel authentication solution that verifies users across digital and voice channels and offers a variety for options, from biometric or mutual authentication to continuous verification solutions.

Another important thing is that Journey also uses uses powerful Zero Knowledge cryptography that helps ensure user privacy throughout the network, so you can be sure that your user data is not visible at any point of the process.


ResourcesBooks, articles, research, interviews
Free versionYes

The next provider on this list is called SAFE – a company consisting of experts that strongly believe that smartphones are vital for strong authentication.

With the SAFE Authenticator solution, developers can add an alternative method of signing up on their website, which allows the user to easily log in using the SAFE app on their phone – no passwords or codes required.

SAFE builds their solutions with military-grade security and cryptography in mind, so you can be sure your user data will remain private.


ServicesAuthentication, fraud prevention, mobile security
ResourcesBooks, newsletter
Free versionNo

The Airlock suite is a secure access solution from Ergon – a Swiss IT services company that has been operating for more than 3 decades.

What's great about its authentication solution is that it is extremely user-friendly, as instead of forcing users to enter the second factor for every login, this solution analyzes each case and its context to determine if the authentication process needs fewer or more steps and checks.

Besides strong authentication, the Airlock Secure Access Hub offers a wide range of other security measures like fraud prevention, single-sign-on, and attack blocking that are set to secure your IT systems and prevent unauthorized access.

Best Authentication software: final recommendations

Having a quality authentication solution can significantly improve your customer experience and prevent fraud or other identity-based threats, so here is a short summary to help you find the right provider for your business or organization:

  1. GATACA – allows governments and other institutions to issue digital credentials.
  2. Persona – allows you to create a unique identity verification experience.
  3. Keyless – provides next generation privacy-preserving authentication.
  4. NETAND – provides with the best integrated identity and access management solution.
  5. Cybernetica – uses threshold cryptography to authenticate users.
  6. Stytch – provides an authentication platform for developers.
  7. IPification – a credential-less, network-based authentication solution for IoT devices.
  8. 10Duke – a cloud-based license management solution.
  9. TraitWare – ensures a passwordless authentication experience for enterprises.
  10. MojoAuth – an all-in-one passwordless authentication solution that allow you to white-label your interface.
  11. Keesing Technologies - practical solutions that allow you to assess the authenticity of ID documents and banknotes.
  12. OLOID – B2B SaaS platform for advanced physical identity and access at all workplaces.
  13. Incognia – delivers spoof-proof location verification used by trust & safety teams.
  14. Hideez – offers hardware and software solutions for passwordless FIDO-based authentication.
  15. iDenfy – combines AI-based biometric recognition and manual human checks to fight fraud.
  16. tru.ID – provides mobile-based authentication.
  17. eID Easy – offers strong authentication and digital signature APIs.
  18. Messente – provides two-factor authentication via SMS API.
  19. Alice Biometrics – uses facial recognition with liveness detection to verify identities.
  20. nextAuth – software that authenticates users and allows them to digitally sign documents.
  21. IDEE – offers a convenient app that allows passwordless authentication.
  22. Journey – provides a secure and private omnichannel authentication solution.
  23. SAFE – offers an alternative method of signing up on websites.
  24. Airlock – a secure access platform that offers adaptable authentication.

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