Essential components for digital workplace

There’s little doubt that digital workplace products are a must for today’s employers. Between accommodating remote and hybrid work schedules and breaking down information silos, online workplace apps can have a big impact. Yet, some solutions are better for closing specific gaps than others.

For instance, a digital workspace tool that improves communication may fail to make a dent in your company’s project management woes. Plus, the sheer number of options can muddle the waters once you start looking at all the features.

Below we’ll break down the best digital workplace products for communication, productivity, and meeting, document, project, and people management categories. After reading this article, you will have a better idea of what type of solutions may be perfect for your unique situation.


It's widely acknowledged that ensuring security is a challenging task. That's why various tools and platforms exist to streamline the process, allowing security professionals to concentrate on the strategic aspects of their role. Security management solutions assist in enhancing threat detection, incident response, and compliance adherence, ultimately bolstering overall cybersecurity posture.


Features/servicesAdvanced secret management, real-time access logs, least privilege access enforcement, enterprise governance tools, custom roles creation, custom roles creation, and secret masking based on sensitivity levels
ResourcesDocuments, blog, AWS secret management guides, beginner guides, and integrations
Free versionYes

Doppler is a developer-first and fully closed-source security platform that allows you to organize, manage, and govern secrets at scale. Its main purpose is to provide developers with a centralized place to control their secrets across teams, projects, and development environments. Not only does it eliminate secret sprawl but it also helps you prevent and address security incidents effectively.

One of the best benefits of using this platform is that it automatically detects missing secrets, and alerts the right team members to take necessary steps immediately. Additionally, it enables you to prevent stale duplicate secrets by referencing them. You only need to update them once and the system will start propagating the changes.

The security features of the platform are also impressive, as it masks secrets based on sensitivity, enables versioning and recovery options, and offers enterprise governance tools. These features ensure the protection of secrets depending on their sensitivity level, while also enabling the tracking and auditing of any modifications made.

Doppler allows you to create custom roles and user groups to enforce the principle of least privilege access. This way, you can make sure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information. Lastly, you can integrate Doppler with popular identity providers like Azure AD and Okta for streamlined user onboarding and offboarding processes.

People management

It’s not a secret that managing people is tough. That’s why there are tools and platforms to help organize the details so leaders can focus on the human elements of the job. People management solutions help improve time management, workloads, and talent development.


Features/servicesHybrid outsourcing services, agile IT transformation support, efficiency enhancement solutions, and cloud migration and management services
Free versionNo

Easyteam is a well-established IT services provider that specializes in helping businesses through digital transformation, with a strong focus on leveraging cloud technologies and innovations. It offers a wide range of IT services for businesses of all types to optimize their IT systems and maximize the benefits of cloud computing.

One of the company’s core services is hybrid outsourcing, which allows you to delegate tasks to external partners and free up space for critical business tasks. This service helps you with managing legacy platforms, ensuring the security of sensitive data (such as personal, health, or legal information), and maintaining compliance with regulations.

Easyteam uses an agile approach to IT transformation, allowing businesses to migrate their infrastructure and applications to the cloud seamlessly. It involves providing resilient infrastructure, ensuring compliance with ISO standards, supporting change management efforts, and offering decision support to align IT strategies with business objectives.

Lastly, the company covers a wide range of services, including application maintenance and operation, data management, workplace solutions, and cloud provisioning. It also offers dedicated private cloud services, shared cloud infrastructure management, and support for public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and OCI.


Features/servicesEasy time tracking, advanced activity monitoring, reports and analytics, automatic payroll, location tracking, and integration with over 30 apps
ResourcesHelp center, blog, FAQs, business resources, time tracking resources, workforce management resources
Free version14-day free trial

Hubstaff is one of the most popular team management and time-tracking tools out there. It’s specially designed to enhance productivity across in-house, hybrid, and remote teams while ensuring a positive user experience.

The tool comes with both offline and online tracking capabilities. When you’re using it offline, it’ll store screenshots locally and upload them to the cloud when an internet connection is established. The screenshots are captured periodically to provide visibility into your employees’ work activities.

What makes Hubstaff’s activity monitoring smart is that it even tracks keyboard and mouse activity to assess employee engagement in their work. Additionally, it also performs URL and GPS tracking, which allows you to monitor both the online activities and physical locations of your employees during work hours, to ensure accountability and compliance with work schedules.

To provide you with more insights into your workforce’s productivity and performance, Hubstaff offers detailed reports and analytics. It allows you to generate detailed reports on productivity levels, tasks completed, time worked, and more. This feature helps you analyze patterns, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve work efficiency.

Lastly, the platform is highly customizable and you can integrate it with more than 30 popular apps and tools, including Trello, Asana, MS Teams, Slack, and PayPal. It enables you to centralize your workflow and access all relevant data from a single interface, which enhances productivity even further.


Features/servicesCloud-based team collaboration, ISO 27001 certification for secure data management, group creation and file sharing, search functionality, and multi-device compatibility
ResourcesWhitepapers, factsheets, videos, webinars, newsletters, and blog
Free versionFree trial

Talkspirit is a cloud-based communication tool designed for businesses for effective team collaboration and engagement. It allows you to protect your business data with an all-in-one secure platform, and improve your teams’ productivity.

Using this platform, you can create new groups with specific people, either private or public, for a certain project. Within these groups, all members have the ability to upload files (audio, video, spreadsheet, and PDF), and make announcements regarding the project. This functionality increases collaboration and knowledge sharing between group members, which enhances their efficiency.

The built-in communication methods that Talkspirit offers include video chat and text messages. It also allows you to perform a search for conversations, documents, and people names, and find results generated based on the user activity level.

Accessibility is yet another excellent feature of the platform. You can use it on all types of devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Additionally, it’s also ISO 27001 certified, which protects user data and prevents the system from falling victim to cyberattacks.


Features/servicesStaff management, time tracking, scheduling, sales performance, and payroll management
ResourcesBlog and knowledge base
Free versionFree trial

EasyTeam is a staff management platform, designed for Wix Bookings and Shopify POS (Point of Sale).

For Wix Bookings it offers:

  • Payroll Management: Syncs Wix Bookings staff and manages payroll for employees and contractors.
  • Easy Integration: Allows you to import your staff to EasyTeam, with one-click integration.
  • Timesheet Calculation: Imports staff services and sessions automatically, and calculates payroll with a single click.
  • Multiple Services and Staff Types: Supports different services, staff types, and pay rates for easy management.
  • Payroll Administration: Replaces manual spreadsheets with a secure, centralized platform for payroll management.

The features EasyTeam offers for Shopify include:

  • Integrated Time Clock: Accessible from the Shopify POS dashboard for easy clock-in and clock-out.
  • Real-time Connection Monitoring: Monitors staff connections in real-time from the admin panel.
  • Multi-location Support: Manages schedules across multiple Shopify locations, including warehouses.
  • In-store Access to Schedules: Allows staff members to see their daily schedules using Shopify POS.
  • Customizable Staff Permissions: Regulates schedule management by assigning different permissions to staff.
  • Sales Performance Metrics: Tracks top sellers and staff productivity with sales performance analytics.
  • Commission Calculations: Calculates commissions based on team sales and performance, with flexible commission structures.
  • Customizable Checklists: Creates store checklists for different operations, with visibility on completed tasks.

DeskTime- all-in-one time tracker for businesses

Features/servicesAutomatic time tracking, document title tracking, automatic screenshots, cost calculation, and project billing
ResourcesBlog, FAQs, case studies, webinars, open chat
Free versionYes (plus free trial)

DeskTime is a comprehensive time tracker designed to help businesses improve their productivity and team management. The tool provides features to track employees' time, automate team management, and minimize business losses.

It automatically tracks the time spent by employees on their computers and categorizes their internet usage into productive or unproductive activities. This functionality provides managers with insights into how their employees spend their days.

The software also tracks the titles of documents and files separately that employees work on, instead of displaying the total time spent on all files. It allows you to monitor the time that your employees spend on each task.

Another great feature of DeskTime is that it offers a mobile app to oversee team performance from mobile devices. Other useful features of this app include a private time option, work schedules, integration with third-party apps, custom reports, and access to the team’s contact information.


Features/servicesAnalytics & insights, tour schedule, calendar integration, mobile app, multi-bookings, online payment
ResourcesBlog, help center, and current news
Free versionFree trial

Stagent is a revolutionary digital solution specially designed for booking agencies, artists, and managers in the music and entertainment industry. It offers complete control over rosters, allowing seamless management of bookings for musicians, DJs, and vocalists. Whether handling large or small bookings, users can efficiently manage tasks either independently or collaboratively with their team.

The platform utilizes smart technology to enhance efficiency by offering organization tools for agents and artists to excel in their roles. It connects teams on a unified platform, utilizing automated task lists to keep everyone informed and aligned with all bookings. For example, it can automate itineraries, track changes in flights related to bookings, and notify teams about the changes promptly.

One of the best features of this platform is its financial tracking, which allows agencies and artists to accept payments directly. It also monitors individual artists' earnings per show and assesses overall financial performance.

In short, Stagent is an all-in-one artist management system that helps artists, managers, and agencies in the entertainment and music industry improve their productivity and efficiency.

uKnowva - for talent acquisition, engagement, and retention

Features/servicesManage employee HR documentation and talent development goals and progress internally or via an on-the-go platform
ResourcesBlog, case studies, newsroom, document center
Free version Free trial, then subscription, one-time, and on-premise plans with customized pricing

The uKnowva HRMS provides a holistic HRMS to systematically hire, manage, develop, and engage employees. It has every advanced feature like E-recruitment, employee management & collaborations, dashboard and analytics, automated payroll & appraisal management, and more which can be fully customized according to the business needs. The performance management module of uKnowva automates processes and enables teams to collect data easily on employee performance.

Moreover, uKnowva HRMS takes the approach of continual education to improve retention. Employees can always benefit from better training and development, and they see it as a catalyst for growth. Another significant aspect of uKnowva HRMS software is that it comes with an all-inclusive feedback system that assists HRs to realize the factors causing and resulting in employee disappointment and discontentment. The system also helps organizations in determining the employees planning to quit soon.

You can take advantage of uKowva’s free trial to see how it can improve employee engagement and retention. From there, you’ll speak with a rep to customize your plan and pricing.


Working with others and moving milestones along requires good communication. On the other hand, poor communication can lead to unpredictability and missed deadlines. That said, when cooperation must happen between onsite and remote employees, communication may be a challenge. Even teams that work in the same office can become disjointed without the right tools for quick communication.


ServicesAll-around event management, live streaming expertise, industry-leading technology, managed services, and customized solutions
ResourcesInsights, trends, case studies, webinars, whitepapers, and conferences
Free planNo

MEETYOO is a well-established online platform that specializes in telecommunications and digital event solutions. It offers high-quality live-streaming services and creates engaging digital environments for all types of events.

What sets this company apart from the competition is that it’s one of the very first companies in the industry that uses AI for attendee engagement. Additionally, it utilizes state-of-the-art technology and the latest innovations in live streaming to deliver exceptional virtual experiences.

The company’s comprehensive managed service covers every aspect of the event lifecycle, from initial planning to post-event analytics. It also has a dedicated in-house team that offers end-to-end support to ensure the success of each event. Whether it's a small webinar or a large conference, they collaborate closely with clients to deliver personalized solutions that exceed expectations.

MEETYOO also prioritizes the security of client data and compliance with industry standards. It’s GDPR compliant, making it a trusted partner for businesses of all types and sizes.


ServicesSecure and compliant collaboration, customizable look and feel, secure user and data management, white label features, end-to-end encryption for privacy, and integration options with other platforms
ResourcesBlog, resource center, eBooks, online sessions, forum, documentation, and developer guides
Free planYes

Rocket.Chat is an open-source collaboration platform designed to streamline communication and teamwork within organizations that handle sensitive business or customer data. It allows you to create your own chat tool, customize its appearance and functionality, manage team members securely, and control data access.

One of the key features of this platform is that it enables you to own your conversations. Whether it's deploying the platform on-premises, in a secure cloud environment, or using an air-gapped setup, you have full control over how your data is stored and accessed.

When it comes to security, Rocket.Chat offers end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive information exchanged between users. It’s also ISO 27001 certified and supports compliance with multiple data protection regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, LGPD, and CCPA. This ensures that organizations can collaborate safely without compromising data privacy or regulatory requirements.

The platform also prioritizes customization, as you can integrate it with your existing ecosystem using open APIs. Additionally, it also comes with white-labeling and customization options, allowing you to present it as an integral part of your own product/service offering. This makes Rocket.Chat suitable for a wide range of use cases, including live chat support, in-app messaging, and internal team communication.


ServicesAI-powered tool for enhanced team collaboration, remote team engagement features, DE&I group discussions, Data-driven approach for OD, and real-time people analytics and data visualization
ResourcesBlog, customer stories, people success community, eBooks, videos, reports, and alternatives
Free planYes

LEAD is an AI-driven chatbot designed to help businesses elevate collaboration and connectivity among their teams. It empowers business owners to drive more effective and cross-functional interactions among their teams to improve work performance and enhance employee retention.

Here’s a list of the main features LEAD offers:

  • Building Connections: Facilitates workforce connections through virtual or in-person outings, peer meetups, sync-ups, check-ins, and feedback sessions, all driven by data insights.
  • Employee Engagement: Focuses on improving employee engagement to enhance productivity and internal collaboration, which is critical for distributed teams.
  • Meetup Events: Offers a range of meetup events, from lightweight virtual coffee chats to more structured peer check-ins and discussions on DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) topics.
  • Organizational Development: Uses advanced people analytics and data visualization tools to help business owners make informed decisions to transform disconnected teams into a united, collaborative workforce.

Currently, the LEAD chatbot is available for Slack and Microsoft Teams.

ServicesFocused Communication, workflow optimization, task organization, actionable task management, and integration with communication platforms
ResourcesBlog, Slack directory, LinkedIn page, public funding information, and Product Hunt listing
Free planYes is a next-generation collaboration tool designed for teams to streamline workflows and speed up project development. You can easily integrate it into your workflows, as it can connect to a wide range of communication and project management platforms, such as Jira, Slack, and Notion.

What makes this product different is that it’s “SOC 2 Type II” compliant, which means it ensures the security and privacy of user communications at all times. It allows you to make sure that you never miss a critical message from any of your team members and stay on top of your tasks.

When using, you don’t need to mark different channels unread to remember tasks. That’s because it organizes your communication neatly and labels and summarizes to-dos on the go. It also comes with an AI summarization feature that provides instant access to the relevant context. This way, you can concentrate on what truly matters, instead of switching between contexts and screens constantly.

Another excellent feature of is that it turns conversations into actionable tasks. It allows you to maintain focus and understand what needs to be done without sifting through conversation threads. To experience this tool, you can sign up for early access, and elevate your team's communication and productivity.



Features/servicesAI content creation, planning, optimization & repurposing, Content team management and collaboration, Content project and workflow management
ResourcesBlog, videos, knowledge base, case studies
Free version7-day free trial

Narrato is a complete AI content creation and marketing workspace that is designed keeping content teams in mind. It eliminates the need for multiple apps and tools normally used in content operations for communication and collaboration.

The platform with over 100+ AI tools and templates for content creation and marketing, allows you to bring your entire team, freelancers, clients, and other stakeholders onboard. Thus, allowing you to manage all your communication in one place. You can create, review, share feedback, and deliver content - all from a unified, intuitive workspace on Narrato.

Narrato also boasts of the first-of-its-kind content autopilot, the AI Content Genie. This revolutionary tool automatically generates content for social media and blogs from just your website URL and themes, week after week.

The platform also has powerful content project management tools and workflow automation features to make content marketing a breeze.

AgilityPortal – all-in-one remote collaboration tools

Features/servicesEmployee surveys, onboarding, internal communications, recognition, and social networking
ResourcesKnowledge base, blog
Free version Free trial, then customized monthly pricing

AgilityPortal is built for organizations with remote teams. Whether you need to onboard a group of new hires or recognize your top performers, AgilityPortal has it all. Streamline internal communications while building a remote-first culture and getting a pulse on employee sentiment.

There are a lot of features to like since this digital workspace emphasizes work, people, and information. You can also customize and scale plans as you grow. Options exist for small groups, medium-sized businesses, large organizations, and multinational enterprises.

AgilityPortal can schedule a free demo and offers a free trial so you can try it before you buy. Even the smallest plan comes with hefty resources like FAQs, news, and chat channels. Set up teams and discussion boards within minutes.

Tauria - next-gen video conferencing

Features/servicesEncrypted video calls from any device
Free versionFree starter plan, pro plan billed at $9.99 a month

There are times when your teams need to meet, but they’re not all in the same room or location. Sometimes emails and instant messages won’t cut it, and real-time collaboration is the way to go. Tauria provides cloud-based video conferencing software to help your employees work through new ideas and overcome obstacles to project completion.

But Tauria takes an extra step by encrypting those conversations so others can’t listen in or access your data. Go ahead and discuss trade secrets or other intellectual property. No one but you and your team will know.

The best part is you can get Tauria for free and upgrade to the pro plan whenever you want.

Digital Samba

Digital Samba
Features/servicesEnd-to-end encrypted video conferencing, GDPR-compliant, seamless integration with apps and websites, HD video quality, roles and permissions, customization options, white label solution, and cloud recording
ResourcesBlog, documentation, How-to guides, release notes, customer stories, and news
Free versionYes

Digital Samba is an award-winning and fully secure video conferencing solution provider. It allows for embedding end-to-end encrypted and GDPR-compliant group video conferencing into software, mobile apps, or websites using their API.

The platform supports white-labeled webinars, meetings, eLearning sessions, training, broadcasts, and large events in HD quality. The embedded system, designed with user experience in mind, enables you to integrate and launch full-featured video meetings with minimal effort. Additionally, you can control all aspects of a video session through a video calling API and it’s also possible to customize the conferencing experience via a client SDK.

One of the best features of Digital Samba is that it ensures high-quality, lag-free video conferencing for immersive virtual interactions. It also offers role and permission customization for different user types, and versatile grid layouts that support up to 100 broadcasters and 49 tiles per page.

Other features of the platform include cloud recording for secure session storage, AI-driven transcriptions for accessible captioned text, and a collaborative whiteboard feature for visual collaboration using drawing and mark-up tools.


Features/servicesEncrypted video calls from any device
ResourcesBlog, examples, help center, API code samples
Free versionFree trial, then customized monthly pricing

EDocGen is a versatile document automation platform that enables the creation of Microsoft Office and PDF documents from various data sources such as Databases, Enterprise Applications, XML, Excel, and JSON data. With EDocGen, users have the flexibility to create multi-lingual documents in European, and Asian languages.

By utilizing EDocGen, business users can eliminate the challenges associated with manual document creation, which often leads to errors and inefficiencies. The platform allows users to leverage existing templates, streamlining the document generation process. Additionally, EDocGen offers various distribution channels for the generated documents, including Email, print, e-signature, and synchronization to cloud storage.

As an API-first product, EDocGen provides developers with a robust REST API, making it an ideal choice for digital transformation projects. It’s one of fastest platforms, ensuring that the end users can download the generated documents in real-time.


Features/servicesSimplify event ticketing and event registration, ticket scanning, attendee management, form customization, event sessions, survey forms, merchandise analytics and insights
ResourcesBlog, customer reviews, FAQs, article guides
Free versionYes

EventBookings is a comprehensive all-in-one event management and ticketing software for events of all types and sizes. It delivers excellent features to help event organisers and managers create, manage, market events and sell tickets. It provides users with a unified environment where everything is centralised, from the number of attendees, tickets available and sold, ticket prices, venue layout, and seat allocation.

With the EventBookings app, event managers and organisers can get total control in all stages of their events, from conceptualisation and planning to marketing and promotions, to managing the event itself, to post-event breakdown and analysis. It is friendly and intuitive, enabling users with little to no technical background.

It takes no time or effort to get acquainted with the platform, manage events, automate registration, and sell tickets. The software is easy-to-use and optimised for mobile devices, which means users can perform their tasks anywhere and anytime through their desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Ant Media

Ant Media
Features/servicesReal-time video streaming, ultra-low latency, ABR (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming), auto-scalable streaming, and live video surveillance
ResourcesBlog, documentation, developer community, case studies, webinars, live streaming encyclopedia, video tutorials, and FAQs
Free versionNo (free trial)

Ant Media is a well-established online platform that offers a highly scalable real-time video streaming solution. It’s designed for live streaming requirements, and it’s easily deployable on-premises or major public cloud networks, including AWS, Azure, Linode, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and Oracle.

The Ant Media Server, a real-time streaming engine, provides ultra-low latency streaming, which is less than 0.5 seconds, enabling real-time video interaction. Its Adaptive Bitrate Streaming broadens audience reach to ensure smooth playback across different internet speeds.

Another excellent feature of this platform is that it supports auto-scalable live-streaming clusters and accommodates thousands of publishers and viewers with sub-0.5s latency. Additionally, you can also use it for live video surveillance by embedding IP camera streams into mobile apps and websites (compatible with ONVIF IP cameras).

The solution includes free WebRTC Live Streaming SDKs for Android, iOS, React Native, Unity, JavaScript, and Flutter, which allows developers to build custom video streaming applications.

Zuddl – virtual events platform

Features/servicesVirtual events – conferences, tradeshows, exhibitions, job fairs, board meetings, etc.
ResourcesBlog, webinars, e-books, podcast, customer stories, knowledge base
Free versionNo

Zuddl’s unified platform is primarily focused on B2B marketers and conference organizers. Zuddl simplifies the event tech stack and solves for better sales and marketing collaboration, optimizes the total cost of ownership, and makes it simpler for event teams of all sizes to run event programs at scale.

Thanks to its customizable features, you can easily make your event yours by maximizing your brand visibility. Additionally, Zuddl’s powerful production studio helps you create broadcast-quality content for your virtual events without depending on external support.

This is the one if you’re looking for a platform that offers an end-to-end platform for not just virtual events but also webinars, hybrid events and in-person events.

GDPR Register

GDPR Register
Features/servicesGDPR compliance tool, detailed reports, predefined RoPA templates, data processing agreements, user permission management, and data breach monitoring
ResourcesBlog, news, and FAQs
Free versionNo

GDPR Register is an extremely useful software solution for privacy organizations, as it makes it easy to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It allows different teams to collaborate with one another and contribute to GDPR compliance through user-friendly tools.

It comes with Data Mapping tools and enables organizations to understand the origin of personal data, describe storage assets, and assign responsibility, which forms a foundation for privacy documentation. It increases privacy team productivity, reduces the workload of DPOs, and allows stakeholders to participate in relevant meetings, assign tasks, and monitor progress.

GDPR Register offers more than 50 predefined RoPA templates, along with custom templates, to help you streamline common activities such as Marketing, HR, and CRM. When it comes to reporting, the software allows you to generate tailored reports with just three clicks in any EEA language. The reports can also be exported in CSV format, supported by all databases and spreadsheet tools.

Other main features of the GDPR Register include scaling compliance projects to multiple entities within an organization, permission management, and data breach monitoring. Lastly, the platform also provides a Contract Lifecycle Management Tool for tracking contracts, defining custom fields, and setting notifications.


Features/servicesContract drafting, online collaboration and negotiation, e-signatures, deadline tracking, contract repository, reporting and analytics
ResourcesHelp center, blog, guides, whitepapers and ebooks, case studies, live training, and free contract templates
Free version14-day free trial with no credit card required, then monthly pricing from $17 per month

Concord is a software solution for contract management. It streamlines the whole contract lifecycle, making drafting, collaboration, approval, negotiation, signing, and storage effortless – and bringing all these capabilities within a single platform.

The software enables users to import Word and PDF contracts or create them from scratch using a powerful online editor. Concord allows you to invite colleagues and external parties to collaborate and negotiate contracts online, and offers features such as commenting, redlining, and tracking changes. You can then send documents for approval, and collect legally binding e-signatures with just a few clicks.

Concord is designed to integrate seamlessly with tools like Salesforce, Google Drive and Dropbox, enhancing workflow flexibility. The software’s contract repository provides advanced full-text search functionality with optical character recognition (OCR). Concord also includes a dashboard for in-depth contract analytics, customizable for specific tracking and reporting needs, and you can also download reports on contract performance.

Concord is trusted by more than 1,500 companies, and offers a free 14-day trial with no credit card required. Monthly pricing starts at $17 per month. Subscription includes personalized live onboarding and training from a dedicated customer support expert.


Features/services250+ templates, infinite canvas, substorms, guides, magnetic sections, timer
ResourcesBlog, documents and downloads, academy, help center, customer stories, and FAQs
Free versionYes

Stormboard is a collaborative workflow platform that’s designed to convert unstructured interactions into organized workspace. Its primary goal is to empower data-driven companies, allowing them to transform their human interactions into information-rich collaborative environments that facilitate data-driven decision-making and streamline processes.

Unlike some traditional collaboration tools that cater to creative/design audiences, the platform is oriented towards operationally focused executives. It introduces the concept of “Storms”, which are infinite and scalable workspaces that enable businesses to generate fresh, actionable data in real time.

You can integrate Stormboard with various third-party platforms, including Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive, Zapier, Jira, and Slack for a more efficient workspace. An innovative addition to Stormboard is StormAI, which is an augmented intelligence engine to enhance the system’s collaboration capabilities.

It automates template generation based on user-defined goals and provides contextual suggestions for idea generation. This unique feature takes brainstorming and collaboration to a new level by leveraging AI to aid users in generating and expanding ideas.

Other useful features of Stormboard include enterprise-grade security and compliance, industry-leading reporting and export options, and true live bi-directional integrations suitable for agile programs.

ROI4Presenter – platform for interactive product demo and presentation creation

ROI4Presenter logo
Features/servicesInteractive online presentation and product demo creation, lead generation and outreach
ResourcesFAQs, blog, presentations, eBooks, video/article guides, news
Free versionYes

ROI4Presenter is a user-friendly app designed to create and deliver interactive online presentations effortlessly. It offers a fresh approach to working with presentations and content, making it ideal for product demos, lead generation, and outreach.

The app allows you to upload multiple types of content, such as presentations, articles, videos, podcasts, and advertisements on different platforms and receive real-time notifications when it’s being viewed or listened to. This way, you can track the performance of your content, analyze audience engagement, and gain actionable insights to achieve your goals.

Another great feature of ROI4Presenter is that it integrates with PDF formats, PPTX, YouTube & Google Drive files for seamless file hosting, and supports data synchronization with Salesforce and HubSpot CRM.

Additionally, the platform also offers automation possibilities through Zapier and its alternatives, allowing you to connect with thousands of apps for streamlined workflows.


Spiti logo
Features/servicesVideo management in the form of playlists, easy accessibility for meetings, demos, onboarding videos, and tech talks, quick video imports with Zoom and Google Drive integrations
ResourcesBlog, documentation
Free versionYes

Spiti is a private video library designed for high-performing teams. It offers an internal YouTube-like experience for storing, sharing, and watching internal videos. It allows you to create sequential video playlists instead of folders, making content easily accessible and meaningful to watch.

Whether it's tech talks, meetings, onboarding videos, or product demos, you can use them to create a playlist through this platform. It’s also possible to securely share your playlists and videos with other people outside your team.

Another important feature of Spiti is that it allows you to integrate it with Google Drive and Zoom to import videos seamlessly. Additionally, it also transcribes every word spoken in the video so that you can search it anytime you want. Lastly, the platform allows you to derive more value from your team videos through advanced features such as analytics and speaker labels.


Frill logo
Features/servicesCustomer feedback collection, feedback organization in a single place, lead capturing from feedback, ideas for new features from feedback
ResourcesBlog, tech documents, help center, detailed roadmap
Free versionYes

Frill is a single-stop customer feedback collection tool that helps businesses gather and organize product feedback from their users. It provides you with a centralized platform to capture feedback and use it to capture leads and announce product updates.

What makes this tool unique is that it allows you to capture and manage feedback directly on the web. You can utilize all the collected information to identify new ideas and categorize them into topics for better organization and analysis.

One of Frill's key features is the ability to turn captured ideas into product roadmaps. It means that you can take action on the feedback received and inform users about upcoming updates and features. You can customize the roadmap as well to reflect the status and order of the features, ensuring clarity and transparency.

The tool also offers a free changelog widget with a user-friendly interface. It allows you to make announcements about shipped features and keep users updated on the latest developments. You can also embed these announcement widgets in your company's application or use them as a standalone changelog tool.

Crewdle – eco-friendly video conferencing platform

Features/servicesVideo conferencing
ResourcesNews, blog, media kit
Free versionYes

Crewdle prides itself as the first carbon-neutral video conferencing communications platform in the world. But they have also proved themselves worthy of the praise, enjoying an impressive 4.6+ rating across the board.

The platform uses peer-to-peer technology to maintain a serverless ecosystem. The video conferencing application works by simply connecting users rather than going through a server. The green nature of Crewdle’s operation has in no way affected its performance.

Crewdle is the video conferencing app of choice if you are passionate about eco-friendly products.

Kopano – sharing and communication software

Features/servicesReal-time collaboration, productivity
ResourcesRelease notes, blog, webinars, papers & documents
Free versionYes

Kopano is a sharing and communication software designed for businesses, which helps you put emails, conference calls, file sharing, calendars and meetings in one place. The open source technology helps you work smarter, as you don't need different tools to manage your daily activities as an employee. Also, you get total control of your data, either in your server or designated cloud infrastructure.

Kopano will soon release a completely new groupware: with a re-written backend and native Microsoft Outlook support it is the perfect choice for even more organizations. Beeing optimized for large-scale hosters it allows SaaS offers to their customers, but as an easily deployable container stack it still grants data sovereignty to end customers keeping their infrastructure on-premise or at Kopano Cloud partners.

With an easy-to-use interface, once you're familiar with the MS Office suite, it'll be easy to adopt Kopano to daily work life. The app has high-performance features that definitely make it worth trying out.

MyOwnConference – robust webinar platform

Features/servicesWebinar, video conferencing
ResourcesBlog, videos, FAQ
Free versionYes

MyOwnConference is a browser-based webinar platform with numerous features that help plan, create, and engage with the audience. The app also provides detailed analytics to keep users informed of performance.

Unlike many other platforms of this size, MyOwnConference enjoys an impressive uptime of about 99.98%. To start with the product, no installation is required – once you have a browser, you’re good to go.

The lifetime free trial allows up to about 20 attendees. There are five pricing levels, with the least being €30 per month for 60 attendees. With €250 per month, you can host conferences of up to 10,000 people. The application also makes it easy to integrate your social media applications.

Digital asset management

Every business must keep track of its assets, and what better way to do so than with DAMs – digital asset management solutions? They offer safe storage for not only your marketing content but also for all of your digital assets. What’s even better, is that by automating all of the tedious manual labor, they can even improve the creative processes and productivity of various teams.


ServicesAll-in-one shipping solution, integration with carries and stores, no fees and no constraints, shipping and sales management, and user-friendly tools for labeling and tracking
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Free planYes

ShipSaving is a comprehensive shipping solution designed to streamline the shipping process for both businesses and individual professionals. It allows you to maximize your savings on shipping expenses from major carriers, including DHL Express, UPS, and USPS.

Using this platform, you can easily access top-tier shipping solutions regardless of the size of your shipments. Whether it’s a single package or thousands of items, you can find the most suitable option for your needs. Additionally, it doesn’t impose any fees or constraints and provides you with flexibility and control over your shipping operations.

Another excellent feature of ShipSaving is its effortless integration with carriers and e-commerce platforms with just a few clicks. It eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors. This seamless integration allows for efficient management of shipping and sale activities, which saves both time and effort.

From generating shipping labels to tracking shipments in real time, ShipSaving offers a range of tools designed to streamline every aspect of the shipping workflow.


When it’s time to get things done, productive workplaces can keep employees on task. Digital productivity apps can track time spent on assignments and disable social media sites while the team should be working. But before you select a productivity workspace, you must know what features they have so you can align them with your goals and needs.


ServicesInnovative virtual experience platforms, digital content management within 3D spaces
ResourcesBlog and learning guides
Free planYes

MaxWhere is a one-of-a-kind software company that offers a unique 3D virtual platform designed for learning, browsing digital content, and showcasing products. The solutions that the company offers revolutionize digital content management by immersing users in dynamic 3D spaces.

With this platform, you can create virtual spaces that closely resemble real-life settings. These digital environments offer benefits similar to physical reality, along with the capabilities of digital technology.

One of the best features of MaxWhere is that it doesn’t force you to replace your existing suit of software with a new one. Instead, it accelerates information reception by organizing processes with your preferred software in a virtual 3D space.

Here’s a list of solutions that the company offers:

  • MaxWhere Operations: Enhances business operations with virtual control centers and offices to streamline collaboration and productivity.
  • MaxWhere Education: Transforms the learning process through immersive virtual 3D spaces, with interactive and engaging educational experiences for both students and educators.
  • MaxWhere Conferences: Turns online conferences into lifelike experiences and offers interactive presentations, networking opportunities, and virtual exhibitions for global attendees.
  • MaxWhere Product Showroom: Enables businesses to showcase products in immersive 3D environments to boost customer engagement and help them make informed purchasing decisions.
  • MaxWhere Exhibitions: Hosts virtual exhibitions in realistic 3D spaces and provides an engaging platform for organizers, artists, and participants to interact and showcase their work.
  • MaxWhere Trade Shows: Replicates the excitement of in-person trade shows in a digital environment by offering virtual booths, product demonstrations, and networking opportunities for businesses and attendees.


leadertask homepage

ServicesMultifunctional task management, task creation by email/voice commands/Telegram bot, custom filter creation, and built-in daily planner and calendar
ResourcesBlog, FAQs, case studies, and webinars
Free planYes (free trial)

LeaderTask is a multifunctional task manager designed for handling projects of any complexity. It comes with a vast array of features that allow businesses to enhance employee collaboration and boost team productivity. Unlike most task management tools, it can work offline and syncs data upon reconnection to the internet.

The platform offers two organizational modes, including assigning personal tasks to individuals and collaborating on projects with the entire team. In the first mode, tasks are delegated to specific employees and are visible only to the creator and performer. In the latter, a shared project or kanban board is created that allows all participants to create and edit tasks collaboratively.

Projects in LeaderTask are essentially folders with tasks, and both (projects and tasks) can be further divided into subprojects and subtasks with unlimited nesting levels. You can use boards, which can be imported from different platforms, such as Notion and Trello, to break down the work into separate stages and monitor the productivity of each participant.

Tasks in LeaderTask can contain all the important information like detailed descriptions, attached checklists, and reminders. Each task also includes a chat feature for file exchange, comments, and voice messages. Another great feature of the platform is that it allows you to create and edit tasks through email, Telegram Bot, and/or voice commands using Siri.

Lastly, LeaderTask’s web version offers synchronization with Google Calendar and has regulations for saving the knowledge and experience of the team. - turn complex data into simple reports

couplerio homepage

ServicesData export automation, data analytics, and top-notch support service
ResourcesBlog, case studies, knowledge base
Free planNo (Free 14-day trial) is a platform that turns complex data into simple reports. With a no-code approach, it seamlessly integrates marketing, sales, finance, and other business data into reports and dashboards.

Using’s analytics and automation capabilities is a good option to save time by simplifying data analysis, making it recurring, and reducing manual work. For example, you can use readily-made Looker Studio templates to make visually appealing dashboards and track your team performance, campaign results, metrics, and other indicators.

A user can effortlessly export and combine data from various applications, organize it, and get insights. supports 500+ integrations, allowing users to collect and blend data from all preferred sources. Whether loading data into spreadsheets, data warehouses, or BI tools, the platform provides a holistic view of your business. In this way, you can manage and analyze data efficiently within a unified platform, crafting custom reports to drive better decision-making and business growth.

TimeCamp – give the green light to easy time tracking

Features/servicesBilling and invoicing, productivity tracking, project budgeting, attendance reporting, timesheet approvals
Free versionYes (demo)

TimeCamp – a free time tracker, is a great addition for companies with remote workers or clients, as it aims to provide a comprehensive yet user-friendly project time tracking solution.

You can improve the profitability of your projects, track your employees' productivity, and collaborate within your team and with your clients with accurate timesheets and detailed reports. TimeCamp's automatic real-time tracking features make it an all-encompassing project management system.

When working alone, you may begin monitoring time immediately after creating your account, or after inviting your coworkers to create TimeCamp logins if working on a team.

Loquiz - a gamification platform for team building, outdoor events, and education

Features/servicesGame creation for events, HR and team games, educational games, tour and city guides, museum guides
ResourcesLoquiz academy, webinars, how it works guides, game consultants, blog, support articles
Free versionFree trial

Loquiz is a gamification platform that’s specially designed for outdoor and event businesses. If you run such a business, you know that the behind-the-scenes preparation and logistics are the challenging parts that participants never see.

This platform aims to simplify and enhance this process by allowing you to gamify your ideas and create engaging real-world games for team building, education, and tourism. Whether it's outdoor or indoor activities, audio tours, guided tours, or hybrid events (where participants interact through video calls), Loquiz has got that covered.

To make your games more engaging, the platform allows you to incorporate different elements. For example, you can use real-world objects, time limits, tasks, questions, answers, and interactions with other players to shape how the game unfolds. There are also quick-start templates and free-to-use tasks available to help you get started quickly and easily.

For stability and reliability, Loquiz is designed with heavy professional users in mind. The platform offers overnight email support, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed. Bugs are fixed regularly, and the platform is continuously developed to meet users' needs.


Features/servicesRich text editor, comprehensive spreadsheet app, advanced presentation app, all-around PDF reader, and unified email and calendar manager
ResourcesBlog, help center, feedback portal, and FAQs
Free versionYes

OfficeSuite is a powerful suite of a range of productivity tools used by more than 500 million people globally. It’s a multi-platform office software accessible across Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS, empowering over 100,000 new users every day across multiple devices.

It’s a 5-in-1 pack, consisting of Documents, Sheets, Slides, Mail, and PDF tools, and facilitates easy document creation, editing, collaboration, and management.

  • Documents: The text editor is called Documents, which supports various file formats, including DOC, DOCX, Pages, ODT, RTF, TXT, and more.
  • Sheets: The spreadsheet app is called Sheets, which allows for data visualization, supports spreadsheet-to-PDF conversions, and boasts compatibility with multiple formats, including, XLS, XLSX, Numbers, CSV, and ODS.
  • Slides: It’s the presentation app, which is designed to streamline editing with customizable layouts, themes, sizes, and transitions.
  • PDF: It’s the suit’s forms and signing tool that you can use to import PDFs with certificates and digital signatures. It also supports Text-to-Speech, which enables listening on the go.
  • Mail: It’s where you can combine all your calendar and email accounts. It allows you to create, translate, and organize emails, set reminders, import contacts, and create custom signatures. It can also be integrated with Microsoft Teams for event invites.

In simple words, OfficeSuite makes for a comprehensive productivity toolset that addresses the demands of remote and hybrid work.

StartingPoint – operations and workflow management platform

Features/servicesWorkflow management, customer operations, project management, customer onboarding,
Free versionYes

StartingPoint is a customer operations and workflow management platform. It’s designed for service-based companies and consultants to simplify communication, team management, helpdesk and service management, project management, and customer onboarding processes.

The platform aims to increase operational efficiency by eliminating the need for complicated solutions that consultants and service-focused teams use. It comes with a client-labeled interface that you can customize the way you want, and offer a single portal for all customers to simplify engagement.

Another great feature of StartingPoint is that it provides secure file storage for customers to upload documents that can be shared between them and your team. Lastly, it also works as a team management tool, as you can add team members to the platform to offer improved customer support.

Flowster - quick automation of repetitive tasks

Features/servicesAutomate repetitive tasks, save time and resources, built-in library of SOP templates
ResourcesBlog, help docs, training videos
Free versionFree trial

Flowster is an excellent process management and workflow automation software that simplifies the task of capturing and automating repetitive processes for users. The platform is equipped with an extensive library of pre-made templates of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) templates so that you can create process templates quickly and easily.

One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to execute processes with the help of collaborative workflows. You can assign them to one (or more) of your team members, along with a deadline for completion, and see the progress and status of each task with a click of a mouse.

Flowster also offers a recurring workflow engine that helps you ensure that critical business processes are run automatically on a predetermined schedule. It helps you free up valuable time and resources for more critical activities.

Comidor - one platform to hyper-automate your business

Features/servicesTask management, customizable dashboards, topics and discussion boards, AI assistant chatbot
ResourcesKnowledge base, blog, videos, news
Free versionYes

Comidor is a development and automation platform that combines enterprise low-code and hyper-automation technologies for building composable business applications.

Using an enterprise collaboration platform, people can efficiently complete their tasks, processes, and perform their work by taking advantage of the platform's advanced, built-in collaboration, productivity, and knowledge management tools.

Another great thing is that you can now start creating your customized experience using the no-code Comidor builder to create and modify your own platform dashboard.


When most people think about accounting, they envision someone sitting at a desk just crunching numbers and statistics. However, it is much more than that. Accounting assists you in understanding and evaluating the financial information that goes into forming and managing a business; hence, the right tools may go a long way in this field when properly applied.

Graphite Note

Features/servicesAutomated predictive analysis, RFM analysis for customer segmentation, Customer behavior forecasting, and Ad campaign performance predictions
ResourcesBlog, whitepapers, demo showcase, documentation, and use cases
Free versionFree trial

Graphite Note is a cutting-edge automated predictive analytics platform crafted for experts without any experience in data science. It allows them to unlock and utilize the power of machine learning technology for data analysis effortlessly.

By seamlessly connecting to raw data, the tool uses AI templates to automate the entire predictive process. It delivers precise answers to intricate business queries such as customer segmentation, time-series forecasting, behavior prediction, churn analysis, and lifetime value.

One of the standout features of Graphite Note is its innovative “Data Story” functionality. It allows users to create and share data stories with their team members easily. This approach simplifies the comprehension of complex insights and facilitates their practical application in business decisions.

Another great feature of this tool is that it uses AI in business analytics and allows users to generate machine-learning models with zero coding. Not only does it build and deploy the best models automatically, but it also provides clear explanations of results.

Graphite Note acts as a transformative force for SMEs aiming for rapid growth and professionals across diverse sectors. The features it brings to the table make it a versatile and invaluable solution for predictive analytics in the digital workplace.


Features/servicesDebt resolution management for lenders, contact and campaign management, legal notice management, real-time defaulter data, notice tracking through India Post
ResourcesBlog, eBooks, webinars, case studies, whitepapers, videos, help center
Free versionFree trial

Legodesk is an all-in-one debt resolution platform that’s specially designed to simplify legal processes for lenders. Some of the main features that it offers to digitize legal operations include automation, delinquency tracking, and collaboration tools.

The platform focuses on enhancing debt collections and recoveries by helping you deploy dynamic recovery strategies, eliminate manual tasks, and reduce turnaround time. It also enables you to perform contact tracking, manage legal notices with predefined workflows, and monitor defaulter data in real-time.

To identify areas of improvement in the debt recovery process, Legodesk comes with a comprehensive one-view dashboard. It allows you to monitor all the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) related to accounts in collection, amount of outstanding debts, average age of accounts, and recovery rate.

Meeting management

Who hasn’t been in an unproductive meeting? Maybe the discussion veered way off track. Or, you didn’t really need to be there and didn’t have much to contribute. Meeting management workspaces make meetings more productive through organization, agendas, and action item assignments. No one should schedule meetings without these tools!

Document management

Tracking down a bunch of files through email can be more than a pain. It’s a waste of time and can put a damper on your team’s productivity. Try a document management solution instead!

Kaagaz – scan, edit, manage, and store documents in one simple platform

Features/servicesScan, edit, organize, and store documents in the cloud from mobile devices or a PC
ResourcesMedia, FAQ
Free versionFree for all users and platforms

Kaagaz’s value doesn’t get better than free. You can install this digital workspace on mobile devices or a traditional PC. It helps teams scan documents and make corrections to them. In addition, employees can create file structures for better organization, and documents don’t have to take up internal memory or hard drive space.

Besides standard PDF readers and editors, Kaagaz brings image enhancement and auto edge detection features to the table. This program is an all-in-one solution for digitizing paper documents at risk of getting lost or misplaced.

Kaagaz is free whether you install it on one smartphone or multiple mobile devices and PCs.

Documil - document automation

Features/servicesWorkflow orchestration, contract collaboration, document automation
ResourcesBlog, case studies, whitepapers, product documentation
Free versionFree demo

Documill is a powerful tool that automates document management, making it easy for businesses to manage contracts, workflows, and documents in a single, user-friendly platform. It allows you to streamline your sales processes, ensure compliance with approvals, and reduce errors caused by manual document assembly.

One of the best features of this tool is that it can be easily integrated with Salesforce. It allows you to access all the information you need to manage negotiations with your clients in real-time using a familiar interface. It helps you get your contracts signed faster, eliminate inefficiencies, and speed up your sales cycle.

These features make Documill an essential tool for any organization that wants to improve productivity, increase compliance, and reduce costs associated with document management.

Project management

Projects often fail when there’s a lack of planning or coordination. But these strategic moves can be challenging to pull off with hybrid and remote teams. As a result, project management tools and solutions aren’t an option. They’re something every group needs to meet objectives and milestones.

Features/servicesOnline collaboration, online office suite, archiving and retention, feedback systems
ResourcesForum, webinars, help center
Free versionYes

Onlyoffice combines the strengths of document office suites while providing solutions to their weakness. Arguably the fastest and most secure online office suite. You can easily edit text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets while seamlessly collaborating with colleagues.

The collaborative features include:

  • CRM system
  • Mail servers
  • Calendar
  • Project management infrastructure
  • Polls
  • Forums

The platform also gets it right by ensuring its documents are compatible with MS office formats. This makes it easy for users to import documents and continue working without hassle. This digital workplace product is to check out to step up your organization's collaborative effort.

Chili Digital - make your business’s workflows more efficient

Chili Digital
Features/servicesMarketing, sales, and service operations
ResourcesBlog, eBooks
Free version-

Chili Digital is a Swiss-based company that specializes in providing digital solutions to companies of all sizes. As a HubSpot solution partner, Chili Digital offers a range of services that help businesses improve their marketing, sales, and service operations through digitization.

Chili Digital offers a range of services, including digital marketing, which helps clients strengthen their online presence and generate more leads through inbound marketing, account-based marketing, lead generation, search engine marketing, LinkedIn social selling, and content marketing.

The company also provides digital publishing services, which include producing content that resonates with audiences in various formats, such as special interest publications, customer magazines, staff magazines, and online content.


Features/servicesAI-powered social media account management, unified dashboard, ai-driven tweet generator, detailed analytics, and user-friendly interface
Free versionYes

Circleboom is a user-friendly social media management platform that focuses on enhancing digital workplaces with a suite of multiple products. It’s designed for users, SMBs, and brands to improve their social media presence and strengthen their network.

One of the best features of the platform is called Circleboom Publish, which is an AI-driven tool. It serves as a comprehensive solution for managing accounts on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and Google Business Profile. It allows you to design, plan, automate, and schedule content seamlessly from a singular dashboard.

Circleboom also offers a dedicated tool to manage Twitter. It’s called Circleboom Twitter, and it offers detailed analytics, practical tools, and a unique Tweet AI generator to simplify content creation and scheduling. It’s also an AI-powered tool that provides content suggestions to ensure an active and engaging Twitter presence.


Visit Zenkit
Features/servicesProject management, high privacy security (GDPR compliant), native add-ons, 1500+ Zapier integrations, advanced reporting capabilities, and support for over 10 languages
ResourcesBlog, newsroom, press kit, academy, knowledge base guides, tutorials, newsletter, roadmap, and testimonials
Free versionYes

Zenkit is a GDPR-compliant project management tool that’s designed to adapt to your unique workflow. It offers a vast array of features, including project management/tracking, team chat, and documentation.

One of the best features of this platform is that it allows you to migrate data seamlessly from other tools, such as Asana, Trello, and Microsoft To Do. You have multiple options for data migration like native imports, CSV imports, and API integration for a quick and effortless transition.

Zenkit provides a scalable workflow setup, which means you can start simple and add complexity as needed, from a basic to-do list to an enterprise-ready solution. It’s also possible to assign roles for team members based on their access needs.

When it comes to resource management, the platform allows you to control project workloads, filter projects, tasks, or assignees, and identify real-time resource needs. It ensures perfect team collaboration with threaded messages within tasks and supports comments with audio or doodles for engaging communication.

The reporting feature provides over 100 ready-made reports in a real-time dashboard, which are also customizable for insights by project, members, team, or any combination. Lastly, Zenkit can be integrated with over 1500 tools through Zapier and supports over 10 languages for a global user base.


Features/servicesUnique 12-sided time-tracking device, tactile interface, free iOS and Android apps, direct and Pomodoro timer modes, task tagging and filtering, and integration with popular online calendars
ResourcesBlog, use cases, media kit, quick start guide, and FAQs
Free versionOne-off payment and no subscription

TIMEFLIP2 is basically a physical 12-sided connected polygon that presents a unique time-tracking concept. It allows you to log the time of different tasks by simply flipping the device to the corresponding side associated with each specific task. This tactile and straightforward interaction eliminates the need for complex digital interfaces, making it accessible for users of all digital skill levels.

Another great benefit of this device is that it sits on your desk, which serves as a visual reminder to boost the accuracy of time tracking. Additionally, the repetitive act of flipping the device establishes a ritualistic connection between the physical motion and the initiation of specific tasks, which increases muscle memory and improves focus and productivity.

TIMEFLIP2 also comes with free Android and iOS tracking apps and a Web console, with essential time-tracking functionalities, including visualization, editing, and export of time entries. The app can track billable and non-billable time and allows you to switch between direct and Pomodoro timer modes.

The device also supports task tagging and filtering for efficient organization. Lastly, TIMEFLIP2 can integrate with popular online calendars such as iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook, and offers an open API for advanced customization options.

Flowlu – one-stop business management solution

Features/servicesProjects and task management, financial management and invoicing, customer relationship management, collaboration, and communication
ResourcesBlog, help center
Free versionYes

Flowlu is a one-stop business management solution that provides a range of features to help businesses manage their customer relationships, financials, team collaboration, and projects.

Here’s what Flowlu brings to the table.

  • Projects Management: It allows you to organize and prioritize your projects and tasks, with options like time tracking, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, custom fields, checklists, and recurring tasks.
  • Financial Management and Invoicing: This feature helps you to streamline your financial processes, automate invoice and estimate generation, and track expenses and revenue.
  • Customer Relationship Management: It enables you to manage your sales processes from lead management to customer communication. The features it offers include opportunities and sales funnels, email and telephony integrations, contact management, and appointment scheduling.
  • Collaboration and Communication: It allows your teams to discuss projects, tasks, deals, and customers with colleagues and external users.

Overall, Flowlu provides a comprehensive and integrated solution for businesses to manage their operations and grow their business.


Features/servicesAffiliates marketing management, affiliate performance tracking, automatic PayPal payouts
ResourcesBlog, documentation, case studies, YouTube channel, product comparisons, GitHub page, SDK integration guide, use cases, and live demo
Free versionYes

Goaffpro is a well-established affiliate marketing app that’s specially designed for eCommerce stores. It offers advanced affiliate management features, such as performance tracking, commission configuration, and the creation of referral links and coupons.

Using the affiliate tracking feature, you can easily monitor the performance of your affiliates from landing to conversion. The app allows you to generate referral links for your affiliates and share them quickly through a site stripe. Additionally, it also supports PayPal's automatic payouts for smooth and timely transactions.

Goaffpro offers a custom-branded affiliate portal under your own domain and allows you to prevent your affiliates from leaving your website. It also supports Google and Facebook login options for quick and easy signups.

Another great feature of Goaffpro is that it provides meaningful analytics generated through machine learning and AI. These analytics offer actionable insights, which are accessible on both affiliate and admin dashboards. Other key features of Goaffpro include multi-level marketing, support for all major eCommerce platforms, and integrations with recurring billing shopping carts.


superb themes
Features/servicesResponsive and SEO-friendly WordPress themes, plugins, and add-ons
ResourcesBlog, tutorials, documentation, hosting recommendations, partner deals, and reviews
Free versionNo (14-day money-back guarantee)

SuperbThemes is an online platform that offers a diverse collection of stunning and responsive multipurpose WordPress themes, plugins, and add-ons. What sets it apart from the competition is that all the products it offers are specially optimized for loading times and high search engine rankings.

The platform adheres to the latest standards and guidelines from major search engines and makes sure that its products are written in SEO-friendly code to maximize site rankings. They also have a responsive design, which means they can adapt to different devices for optimal viewing experience.

The layouts of most products by SuperbThemes are minimalist, which offers distraction-free browsing to keep you focused on content. Additionally, the products are compatible with many popular plugins and tools, such as WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, and Contact Form 7, for enhanced flexibility and conversion potential.

Lastly, SuperbThemes are translation-ready, as they’re equipped with .pot language files, allowing you to easily localize them into your preferred languages.

Best digital workplace products: final recommendations

Selecting the best digital workplace tool for your team depends on what the group needs to work on the most. It could be communication, productivity, or document management. No matter what you want to improve, there’s probably a digital workplace app for it.

Here’s a recap of the solutions we discussed above.

  1. DeskTime - an all-in-one solution for businesses to track their team's productivity, automate team management, and minimize business losses.
  2. MEETYOO – an all-around event management solution that ensures seamless execution of all types of business events.
  3. ShipSaving – an ideal solution for businesses and individuals looking to optimize their shipping processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.
  4. Hubstaff – a comprehensive workforce management solution that offers time tracking, productivity monitoring, and advanced analytics to optimize team performance.
  5. FooEvents – a versatile and user-friendly events platform that offers a range of features and functionalities to help businesses manage events of all sizes and sell tickets on their own terms.
  6. Easyteam – an IT services provider that helps businesses with digital transformation through cloud technologies and agile solutions.
  7. Doppler – a developer-centric security platform that offers centralized secret management, proactive security incident prevention, and robust access controls.
  8. Talkspirit – an ISO 27001-certified cloud-based platform designed to enhance team collaboration and productivity through secure data management.
  9. EasyTeam – a staff management platform designed to streamline scheduling, payroll, and performance tracking for businesses using Wix Bookings and Shopify POS.
  10. Stagent – an excellent digital solution that streamlines the complex process of artist management and bookings through a user-friendly platform that enhances efficiency and teamwork.
  11. uKnowva – enables talent acquisition and retention strategies.
  12. AgilityPortal – complete collaboration tools for remote teams.
  13. Tauria – secure video conferencing.
  14. Digital Samba – a provider of a secure video conferencing platform that allows you to integrate end-to-end encrypted and GDPR-compliant group video conferencing into mobile apps, software, or websites.
  15. Ant Media – a highly scalable real-time video streaming solution that comes with ultra-low latency, adaptive bitrate streaming, and auto-scalable live streaming capabilities.
  16. Zuddl – virtual events.
  17. GDPR Register – a comprehensive online tool that simplifies GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance for organizations.
  18. Stormboard – a powerful tool for collaborative work environments that combines advanced features with practical applications for decision-makers and teams alike.
  19. Rocket.Chat – a highly customizable and secure collaboration platform designed for organizations that need to handle sensitive business or customer data.
  20. LEAD – an AI-powered chatbot designed for business teams to boost connectivity and collaboration for improved productivity.
  21. – a SOC 2 Type II compliant platform that enhances team productivity by streamlining communication and workflows across different tools like Slack, Notion, and Jira.
  22. Narrato - Collaborative AI content workspace.
  23. ROI4Presenter – an innovative app that simplifies the creation and delivery of interactive online presentations to help you engage with your audience, generate leads, and optimize your content for better results.
  24. Spiti - a comprehensive private video library for high-performing teams that allows you to manage your videos in the form of playlists for enhanced video management and collaboration.
  25. Frill - a powerful online tool designed for startups, entrepreneurs, and charities for collecting and managing customer feedback, transforming ideas into actionable roadmaps, and communicating product updates effectively.
  26. Crewdle – the greenest videoconferencing solution in the world.
  27. Kopano – open source email, calendaring and videoconferencing for business.
  28. MyOwnConference – webinars, web conferencing and online trainings.
  29. MaxWhere –an innovative 3D virtual platform designed to elevate learning experiences, enhance product demonstrations, streamline business operations, and improve communication.
  30. LeaderTask – a single-stop task manager that can work both online and offline to help business teams enhance collaboration and productivity.
  31. – a user-friendly data automation and analytics platform designed for businesses to manage, transform, and analyze their data effortlessly.
  32. TimeCamp - feature-rich time tracking app to help gain insights into projects and tasks.
  33. Loquiz - a gamification platform for team building, outdoor events, and education
  34. OfficeSuite – a cost-effective set of productivity tools, including Documents, Sheets, Slides, PDF, and Mail, accessible globally across various devices and platforms.
  35. StartingPoint – a great digital workplace platform to improve workflow and operational efficiency.
  36. Flowster – a simple yet powerful app to automate repetitive business operations and tasks quickly and easily.
  37. Comidor - automation and software development solutions.
  38. Graphite Note – a game-changing digital platform that uses AI and ML technologies to provide businesses with automated predictive analytics powers and eliminates the need for a dedicated data science team.
  39. Legodesk - a comprehensive debt resolution platform that simplifies the debt collection and recovery processes.
  40. Kaagaz – manage and organize documents from anywhere.
  41. Documill - a document automation product designed to simplify the process of contract management, workflow orchestration, and document automation.
  42. ONLYOFFICE – document management, project management.
  43. Chili Digital – a Swiss-based company that offers multiple digital solutions to make your business’s workflows more efficient and improve your ROI.
  44. Circleboom – an advanced online tool that provides social media management and analytics solutions, with a focus on user-friendly interfaces, for enhancing the social media experience.
  45. Zenkit – a scalable and user-friendly project management tool that offers streamlined data migration, efficient team collaboration, convenient resource management, and real-time reporting.
  46. TIMEFLIP2 – an innovative solution that simplifies the time-tracking process while enhancing engagement, focus, and overall productivity for users across different skill levels.
  47. Flowlu – a single-stop business management platform that allows you to manage your customer relationships, finances, team collaboration, and projects.
  48. Goaffpro – a powerful app for eCommerce stores that helps users with all aspects of affiliate marketing management.
  49. SuperbThemes – a well-known platform that offers responsive, translation-ready, and SEO-optimized plugins, themes, and addons for WordPress.

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