IoT security solutions for any environment

It is said that by 2025, IoT devices will be generating an estimated 79.4 zettabytes (ZB) of data. It might seem unrealistic, but once you realize, that anything from smart light bulbs to refrigerators can be connected to the Internet, it all starts to make more sense.

IoT or the Internet of Things refers to connecting physical objects to the Internet to manage them remotely and gain insights that enhance business operations or daily tasks. Because of this feature, IoT can bring a vast amount of benefits across every industry from healthcare or manufacturing to housing.

However, for the devices to work successfully and smoothly, additional security measures are needed.

Best IoT services: a detailed list

While the Internet of Things devices offer a wide range of applications, they can also pose serious security risks. Because of this, we set out to create a list of the best security solutions for any IoT environment.

ISS (Integrity security services)

ServicesEmbedded cryptographic module
Free trialNo

In addition to being part of the Green Hills Software family, ISS offers a full range of end-to-end security solutions.

ISS encrypts and authenticates device data, commands, and software over any network to secure the IoT. ISS products also generate keys, certificates, and digital signatures to ensure global supply chains are secured.

The great thing about ISS's Embedded Cryptographic Module (ECM) is that it is integrated into your hardware for the highest level of security, keeping it separate from untrusted applications and kernels.


ServicesDevice management
ResourcesArticles, blog, case studies, ebooks, developer portal, product briefs, tutorials, video library, webinars, white papers
Free trialYes

Built by the same team that developed the battle-hardened configuration management framework that manages over 10 million Linux-based systems, Mender is an open source, over-the-air software updater for connected Linux devices.

Using Mender's client/server solution, you can update your fleet of devices quickly, securely, and most importantly, remotely.

The nice thing about the hosted Mender trial version is that it lets you take advantage of all the Mender's latest features included in the Mender Enterprise. No credit card is required for the 12-month trial, which covers up to 10 devices.


ServicesIndustrial IoT security
Free trialNo

The Zuul platform is a connected Industrial Operations Technology (OT) cybersecurity solution. Its asset-centric approach to OT security enables security teams to protect critical IIoT/IoT devices that underpin critical business processes.

This provider can help you with everything from networked gear configuration to managing a wide range of smart devices, with solutions tailored specifically for the transportation, smart building automation, and industrial control industries. In addition, you can enable cloud services while securely preventing unauthorized access to networked SCADA systems.

Zuul is a great choice for those who seek to achieve business goals by securing the most valuable assets.


FirstPoint cover
ServicesMobile and IoT cybersecurity, fake or rouge cell tower protection, secured and private 5G and LTE communications
ResourcesEbooks, white papers, webinars, blogs, infographics, product sheets
Free trial30-minute free demo

Mobile and IoT devices that use SIM and eSIM cards are vulnerable to cyberattacks and unauthorized use. While mobile and IoT devices provide flexible and enhanced technologies, guarding against network intrusions is essential. FirstPoint has a seamless and scalable IoT security solution that protects SIM-based devices.

FirstPoint’s solution works to guard devices on private and public networks against security threats. It provides a single platform for companies to manage all devices across their networks. The platform also works within various industry guidelines and requirements, including healthcare.

You can schedule a free demo online if you’re interested in learning more about FirstPoint. The company’s website also features webinars and product sheets with helpful information.


ServicesVulnerability monitoring and remediation, Linux OS and BSP maintenance, Engineering services and consulting, development engineering support
ResourcesBlog, eBooks. webinars, videos, podcasts
Free trialYes (demo)

Timesys has over 20 years of experience in the embedded software market, providing open source software security, development tools, and engineering services.

Their signature solution is Vigiles, a real-time vulnerability monitoring and management service that offers end-to-end device protection for developers. With embedded Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, and other open source solutions, OEMs, ODMS, and design houses can reduce development costs and accelerate time-to-market.

In addition to its Global 500 customer base, Timesys solutions are used in a wide range of industries, including medical, industrial, networking, and aerospace.


Sectrio IT
ServicesReal-time attack and threat detection, Incident management, asset management
ResourcesBlog, case studies, use cases, knowledge hub, whitepapers
Free trialNo

Sectrio, formerly known as Subex Secure, is a comprehensive IoT (Internet of Things) security solution, launched in 2016. It addresses the growing security needs of businesses by protecting their IoT and OT (Operational Technology) infrastructure through a unified platform that can detect cyber threats and attacks in real-time.

What makes this solution unique is that it uses the world's largest IoT and OT/ICS-focused honeypot network. Additionally, it integrates with SIEM/SOAR systems seamlessly, allowing for easy scalability and compatibility.

Sectrio provides real-time asset intelligence, supports IoT protocols, and offers a comprehensive dashboard view of key performance indicators and alerts. It’s a non-intrusive solution that ensures minimal disruption while strengthening security.

Additionally, Sectrio also offers consulting, digital transformation, and managed services, making it an end-to-end IoT and OT security solution. With its global deployments and expert team, it empowers businesses to secure their connected devices effectively.


ServicesIoMT security, vulnerability and vendor management, forensic analysis, anomaly detection, asset utilization
Free trialYes (demo)

Asimily, an IoMT and IoT risk remediation tool, is another excellent option on this list. The company's objective is to provide unique capabilities that assist healthcare companies in prioritizing detected vulnerabilities and procedures for remediation.

Customers can rely on Asimily for best-in-class vulnerability management, anomaly detection, threat analysis, and incident response. The built-in policy management module searches the full network data for signs of compromise and unsafe conduct using a simple graphical interface.

Asimily offers a free demo version of its product to clients who are interested in testing out their product.


ServicesIoT security, system integrators, building controls for OEMs, RISC-V
ResourcesBlog, white papers, presentations, Videos
Free trialNo

Next on the list is Veridify Security – a company that designs and licenses quantum-resistant, public-key security tools for processors based in low-resource environments that power the Internet of Things.

Veridify is best known for its DOME solution – a zero-touch device onboarding and ownership management platform, that requires no pervasive cloud or network connection.

If you're looking for tools that work in a variety of environments, Veridity Security is an excellent choice. Their ultra-low-energy, fast, and small footprint solutions are ideally suited for a wide range of 32-bit, 16-bit, and even 8-bit devices and the company also provides highly efficient authentication and data protection.

Crypto Quantique

Crypto Quantique
ServicesSecurity for IoT networks
ResourcesWhite papers, video demos, blog
Free trialNo

Crypto Quantique is a leading IoT security company that incorporates quantum physics into its security solutions and delivers end-to-end protection and scalability for IoT networks.

Crypto Quantique stands out from the crowd thanks to QuarkLink – a software-based IoT security platform that incorporates advanced cryptography techniques. With it, users are able to securely integrate any root-of-trust into any IoT device, enabling them to onboard, provision, and manage IoT devices.

Combined with QDID, the QuarkLink platform delivers the highest standard of security available for IoT systems.

Intrinsic ID

Intrinsic ID
ServicesDevice-unique data security, user authentication solutions
ResourcesCase studies, white papers, newsletters, product briefs, webinars, blogs, videos, podcasts
Free trialYes (demo)

Intrinsic ID offers access control and security for Internet of Things applications and embedded systems using physical unclonable functions (PUFs).

The BK Software IP solution is what truly makes this company shine. It generates an internal, unique identity for products, and enables its users to secure them without having to add costly security-dedicated silicon.

Another nice thing about BK Software IP is that it can be installed later in the supply chain or even added remotely on various devices.

Best IoT services: final recommendations

Since all of the providers mentioned on this list have different areas of specialization, here is a short overview of all of the companies to help you out:

  1. ISS (Integrity security services) – offers a full range of end-to-end security solutions.
  2. Mender – an open source over-the-air software updater.
  3. Zuul – an industrial operations management platform.
  4. FirstPoint – IoT security solution that protects SIM-based devices.
  5. Timesys – a leading security provider for embedded devices, and open source software.
  6. Sectrio – Sectrio is a comprehensive IoT security solution that offers real-time threat detection, seamless integration with SIEM/SOAR systems, and a range of value-added services.
  7. Asimily - an IoMT and IoT risk remediation tool.
  8. Veridify – a quantum-resistant public-key security tools provider.
  9. Crypto Quantique – hardware-based, cybersecurity solution for authentication and encryption in a wired local network.
  10. Intrinsic ID – uses physical unclonable functions to secure embedded systems.

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