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Jira apps for next level project management

Jira is already a powerful project management tool, but with the right apps, you can take your productivity and organization to the next level. However, there are tons of apps available on the Atlassian marketplace, making it difficult to choose the best ones.

Therefore, we have compiled this article to help you find the best Jira apps. From an intelligent virtual assistant to a test management and automation solution, these 18 tools offer a wide range of features to enhance your Jira experience and streamline your work processes.

Whether you're a project manager, software developer, or simply looking for better ways to stay organized, these Jira apps are a great place to start.

Best Jira Apps: Our detailed list

The following are the best Jira apps on the Atlassian Marketplace that we have carefully selected to help you boost productivity, streamline your work processes, and take your project management to another level.

Golive | Environment Management Hub

Golive | Environment Management Hub
FeaturesEnvironment & Deployment tracking, environments booking and scheduling, native Jira integration on issue pages and boards
CompatibilityCompatibilityJira Data Center 8.0.0 - 9.6.0, Jira Server 8.0.0 - 9.6.0, Jira Cloud, and more.
Free versionFree full-featured trial, free forever for up to 10 Jira Cloud users

Golive by Apwide is an innovative environment management platform that gives you unparalleled visibility and control over your environments and deployments. It empowers your teams to quickly and easily locate and access the applications they need for testing, bug fixing, and feature exploration.

With Golive, teams can effortlessly share their deployment, release, and outage plans with all stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. The platform also enables teams to book environments for optimal resource utilization, avoiding any configuration conflicts along the way.

The integration capabilities of Golive through WebHooks and REST API make it easy for teams to synchronize their test environment data with their DevOps toolchain, bringing all live environment information into one centralized hub. Golive integrates easily with a variety of tools, including Jenkins, XL Deploy, Ansible, Octopus, Spinnaker, TeamCity, GitLab, Bamboo, New Relic, Datadog, Dynatrace and more.

Key features of Golive Environment Management Hub include:

  • Interactive timeline visualization of deployments and status changes
  • Access to environment and app information directly from Jira issue pages and boards
  • Integration with Xray for test scheduling
  • Advanced environment booking workflows with conflict detection
  • Support for both cloud and on-premise environments

In conclusion, Golive is a comprehensive and user-friendly environment management solution that provides everything you need to effectively manage your environments in Jira.

ConfigCat Feature Flags

ConfigCat Feature Flags
FeaturesFeature flags linking to Jira issues, features flags on/off functionality from linked Issues, access to Jira issues directly from ConfigCat, targeting or percentage rules addition for feature flags
CompatibilityJira Cloud
Free versionYes

The ConfigCat Feature Flags app for Jira Cloud offers a way to manage your software configuration conveniently – it allows you to link your feature flags to your Jira issues and turn them on or off right from the linked issue, as needed.

You can also add targeting or percentage rules for your feature flag, which gives you complete control over who can access specific features. In addition, the app also allows you to view linked Jira issues in the ConfigCat Dashboard, making it easy to jump to a Jira Issue with just a single click.

The seamless integration between ConfigCat Feature Flags and Jira makes it possible to manage features and change your software configuration without the need to redeploy code. You can deploy new features or change existing ones at any time you want, giving you the freedom to release new updates with confidence.

The following are the features that ConfigCat Feature Flags brings to the table:

  • Link feature flags to Jira issues
  • Turn features flags on/off from linked issues
  • Add percentage or targeting rules for feature flags
  • Manage software configuration without redeploying code
  • 10-minute trainable dashboard for non-technical Team members
  • Release new updates with confidence
  • Open-source SDKs for easy integration

ConfigCat Feature Flags Jira Cloud plugin makes for a powerful solution for managing software configuration and features directly from Jira. With its easy integration and powerful features, you can improve your productivity and streamline project management.

OKR Board for Jira by Oboard

OKR Board for Jira by Oboard
FeaturesPowerful OKR management tool for Jira, aligns your company with Jira and OKR, in-depth reporting and analytics capabilities
CompatibilityJira Data Center 7.2.1 - 9.6.0, Jira Server 7.2.1 - 9.6.0, and Jira Cloud
Free versionFree trial

OKR Board for Jira by Oboard is a powerful OKR management tool that integrates natively into Jira. It enables you to set, track and manage OKRs directly within Jira, eliminating the need to use external software, spreadsheets, or third-party tools to manage OKRs.

Additionally, you can also link your Jira Tasks and Epics to Objectives and Key Results, which means that your OKR progress is updated automatically. Another excellent feature of the app is the cross-project OKR roadmap, which allows you to align all your Jira teams and projects on one roadmap. This feature isn't available in the original Jira, so it’s highly valued by users.

The OKR Board for Jira by Oboard is used by over 2000 companies, including Fortune 500 companies and emerging startups. It’s a standalone and independent tool that can be used without any additional apps or components outside of Jira. In addition, the company also offers a free OKR Board for Confluence plugin, which makes the process of OKR reporting a breeze. It’s a free tool that brings your OKR structure and process into one place.

The OKR Board for Jira by Oboard comes with the following unique features.

  • Custom OKR levels, such as personal, departmental, or company-related
  • Custom OKR weights and types, including percentile, binary, and reverse
  • Real-time dashboards for teams and individuals
  • Transparent public workplaces and private projects
  • Public APIs to export data to third-party software
  • Free OKR Board for Confluence plugin
  • JQL search to find linked Jira issues

Overall, the OKR Board for Jira by Oboard is a highly useful tool for teams looking to manage their OKRs directly within Jira. Its features make it a valuable tool for companies of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

JIVA: Jira Intelligent Virtual Assistant

JIVA: Jira Intelligent Virtual Assistant
FeaturesCreates issues on the go using voice, creates detailed Jira reports, creates issues with multiple parameters
CompatibilityJira Cloud
Free versionFree trial

JIVA: Jira Intelligent Virtual Assistant is an innovative app that allows you to create Jira issues and reports with voice commands. By integrating with Google Assistant, you can start using JIVA in just a few simple steps.

It’s a hands-free tool that helps you create an unlimited number of issues, setting all necessary parameters such as summary, project, issue type, priority, and assignee.

Additionally, you can also get reports about the number of created or closed issues and custom filters for a specific period.

Here’s a list of features that JIVA: Jira Intelligent Virtual Assistant offers:

  • Create Jira issues with voice commands
  • Get reports on any project with a few words
  • Available for iOS and Android devices
  • Integrates with your Atlassian product
  • Acts on a user’s behalf, even when offline

Overall, JIVA is an excellent app for Jira that can help you manage your projects conveniently while saving valuable time that you can spend on critical tasks.

CM4J – Context Manager for Jira

CM4J – Context Manager for Jira
FeaturesCreates project-specific context, can limit the context to a selected project, can migrate a specific context to the global context
CompatibilityJira Data Center 8.14.0 - 9.6.0, Jira Server 8.14.0 - 9.6.0, and more
Free versionFree trial

CM4J – Context Manager for Jira by ease allows you to create project-specific custom field options, which can be restricted to the project in question and won't impact others.

It enables you to migrate project-specific custom field options to a global context, making the new field context available to all Jira projects.

In addition, CM4J eliminates the need to seek approval from system administrators when configuring custom fields. This allows you to make custom field changes that only affect your respective projects, thus streamlining project management processes.

The key features of CM4J include the following:

  • Custom field configuration on a project level
  • Migrate project-specific custom field contexts to the global context
  • Limit custom field options to what your project needs

If you’re looking for a Jira app for custom field context management, then you might want to check out CM4J – Context Manager for Jira.

PII Protection for Jira

PII Protection for Jira
FeaturesChecks for sensitive data in Jira automatically offers customizable security settings, sends notifications, allows you to create and edit issues in Jira
CompatibilityJira Cloud
Free versionFree trial

PII Protection for Jira by Polymetis Apps is a security tool that helps you optimize data security and compliance in your Jira instance.

It automatically checks all issues in the background for any sensitive information such as credit cards, passwords, social security numbers, and more. The app also allows for custom regular expressions to address specific compliance requirements.

If sensitive information is found, PII Protection will notify the right people or allow for the deletion of the issue directly. The app is built on Atlassian Forge, ensuring that no sensitive data ever leaves your Jira instance.

Here are the unique features of this security app for Jira:

  • Automated background check of Jira issues
  • Customizable settings to check for specific information
  • Quickly notifies upon finding sensitive information
  • Intuitive UI to manage findings

PII Protection for Jira is a useful app for those who need to secure sensitive data and stay compliant in their Jira instance.

Allure for Jira

Allure for Jira
FeaturesVersatile test reporting, export reports to Jira, visually appealing reports
CompatibilityJira Server 6.0 - 9.6.0
Free versionFree trial

Allure for Jira is a versatile, lightweight, and multilingual test reporting tool that can generate comprehensive and visually appealing reports. The reporting itself is done by Allure Report, while the app provides all the data to a Jira instance. Developed by the Qameta Software team, the app allows you to create, manage, and analyze test reports using Allure JSON files within minutes and export the results to Jira.

The Allure Launch Export feature enables you to view test run information directly in the Release ticket, while the Allure Test Result Export displays information about failed tests in the bug ticket.

The app provides seamless integration with Jira and Bamboo, allowing you to effortlessly import and export data whenever needed. In addition, the plugin also supports nested steps that enhance the presentation of test data in ‌reports.

Here are all the features that Allure for Jira offers:

  • Generates fancy and clear testing reports
  • Can export report results to Jira
  • Provides information about test runs and failed tests in release and bug tickets
  • Supports attachments to get more details from test case reports
  • Supports nested steps to provide a clear presentation of test data in reports

Allure for Jira is an excellent tool for creating clear and fancy testing reports and integrating them with Jira and Bamboo. Its ability to provide information about test runs and failed tests in release and bug tickets makes it an ideal choice for project management teams.

TaskCall for Jira Cloud

TaskCall for Jira Cloud
FeaturesCreate Jira issues automatically/manually using TaskCall incidents, Sync TaskCall incidents and Jira issues bi-directionally
CompatibilityJira Cloud
Free versionYes

TaskCall is an incident response and management system that reduces the time it takes to resolve incidents by automating the response process. It connects with all your monitoring tools and gives you full visibility to system-wide impact. This Jira Cloud integration couples fast resolution of technical incidents with project management.

In case of a critical incident when DevOps engineers are focused on finding a quick resolution, the integration creates a Jira issue and syncs it up with incident details, notes, and actions taken, so they can come back to it later and work on a more permanent solution. Because of this, teams can focus on fixing issues while TaskCall’s Jira Cloud integration takes care of all the to-dos with a more agile DevOps workflow.

Here are some great features that TaskCall for Jira Cloud offers:

  • Bi-directionally syncs Jira issues and TaskCall incidents.
  • Create Jira issues automatically or manually from TaskCall incidents
  • Map issue priorities and statuses
  • In-depth analytics to find crucial vulnerabilities in infrastructure

TaskCall also has an integration for Jira Server, so make sure to check it out below.

QA Touch - Smarter Test Management Tool

QA touch
FeaturesReal-time test run tracking, module-wise test case addition, detailed reports for test management
CompatibilityJira Cloud
Free versionYes

QA Touch is a smart test management tool that’s specifically designed to assist modern QA teams. It integrates with Jira seamlessly and allows you to use your Jira requirements while creating test cases.

With its intuitive dashboard, it offers a clear and comprehensive reporting system. It provides you with an overview of recently added releases, test runs, and test cases along with detailed project activities. The app simplifies the measurement of project releases by listing and linking them to respective test runs, allowing you to track the status of each release until completion.

Additionally, QA Touch also enables you to track the results of every test run on the go. If any of your test runs fails, you can log this important data by assigning the test directly to the Jira issue tracker or using the built-in QA Touch’s issue tracker.

Here’s a list of key features that QA Touch brings to the table.

  • Create and edit releases, test cases, and test runs
  • Import and export test cases for any projects
  • Add test cases module-wise
  • Three different templates are available for adding test cases
  • Create test runs by adding all test cases or selecting specific ones
  • Generate issues when test cases fail in test runs and assign them for resolution
  • Detailed reports to measure testing efforts

QA Touch is a feature-rich test management tool for Jira that offers a user-friendly interface and advanced functionalities for QA teams.

Proactive Campaigns by GrowthDot

FeaturesEasy follow-ups with customers to solve queries, filters to narrow down mailing lists, bulk ticket creation
CompatibilityJira Cloud
Free versionYes (for up to 10 users)

Proactive Campaigns by GrowthDot is a powerful Jira app designed to help businesses enhance customer engagement and address their needs proactively. It allows you to create targeted customer lists and send bulk follow-up email campaigns directly from Jira.

With this app, you can inform your customers about special offers, expiring subscriptions, technical issues, upcoming events, and future updates. One of the key features of this app is its ability to filter customer lists based on specific criteria. This functionality allows you to segment your customer base, customize your email campaigns, and reach the most relevant audiences effectively.

Another great feature of this tool is that it allows you to create bulk tickets and run email campaigns using your predefined mail lists. It helps you address the queries of your customers effectively while offering a personalized experience.

Additionally, this Jira app also offers flexibility in running campaigns. It means that your campaigns will continue to run in the background, even if you accidentally close the tab. This functionality makes sure that no communication opportunities are missed.

Lastly, Proactive Campaigns operates directly from the user's browser. It doesn’t collect any user data or confidential information in order to ensure security and confidentiality.

The following list contains the key feature that Proactive Campaigns offers.

  • Create customer lists and send email campaigns directly from Jira
  • Filter customer lists to target specific audiences
  • Send proactive tickets and mass email campaigns
  • Construct attention-grabbing emails using an advanced email editor
  • Schedule campaigns to run at specific times

Proactive Campaigns by GrowthDot is a feature-rich app that’s designed for businesses to proactively engage with their customers through targeted email campaigns.

Approvals by Approveit

Approvals by Approveit
FeaturesVisual approval workflow builder, creation of unique approval forms, approval history & audit trails
CompatibilityJira Server 8.0.0 - 8.16.1 and Jira Cloud
Free versionFree trial

Approvals by Approveit is a Jira app that streamlines the approval process for your team thanks to its visual workflow builder, custom forms, and integration with other tools.

It integrates with Jira, Slack, and more than 500 other tools, making it easy to automate your team's approvals.

It’s a perfect tool for project management, HR teams, IT, and finance, and is especially useful when working with remote teams.

With Approvals by Approveit, you can:

  • Create custom forms for your approval requests
  • Assign approvers and set up rules to determine when a request is approved
  • Trigger workflows and respond to requests directly in Slack
  • Automate approvals for time-offs, software releases, documents, access requests, expenses, and more
  • View, filter, sort, and export the approval history of your team

Overall, Approvals by Approveit offers a comprehensive solution for automating the approval process, with a focus on customizability and integration with other tools. Whether you're looking to streamline your team's approvals or just make the process easier, this Jira app is a great choice.

Embold Connect

Embold Connect
FeaturesReports against source code quality right inside the Jira, assignee suggestions option
CompatibilityJira Cloud
Free versionYes

Embold Connect is another excellent Jira app and it’s designed to improve software development processes. The two main features of this app include source code quality reporting right inside the Jira and assignee suggestions using machine learning.

The app scans code changes linked to a Jira ticket and displays the results in Jira, providing developers with insights into the quality of their code. It also allows users to monitor quality at a ticket level and address critical issues during a sprint.

The assignee suggestions feature uses machine learning to suggest the most probable assignee for a Jira ticket, ensuring that the right person is assigned to each task. This eliminates the potential inefficiency that can arise from assigning tickets to the wrong person.

Here are the features that the app offers:

  • Source code quality reporting
  • Ability to write and read data from the host application
  • Ticket-level software analytics
  • Ability to suggest the best-suited person for a task using machine learning
  • Embold access token-based sign-in.

All in all, Embold Connect is a useful tool for software development teams, as it provides insights into code quality and helps ensure efficient task assignments.

Trello Board Inside Jira

Trello Board Inside Jira
FeaturesTrello Board functionality inside Jira, updates Trello board using Jira, Trello lists to Jira columns mapping
CompatibilityJira Cloud
Free versionFree trial

With Trello Board Inside Jira by Rozdoum, you can seamlessly combine your Trello and Jira workflows to track projects from multiple sources on a single Jira board.

The app allows you to connect Trello boards and map Trello lists to Jira columns for a unified view of tasks and status updates.

Additionally, you can transition and comment on Trello cards right from your Jira board and see updates reflected in Trello in real-time.

With Trello Board Inside Jira you can:

  • Connect multiple Trello boards as sources
  • Map lists from Trello to board columns in Jira
  • View and change the status of Trello cards from the Jira board
  • Add comments remotely and see them instantly in Trello
  • Acts on a user’s behalf, even when offline

Trello Board Inside Jira is a convenient tool for teams who want to combine their Trello and Jira workflows, view projects from multiple sources in one place, and make updates in real-time easily.

Confidential Fields with Data Residency for Jira

Confidential Fields with Data Residency for Jira
FeaturesSecurity and regulatory compliance, protect sensitive data in the cloud, secure control access with permissions per field
CompatibilityJira Cloud
Free versionFree trial

Confidential Fields with Data Residency for Jira by bitvoodoo is an app that adds privacy and encryption to custom fields in Jira. It offers data residency for custom fields to help you comply with major data regulations including ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and Soc 2.

The app encrypts the values of the custom fields with 256-bit AES encryption and saves them securely in the selected database. The encryption key and a random initialization vector are stored at Atlassian and in the external hosting database, respectively. It makes it impossible for Atlassian or the app provider to access your sensitive information.

With Confidential Fields, you can set permissions per field to restrict who has access to data, based on various factors, including project lead, current assignee, reporter, groups, or roles. The app also offers a variety of custom field types, such as numbers, paragraphs, text fields, user pickers, and date pickers.

Features of Confidential Fields with Data Residency for Jira include:

  • Data residency for custom fields
  • 256-bit AES encryption for custom fields
  • Secure and encrypted storage of custom fields
  • Permissions per field for secure access control
  • Compliance with Major data regulations
  • Multiple custom field types

Confidential Fields with Data Residency for Jira provides a secure and encrypted solution for custom fields in Jira, ensuring compliance with major data regulations. With secure access control and the ability to host your data in a secure location, this app is a great option for organizations looking to protect sensitive data in Jira.


FeaturesConnect systems, automate workflows, simplify business operations
CompatibilityJira Software, Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center, Jira Service Management, Jira Product Discovery
Free versionFree trial

ZigiOps is an easy-to-use integration platform that allows you to connect various systems without the need for coding. With its iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) and on-premises versions, ZigiOps automates workflows and data synchronization between different tools you use for your business.

You can connect it to synchronize data between project management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), cloud, DevOps (Development, Operations), Monitoring, and ITSM (IT service management) systems. Additionally, it also offers a large library of fully customizable templates to set up integrations in less than 5 minutes.

By connecting ZigiOps with Jira, you can improve communication between teams, reduce response times, and complete tasks quickly. When an Incident is created in Jira SM, ZigiOps creates and updates a Jira task automatically for developers to address the bug. It eliminates the need for manual entry of information in Jira, which saves time and effort.

ZigiOps also supports advanced data mapping and synchronization of all related and custom fields, making it adaptable to any use case complexity.

The following is the list of features ZigiOps offers.

  • Advanced data mapping options
  • Bi-directional integrations between Jira and other tools
  • Large integrations template library
  • Data synchronization of related and custom fields
  • Simplified integration logic with conditional field mapping
  • Customizable workflows with dependent and chained actions

ZigiOps is a flexible, user-friendly integration platform that supports no-code integrations and advanced data mapping and allows you to connect different systems together. These features make it an excellent choice for organizations looking to streamline their workflows and improve communication between teams.

TaskCall Jira Server

TaskCall for Jira Cloud
FeaturesAutomatic and manual Jira issue creation through TaskCall incidents, sync Jira Issues and TaskCall incidents
CompatibilityJira Server
Free versionYes

TaskCall Jira Server integration allows for automated syncing between Jira issues and TaskCall incidents. You can use it to create Jira issues from TaskCall incidents with a click of a button, which adds more context to project tasks. This way, you can spend more time resolving incidents, instead of creating them.

Another excellent feature of this tool is that it offers a dedicated function that you can use to create customized Jira issues manually. Additionally, it syncs Jira issue status, priority, and comments as well to help you make your project management process more efficient.

The following are some features that TaskCall Jira Server brings to the table:

  • Automated syncing between Jira issues and TaskCall incidents
  • Manual and automatic creation of Jira issues using TaskCall with a click of a button
  • Custom button for manual issue creation on the Incident details page
  • Automatic syncing of Jira issue priority, status, and comments

TaskCall's Jira Server integration streamlines the work management process by syncing Jira issues and TaskCall incidents. It helps you save time and focus on resolving incidents and other important tasks.

Async Poker

Async Poker
FeaturesAsync planning poker, advanced JQL filtering, interactive review mode
CompatibilityJira Cloud
Free versionFree trial

Async Poker by Do Async provides a new way of planning poker for agile teams. The app integrates with Jira and allows team members to estimate the effort required for product backlog activities asynchronously, eliminating the need for real-time, synchronous sessions.

With its advanced filtering and interactive review mode, Async Poker makes for a more accurate and efficient way for agile estimation.

The app also allows users to add issues to a game, move issues between games, and manage games from their phones, thanks to Jira mobile integration capability (for both iOS and Android).

The following are the features that the Async Poker Jira app offers:

  • Async planning poker
  • Jira issue and Jira mobile integration
  • Interactive review mode with real-time following
  • Basic issue and advanced JQL filtering
  • Slack integration
  • Game-related comments
  • Fully functional issue preview with images, comments, links, and attachments

Async Poker is an innovative toolkit for remote planning and estimation that enables agile teams to run efficient and non-interruptive estimations and planning sessions.

aqua - Test Management & Automation

aqua - Test Management & Automation
FeaturesIntegration of test cases with Jira elements, manual & automated test cases management, real-time reporting, AI-generated test cases
CompatibilityJira Server 7.0.0 - 9.4.2, Jira Cloud, and more
Free versionYes

aqua is a test management and automation app for Jira that helps you define, manage, and execute test cases. The app integrates directly with Jira and links test cases to other Jira elements for full traceability. It offers powerful real-time reporting and enables parallel test automation on multiple environments and machines for optimized test coverage.

Aqua recently released AI features that can automatically generate complete test cases from requirements or create test steps based on the description and vice versa. By launching the AI assistant while reviewing a requirement, you can receive a complete test case that covers it.

If test steps are entered, the AI assistant generates a corresponding test case description, and if a description is written, it generates the required test steps. With 42% of AI test cases requiring no additional human input, aqua's AI functionality significantly streamlines the QA process, saving time and reducing manual workload for QA engineers.

Here’s a list of features that aqua offers:

  • Ability to describe test cases in detail with images, rich text, and attached files
  • Organization of test cases into test scenarios
  • Execution of manual and automated test cases
  • Display of test results, information, and execution status in Jira
  • Ready-to-use integration with Jenkins for continuous integration
  • AI features that allow testers to auto-create entire test cases and steps based on requirements

In summary, aqua is a great test management and automation app for Jira that provides teams with a visualized traceability of all elements and enables parallel test automation for optimized test coverage.

UseResponse Support Suite for Jira

UseResponse Support Suite for Jira
FeaturesComprehensive customer feedback tool, two-way integration with Jira, advanced analytics and reports
CompatibilityJira Server 7.0.0 - 8.13.6
Free versionFree trial

UseResponse Support Suite for Jira, created by Threecolts, is a comprehensive customer feedback solution that’s designed for support teams to overcome the challenges they face. It allows you to manage all your customer requests in one inbox from more than 10 channels, such as messengers, community forums, live chat, social media, and emails.

This app provides a two-way integration, which means that incoming issues from both UseResponse and Jira can be moved or linked with each other to keep them synced. It helps you ensure you have a complete overview of all customer feedback and support requests.

You can easily link or push any incoming request, such as a ticket, idea, or question, from UseResponse to Jira, and access linked issues inside UseResponse. Additionally, you can also move any issue from Jira to create a new ticket in UseResponse and automatically assign it to the right agent from your team.

Here’s a list of unique features that UseResponse Support Suite for Jira brings to the table:

  • Customer feedback tool with an ideas management solution
  • Support suite for managing requests from over 10 channels in one inbox
  • Two-way integration for syncing incoming requests between UseResponse and Jira
  • Push issues from Jira to UseResponse and move requests from UseResponse to Jira
  • Connected issues and requests kept in sync in terms of priorities, comments, and statuses

UseResponse Support Suite for Jira is a powerful tool that streamlines customer feedback and support requests. It allows you to manage everything in one place and keep all connected issues and requests in sync with each other.

TaskONE - Jira issues & Confluence tasks in ONE macro

TaskONE - Jira issues & Confluence tasks in ONE macro
FeaturesAll Confluence tasks and Jira Issues in one place, team tasks monitoring
CompatibilityConfluence Data Center 7.0.1 - 8.0.4 and Confluence Server 7.0.1 - 8.0.4
Free versionFree trial

TaskONE is an app that allows you to view and filter all your Confluence tasks and Jira issues in one sortable list, making it easier to keep track of your to-dos. It collects all the tasks assigned to you from JIRA as well as Confluence and presents them to you on a personalized dashboard.

With flexible configuration options, you can use JQL and filters to customize the tool to your specific needs. Additionally, that app complements many other tools, such as Table Filter and Charts for Confluence.

It also allows you to set different data types to be displayed together like you can view the reporter and assignee information including their avatar. It’s also possible to define a default sorting of the tasks from Jira and Confluence like the due date or assignee.

Here’s a list of the features that TaskONE - Jira issues and Confluence tasks in ONE macro offers:

  • Customizable with JQL (Jira Query Language) and filters
  • Collects all tasks assigned to the user
  • Displays Jira issues and Confluence tasks in a sortable list
  • Allows for the creation of Jira issues using description through the Macro View
  • Complements many add-ons

TaskONE simplifies the tracking process by aggregating all Confluence tasks and Jira issues in a single place. It is a customizable tool that allows you to manage your team's tasks effectively.

Tabnine Teams for Bitbucket Cloud

Tabnine Teams for Bitbucket Cloud
FeaturesAI-based code completion tool, offer suggestions based on coding history and style
CompatibilityBitbucket Cloud
Free versionFree trial

Tabnine Teams for Bitbucket Cloud is an AI-based code completion tool that offers customized completion suggestions to developers. It’s a well-established tool that can work with more than 30 programming languages and supports over 20 IDEs (Integrated Development Environments).

By connecting to a team's Bitbucket repository, the app can suggest code completions based on the team's specific coding history and style. It flaunts the status of being the very first release for Bitbucket Cloud integration and is trusted by developers in many Fortune 500 companies.

Tabnine Teams for Bitbucket Cloud can help your development teams to improve their coding workflow, reduce code review iterations, improve team-wide code consistency, and automate remote knowledge sharing.

Keep in mind that Bitbucket integration is available for the Tabnine Enterprise plan only. You can find more information about the plan on their website.

The following are the features of Tabnine Teams for the Bitbucket Cloud app.

  • AI-based code completion tool
  • Customized completion suggestions based on the team's coding style and history
  • Supports over 30 languages and more than 20 IDEs
  • Trusted by developers in many Fortune 500 companies
  • Affordable professional team features with Bitbucket Cloud integration

Tabnine Teams for Bitbucket Cloud is a powerful tool that helps developers get customized code completions in their preferred IDE. With its AI-based technology, integration with the Bitbucket repository, and support for various languages and IDEs, Tabnine Teams for Bitbucket Cloud can take the productivity of your developers to the next level.

SonarCloud™ for Bitbucket Cloud

SonarCloud™ for Bitbucket Cloud
FeaturesPull request decoration, go/no-go Quality Gate, issue review, monorepo support
CompatibilityBitbucket Cloud
Free version14-day trial

SonarCloud is a SaaS tool that easily integrates into Bitbucket Cloud and extends the CI/CD workflow to perform automated static analysis to detect and help fix issues in the code before it gets merged. SonarCloud provides continuous inspection of projects and has comprehensive coverage for languages and issue types. SonarCloud is free for open-source projects and offers a self-serve paid option (Lines of Code pricing model) for private projects.

With SonarCloud, developers can easily identify areas that need improvement, track progress over time and receive timely, actionable feedback on how to improve code quality.

To help you write better code, SonarCloud provides these features:

  • Decoration of pull requests and branches
  • Clear code quality metrics including bugs, vulnerabilities & code smells
  • Full visibility into your application's health
  • Code analysis auto-triggered in pipelines

What's great is that the tool supports a wide range of popular and classic programming languages, frameworks and cloud native technologies.

Overall, SonarCloud is a valuable tool for developers looking to improve the overall quality, reliability, maintainability and security of their code. And if you're working on an open-source project, you can use SonarCloud at no cost.

Best Jira Apps: Final recommendations

Jira apps can help enhance the functionality of Jira and streamline workflows by providing features such as test management, advanced environment booking, and integration with other tools. These apps can significantly boost productivity and collaboration within teams.

Here’s a quick brief overview of all the apps that we have covered in this article to help you narrow down your search:

  • Golive | Environment Management Hub – a robust and flexible environment management hub that integrates with Jira and other tools, making it easier to manage and track environmental changes and deployments.
  • ConfigCat Feature Flags – a dynamic feature management app that helps in the faster and safer deployment of applications by enabling you to turn features on and off without releasing a new version.
  • OKR Board for Jira by Oboard – a goal-setting app that integrates with Jira and allows you to track and manage your OKRs across teams and projects.
  • JIVA: Jira Intelligent Virtual Assistant – a cutting-edge AI-powered virtual assistant that automates work processes and streamlines workflows within Jira.
  • CM4J – Context Manager for Jira – a powerful tool that allows users to define and manage the context of issues and projects in Jira, boosting productivity and streamlining workflows.
  • PII Protection for Jira – a secure solution that protects PII within Jira, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and data protection policies.
  • Allure for Jira - a versatile, lightweight, and multilingual test reporting tool that can generate comprehensive and visually appealing reports.
  • TaskCall for Jira Cloud – an integration for Jira Cloud that enables automated syncing of incidents and issues to manage agile work and issue tracking with ease.
  • QA Touch - an ideal test management tool for modern QA teams that integrates with Jira seamlessly and streamlines test management processes.
  • Proactive Campaigns by GrowthDot – a Jira app designed to help businesses address customer issues proactively by sending targeted follow-up email campaigns.
  • Approvals by Approveit – a streamlined and efficient app for Jira that enables users to manage and track approvals within their workflows, increasing visibility and accountability.
  • Embold Connect – a comprehensive tool that integrates with Jira to scan source code changes and find the best people for specific tasks.
  • Trello Board Inside Jira – a user-friendly app that brings Trello boards directly into Jira, making it easier for teams to collaborate and manage tasks and projects from a single place.
  • Confidential Fields with Data Residency for Jira – a secure solution that enables Jira users to create and manage confidential fields within Jira, ensuring data privacy and security.
  • ZigiOps – an excellent integration platform for businesses looking to connect different software tools including Jira without writing code.
  • TaskCall Jira Server – a Jira Server integration that helps you focus on resolving Jira issues created automatically from TaskCall incidents.
  • Async Poker – an innovative app for Jira that enables agile teams to run asynchronous poker planning sessions within Jira, improving collaboration and streamlining planning processes.
  • aqua - Test Management & Automation – a comprehensive test management and automation solution for Jira, offering features such as test case management, real-time reporting, and integration with automation tools.
  • UseResponse Support Suite for Jira – a customer feedback app that integrates with Jira and allows you to manage your customer feedback and support requests from one place.
  • TaskONE - Jira issues and Confluence tasks in ONE macro – a streamlined tool for Jira and Confluence that enables you to view, track, and manage your tasks and issues across both platforms.
  • Tabnine Teams for Bitbucket Cloud – an AI-powered code completion tool that integrates with Bitbucket Cloud and helps developers write code efficiently.
  • SonarCloud™ for Bitbucket Cloud – a code analysis and quality management tool that seamlessly integrates with Bitbucket.

Best Jira Apps – FAQ

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