Animeflix unexpectedly announced it’s shutting down

The popular pirate site for anime content, Animeflix, announced it’s going offline after “careful consideration.”

Animeflix was among the most visited pirate sites for anime. According to SimilarWeb, a web analytics company, users visited Animeflix over 13 million times in May alone. Another estimation tool put the website's visits at 27 million for the same month.

The sites’ administrators did not share the reason behind the abrupt closure, only revealing it had to carefully consider the decision.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of Animeflix. After careful consideration, we have decided to shut down our service effective immediately,” website admins said on Discord. A similar message was shared on X as well.

Since the website didn’t specify a reason for the closure, Reddit users speculated why the site abruptly went offline. Some considered that copyright laws and anti-piracy orders finally caught up with Animeflix. Others, however, said that admins might just have gotten bored with the affair.