Germany bans Motorola smartphones amid patent infringement

Lenovo and Motorola have been banned from selling their WWAN-supported devices in Germany.

The Regional Court in Munich issued an order prohibiting the sales of Motorola phones supporting Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN).

The ban was imposed after Lenovo, the parent company of Motorola, was found guilty of infringing InterDigital's WWAN technology patent and didn't reach an agreement with the company on reasonable licensing fees. The court was in InterDigital's favor, restricting Motorola from selling its products equipped with WWAN.

This type of wireless network supports mobile internet access through cellular networks.

The court's decision means that none of Motorola's phones can be sold in the country, as well as Lenovo’s tablets or computers that include integrated WWAN technology.

The news was soon reflected in Motorola's German website, which now only sells accessories. Meanwhile, Lenovo updated its German website with a disclaimer: "Mobile phone configuration in Germany only available while stocks last."