Fitbit changes name

Fitbit, which has been known as “Fitbit by Google,” became “Google Fitbit” on March 18th, 2024.

The announcement, “Did you know? Fitbit is now part of Google,” is still featured at the bottom of the Fitbit webpage. Even though the company was acquired by Google in 2021, the changes within Fitbit are still taking place in 2024.

Together with a slightly modified name, some more notable adjustments include a changed font to Google Sans and a capitalized letter F.

At the beginning of this year, a few serious modifications were made by Google that included branding and team positioning.

What Fitbit users probably noticed is that now they’re being asked to log in through their Google accounts instead of creating Fitbit accounts. And some of Fitbit’s products and accessories can now also be found in the Google Store.

In regards to internal changes, it was announced that Fitbit inventors James Park and Eric Friedman are leaving the company, following the Fitbit division falling under the same umbrella as Pixel and Nest.

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