Tesla’s Optimus strolls around lab

Tesla’s robot Optimus can be seen strolling around a laboratory in the latest clip posted by Elon Musk on X.

The robot present in the footage appears to be Tesla’s Generation 2 Optimus, which is supposedly faster and lighter than the previous model.

Musk posted a video back in December that featured the new generation Optimus robot and its various capabilities.

Some include a 30% speed boost, a total weight reduction of 10kg, human foot geometry, improved balance, and full body control.

In the latest video, Optimus appears to be walking with ease at a leisurely pace around the lab.

Although a bit ape-like, the robot moves effectively, navigating its way around the area while swinging its arms in a way that mirrors human movement.

In January 2023, Musk posted a video of what appears to be the Gen 2 Optimus model practicing domestic tasks.

The video captures Optimus strung up to a table while folding a t-shirt. In the video, the bot is supervised by a human.

Although these robots are incapable of performing these actions independently, this was seen as a major step towards robot automation.

The Gen 2 Optimus has seemingly made leaps compared to the previous Tesla Bots that were presented at a shareholder event in May 2023.

In this previous demonstration, the Tesla Bot could be seen transferring objects from one container to another, with motor torque control facilitating smoother and more stable movements.

Now, Optimus seems to be making slow and steady movements toward replicating life-like movements, even if it does need a bit of work.