TikTok to introduce adults-only content

It's not what you think. TikTok does not plan to emulate OnlyFans anytime soon.

Starting November 23, underage users will be banned from making live streams on TikTok, the company has announced. Only TikTokers aged 18 and older will now be allowed to broadcast live. The age limit is currently set at 16 years old and above.

In a few weeks, creators should also get an option to choose whether they prefer to restrict their live-streaming content to adult audiences only as part of TikTok's new age policy.

"For instance, perhaps a comedy routine is better suited for people over age 18. Or, a host may plan to talk about a difficult life experience and they would feel more comfortable knowing the conversation is limited to adults," the platform said in a press release.

TikTok's community guidelines ban nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content, and there is no suggestion that the company intends to change that. It said its latest policy updates were safety-related and were meant to reflect better the "graduated" approach to features based on age.

There is already a limit to user age when it comes to direct messaging, which only TikTokers aged 16 and older can use. Only users aged 18 and older can send virtual gifts or access monetization features.

TikTok also announced several other tweaks to the app, including an option to host live streams with up to five guests. Additionally, the app will make it easier for creators to moderate comments during their live streams by expanding its filtering system based on keywords.

"We're rolling out an updated version of this feature that will send a reminder to people and suggest new keywords they may want to consider adding to their filter list," the company said. It added that recommendations would be based on words creators most commonly remove from their live streams.

TikTok's updates come as younger teens flock to smaller social networks they perceive as more authentic, such as Gas and BeReal. The two platforms are currently the most and second most downloaded apps on the US App Store, respectively.

TikTok, whose main user base consists of maturing Generation Z, is left to adjust.