TikTok is testing 60-minute videos

TikTok has started testing hour-long videos with a selected group of users. This feature will put the company in more direct competition with YouTube.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra spotted the longer video option and shared it on Threads. Later, the company confirmed to Tech Crunch that it’s testing 60-minute videos on its platform.

According to TikTok, the new videos will be available to a limited group of users in selected countries. For now, it’s unclear whether or when the new feature will be available to all users globally.

The app, launched in 2016, originally allowed posting only 15-second videos. The short video format, along with a powerful algorithm, is considered to be among the most significant factors in TikTok’s success.

The company has gradually increased the upload limit to 10 minutes, with users who have paid subscribers being able to upload even longer videos, up to 30 minutes.

Earlier this year, TikTok enabled uploading horizontal videos on the platform in a move to attract a broader audience of video creators, who are increasingly using YouTube.

If the new 60-minute video option is introduced, more creators will be enticed to use the platform for formats like in-depth tutorials or full video shows.

Last year, Peacock launched an episode called “Killing it” on TikTok, but due to limitations, it was divided into five parts.