X users react to nudes flooding community notes: “duct tape and chewing gum is holding this site together”

Community Notes, a feature on X that went mainstream just last year, seems to be losing its meaning after Elon Musk officially allowed porn on the platform.

The X community has used notes to add context and fact-checking under any given post, which has proven helpful in cases of disinformation, propaganda, or simply something taken out of context.

Lately, community notes seem to be less useful as they contain mostly NSFW (not safe for work) content.

Quite a few X users have noticed that community notes are now being spammed with adult content. The content is most likely being spread by bots, a problem plaguing X for years.

The porn spam problem is also not new. Users have long complained about either being followed by porn bot accounts or constantly commenting on their posts.

However, bots getting into community notes seem to coincide with the recent decision to allow consented sexual content on X.

At the beginning of June, Elon Musk allowed the distribution of content related to sexual themes, as consensually produced visuals or texts can be “a legitimate form of artistic expression.”

Some users expressed their frustration with bots overtaking community notes.

“Duct tape and chewing gum is holding this site together at this point,” one user said, echoing thoughts of the many that X has somewhat deteriorated under Musk’s influence.

Others have taken it quite lightheartedly.

“Coming soon: community notes written in invisible ink,” one user joked.

Many responded, saying there are bots in our walls now.