Best Truespeed broadband deals in 2024

High-speed internet is crucial for modern life. We rely on it for work, streaming, communication, and gaming. Truespeed offers a range of broadband packages at different speeds, contract lengths, and prices. Read on to discover the best Truespeed deals available in 2024.

List of Truespeed broadband deals


Is Truespeed broadband a good network?

Truespeed is a highly regarded broadband network, particularly in the South West of England. It offers guaranteed ultrafast speeds from 150 to 900 Mbps, ensuring reliable and fast internet access.

Truespeed stands out with its competitive pricing, offering free installation and no setup costs. Its premium Wi-Fi technology ensures excellent in-home coverage, and its locally-based customer service provides a personal touch. These unique features make the available Truespeed deals a compelling choice for broadband in the southwest of England.

Truespeed also features a fixed price promise, a 30-day happiness guarantee, and unlimited downloads, emphasising customer satisfaction and transparency. These features make Truespeed a solid choice for broadband in the southwest of England.

Why Choose Truespeed broadband?

Truespeed has impressive broadband speeds and competitive prices, plus a range of other attributes that set it apart from the competition:

  • Ultrafast Full-Fibre Broadband: Guaranteed symmetrical speeds ranging from 150 Mbps to 900 Mbps. Full-fibre connection directly to the premises (FTTP) for high reliability. Four main packages: Truespeed 150, 300, 600, and 900.
  • Flexible 12-Month Contracts: Shorter commitment than standard 18 and 24-month contracts. Freedom to adjust the broadband plan as needs evolve.
  • Competitive Pricing: Introductory prices start from £25 per month for 150 Mbps. Fixed Price Promise: The price remains the same for the duration of the contract.
  • Outstanding Customer Support: The local team is based in southwest England. Free servicing and repairs. 30-day Happiness Guarantee: full refund if not satisfied within the first month. High Trustpilot score of 4.4 based on almost 500 reviews.
  • Free Installation and Setup: Seamless and cost-effective transition from other providers. Check service availability by postcode on the Truespeed website.
  • Advanced Wi-Fi Technology: Wi-Fi 6 Technology for excellent in-home coverage and control. Optional Whole Home Wi-Fi upgrade using wireless mesh network to eliminate dead zones.
  • Transparent Pricing Structure: Clear distinction between introductory and standard prices. There are no hidden fees or unexpected price increases.
  • Focus on Regional Development: Building a new full-fibre network across Somerset and the South West and contributing to improved regional connectivity.

Things to consider when comparing Truespeed broadband deals

When evaluating best broadband deals, you should consider several important factors to ensure you select the best option for your needs. Here are the key considerations:

  • Data allowance. All Truespeed packages come with unlimited data allowance, so you won't have to worry about data caps or additional charges based on usage. This relaxed approach particularly benefits data-heavy households, such as streamers, gamers, or those with many simultaneously operating connected devices.
  • Contract length. Truespeed offers 12-month contracts for all its broadband packages. This shorter contract length provides flexibility and a lower commitment than other providers' typical 18- or 24-month contracts. This flexibility makes it easier to switch plans or providers if your needs change over time.
  • Speed. Truespeed provides a range of packages with guaranteed upload and download speeds, ensuring reliable performance you can count on.
  • Price. There are no setup costs, and all packages include free installation.
  • Roaming. Because Truespeed focuses on home broadband, it's important to note that roaming services for mobile devices are not part of their offerings. If you require mobile broadband or international roaming, consider seeking additional services from other providers.

What Packages can you get from Truespeed deals?

Here are the broadband packages you can get from Truespeed:

Truespeed 150

This package offers a guaranteed upload and download speed of 150 Mbps, making it suitable for light to moderate internet usage. It is ideal for households with 2-3 people who primarily browse the web and stream content. The introductory price is £25 per month for the first 12 months, then increases to £45 per month. It includes unlimited data and free installation.

Truespeed 300

With a guaranteed speed of 300 Mbps, this package is perfect for busy households and those working from home. It supports multiple devices with seamless performance. The introductory price is £29 per month for the first 12 months, rising to £55 per month after that. Like all Truespeed packages, it comes with unlimited data and free installation.

Truespeed 600

This package suits heavy internet users. It offers a guaranteed 600 Mbps speed, is ideal for gaming and HD streaming, and simultaneously supports numerous devices. The introductory price is £32 monthly for one year and then increases to £65 monthly. It includes unlimited data and free installation, ensuring no additional costs for setup.

Truespeed 900

The top-tier package provides a whopping 900 Mbps speed, perfect for small businesses, home offices, and bustling households that require robust and reliable internet connectivity. The introductory price is £39 per month for the first 12 months, increasing to £75 per month. It includes unlimited data and free installation, providing excellent value for those needing the highest performance.

Each Truespeed package is backed by a fixed price promise, ensuring no price increases during the contract period. Free repairs and service are also a part of each package.

Truespeed broadband installation

Truespeed offers a hassle-free installation process for all its broadband packages. Professional engineers will install a new full-fibre line directly into your home, ensuring a seamless setup process of about an hour. They will also ensure everything works perfectly before leaving, providing peace of mind.

The installation typically takes about an hour, and the engineers will ensure everything works perfectly before leaving.

Truespeed’s installation service is hassle-free, with all necessary equipment provided at no additional cost. If you encounter any issues post-installation, a local customer service team can assist and provide free servicing and repairs.

What is Truespeed broadband installation time?

Truespeed broadband installation takes about 60 minutes. Professional engineers will set up a dedicated full-fibre line in your home, ensuring a quick and efficient process to connect you to ultrafast broadband with minimal disruption to your day.

Can you get Truespeed broadband in your area?

Truespeed is expanding its ultrafast full-fibre network across the Southwest of England, reaching around 50,000 properties. Use our postcode checker to determine if Truespeed is available in your area.

If your home is already connected or the network is available nearby, Truespeed can quickly set you up with service.

Truespeed provides a seamless installation process, ensuring you get connected with minimal hassle.

Check your new postcode to see if you can enjoy Truespeed’s reliable and fast broadband service, which caters to busy households and businesses alike.

Truespeed broadband customer service

Truespeed offers outstanding customer service. Key features include:

  • Local support team: Based in the Southwest of England, providing personalised and prompt assistance.
  • Multiple contact options: Reach out via phone at 01225 300 370, email at [email protected], or through their website.
  • Efficient issue resolution: Support staff resolve most issues on the first call.
  • Free servicing and repairs: No extra charges for equipment fixes, ensuring minimal disruption.
  • Customer satisfaction: Truespeed reviews are broadly favourable, with an average TrustPilot score of 4.4 based on almost 500 reviews.

In a February 2023 poll, Truespeed didn't get enough votes to rate its service officially, and its small size means it doesn’t appear in Ofcom reports.

However, customer feedback highlights its commitment to reliable and responsive service.

Other broadband providers

If you cannot get Truespeed broadband, other options are available. Consider these providers:

These providers offer a range of broadband packages to suit your needs. Use our postcode checker to see which services are available in your area.