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AVG coupon codes 2023

AVG antivirus is a smart choice for securing your online privacy. Its services include helpful features like malware prevention, ransomware detection, and webcam protection. Keeping in mind its excellent performance in malware detection tests, you can be sure that you will be protected. So, read the article below, learn more about AVG antivirus, and find the best current deals for its services!

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Reasons to choose AVG antivirus

If you come to choose AVG Ultimate, then all its benefits are going to be open for you. They offer a complete package for detecting and fighting cyber dangers.

Rank:#14 out of #25
Price:from $31.20/month for 10 devices
Best deal:Get up to 60% OFF AVG!

Let’s have a look at what you would receive:

  • Malware protection. AVG antivirus has implemented several layers of protection that need to be passed for malware to get into your device. Just within the top layer, suspicious intruders are getting blocked. If that doesn’t help, further layers finish the job by scanning the program and deleting it from your device.
  • Ransomware detection. AVG Internet Security offers strong firewalls to defend your device from ransomware. It protects your files from getting encrypted by hackers in exchange for payment.
  • Real-time protection. At this point, AVG antivirus is definitely strong and trustworthy. It offers the finest real-time protection by using industry-admitted Al. With it, machine learning learns and recognizes patterns of threats, so they get quickly stopped.
  • Sensitive data shield. This feature is meant to protect your highly sensitive files from unknown or limited access programs. It also performs an automatic scan that informs you about the most sensitive files. Afterward, you can limit the access for the applications to those items.

For more information, check our AVG antivirus review.

How to apply AVG antivirus coupon code?

Promo codes for AVG antivirus apply automatically. Therefore, you would need to complete only a few steps to get a discounted subscription. Get ready and follow the guideline below:

1. Choose your preferred coupon code and click Visit AVG AntiVirus.

2. You will get redirected to the official website. There, click Buy now

AVG antivirus free download or buy options

3. Provide your payment details and hit the Continue button

AVG checkout

4. Confirm your purchase. The coupon code will be already applied to your cart

We would also like to mention that AVG antivirus cares about your savings. Thus, you can have a free trial on their paid services. Free trials term depend on different devices and OS versions:

  • Mac: 60 days
  • PC: 30 days
  • Android: 14 days
  • iOS: 14 days

DISCLAIMER: Prices displayed herein are approximate example only. Please check exact prices, other terms and conditions on the website of the provider before making a purchase.

What if the promo code is not working?

If you receive a notification that the promo code is invalid, you shouldn’t get upset. Yes, it’s inconvenient, however, it can be fixed. These are the checkpoints for understanding the issue of invalid coupon codes:

  • The code has expired. All coupon codes have an expiration date and that’s the detail you should always pay attention to. Yet, you can always find regularly updated deals on our website and avoid this issue.
  • You have mistyped the code. Some providers ask to type in the coupon code manually, so it’s possible to make a spelling mistake. Here you should only double-check the text or retype it.
  • Unknown error. Some issues can’t be fixed by us or you, thus you would need to contact the AVG support team. You can get in touch with them via email or a phone call.