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AVG Antivirus Black Friday 2023 deals

If you’re planning on getting an antivirus, now is the best time. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most services offer mind-blowing discounts. Luckily, AVG is no exception. Apart from protecting your privacy, the provider gives loads of nifty security features.

So, below you’ll find heaps of helpful information on the highly-anticipated AVG Antivirus deal. Get yourself an anti-malware app and eradicate any cyber threats!

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AVG Antivirus Black Friday & Cyber Monday offers

AVG will be your trusty sidekick while venturing through the world wide web. It will easily fend off malware, ransomware, trackers, and pesky spyware. And now you can get it way cheaper, thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Thus, pick a plan that fits your needs the best and enjoy the safety that AVG Antivirus provides.

What is AVG Antivirus?

AVG Antivirus is an excellent tool to boost your safety and privacy online. In addition, it even has a limited free plan that's a great way to test the service out. In terms of features, AVG's paid plans provide you with real-time protection, an enhanced firewall, malware defense, and many other essential features. You can read more about them in our AVG Antivirus review.

Why should I buy AVG Antivirus on Black Friday?

Black Friday deal:Save 60%
Price:From $31.20/year
Best deal:Get up to 60% OFF AVG!

Yes, Black Friday discounts are excellent opportunities to get reliable anti-malware software. Why? Well, that’s because the AVG Antivirus Black Friday deal offers the best discounts of the year, letting you scoop a subscription for way less than usual.

So, instead of using the no-pay plan, here’s why you should buy a premium of AVG Antivirus on Black Friday:

  • Amplify your online safety. While the free version is great, AVG Antivirus premium offers more sophisticated and useful features. Without a doubt, it will protect you against malware and viruses. Additionally, AVG will boost your security with additional features, such as a secure browser, anti-theft phone tracker, Sensitive Data Shield, webcam protection, and AVG AntiTrack.
  • Get a better price. Throughout the year, you might find some AVG Antivirus discounts. However, they won’t be as big as Black Friday deals. Hence, you can get an excellent security tool without sacrificing your life savings.
  • Secure your mobile. Phones are basically glued to our hands now, and they hold stacks of information about us. Thus, you’ll need AVG Antivirus to safeguard your precious data against snoopers and swindlers. Not to mention you could use a VPN as well for extra safety.

Are AVG Antivirus Black Friday deals better than Cyber Monday deals?

The majority of people are more familiar with Black Friday deals. But what about Cyber Mondays? Well, this day is designed specifically for online shopping. So, you can get various digital services like VPNs, antivirus software, password managers, and other tools for way cheaper.

So, if you missed out on the AVG Antivirus Black Friday deal, don’t worry. We expect a very similar deal – you should be able to get the same 60% discount on a 1-year premium subscription. So, unleash your inner bargain hunter and get surprisingly low prices!

What will you get with an AVG Antivirus subscription?

Whether you buy AVG Antivirus with a Black Friday discount or not, you’ll get the same sublime features. The only thing that differs is, of course, the price.

So, if you have no clue what AVG Antivirus offers, here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Real-time protection. A split-second delay in function could allow a virus or malware to breach a firewall. But thanks to industry-leading AI, AVG Antivirus offers excellent real-time functionality. So, this software will effectively protect your computer or mobile.
  2. Enhanced Firewall. Both free and paid versions of AVG Antivirus offer a firewall. However, the premium plan provides more functionality. For instance, with a paid subscription, you’ll get leak protection and port scan alerts.
  3. Malware protection. AVG Antivirus blocks suspicious programs by creating several layers of protection. Plus, even if something does get through, the software performs a thorough scan and eliminates the threat.
  4. Webcam Protection. Do you feel like someone is watching you through the lens? Then, AVG’s Webcam protection is what you need. It acts as a strict software block for your cam. With this tool, you’ll get much better control of what applications can access your webcam.
  5. Sensitive Data Shield. This feature is only available for paid users only. It protects your most important files by controlling which applications have access to them. So, hackers will have a tough time accessing your sensitive data.
  6. AVG AntiTrack. You can use this application to cover up your digital footprint from trackers and other third parties. AntiTrack automatically clears cookies and browsing data from your web browsers. Plus, it injects fake information about you, confusing nosy snoopers.

Bottom line

You might be in danger if you go on your internet adventures alone. Therefore, let AVG protect you against various cyberthreats. And grab it quickly because you can get AVG Antivirus a lot cheaper with a special Black Friday coupon.

So, don’t be on the fence and claim your AVG 60% discount code now!


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