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Norton Black Friday 2023 deals

Norton Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are the perfect time to purchase one of the best antivirus software on the market. Norton has provided stellar deals to save you money on a premium security service.

Read to find the best Norton deals for this year, so you can get yourself this premium antivirus suite for an extremely low price. So, say goodbye to viruses – you’re finally getting Norton!

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Norton Black Friday & Cyber Monday offers

Protecting your device from viruses, spyware, and ransomware has never been cheaper than with this year’s Norton Black Friday deals. And if miss these discounts, you can try again with the Cyber Monday sales.

Not only will you be securing your device with the premium Norton antivirus, but you will also save a ton of money. So, check out our best deals and secure your device and your data from malware threats.

Why should I buy Norton on Black Friday?

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Purchasing a Norton subscription on Black Friday or Cyber Monday will get you a premium security tool for much cheaper than usual. Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose this particular antivirus software over the others:

  1. All-in-one premium protection for cheap. Protecting your device from malware and securing your data online with one premium antivirus tool is a great deal. Even better, when you can get a premium Norton subscription with a huge Black Friday discount.
  2. Splendid protection from malware. Norton makes sure that your device is secure against known and zero-day malware threats. Between a variety of virus scan options and real-time protection, you can be secured from all online threats. Now, this safety comes with a huge Black Friday discount.
  3. Insane amount of features. Aside from device scans and real-time protection, Norton Antivirus also features like a smart firewall, dark web monitoring, webcam protection feature, and others. There’s even parental controls, so you can manage and secure your children’s activity from online dangers.
  4. More than just antivirus software. If you still don’t have a VPN or a password manager, you’re in luck. That’s because you can use our Norton Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to buy a Norton 360 plan that offers both of these services.
  5. Excellent mobile apps. Norton is a great antivirus for your smartphones and computers. All app versions are well-developed, secure, easy to navigate, and feature-rich.

What will you get with a Norton Antivirus subscription?

Norton is an all-rounded antivirus software, and buying it with a huge Black Friday or Cyber Monday discount is the best investment you can make. You’ll get to secure your devices with premium security software and save a ton of money.

So, here’s what’s waiting for you with Norton:

  • Real-time protection. This feature is one of the most important ones. It makes sure your PC or phone doesn’t get infected while you’re browsing the web. As well, prevents you from visiting malicious sites.
  • Variety of virus scans. Scanning your device should be the very first thing you do after installing your new antivirus tool. Norton lets you choose between a quick, full, and custom scan for your convenience. The scan results are especially accurate and identify all possible threats to your system.
  • Parental Controls. If you have a family, this feature is a must. Norton’s Parental Controls prevents your kid from visiting unsuitable websites, allows you to set certain times when the internet can be accessed, and lets you enable different sets of rules depending on your child’s age.
  • Dark Web Monitoring. This feature will let you know whether any of your personal credentials (email, passwords, banking details) have been leaked on the Dark Web. In case of a data breach, there’s also identity theft insurance and reimbursement support.
  • Cloud backup. Cloud backup can be extremely useful in the case of a ransomware attack. Because ransomware locks you out of your device, you lose all access to your files. Luckily, Norton’s 10GB of Cloud backup will save you the time and trouble of getting the important files back.
  • Secure VPN and password manager. If you get the Norton 360 package, you’ll also receive a VPN, which includes an ad blocker, wifi security feature, split tunneling, and a reliable kill switch. In addition, there’s a password manager to secure your login details. All great features, to get with huge Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts.

For more features, read our Norton antivirus review.

What about Norton’s Cyber Monday deals?

Most people are familiar with Black Friday and the huge sales they can expect. However, Cyber Monday is concentrated only on cybersecurity software deals (VPNs, antivirus software, password managers, website builders) for much cheaper than usual.

Cyber Monday takes place a couple of days after Black Friday. This is a great opportunity to get discounts for Norton and other security products – simply check our page and get the deal you desire.

Bottom line

If you're looking for a good antivirus tool, snag the Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount and save 66% OFF Norton Antivirus Plus 1-year plan! You get to enjoy premium security for your device from all malicious threats and save a lot of money.

Norton is one of the best antivirus software right now. Norton not only offers flawless protection for your device, but it also has lots of extra features like Parental Controls, a password manager, a data breach checker, and even a VPN.


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