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TotalAV Black Friday 2023 deals

Getting premium antivirus software to protect your device is great, but getting that antivirus with a huge discount is even better. That’s why we got you covered with TotalAV Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts!

If you snag our best deals, not only will you be getting yourself one of the best antivirus software on the market but also save some money. So, pick the best deal for yourself and protect your devices from any malware threats.

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TotalAV Black Friday & Cyber Monday offers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are the perfect time to invest in a reliable antivirus tool with a huge discount. A good antivirus will protect you from known and new malware from attacking your devices, optimize your computer, and secure your data from hackers, trackers, and other cyber threats.

TotalAV offers several different plans. You get plenty of choices to pick the one that fits your needs the best. However, with each plan, you’re ensured to get 100% protection from any malicious threats!

What is TotalAV?

TotalAV is one of the best antivirus software on the market right now. This security tool efficiently protects your device from a variety of malware threats, secures your data online with a VPN, offers a password manager to protect your personal information, and optimizes your systems to work smoother.

Independent testing labs also constantly mark TotalAV with the highest marks. Our in-house testing also confirms TotalAV’s ability to block all known and zero-day malware threats.

Why should I buy TotalAV on Black Friday?

Black Friday deal:save 84%
Price:from $19.00
Best deal:Get TotalAV, now 84% OFF!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays are the perfect time to purchase TotalAV with a huge discount. This is the best opportunity to get this amazing antivirus for the best price of the year.

Here’s why you should purchase the premium TotalAV subscription:

  1. Cheap price for premium protection. Getting great antivirus software is an amazing feat, but also purchasing it with a huge discount makes it even better. You get to save a lot of money and protect all of your devices from malware threats with the TotalAV Black Friday discounts.
  2. Great protection from malware threats. TotalAV has plenty of features to prevent malware from attacking your systems, from real-time protection to an ad blocker feature to combat malicious ads. This antivirus ensures protection from both known and zero-day malware threats.
  3. Plenty of premium features. TotalAV features are not only concentrated on your device protection but also your online security. There’s a built-in VPN tool, a password manager, and identity theft protection features amongst others. All of these can be of great assistance with protecting yourself while looking for the best Black Friday deals online.
  4. Intuitive and modern apps. This antivirus is a great option for you no matter what OS or device you use – the apps are well-developed, easy to use, and attractive to the users. Especially, when it comes to mobile apps, neither version is the obvious lesser one.

Are TotalAV Black Friday deals better than Cyber Monday deals?

Black Friday is better known for its massive discount opportunities when compared to Cyber Monday. However, they are pretty similar when it comes to the deals they offers. One major difference is that while Black Friday is more universal, Cyber Monday is concentrated on cybersecurity products and other electronics, as the name might suggest.

Yet, when comparing the deals provided on these holidays, they don’t differ that much – in essence, Cyber Monday follows Black Friday, so you simply get a long weekend to save some money and catch the best deals of the year.

What will you get with a TotalAV antivirus subscription?

TotalAV’s paid subscription is the best investment you can make this Black Friday holiday. Not only will this premium antivirus provide reliable security for your device, but the paid plans include a lot of additional extra features.

Here’s what you will get:

  • Outstanding protection from malware. TotalAV provides real-time protection from malware, as well as different virus scanning options to ensure your device’s protection. In addition, this antivirus uses cloud scanning methods and a cloud database, so you’re protected from both known and zero-day malware threats.
  • Security from ransomware attacks. Not only will you get the WebShield feature that protects you from clicking on malicious sites, but will also block low-trust websites and crypto-mining URLs. In addition, there’s an ad block extension to prevent malicious ads from targeting you.
  • VPN and password manager. This antivirus comes with a built-in VPN tool to encrypt your data online and offers + servers in countries to access global content. And the password manager tool will help organize your passwords and generate stronger ones to secure your accounts.
  • Identity theft protection. Identity theft crimes are on the rise, and TotalAV has a security feature dedicated for this. This antivirus will monitor your data online, so it’s not sold on some third-party website, will alert you of any breaches, and provide full support for restoring stolen information.
  • Device optimization tools. This TotalAV feature helps with optimizing your device and removing junk and duplicate files. So, by clearing out your system you can better your device performance. Additionally, there’s also a browser cleanup tool.

For more information head over to our TotalAV antivirus review.

Bottom line

TotalAV is the universal and one of the best antivirus tool to cover all your weak spots when it comes to cyber threats. This antivirus protects from malware, secures your data online, offers a password manager, and many other useful tools. Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts come just at the right time to purchase this tool.

So, if you haven’t snagged yourself an antivirus tool yet, select TotalAV to protect your device from all types of malicious attacks. And save some money by using our discount to get TotalAV with 84% off for 3 devices!


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