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Bluehost pricing review 2024

Are you considering Bluehost as your website host provider? This time-tested web hosting brand continuously ranks among the best hosting services. However, the numerous Bluehost pricing plans can make your head spin, and you don't want to overpay for unnecessary features.

Bluehost plans range from affordable to above-market-average, so it's best to choose carefully. Although which Bluehost plan is best for you depends on the type of hosting you require, when it comes to shared hosting, the best value for money comes with the Choice Plus plan that starts from just $5.45/month.

Bluehost best value plan
Bluehost Choice Plus is the recommended hosting plan for new and growing businesses, personal blogs, and low-traffic websites. Get 40GB of SSD storage and host up to 3 websites for just a couple of $/month.
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4.5 /5

In this article, we analyze all Bluehost plans and their pricing, renewal policies, billing period differences, refunds, and money-back guarantees. We'll also look at any hidden fees and additional services that could increase its subscription cost. You will have no trouble picking the right plan by the end of this Bluehost pricing review.

Bluehost plans and pricing: key takeaways

Affordable hosting plans are paramount for bloggers or growing businesses but are just as important for established brands to minimize expenses. Let’s get started with a review of the cheapest Bluehost hosting plans.

Bluehost planCheapest 12-month planCheapest 36-month plan
Shared hosting (Basic plan)$2.75/month$2.99/month
WordPress hosting (Basic plan)$2.95/month$4.95/month
WooCommerce hosting (Online Store)$9.95/month$12.95/month
VPS hosting (Standard plan)$31.99/month$41.99month
Dedicated hosting (Standard plan)$199.99/month$89.98/month

Bluehost plans pricing explained

Bluehost's pricing plans are somewhat of a puzzle to solve. At first glance, it may seem that the 3-year plan monthly subscription is pricier than the 12-month one. However, Bluehost applies lower renewal rates on longer plans.

For example, if you choose a 12-month Basic shared hosting plan and then renew it for two years, you will spend more over three years than if you were to choose the 36-month plan right from the get-go.

Let’s take a closer look at each Bluehost pricing plan:

Bluehost shared hosting

Bluehost's shared hosting plans come at affordable prices to help get your website off the ground quickly. It has four tiers, each optimized for different needs.

PlanPricingHosted websitesSSD storageSecurity
Basic From $2.75/month1 website10GB
Choice Plus From $5.45/month3 websites40GBFree SSL, daily website backup, domain privacy, malware scanning
Online StoreFrom $9.95/month3 websites40GBFree SSL, daily website backup, domain privacy, malware scanning
ProFrom $8.99/month5 websites100GBFree SSL, daily website backup, domain privacy, malware scanning

By subscribing to the Basic plan, you can run one website at a very low price. This plan offers 10GB SSD storage, enables free CDN, and provides a free domain and free SSL certificate for 1 year. You can also add extra paid features like a professional email and CodeGuard Basic.

Bluehost’s Plus and Choice Plus plans are very similar. However, with Plus, you only get 20GB SSD storage and can host 2 websites. On the other hand, Choice Plus allows hosting 3 websites and increases the SSD storage to 40GB. It also includes daily website backups and domain privacy for free for the first year.

The Online Store option lets you host 3 websites on 40GB SSD storage space but adds features optimized for e-commerce, including store themes, store analytics, secure online payments, bookings and appointments, product search and wishlist, gift cards, shipping labels, and customer account creation. However, note that the online store is hosted on a shared server with limited traffic capabilities that are optimal for small-to-medium e-shops.

Bluehost Pro plan allows managing 5 websites and offers 100GB SSD storage, which is optimized for high-traffic online stores. Otherwise, it doesn't add any additional features, so choose this option only if you have several businesses that require online representation.

Bluehost dedicated hosting

Bluehost dedicated hosting is the most advanced and, therefore, most expensive plan. It offers several customization options if you know your way around web hosting, but first, let's take a look at the available tiers.

PlanPricingRAMSSD storageDedicated IP addresses
StandardFrom $89.98/month8GB1TB3
EnhancedFrom $119.88/month16GB2TB4
PremiumFrom $139.99/month30GB2TB5

The main differences between these three plans relate to technical server details. First, they all run on a powerful Intel Xeon-D CPU and Linux OS, offer unmetered bandwidth, and have a cPanel with root access. Obviously, all plans guarantee a dedicated server for the client.

The Standard plan offers a 4-core server with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD storage. The Enhanced plan increases to 8 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, and 2TB HDD storage. If you need more RAM, go for the Premium plan that offers 30GB of RAM.

When choosing the right plan, you need to pay attention to how traffic and resource-intense your website is. While even the Basic plan is sufficient to run a fully-developed website with an excellent Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), the Premium plan guarantees steady performance during high-traffic periods, like holiday sales.

Bluehost dedicated hosting lets you completely control the server, from the operating system to open-source Apache. Server storage uses RAID Level 1 for data security, and you can get assistance from technical support specifically trained for dedicated hosting issues.

Lastly, you can always request faster and more powerful servers to scale your website efficiently. Bluehost ensures fast provisioning that will connect your server to the network within 24-72 hours. The only setback we noticed is that Bluehost does not allow using more than 25% of system resources for longer than 90 seconds, sending an email to reduce it.

Bluehost VPS hosting

Bluehost VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is there when shared hosting is insufficient, but you don't yet require an entire dedicated server. With VPS hosting, you get a part of server resources nobody else can use, but the entire server is still shared between multiple users, reducing Bluehost website hosting costs.

PlanPricingRAMSSD storageIP addresses
StandardFrom $31.99/month2GB120GB1
EnhancedFrom $41.99/month4GB165GB2
PremiumFrom $71.99/month8GB24GB2

VPS hosting pricing tiers differ depending on the available server resources. All plans include unmetered bandwidth with the limitation of not exceeding 25% of system resources for longer than 90 seconds. All VPS hosting plans also allow creating unlimited file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts with Root Access protected by passwords and include a cPanel license fee.

The Standard plan offers 2GB of RAM, a 2-core CPU, and 120GB SSD storage space. The Enhanced plan increases RAM to 4GB and the storage space to 165GB SSD. The Ultimate plan offers 8GB RAM, a 4-core CPU, and 240GB SSD.

Bluehost recommends the Enhanced plan as its best-value VPS hosting option, and we agree. The Ultimate plan is quite pricey – $142.99/month for a 3-year plan. However, compared to the Standard plan ($79.99/month), it offers four times more RAM and a 4-core CPU.

Bluehost VPS hosting allows you to host unlimited domains and websites, but you will be charged extra, which we discuss in the domain registration price section. You'll get necessities like a simplistic dashboard to streamline multiple website management and around-the-clock customer support if you run into any difficulties.

Bluehost WordPress hosting

Bluehost's WordPress pricing is affordable and perfectly applicable for growing businesses or personal blogs and hobbies. In fact, it's among the best WordPress hosting providers on the market, with nearly two decades of experience on the platform. Here are the Bluehost pricing tiers for WordPress hosting.

PlanPricingHosted websitesSSD storageIP addresses
BasicFrom $2.95/month110GBFree CDN, free domain for 1st year, free professional email for 1st year
Choice PlusFrom $5.49/month340GBDaily website backups, domain privacy, malware scanning
Online StoreFrom $9.95/month340GBSecure online payments, bookings & appointments, shipping labels, product search & filtering, gift cards, wishlist, customer account creation
ProFrom $13.95/month5100GBDaily website backups, domain privacy, malware scanning

You might have noticed that the WordPress pricing tiers are identical to Bluehost shared hosting tiers. That's because Bluehost uses shared servers for WordPress websites that generally don't require the entire server to run smoothly. Furthermore, WordPress is a preferred choice of many new bloggers, startups, and small businesses that prioritize low costs above tech-savvy server management.

When choosing the right WordPress hosting tier, consider how many sites you want to run, how much SSD storage space you need, and whether or not you plan to run online stores. Bluehost automatically installs the latest WordPress version with its security benefits and has a good onboarding plan to get the website up and running as soon as possible.

The accelerated onboarding is supplemented by a library of top-notch designs and templates, numerous themes, and additional tools for website customization. This WordPress hosting provider uses the leading Cloudflare CDN to reduce the website loading time and protect it from DDoS attacks. The servers also cache data, increasing overall website performance on repeated visits.

During the Bluehost's WordPress domain creation, you are asked to choose the type of site, title, description, and other important information.

Bluehost also lets you migrate one WordPress website for free under these conditions:

  • You must set up a new Bluehost shared hosting account
  • You must migrate within the first 30 days of account creation
  • The website's file size must not exceed 2GB
  • The website’s database size must not exceed 40MB
  • The website must run on no older than 4.7 WordPress version and at least 7.0 PHP version
  • The website must not contain malware

Overall, Bluehost is a fantastic choice for shared WordPress hosting that offers numerous benefits at an affordable price.

Bluehost WooCommerce hosting

Lastly, we have the WooCommerce Bluehost hosting plan. This open-source e-commerce WordPress plugin is particularly popular due to its simplicity and customization options. Bluehost offers two WooCommerce hosting plans.

PlanPricingSSD storageSupportUnique features
Online storeFrom $9.95/month40GB24/7 chat support-
Online Store + MarketplaceFrom $12.95/month100GB24/7 chat supportMulti-channel inventory

Let's start with the features that both plans offer: online store analytics, free business email for three months ($2.49/month afterward), free SSL, and a free domain for the first year. The cheaper plan offers 40GB SSD storage, going up to 100GB on the second tier.

Both plans support WooCommerce Plugins by YITH to set up bookings and appointments, wishlists, and gift cards, and use the Wonder theme. Additional e-commerce features include automated WordPress updates, unlimited products, jetpack daily backups, and secure online payments.

But larger SSD storage is not the only difference between the two. The + Marketplace tier supports multi-channel inventory, which is necessary for businesses that utilize different platforms. It allows managing and tracking inventory between separate channels and sources and lets customers interact with the brand on different mediums. Hence, the Marketplace tag.

Bluehost provides account customization options and special promotions in checkout to boost product exposure and sales. You can sync your website with Google Calendar, manage Airbnb stays, and issue customers gift cards to boost retention. Overall, Bluehost's WooCommerce hosting plans provide a variety of valuable features applicable to most online businesses.

Which hosting plan should you choose?

We hope our exhaustive rundown of Bluehost pricing plans gives you a better understanding of their services. To make it simpler, we have summarized our findings in the table below.

Hosting typeBest forPrice
Shared hostingNew websites, growing small businesses, personal blogs, low-traffic websites with cheap hosting pricesFrom $2.75/month
Dedicated hostingEstablished brands and big online stores, high-traffic websites, advanced hosting users looking for customization, control, and security featuresFrom $89.98month
VPS hostingWebsites with small-to-medium traffic, scalable personal blogs, users looking for a mix of performance and affordabilityFrom $31.99/month
WordPress hostingNew WordPress websites, small WordPress personal blogs, users who are just getting started with WordPress hostingFrom $2.95/month
WooCommerce hostingE-commerce stores, growing and established brands, optimized for WooCommerce and WordPress beginners and professionalsFrom $9.95/month

Does Bluehost have any discounts?

Yes, you can get Bluehost cheaper during the first year. Additionally, the Bluehost renewal discount also kicks in if you subscribe to a longer 3-year plan. Let's take a look at a few examples.

Bluehost’s Basic shared hosting plan normally costs $11.99/month. But you can get a significant discount on the final price if you choose its 12-month option, which reduces the monthly subscription to only $2.75/month. You can get an even bigger discount for a Choice Plus plan that lowers the cost from $21.99/month to $4.95/month during the second and third years.

The discount strategy is the same if you opt for the Premium dedicated hosting plan. It offers the first 12 months for $159.98/month instead of the normal $299.99/month rate and applies an even bigger discount to a 3-year plan, lowering its cost to $139.99/month.

Compare Bluehost prices with other hosts

Although Bluehost is a time-tested, feature-rich service, it competes in a dynamic digital web hosting marketplace. Here's how Bluehost pricing plans compare to other noteworthy web hosting service providers.

Shared hostingWordPress hostingVPS hostingDedicated hostingCoupon code
BluehostFrom $2.75/monthFrom $2.95/monthFrom $31.99/monthFrom $89.98/monthGet Bluehost up to 77% OFF
HostingerFrom $2.69/monthFrom $2.69/monthFrom $4.04/month-Get Hostinger up to 78% OFF
DreamHostFrom $2.59/monthFrom $2.59/monthFrom $10.00/monthFrom $149.00/moGet DreamHost up to 79% OFF
HostGatorFrom $3.75/monthFrom $4.50/monthFrom $36.99/monthFrom $89.98/monthGet HostGator up to 62% OFF

Bluehost renewal pricing

As mentioned above, you will get different upfront subscription prices for first-time users during the first 12 months. But Bluehost renewal price also changes if you choose a 36-month plan. It gets tricky to notice all the tiny nuances on their website, so we'd like to draw your attention to a few specifics.

You will get the most significant discount by choosing the Online store +Marketplace 12-month plan to lower its cost from $39.95/month to $12.95/month.

The best price-value plan is Choice Plus for both shared hosting and WordPress hosting customers – it will cost you $5.45/month for the first 36 months. Afterward, the plan will renew at $21.99/month.

We do not recommend Bluehost’s most expensive Ultimate VPS hosting plan without its limited first-time user discount. Instead, you should consider the Standard dedicated hosting plan, which is much cheaper with the said discount and slightly more expensive without it. The dedicated server benefits will likely outweigh the expenses after running a successful website for three years.

Bluehost pricing: what to know before you commit

As expected from one of the best web hosting service providers, Bluehost offers many additional features and benefits. Naturally, most cost extra; however, Bluehost does not always state that upfront. Let’s discuss several features you may not strictly need if you want to save money.

Does Bluehost hosting have any hidden fees?

The first thing to notice is at the checkout. Do not hastily rush through this page because Bluehost automatically ticks a few additional features that add up to your subscription plan.

First, it automatically enables the SiteLock Essentials, which costs $2.99/month. Bluehost SiteLock security protects your website from malicious attacks and spam, like DDoS attacks. This is useful for medium-to-large websites that may draw unfair competition, but a growing personal blog will hardly ever become a target, rendering the $35.99/year cost futile.

Second, you'll notice a Professional email free trial on the landing page. Bluehost business email is available for free, but only for 3 months. Afterward, it will renew for $2.49/month. This feature is also automatically selected at the checkout and is hardly valuable for personal blogs or hobby websites.

Lastly, the cheapest Basic shared hosting offers a free SSL only during the first year. Most web hosting service providers offer unlimited free SSL certificates, which Bluehost applies to more expensive shared hosting plans. But if you subscribe to the Basic plan, search engines will mark your website as insecure from the second year, lowering its ranking and traffic.

Domain registration prices

You can get a free domain at Bluehost, but again, only during the first year. Remember that Bluehost renewals are automatic, and you will receive a more extensive bill after the free trial period ends. Furthermore, Bluehost charges for the entire one or three years upfront, which might add up to a lot.

Bluehost applies the same discount strategy to its domains that cost less during the first year but renew at a higher price. We added the most popular Bluehost domain prices in the table below.

Top-level domainFirst-year priceRenewal


Bluehost offers a free SSL certificate on all plans, but some of the most affordable ones limit it only to the first year. This is a deal-breaker for most websites, as web browsers will alert the user the site is not secure, and search engines will rank it lower, resulting in much lower traffic.

Bluehost also uses the Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate, which is the most basic and unsuitable for websites that require robust cybersecurity benefits. A more secure Bluehost SSL price is $3.33/month, billed annually at $39.96/month. To get it, mark the Single Domain SSL box at the checkout.

Bluehost web mail

You can get a Bluehost business email for an additional, yet very affordable, price. Furthermore, most plans include a free Bluehost business email limited to the first three months that renews at a regular price. Here are two Bluehost email plans.

The Professional Email plan offers 25GB storage, 25 email aliases, email forwarding, spam filter and antivirus, email signing, and more. It costs $14.99 for the first year and renews at $24.99/year per account.

The Professional Email Plus plan increases the storage to 80GB, adds 50 email aliases and adds a one-click email and file encryption for genuinely private correspondence. However, it's nearly twice as expensive and costs $24.99 during the first year; it renews at $44.99/year per account.

Yoast Premium SEO

Yoast Premium SEO is a Bluehost SEO tool that we recommend for advanced web hosting users. This tool analyzes a website's content for readability, suggests places to add keywords and key phrases, and displays outbound and inbound links. The tool is suited for individual or business use, but it requires decent SEO knowledge to navigate. You can get Yoast Premium SEO for $1.99/month or $23.88 annually.

Payment methods

Bluehost accepts only three payment types: credit card, PayPal, and renewals can be paid by checks. Furthermore, Bluehost only accepts instant payments, meaning your PayPal account must be directly linked to a credit card or a bank account. Bluehost allows switching between the three at your convenience if you decide to use a different payment method.

Refund policy

Bluehost refund policy is available only within the first 30 days for new signups. Furthermore, the renewals are only refundable within the 15-day prebill window, giving you an even shorter time to apply for it.

We must also warn you that Bluehost will not refund a domain registration fee, even if you apply within the allowed period. Because Bluehost creates the domain upon your request, even if you refund your chosen plan within 30 days, Bluehost will deduct a non-refundable domain fee of $15.99 from the refund and transfer the domain to you.

Final thoughts

To summarize, Bluehost is among the best web hosting service providers and well worth the money. However, you must be wise when picking from numerous pricing plans, time-limited discounts, and additional features. Bluehost does not always state the exact renewal price upfront, which can significantly increase after the first or third year, depending on your chosen billing period.

Otherwise, Bluehost offers spectacular and affordable shared and WordPress hosting plans. You can get amazing exclusive discounts during the first 12 months, but Bluehost's pricing truly outshines most competitors when it comes to three-year subscriptions. In other words, it's best to choose Bluehost if you're willing to stick with it.

Although we'd like to see improvements regarding the free SSL and pricing display on Bluehost's website, this does not affect the quality of its services and overall high standards. For a more in-depth view of features and benefits, visit our full Bluehost review.


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