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Muse S Review for 2024

According to the National Sleep Foundation, around 35% of adults in the US report sleeping for less than seven hours per night on average, and a recent Gallup poll found that as many as 57% suffer from a regular lack of sleep. It’s no surprise that people turn to meditation to help with sleep problems, with meditation aids beginning to populate the market and a Mordor Intelligence prediction that the “brain training” device industry will grow to $2 billion by 2029.

Muse S is a personal meditation device with four built-in electroencephalogram (EEG) channels. It tracks your brain activity, heart rate, breathing rate, and movement to provide a personalized meditation experience. The device aims to help reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

The question is: Does Muse S truly improve sleep quality? This review examines its benefits, design, and affordability to determine whether the science supports its claims.

How I evaluated the Muse S device

The Muse S device is an EEG headband that monitors biometrics like brain activity and heart rate and uses this data to provide relaxing, real-time audio feedback. Many users recommend Muse S for guided meditation, which may contribute to improved sleep and well-being.

For this review, I appraised Muse S based on the factors below:

DesignComfort and durability
Ease of useQuality of user experience when using and setting up the device
Battery lifeHow long the device lasts
PricePricing plans
  • Design. I reviewed customer feedback to see if Muse S is comfortable to wear, even when sleeping.
  • Ease of use. I looked into user reviews to see how easy the Muse S device and app are to set up and use.
  • Battery life. I evaluated the Muse S battery life based on user feedback.
  • Value for money. I compared Muse S to similar devices on the brain training market.

Pros and cons of Muse S

How does Muse S headband work?

Muse S is a fabric headband with seven built-in sensors to track brain activity and heart rate, plus an accelerometer and gyroscope to measure body movement and breathing rhythm. The device then uses audio feedback to guide you into relaxation or focus.

For example, if the device senses that you are distracted, it will automatically play rain or wind sounds to remind you to focus on breathing. The Muse S app grants access to over 500 guided meditations (with a premium subscription). These meditations each serve a specific purpose: sleep, focus, stress reduction, emotional control, and more.

Muse S

Using Muse S requires a connection to the Muse mobile app. The device sensors also need to be calibrated before each session, and it’s important to ensure good signal quality before starting a session with Muse S. Can also partner the Muse S with an external pair of headphones, either wired or wireless.

What are the benefits of using Muse S

How exactly can Muse S improve your daily life? The company claims that using Muse S will help enhance your sleep health, focus, and relaxation.

Below, I look at the various benefits of Muse S.


The results of using Muse S will vary from person to person. You should consult a healthcare professional before using neurofeedback devices.

Stress detection and reduction

Do you need to become more aware of your stress levels? Scientific studies in 2022 using a Muse headband propose that it can detect stress with accuracy rates of over 93%. Muse S also received user praise for its ability to reduce stress in individuals, with 77% of its users reporting a better handle on their stress.

Improved focus

A study on mindfulness meditation training suggests that it improves executive attention. Users seeking to enhance their concentration may find Muse S a helpful meditation aid. Muse S cites its 2021 customer research and claims that 72% of its users reported better focus and clarity.

Improved sleep quality

InteraXon claims that Muse S improves sleep quality by 20%, citing its customer research study conducted in 2021 with Western University and other research partners.

Still, the Muse S is a capable sleep-tracking device, with 86% accuracy in identifying sleep stages, according to a 2023 study by InteraXon, the company behind Muse. Users needing to assess their sleep health may appreciate the Muse S headband.

How to use the neurofeedback system

Using Muse S is straightforward enough. Here’s how to set up and use Muse S for use with guided meditations:

  1. Download the Muse app. Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to download the official Muse app.
  2. Turn on the Muse S device. Click the button next to the charging port on the Muse S headband. The headband should flash blue cascading lights while it seeks to pair with your mobile device via Bluetooth.
  3. Check the Muse S battery level. Click the power button again to check the battery level of the headband. Three lights indicate a full charge.
  4. Connect the Muse S headband to the app. Ensure that Bluetooth and location services are active on your mobile device. Afterwards, on your Muse S, click the Bluetooth icon on the top-left of the Muse mobile app screen.
  5. Conduct a sensor check and calibration of Muse S. The app will automatically check and calibrate your headband's sensors, which will take 1 minute. Muse recommends letting your mind wander during this step to establish a baseline for your meditation session.
  6. Fit the Muse S on your head. Extend the headband so it’s slightly larger than your head. Next, place the headband along the middle of your forehead so it’s not too high up (near your hairline) or too low (touching your eyebrows). Ensure that there’s no hair between the sensors and your skin.
  7. Start a meditation on the Muse app. Tap the lotus icon on the bottom of your Muse app screen to redirect to the Muse Program section. From here, you can choose which meditation courses and sessions.

Muse S neurofeedback device cost

Here’s what you can expect to pay for the Muse S pricing plan and what comes with your purchase:

ProductMuse S headband and 1 year free subscription
Return policy30 days
Warranty1 year

Muse comes with a 30-day refund period, 1-year warranty, and free shipping in the US and Canada.

After the 1-year subscription that comes for free with your headband purchase, you need to purchase a Muse Premium subscription to enjoy the app’s complete list of features. Below are the membership subscription prices:

  • One month: $12.99/month
  • One year: $49.99/year

You can keep using Muse S without a subscription, but you do need to subscribe to enjoy these features:

  • Biofeedback+ lets you pair Muse S with external meditation, audio, or music apps
  • 500+ guided meditations
  • New meditations released monthly

Biofeedback+ is a key feature that adds “real-time biofeedback” to music or other meditation sounds. This feature lets you add your preferred “soundscape” (like bird sounds) to audio from an app like Spotify.

Does using Muse S have any drawbacks?

Muse S uses EEG sensors and audio feedback technology, both of which are generally safe. As such, the device itself should cause no harm.

However, it’s important to remember that the Muse S headband does not have FDA clearance or approval. Muse S is not considered a medical device. This designation means that you should not attempt to use it to treat, prevent, or cure any conditions or diseases.

Muse S

Additionally, I found the scientific studies cited by Muse S only partially persuasive about its ability to improve sleep, focus, and stress. While multiple user reviews support Muse S’s claims, the scientific research is still in its early stages.

Note also that the Muse S requires a constant Bluetooth connection with your smartphone, which can drain the phone’s battery. Charge the Muse S headband before use, as it only has a 10-hour battery life.

Muse S compared to other neurofeedback devices

How does Muse S compare to other popular neurofeedback devices? Check out this comparison table:

What’s includedMuse S headband, 1-year free subscriptionSens.ai headset, 60-day free membership, GeniusPulse™ controller, hard-shell travel case, charger with regional adaptorsMendi headband, charging cableBrainTap headset, 1-year free subscription
Main technologyEEG and audio feedbackEEG and tPBMfNIRSAudio-visual brain entrainment
Battery life10 hoursUnspecified60 sessions5 hours
Warranty1 year1 yearUnspecified1 year

Glossary: EEG – electroencephalogram, tPBM – transcranial photobiomodulation, fNIRS — functional near-infrared spectroscopy


BrainTap is not a neurofeedback device but a “brain fitness” device that, according to the brand, uses audio and visual stimuli to influence your brain activity.

Muse S customer reviews

Muse has a 3.9-star rating on Trustpilot and 4.0 on Amazon. Buyers enjoy its accurate sleep tracking feature and credit it with lowering stress. Users also report that the headband is comfortable to wear, even during sleep, and the app's audio feedback is relaxing. According to Muse reviews, the best use of the headband is monitoring brain activity during sleep and meditation.

According to user reviews, the Muse S is also an improvement over earlier device versions. The newer headband is said to be more comfortable and, of course, adds sleep sensors, which were absent in the first headband.

Unfortunately, reviews noted poor customer service and problems connecting to the Muse mobile app. Even reviews of other Muse devices mention dissatisfaction with the app. Some reviewers’ devices also had poor signals, which required product returns and exchanges.

Conclusion: is Muse S worth it?

Muse S is a competent brain activity tracker for sleep and meditation. Its many meditation programs will benefit users who enjoy guided meditation and listening to relaxing sounds during meditation.

However, like similar devices, Muse S requires a subscription service to fully utilize its features, including neurofeedback and pairing the headband with music apps like Spotify. Further scientific evidence is needed to support Muse’s health claims.

Muse S is a fine meditation aid thanks to its portability, comfort, and tracking accuracy. The device and its subscription rates are cheaper than those of some of Muse’s competitors. Users who want guidance during meditation and insight into their brain activity will find much to enjoy with the Muse S headband.


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