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Sensate review for 2024

I suppose I would not be exaggerating if I said that practically all of us have trouble sleeping now and then (for some of us, it could be a constant struggle!).

The Sensate relaxation device claims to manage stress and anxiety through vagus nerve toning (VNT) using infrasound technology.

The claims are that, by placing this pebble-shaped gadget on your chest, it combines soothing soundscapes and vibrations to promote relaxation,is said to improve sleep, and enhance overall well-being.

According to the Sensate brand, vagus nerve toning can effectively reduce stress and anxiety via infrasonic vibrations. My comprehensive review evaluates the device's features, design, and user feedback, helping you decide if this device lives up to its promises and is worth the investment.

Quick overview of Sensate

Next, you will find my detailed review of the Sensate device. The review evaluates the Sensate relaxation device based on criteria such as price, benefits, technology, certifications, and more.

Price$299 (Sensate single)
Claimed benefitsStress relief, improved sleep, reduced anxiety
TechnologyInfrasound resonance
Mobile app integrationYes
Country of originUK
CertificationsMSDS, FCC

Pros and cons of Sensate

Here is what I liked and did not like about the Sensate device.

How does Sensate work?

The Sensate device is meant to help reduce stress and promote relaxation by using infrasound technology which, according to the brand, may help tone the vagus nerve. You place it on your chest where it emits gentle, low-frequency vibrations that are absorbed through bone conduction.


These vibrations target the vagus nerve, which activates the body's relaxation response. The device pairs with a mobile app that offers various soundscapes designed to work with the vibrations, enhancing the overall calming effect.

This combination of tactile and auditory stimulation aims to improve sleep quality, help with anxiety, and boost overall well-being. Users can customize their relaxation sessions through the app, tailoring the experience to their specific needs and preferences.

Sensate claims a non-invasive, holistic approach to stress management, using the body's natural mechanisms for relaxation in a user-friendly manner.

Next, I have detailed how Sensate works, including the differences between Sensate version 1 and 2.

Sensate 1 vs. 2: what's the difference

The Sensate 2 builds on the foundation of Sensate 1, offering enhanced features and improved technology for stress management. With a sleeker design and upgraded components, Sensate 2 aims to provide users with a more comfortable and efficient way to achieve relaxation and well-being.

Sensate 2 maintains the core function of using infrasound vibrations to tone the vagus nerve but also claims a better user experience. The newer version also integrates more advanced soundscapes and improved app functionality.

Does Sensate work?

A pilot study by Sensate Inc. themselves of 25 participants showed that using the Sensate device daily for two weeks significantly reduced self-reported stress and anxiety and improved sleep and well-being.

Sensate device

Participants reported a decrease in perceived stress from high to low moderate levels, increased sleep duration to seven hours, and reduced sleep onset time to less than 30 minutes. Both state and trait anxiety scores also dropped significantly.

These results suggest Sensate's effectiveness in enhancing relaxation and mental health, though I think further research with larger sample sizes is needed to confirm these findings.

What are the benefits of the Sensate device?

I've broken down the benefits of the devices, based purely on what Sensate claims.

Better stress management

The Sensate device helps manage stress by toning the vagus nerve, which regulates the body's "rest and digest" responses. By using infrasonic frequency vibrations and soundscapes, Sensate sends calming signals throughout the body, helping to reduce the effects of chronic stress and promote relaxation.

Reduced anxiety

Sensate is designed to aid in reducing anxiety by enhancing the tone of the vagus nerve, improving the body's ability to handle stressful situations. This improvement in vagal tone is supposed to regulate the nervous system, potentially resulting in decreased anxiety levels and increased resilience to stress.

Improved sleep quality

According to Sensate's study, using it daily can significantly improve sleep quality. Participants in the study reported an increase in sleep duration by more than an hour and a reduction in the time it took to fall asleep by 30 minutes.

Promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety

Toning the vagus nerve with Sensate may also promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. Sensate could contribute to a better overall sense of well-being, which is crucial for managing depression symptoms.


Outcomes may vary from person to person. It is highly advisable to consult a healthcare professional before using the Sensate device, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

Sensate cost

Here is my breakdown of what the Sensate device will cost you.

Price$299 for a one-time payment
Money-back guarantee40-day money-back guarantee, risk-free trial
What's includedEach purchase includes one Sensate device, a charging cable, and access to the Sensate mobile app, which provides various soundscapes for enhanced relaxation.
ExtrasThe Sensate Plus Pack is available for $349, including the device and a one-year subscription to the Sensate Plus app. Additional packages are available for multiple devices on Sensate Plus.

Additionally, Sensate provides a 12-month warranty, ensuring the device's reliability and offering customers peace of mind. Outcomes can vary, and it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before use.

How to use the Sensate device?

Here is how to use the Sensate device.

  1. Turn on your Sensate device.
  2. Download the Sensate app from your device’s app store.
  3. Open the Sensate app and pair your device using Bluetooth.
  4. Once inside the app, follow the simple steps to select your preferred session type from various soundscapes designed for relaxation.
  5. Activate Plus Pack (if applicable). For iPhone users, check your email or SMS for a unique activation code. If you cannot find it, contact customer support. For Android users, ensure you have downloaded the Sensate app and request a unique activation link from customer support if necessary.
  6. Lie down in a comfortable position and place the Sensate device on your chest. The device will begin to vibrate in sync with the chosen music track.

For any further questions, consult the Sensate help center or reach out to their customer happiness team via email or chat.

Does Sensate have side effects?

Even though the Sensate brand claims the device is clinically tested and approved, it may still have some potential side effects. Some users have reported rare occurrences of mild discomfort or skin irritation where the device is placed.

Additionally, there could be mild headaches or dizziness as the body adjusts to the sound waves and vibrations. It is crucial to consult a healthcare professional if any of these symptoms do occur.

Also, certain groups should exercise extra caution when considering the use of Sensate. Pregnant women, individuals with heart conditions, those who have undergone previous vagus nerve procedures, and children under 18 should consult their doctors before using the device.

These groups might be more susceptible to potential side effects or have specific medical conditions that require a tailored approach to stress management.

Sensate customer reviews

Overall rating: 4.0 out of 5.

Next, you will find my breakdown of some real-world Sensate reviews.

The majority of reviews for Sensate devices are positive, with approximately 70% of users reporting a calming effect and improved relaxation. Many customers appreciate its ease of use, simple setup, and pleasant vibrations, which help in reducing anxiety and aiding sleep. Positive feedback highlights the device’s effectiveness in promoting calmness and its lightweight, comfortable design.

However, there were also some criticisms. Some users find the device expensive and not accessible for those with lower incomes. Others report issues with app connectivity and the necessity of using the app for the device to function, which can be problematic. Additionally, a few customers question the device's long-term durability.

Overall, while Sensate devices are generally well-received for their calming benefits, improvements in app integration and pricing would enhance user satisfaction.

Sensate vs. other devices

Like Sensate, Nurosym, and Pulsetto all attempt to apply non-invasive vagus nerve toning, but they differ significantly in their approach and user feedback. Not all offer vagus nerve stimulation.

Sensate uses vibrations and sound to induce relaxation and improve sleep. It is well-regarded by users for its calming effects and ease of use, although its app connectivity could be problematic.

Nurosym, at €699, delivers electrical impulses through an earpiece to the vagus nerve. Users report benefits such as reduced anxiety and improved sleep, but the high cost and lack of long-term research are notable drawbacks.

Pulsetto, at $299, targets the cervical branch of the vagus nerve via neck-worn electrodes. It integrates well with a mobile app and offers a variety of programs, though user reviews on its effectiveness are mixed. Its more affordable price compared to Nurosym and focus on stress reduction make it a popular choice.

While Sensate is praised for its simplicity and immediate calming effects, Nurosym and Pulsetto could provide more specialized electrical stimulation with varying degrees of user satisfaction and price points.

Sensate review: conclusion

In summary, the Sensate device focuses on providing a non-invasive solution for stress and anxiety relief through VNT using infrasound technology.

I appreciate that it claims soothing vibrations, effective soundscapes, and the convenience of a mobile app for personalized relaxation sessions. Sensate's MSDS and FCC certifications and affordable yearly subscription are added benefits.

However, Sensate's high price point and the need to lie down during use may deter some users. The limited scientific research and occasional durability concerns also warrant consideration.

The device's effectiveness in improving sleep and reducing anxiety was evident from user feedback and preliminary in-house studies, though more extensive research is needed.

Is Sensate legit? It seems so, especially for those seeking a holistic approach to stress management, though improvements in app integration and varied content could further elevate user satisfaction.


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