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Fix WhatsApp not working in Dubai: make voice and video calls

WhatsApp and many other VoIP messaging applications are blocked in Dubai and the UAE. One known solution to use a service like that is paying for a government-approved program, such as BOTIM or C’Me. And yet, there are no guarantees that they will work as you’ve wished. But we have another effective solution for you; you can use a VPN to access WhatsApp’s voice and video calls there.

A robust VPN service can help you change your IP address and make it look as if you’re in a licensed country to use a banned VoIP and messaging application. Read on, and find our tips and tricks for making WhatsApp work in Dubai and unrestrictedly enjoying voice or video calls.

Cybernews pro tip

Be aware that although VPNs are generally legal in the UAE, accessing TDRA-prohibited VoIP apps using a VPN is considered illegal and may lead to penalties (even fines and imprisonment). For further clarification, consulting a legal practitioner in the UAE may be beneficial.

5 easy steps to unblock WhatsApp calling in Dubai

How to unblock WhatsApp calling in Dubai
  1. Head to the app store or the official WhatsApp website and download the VPN app. NordVPN is now available at 74% off.
  2. Install and open the app on your device.
  3. Create a new account for NordVPN.
  4. Connect to a server in Malaysia or any other licensed country.
  5. Open WhatsApp and start using voice or video calls.

Why can't you make WhatsApp calls in Dubai?

WhatsApp not working in Dubai is an issue with exceptions. You can use the app for text messages, but the situation is reversed when it comes to video or voice calls. The government of the UAE has blocked both voice and video calls in WhatsApp and many other free VoIP applications. Therefore, for those traveling or living inside the region, sharing moments live visually isn’t possible.

But not everything is lost. With a VPN, you can effortlessly get a foreign IP address and access WhatsApp video and voice calls. A reputable VPN is also an excellent tool to stay protected online from various threats, including data breach and even viruses.

What are good VPNs to bypass WhatsApp block in Dubai?

VPNs can help you bypass video or voice calls’ blocks in Dubai within a couple of clicks. However, what makes a top WhatsApp VPN the correct provider for this?

Well, no matter why a VPN is needed, the most important thing is to receive a top-notch security suite. We are always aiming for providers that use AES-256 encryption, which is currently the best on the market, as it makes your online activity unreadable. Another crucial thing to have is a kill switch feature that protects your IP even if a VPN connection drops. And, speaking of a VPN connection, obfuscated servers are not less important, as they mask a VPN connection itself.

A cherry on the top here is an audited no-logs policy – a completely anonymous VPN guarantees that there is no third-party interference in your online life.

The UAE VPN should also have a large server fleet, so you can pick server locations closer to you and have an uninterrupted network connection. Another benefit is that you can unblock global content and explore never seen apps or movies before.

To help you out, we have picked out several VPN providers that definitely unblock WhatsApp calls in Dubai:

How does WhatsApp detect your location?

So how does WhatsApp know that you’re using the app from Dubai or any other specific location? In fact, there are several traitors. First and foremost, it’s your IP address which helps the service to identify your device specifically, using the internet or local network.

Another indicator is your device’s GPS location. Some of the apps use this location to target you with location-related ads, other programs use it to put restrictions around some of the app functionalities based on your region.

The list doesn’t end here. It can also be your ISP’s approximate location, that’s known by your account details, the browser’s cookies and cache, or even the region settings on your device.

However, proper VPNs, like NordVPN or Surfshark, can mask these personal details from WhatsApp. That said, you can enjoy fully-fledged VoIP messaging services.

How to unblock WhatsApp in Dubai on different devices

Unblocking WhatsApp calls in Dubai is possible on multiple devices. The easiest and most effective way to do so is to use a reliable VPN service, like NordVPN, that has apps for all popular operating systems, works on up to 10 devices at once, and offers 24/7 customer support.

Anticipating surprising your beloved ones with a video or voice call over WhatsApp? Find guides on how to unblock WhatsApp in Dubai on popular platforms below:

Change WhatsApp location on iPhone

Just like everything else made to be easy with iPhones, using a VPN to change your IP address and accessing WhatsApp calls is as simple. Here’s how:

  1. Head to the App Store and search for NordVPN. Also, NordVPN comes at 74% cheaper now. Look for NordVPN on App store
  2. Download the app to your iPhone. Download NordVPN to iPhone
  3. Open the application and sign up for the service. Sign up for NordVPN iOS
  4. Connect to a selected server. Ensure it has WhatsApp calls available. Connected to Greece with NordVPN iOS
  5. Enable the kill switch feature and start using a full version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp unlocked on iOS in Dubai

Change WhatsApp location on Android

Worried that it’s going to be difficult to bypass WhatsApp restrictions in Dubai on Android? Let us show you how to do that with a VPN within a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and look for NordVPN, which is at 74% off now. Look for NordVPN in Google Play Store
  2. Download the application to your Android smartphone. Download NordVPN on Android smartphone
  3. Open the app and create an account. Create NordVPN account on Android
  4. Connect to a server that's located in a country with WhatsApp calls. Connect to Cyprus NordVPN
  5. Enable the kill switch feature and start using a fully-fledged WhatsApp in Dubai. WhatsApp calls unblocked in Dubai on Android

Change WhatsApp location on macOS

While setting up a VPN on Macs to unblock WhatsApp video and voice calls in Dubai is already easy, our guide below will make it even simpler:

  1. Head to the App Store and look for NordVPN, which always comes with great deals.
  2. Download the app to your macOS laptop or computer.
  3. Open the application and sign up for the service.
  4. Choose one of the countries that support WhatsApp calls and connect to its server.
  5. Enable the kill switch feature and start using WhatsApp in Dubai.

Change WhatsApp location on Windows

Changing your WhatsApp location on Windows is easy if you use a VPN. And we will show you how to do that right now:

  1. Go to the NordVPN website and look for the Download VPN section.
  2. Download the app for a Windows PC.
  3. Run the application and sign up for the service.
  4. Select a server location close to Dubai, like Malaysia or Indonesia, and connect.
  5. Enable the kill switch feature and start using WhatsApp calls in the UAE.

Why did Dubai block WhatsApp?

The main reason behind WhatsApp being blocked in Dubai is that the UAE government seeks to protect the interests of the local telecommunications operators. In fact, not only WhatsApp faces these restrictions, but other foreign VoIP applications do too. While you can use these messaging services for texting, video and voice calls are unavailable.

Going back to 2021, Dubai citizens could enjoy these usually restricted privileges for two days when the EXPO 2020 Dubai was in motion. To attract more visitors as well as business people, the blocks around video and voice calls in VoIP apps were lifted.

And yet, after these couple of days, the bans returned, so the two biggest and only telecom providers in the country – Etisalat and Du – could continue benefiting from them.

Although, currently, TDRA (Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority) is keeping blocks around WhatsApp strictly, it’s not a secret that Dubai is trying to attract more and more tourists every year. Hence, Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, executive director of the UAE’s National Electronic Security Authority, has hinted about lifting restrictions around voice and video calls in popular VoIP for good in the future.

Final thoughts

Using WhatsApp in Dubai without being able to have video and voice calls with your friends is sad but not a bummer. How so? You can easily bypass these blocks driven by TDRA with a VPN and enjoy a full version of WhatsApp in the whole UAE.

Robust VPN services, such as NordVPN, devotedly work to bypass all sorts of geo-blocks around the world. They run large server fleets that allow you to have good connections and access the desired content. Apart from giving you foreign IP, they also encrypt your data and ensure complete online privacy.

Nevertheless, remember that, as for now, accessing VoIP apps with the help of a VPN is stills considered illegal in the UAE. Therefore, consulting a legal practitioner in Dubai may be beneficial before starting to use a VPN for WhatsApp.

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