Security firm Accenture breached, claim cybercriminals

Private data allegedly belonging to more than 30,000 employees of multinational IT company Accenture is being sold by cybercriminals. The company denies tbreach.

On June 19th, a threat actor listed a dataset for sale on a notorious hacker forum. The dataset allegedly belongs to Accenture, a US multinational IT services and consulting company.

The leaked database allegedly contains data on 32,826 current and former employees. Reportedly, the company has approximately 742,000 employees worldwide.

The private data leaked included emails, names, and broadcast dates. The dataset may also be related to an internal tool called Media Exchange, which allows for advanced video calling.

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The cybercriminal or criminals behind the dataset listing claim that the company suffered a data breach in June.

Accenture data breach
Listing on a hacker forum

In an emailed statement, the company spokesperson told Cybernews that Accenture is aware of breach claims, but currently, there is no “indication of compromise” to Accenture or client systems.

“We have analyzed the data set published by the threat actor and found only three names and Accenture email addresses, but no other information related to Accenture,” the spokesperson said. “We continue to investigate.”

The IT giant has been previously targeted by threat actors. In 2021, the company confirmed that the Lockbit ransomware gang had stolen data from its systems.

The company provides a wide array of IT services across various industries, from energy and health to aerospace and defense.

Accenture had the highest market share in managed security services in 2023 and was the fastest-growing among the 3 highest-ranked security services providers in all segments based on revenue in the Gartner Market Share Report.

The company partners with Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Not the first victim

At the end of May, the same threat actor listed a dataset allegedly belonging to 80,000 of Shell’s customers. At the time, Shell told Cybernews that the data belonged to a vendor who provided Shell globally with anonymous mystery shopping services.

The same threat actor listed employee data from multinational beer giant Heineken. Heineken has not provided a statement as to whether or not the claims are true.

The article was updated on June 21st, with Acenture’s statement.