Five Guys allegedly hit by ransomware

The BlackCat (ALPHV) ransomware gang listed Five Guys, the American fast-food chain, on its data leak site.

On Saturday, Five Guys’ name appeared on the BlackCat’s blog. The threat actor shared a preview of what data it allegedly stole from the company.

Judging from the screenshot taken by the gang, they managed to access banking statements, international payroll data, information about recruitments, and audit information, among other things.

Threat actors said this was the “first dump of data,” hinting there would be more. BlackCat hasn’t specified whether the victim has been given a deadline to pay the ransom. The gang shared this screenshot, indicating the stolen data is from 2021.

Five Guys ransomware

Five Guys, with over 1700 stores worldwide and more than 5,000 people, recently disclosed a breach, saying great actors potentially accessed sensitive employee data.

Attackers breached Five Guys‘ servers on September 17, 2022. An investigation revealed threat actors accessed information submitted to the company “in connection with the employment process.”

Cybernews reached out to the company to learn more about the incident and the criminals’ demands. We have received no immediate response.

ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware was first observed in late 2021 and was noted for using the Rust programming language. According to the cybersecurity analyst ANOZR WAY, the group was responsible for approximately 12% of all attacks in 2022.

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