Hosting service used by criminals taken down in Poland

The Polish Central Cybercrime Bureau has taken down, a hosting service exploited by criminals to launch cyberattacks worldwide.

Polish law enforcement arrested five of the hosting provider’s administrators and seized all of its services. As a result, is now longer available.

Interpol called a bulletproof hosting provider, meaning that its administrators turned a blind eye to what customers were using the rented domains for.

“However, being willing to ignore the transgressions of clients does not mean that law enforcement will take the same stance,” Polish officials said in a press release.

The hosting provider was abused by criminals to distribute info-stealing malware, launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, set up fake online shops, manage botnets, and distribute spam worldwide. was marketed as a private service, using slogans like “You can host anything here!” and “no-log policy.” Clients paid for the hosting services in cryptocurrencies.