Brand protection solutions to detect & mitigate threats

As more shopping is done online these days, criminals find new ways to earn a quick buck by tricking unassuming shoppers. Typosquatting, brandjacking and duplicating a website's layout or trademark are just some of the tactics scammers use to deceive customers.

Brand abuse is becoming a prominent problem, not only because it results in revenue loss for a business but it can also severely damage a brand's reputation, as customers are often not satisfied with the knockoff products they receive.

Luckily, there are plenty of companies offering various solutions that fight brand abuse – from continuous marketplace monitoring to taking down copycat websites or providing intellectual property (IP) portfolio management software.

Best brand protection solutions: a detailed list

Picking the right brand protection solution is not easy. That's why we gathered a list of some of the best options that will help you fight brand abuse, monitor your trademark, and most importantly, boost customer engagement.


Netacea 2
ServicesAccount takeover, card cracking, credential stuffing, fake account creation, loyalty point fraud, skewed marketing analytics, scalper bots, web scraping
ResourcesBlog, events, webinars, data sheets
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An enterprise bot management solution, Netacea, protects businesses from ever-changing automated threats by using behavior-based algorithms. Furthermore, it uses ML to detect malicious bots, respond to attacks, and adapt to threats as they evolve.

Some of Netacea’s key capabilities include:

  • Multi-layer approach and ability to detect evolving attacks.
  • Auto-detect technology backed by proactive bot experts.
  • Ease of integrations with existing systems.

Using this solution, organizations can prevent account takeover, credential stuffing, scraping, and other automated OWASP threats without having to deal with the legwork associated with agent-based solutions on websites, mobile apps, and APIs. It is also integrated with nearly all major WAFs and CDNs.


ServicesProduct authentication, smart tracking, marketing engagement
ResourcesBlog, case studies, whitepapers, guides
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Nabcore is a Singapore-based company delivering brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, and tracking solutions for the Asian region.

What makes Nabcore stand out is that it combines physical and digital technologies to gain visibility of the full product journey across all the distribution channels. By assigning unique identity codes to your products, Nabcore is able to provide insights and quickly detect sources and locations of counterfeit goods.

This company tailors its services to fit your product and market, so you can be sure you're getting the best solutions for your brand.


ServicesManaged and self-service online brand protection
ResourcesBlog, tips
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Finding fakes online and taking them down is surely a tough task. Luckily SnapDragon offers a solution.

With the help of AI-powered algorithms, their signature software called Swoop is able to detect intellectual property infringements, counterfeits, and other types of brand threats, which you can then simply remove with a click of a button.

The nice thing about SnapDragon is that their experts are always ready to help in case you run into some issues, and you can also choose between managed and self-service solutions for your brand protection.


ServicesBrand protection, domain management, sales intelligence
ResourcesVideos, articles
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DomainCrawler is a company on a mission to help businesses make better, data-driven decisions.

The way DomainCrawler works is that it provides brand protection companies with quality domain and backlink data, granting them full visibility of their brand across the whole Internet.

Besides offering data for detecting counterfeit websites, DomainCrawler also allows you to uncover networks of fraudulent websites connected to the same owner or server via various data points.


ServicesDNS hosting, website builder, email hosting, digital certificates, email authentication
Free planYes

Getting a business website online can be a hassle, as you have to go through design, development, hosting, maintenance, and even security. EnCirca solves that with an all-in-one platform.

As a full-service registrar, EnCirca supports users’ domains from beginning to end. Even if you’re a newbie, you can create a minimalist professional online presence in no time. Products EnCirca offers include:

  • DNS hosting
  • Easy Website builder
  • Email Hosting
  • Security Lock
  • Digital Certificates
  • Email Authentication

You don't have to invest thousands of dollars in hiring web developers. You can always set up a simple, functional website with EnCirca.


ServicesTest purchases, marketplace monitoring, domain monitoring, image monitoring, social media monitoring, app monitoring, marketplace sales tracking, partner compliance, enforcement
ResourcesBlog, LinkedIn, Google Chrome store
Free planFree trial

Next up on the list is globaleyez – a Germany-based company with over 15 years of experience in brand protection.

To safeguard the complete e-Commerce presence of brands and to protect their IP-rights from all kinds of infringements and malicious intent, globaleyez conducts test purchases, monitors marketplaces, social media platforms, domains, images, apps, and the dark web. That's not all, globaleyez also offers comprehensive sales tracking services for major marketplaces and provides fast and effective enforcement measures.

All in all, globaleyez provides a wide range of monitoring services, so you can rest assured that any IP infringement or threats to your brand will be detected on time.

Allure Security

Allure Security
ServicesBrand protection, site takedown, trademark protection
Free planFree trial

Allure Security is a company on a mission to protect your customers before fraudsters can get a hold of them.

To prevent identity theft, account takeover, and other types of fraud, Allure Security combs the Internet for suspicious copycat websites, domains, and social media accounts. The nice thing is that all this is done automatically – with the help of AI, there is no need for manual scans.

Aside from the Internet-wide scans, the experts at Allure Security work day and night to take down online impersonations, so you can rest assured that your brand or trademark will be protected.


ServicesMalware protection
ResourcesBlog, forum
Free planNo

Quttera is a little bit different from the other providers on this list. Instead of scouting the Internet for impersonations and brand abuse, this company makes sure your website doesn't have any malware and is safe to use for your customers.

Their signature ThreatSign! solution offers continuous malware scanning, DNS/IP monitoring, automated malware removal, and a web application firewall – all to protect your visitors.

These days, malvertising is a serious issue that can make your website appear suspicious and severely damage your reputation, so check out Quttera to protect yourself from emerging threats.

Snap Vision

Snap Vision
ServicesMonitoring for infringement, product recommendations
ResourcesBlog, forum
Free planYes

Snap Vision is a visual search company that offers solutions that make online shopping even easier.

While delivering customers the option to shop for similar products or search for an item using a photo is the main focus of Snap Vision, this provider uses the same technology that turns brands’ imagery into structured data to fight IP infringement. Not only does their AI suite monitors other marketplaces for trademark infringement or brand abuse but also scans your marketplace to ensure you're not selling counterfeit goods.

Counterfeiting causes significant revenue loss for businesses, so make sure to check out Snap Vision if you're looking to protect your brand.


ServicesIP portfolio management, trademark search, journal analysis
ResourcesBlog, case studies
Free planYes

MikeLegal is a solution that helps legal professionals deal with trademark and intellectual property-related tasks.

Besides keeping up with and automatically updating your trademarks and patents, MikeLegal also uses image recognition technology to detect infringements and provides you with comprehensive trademark reports. MikeLegal has three products (MikeTM Manager, MikeTM Search, and MikeTM Watch) that are extensively used by legal teams in India for brand and IP protection for their clients, across various industries.

With MikeLegal, legal professionals can have a clear view of their intellectual property portfolio, which helps save time, reduce costs, increase productivity and help teams make better data-driven decisions.

Best brand protection solutions: final recommendations

Running a business can be tricky, especially if it's your first one. Since there are so many aspects that you need to take into consideration, brand protection can often be an afterthought.

To save you the headache of picking the right provider for your needs, here is a quick recap of the best brand protection solutions mentioned in this article:

  1. Netacea – protects businesses from automated threats by using behavior-based algorithms.
  2. Nabcore – a company combining digital and physical technologies to fight counterfeiting.
  3. SnapDragon – detects and removes online brand threats.
  4. DomainCrawler – provides brand protection agencies with domain, IP and backlink data.
  5. EnCirca - supports users’ domains from beginning to end.
  6. globaleyez - provides a wide range of monitoring services.
  7. Allure Security – scouts the Internet for copycat websites or accounts with he help of AI.
  8. Quttera – provides malware protection for your website.
  9. Snap Vision – detects trademark infringement and counterfeits on online marketplaces.
  10. MikeLegal – helps legal professionals manage and automate their IP portfolio.

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