HubSpot apps to help your business

Whether you're a rookie, an experienced digital marketer, or a CEO, chances are you've heard of HubSpot, and there is a good reason why.

HubSpot is disrupting old-school customer relationship management by providing an all-in-one platform that enhances and automates marketing, sales, customer service, and content management.

With HubSpot's intuitive user interface, options for upgrades, and a unified codebase, you'll have everything you need to deliver a first-class customer experience at your fingertips.

Best HubSpot apps: our detailed list

If you’re thinking of adding a CRM solution to your business, then you are on the right track. In the CRM market, HubSpot is not only one of the most reliable and well-known names, but it also boasts a marketplace with over 1000+ apps that help businesses of all sizes customize their approach and take their customer relationship management to the next level.

Today we gathered a list of some of the finest HubSpot applications and analyzed their perks and features, to help you select the ideal fit for your business.


FeaturesCloud-based phone system, AI-powered functionality, one-minute cloud phone system delivery, user-friendly design, and simple and scalable
ResourcesBlog, success stories, help center, and newsroom
Free trialNo

Based in Italy, Voxloud is the very first AI-powered, cloud-based phone system in the country. It’s specially designed for small- and medium-sized companies to help them manage their customer calls most efficiently, just like large enterprises.

One of the key advantages of using this platform is its accessibility, which allows users to stay connected and productive from anywhere, whether they're using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It also comes with an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that offers all the information you need to deliver exceptional customer experience based on your unique needs.

Another excellent feature of Voxloud is that it supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). It’s especially useful for companies using this work model to enhance flexibility and simplify operations.

Other key features of the platform include:

  • Dynamic call routing
  • Scalable system with rule modifications
  • Multi-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Access to international numbers in over 80 countries
  • Call recordings, logs, forwarding, and queues
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Customized messages and hold music
  • Ring groups for efficient call handling
  • Fast and free Internal Transfers
  • Shared contacts for increased productivity
  • Outgoing number selection
  • Video conferencing for internal collaboration
  • Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows apps
  • VoIP phone rental

Other than these features, you can integrate Voxloud with a wide range of CRMs, including HubSpot. The HubSpot integration allows for automatic contact synchronization, automatic customer identification based on HubSpot lists, and automatic call logging with detailed information such as call direction, duration, start and end times, and recording URLs.


FeaturesAutonomous sales orchestration, automation of intent-driven outreach, scalability without overburdening existing resources, prospect conversion tools, alignment of sales and marketing efforts, and improved ROI
ResourcesBlog, live media, help center, and ROI calculator
Free trialYes

Warmly is an advanced sales orchestration platform designed for businesses to optimize their lead generation and outreach processes. It’s an AI-powered system that converts website visitors into qualified leads and drives engagement with prospects.

One of the primary functions of this platform is to provide businesses with insightful information about their website visitors. It performs real-time tracking and identifies both individuals and companies visiting the site. Then, it links them to relevant opportunities and target accounts within the CRM system and shows their readiness to convert.

Warmly also streamlines the sales process by aggregating data and integrating insights from multiple platforms automatically. It enables it to orchestrate the most effective next steps for engaging prospects, which drives qualified conversations for the sales team.

Here’s a list of key features that Warmly offers:

  • Autonomous lead generation
  • Real-time website visitor tracking
  • Integration with CRM systems like HubSpot
  • Automation of intent-driven outreach
  • Scalable capacity without resource strain
  • Comprehensive insights into website visitors
  • Alignment of sales and marketing efforts
  • Conversion tools for prospect engagement

Warmly also offers seamless integration with HubSpot. It allows you to identify anonymous website traffic, prioritize accounts based on intent signals, and engage with prospects instantly through chat and video calls.


FeaturesIntuitive drag-and-drop email builder, 1500+ free HTML email templates, Modular email architecture, email translation for multilingual content, and easy integration with HubSpot
ResourcesBlog, whitepapers, webinars, education center, e-books, email marketing checklists, glossary, reviews of marketing tools, email reviews, video guides, and help center
Free trialYes (a free version is also offered)

Stripo is an intuitive and flexible email template creator designed to simplify email production and enhance engagement. It features a drag-and-drop email builder and HTML code editor, which allows you to customize every element of your email messages. The best aspect of this builder is that you can use it without the need for coding skills.

Another great feature of the platform is that it comes with more than 1500 free HTML email templates. It allows you to choose the template that suits the occasion and your business needs the best. But what truly sets it apart is its modular email architecture, which enables you to build email elements once and reuse them across multiple emails to speed up the production process.

Additionally, Stripo offers seamless integration with HubSpot. Through this integration, you can export email templates with just two clicks and synchronize your Stripo and HubSpot accounts for streamlined workflows.

The key features that Stripo offers include:

  • Modular email architecture for accelerated production
  • Stripo Email Translate service for easy global outreach with multilingual content
  • RTL (Right to Left) option to write from right to left easily
  • Smart elements to streamline product card and email digest creation
  • Interactive email creation without coding skills to boost engagement
  • Over 1500 pre-built templates for brand-consistent campaigns

With its user-friendly interface and a powerful set of features, Stripo is a valuable tool for anyone looking to create engaging and visually appealing email campaigns.


FeatureseSignature and contract management, HIPAA compliant, data collection with surveys, and progress tracking with real-time notifications
ResourcesBlog, FAQs, template gallery, and support center
Free trialYes

Fill is an excellent online platform designed for managing contracts, forms, and eSignatures efficiently and cost-effectively. It comes with customizable branding and competitive pricing options, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes and types.

The platform allows you to create, manage, and sign documents online using any device, including smartphones, thanks to its dedicated app for iOS and Android. It also generates real-time notifications to keep you updated on recipient actions to ensure smooth communication throughout the document signing process.

Another useful feature of Fill is that it allows you to create custom links to easily share your documents with others in order to accelerate the signing process. Additionally, you can import documents, customize fields, assign signers, and automate tasks to enhance efficiency.

Here’s a list of key features that Fill offers:

  • Document creation, e-signing, and management from anywhere
  • 256-bit encryption and HIPAA compliance for enhanced security
  • Realtime notifications
  • Mobile app for both Android and iOS
  • Custom document link creation
  • Document capture with camera scanning
  • Data collection with surveys
  • Easy contact management

The HubSpot integration of this tool allows you to get your quotes and contracts signed, create branded documents, and receive real-time progress updates within HubSpot.


FeaturesVoIP business phone system, call recording, HD voice quality, caller information lookup, custom call flow design, and advanced reporting capabilities
ResourcesBlog, news, guides, knowledge base, coverage information, product demo, and API documentation
Free trialNo (demo is offered)

Based in Ireland, NUACOM is a reliable VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) business phone system, designed to help businesses enhance their sales and growth. The platform offers a flexible call center software solution that you can use to manage sales calls and ensure enhanced customer experience.

What makes this call center solution different is that it allows you to add tags and notes to your calls for efficient organization, analysis, and reference purposes. Additionally, you can also record calls, utilize automated caller ID functionality, and gain valuable insights into your sales team's performance through call analytics.

Using NUACOM, you can collect data from inbound calls and create automated workflows to streamline support processes. It enables you to track and review every call query, access detailed call logs, and monitor agent interactions with customers for enhanced service delivery.

Other useful features that the platform brings to the table include:

  • Automatic call routing
  • Ticketing system integration
  • Shared phonebook access
  • Hold/resume functionality
  • Auto-forward to mobile
  • Wallboard for live calls
  • Call analytics and reporting

Lastly, NUACOM can be integrated with HubSpot, which allows you to improve your workflows and improve team productivity. It also creates a native click-to-call function in HubSpot to help you stay in touch with your customers.

Product Fruits

Product Fruitsproduct
FeaturesUser onboarding management, interactive product tours, bug reporting with screenshots and videos, adoption meter for user preferences, and cost-effective results
ResourcesBlog, case studies, video tutorials, webinars, cheat sheets, and help center
Free trialYes

Product Fruits is a powerful user onboarding platform designed for businesses to drive more conversions and reduce churn rates. It allows you to create interactive product tours, walkthroughs, and checklists to enhance user onboarding experience.

You can also use this platform to create informative tooltips, highlight new product features, publish release notes, and provide contextual help for your website visitors. It ensures that every individual visiting your website comprehends your product/service effectively to maximize its utility.

Another excellent feature of Product Fruits is that it provides your website visitors with the ability to report bugs and errors via screenshots and videos. Additionally, it offers an adoption meter to assess user preferences and areas for improvement to enhance the overall user experience.

Other features that Product Fruits offers include:

  • Personalized onboarding experience
  • Cost reduction with improved results
  • Adoption workflow initiation according to user actions
  • Right content for the right user at the right time
  • Performance monitoring to optimize user onboarding
  • Integration with analytics and data platforms

Other than data and analytics platforms, Product Fruits can also be integrated with popular CRMs, including HubSpot. This integration will allow you to see events from Product Fruits on your HubSpot contacts timelines and trigger workflows based on Product Fruits events.

Narrative BI

Narrative BI
FeaturesAutomatic data transformation for actionable narratives, visibility into key metrics, user-friendly interface, natural language processing for easy querying, and integration with CRMs and product analytics tools
ResourcesBlog, FAQS, community, holistic data analysis, and automated reports
Free trialYes

Narrative BI is an AI-powered business intelligence software solution that allows you to connect all your data sources in a single place. It features advanced generative analytics capabilities to automatically turn raw data into meaningful and actionable narratives for growth teams.

What sets this platform apart from the competition is that it doesn’t require you to have any coding expertise to utilize its full potential. You can easily integrate it with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and many other platforms to receive comprehensive insights about your website without requiring technical skills.

Narrative BI offers insights on revenue increase, website performance, user behavior, and other KPI updates. It allows businesses to make informed decisions in order to optimize their marketing strategies and drive growth.

Here’s a list of key features that Narrative BI offers:

  • All KPI updates in a single place
  • Natural language generation for insights into plain language
  • 24/7 coverage for anomaly detection
  • Scheduling for automated reports
  • AI-driven suggestions for enhanced decision-making
  • Slack integration

You can also integrate Narrative BI with HubSpot to get a holistic view of all your marketing efforts, sales, and service metrics to identify new growth opportunities.


FeaturesContent creation/marketing workflow management, AI-powered SEO optimization capabilities, rich text editor, analytics and reporting, social media management, and multi-channel marketing
ResourcesBlog, guides, e-books, success stories, and help center
Free trialYes

StoryChief is an all-around online platform designed to address all aspects of content marketing, from planning to reporting. It allows businesses of all sizes and types to help their teams collaborate, publish content, and collect actionable data in a single place.

One of the best features of StoryChief is that it supports more than 100 platforms, which means you can publish content to a wide range of CMSs, RSS, newsletters, and socials. But what makes it truly special is its AI-powered capabilities for SEO optimization. It helps you enhance the readability of your content and improves its search engine rankings.

StoryChief also comes with a content data management module that allows you to create content lists with relevant information depending on the defined KPIs. Additionally, it also enables you to track campaigns via UTM codes, assess the performance of stories, and embed different forms into your posts for lead creation.

The main features that StoryChief offers include:

  • Content planning and structuring
  • Search engine-optimized content creation
  • Content distribution on multiple channels
  • Social media marketing and management
  • Team collaboration for enhanced productivity
  • Detailed analytics and reporting

StoryChief can also be integrated with HubSpot, which allows you to improve collaboration between your teams and schedule your blog posts for publishing with just a single click.

Badger Maps

Badger Maps
FeaturesRoute optimization, Map HubSpot CRM data, Field Data Collection
ResourcesBlog, podcast, Badger Sales University, training videos, E-books
Free trialYes

Badger Maps is a route optimization tool designed specifically for field sales and service teams. Offering core capabilities such as route optimization and lead generation, Badger Maps helps sales reps and service techs automatically plan, route, and maximize their time in the field by cutting down driving time by 20%.

Select the accounts you want to visit in the app and automatically generate the fastest, most efficient multi-stop sales or service route. You can connect routes to your favorite navigation apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze.

Badger Maps also enables a two-way, real-time integration with your HubSpot CRM, allowing you to update and sync all of your customer data on-the-go.

Here’s a list of key features that Badger Maps offers:

  • Route optimization
  • Map your Hubspot data
  • Mileage calculation for expense reimbursement
  • Task automation with CRM data collection
  • Custom reporting on activity from the field
  • Track your customer follow-ups
  • Lead generation
  • Reduction in gas usage and cost
  • Free trial

With optimized routes and seamless planning, Badger Maps frees up an average of 8 hours a week. Teams also report an average of 10 additional meetings per week, made possible with time saved on planning and driving.


FeaturesDigital business card creation, centralized brand identity, advanced contact management features, and unique physical products
ResourcesBlog, FAQs, and affiliate program information
Free trialNo (free version available)

Wave is an innovative online solution that modernizes the exchange of contact information through contactless business cards. It allows you to create your business card within minutes and share it using multiple methods, including NFC tapping, QR code scanning, and traditional text/email sharing. Through this feature, you can seamlessly connect with others, even if they do not have the Wave app installed.

One of the key features of this platform is that it centralizes your brand in one place. By using your digital business card, you can present a unified image of your brand, including essential business information and contact details. It eliminates the need for managing multiple social media profiles or websites.

Wave also comes with excellent contact management features to help you build and grow your networks effectively. You can store and organize your contact information in a dedicated contact manager, add notes and tags for personalization, and update contact details as needed.

Just like all other apps on this list, Wave can also be integrated with HubSpot. It means you can sync your Wave data with HubSpot to keep your contact lists updated all the time.

Other essential features of the platform include:

  • Quick contact exchange, suitable for events like tradeshows and conferences
  • Excellent for connecting with new contacts and potential leads
  • Physical products, like NFC-enabled business cards

All in all, Wave provides a comprehensive solution for modern contact information exchange, thanks to its innovative features to streamline the networking process.


FeaturesCost-effective e-signing platform, user-friendly interface, and highly secure
ResourcesBlog, help center, documentation, whitepapers, and signature standards
Free trialYes

Skribble is an easy-to-use and scalable e-signing solution that allows you to sign documents quickly and securely. Whether it’s a financial statement, employment agreement, or sales contract you can sign any document from anywhere within a few clicks.

In addition to its speed and ease of use, the platform also offers significant cost savings compared to traditional handwritten signatures. According to the official website, you can save EUR/CHF 34, with each e-signature, making the platform an economically viable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Other key features of Skribble include:

  • Support for all 3 legally defined e-signature standards
  • Compliance with GDPR
  • Swiss hosting with ISO 27001 certification
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Seamless customer identity verification

Additionally, Skribble is also integrable with HubSpot. It allows you to automate your document signing workflow processes, reduce manual tasks, and ensure consistency and efficiency in your operations.


FeaturesEasy digital business card creation and management, integration with thousands of tools, lead exporting and grouping, brandable QR codes, and insights and analytics
ResourcesBlog, tutorials, and documentation
Free trialYes

Popl is one of the most popular and reliable digital business card platforms designed for businesses of all sizes and types. It allows you to design, manage, and distribute digital business cards, promoting brand consistency and enhancing lead generation throughout your organization.

What sets this platform apart from the competition is that you can integrate it with more than 5,000 different apps and tools, including HubSpot. It allows you to streamline different operations, such as exporting your leads to the HubSpot CRM, creating marketing flows, syncing team members from HR platforms, and automating data entry.

By integrating it with HubSpot, you can:

  • Export Leads from your Popl account to HubSpot (support both automatic and manual syn)
  • Custom, as well as, dynamic CRM mapping
  • Detailed contact activity and analytics

Popl also allows you to share your digital cards with your audience in several ways, including, Popl app QR code, iPhone Widgets, Apple NameDrop, custom links, Apple watch, iPhone/Google wallet, email signatures, and virtual backgrounds.

Clever Ads

Clever Ads
FeaturesAds creation, ads audit, support for multiple ads platforms, easy access to your online ad campaigns, AI-powered functionality
ResourcesBlog, free ad templates, detailed guides for optimized ad campaigns, and FAQs
Free trialYes

Clever Ads is a cutting-edge marketing platform designed to help businesses revolutionize their ad strategy. It offers a set of AI-powered digital marketing tools that allow you to enhance your digital presence and stay ahead of your competitors.

The main capabilities of the platform include data-driven ad targeting, intelligent ad management, and automation of ad creation and optimization. These features make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes and types to maximize their advertising effectiveness for continuous growth.

Another excellent feature that Clever Ads brings to the table is that it allows you to access and manage your ad campaigns from anywhere via any type of device. It keeps you from going through the hassle of using multiple platforms and devices to manage your advertising operations. It helps you save time and energy to focus on critical business tasks.

Other features of Clever Ads include:

  • Ads auditing
  • Ads promo codes
  • Keyword planner
  • Ads manager
  • Banner creator

Lastly, you can integrate it with many other platforms including HubSpot, which allows you to automate Google Ads campaign creation and campaign data retrieval.
FeaturesPersonalized email newsletters, AI-powered automation, content featuring, strategic insights, advertising
ResourcesBlog and learning center, newsletter templates, podcast
Free trial14-day free trial

These days, providing quality personalized content is no longer an option but a necessity if you want to build lasting relationships with your customers and keep them coming back for more. That’s where comes in – its powerful AI engine personalizes your newsletter by automatically curating content.

Besides curating a personalized set of articles for each recipient, also boasts these useful features:

  • Automatic segmentation of subscribers based on their interests
  • Triggering workflows in response to subscriber activity
  • Integration with your HubSpot content

The best part about is that its AI learns what topics the recipients are most interested in based on their activity, making the newsletter more relevant and personalized each time.


SMSfactor app
FeaturesCPaaS platform for SMS sending, global coverage for sending texts, option to become text retailer/reseller
ResourcesFAQs, SMS tutorials, blogs
Free trialNo (10 free SMS) on sign-up

SMSFactor is an excellent CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) solution that businesses can use to send professional SMS messages in bulk. It stores your data securely and gives you full control over it as you can decide how long it’s retained in the system.

The solution is linked with hundreds of operators across 150 countries, which means it’s possible to run SMS campaigns for a global audience. Another great feature of this tool is its easy and quick integration with HubSpot, which requires no technical knowledge.

This integration allows you to send SMS messages from workflows, contact lists, and individual contact records. Additionally, it also enables you to personalize your messages in multiple ways. For example, you can customize the sender information, add website links (automatically shortened), include dates for appointments, and even utilize emojis for impactful communication.

To engage in conversations with individual contacts, companies, or transactions, there’s a dedicated chat mode offered in the app. Lastly, the integration also allows you to track your SMS-sending activities and manage your account directly from within HubSpot.

Here’s a list of key features that SMSFactor offers.

  • Bulk SMS messaging
  • Global reach with coverage in 150 countries
  • Easy personalization of SMS messages
  • Workflow integration
  • Chat mode to engage in conversations
  • Tracking and reporting

SMSFactor serves as a valuable tool for businesses and organizations seeking a reliable, feature-rich SMS communication platform that integrates with HubSpot seamlessly.

Mindstamp Interactive Video

FeaturesHotspots, questions, drawings, multimedia, chapters, transcripts, call-to-action buttons, personalization, conditional logic
ResourcesBlog, newsletters, help center, chatbot
Free trialYes

Founded in 2017, Mindstamp is one of the most powerful yet easy-to-use interactive video solutions available.

Users can turn any video into an interactive experience that improves engagement and propels action using Mindstamp's drag-and-drop interactive video platform and its robust features, like:

  • Branded customizations
  • Lead capture
  • Advanced reporting
  • Quizzes
  • HTML embeds
  • Video branching

Mindstamp’s powerful interactive video solution is amplified with the Mindstamp HubSpot Integration. The integration allows users to sync video and engagement data collected from Mindstamp’s platform directly to the HubSpot CRM platform. This means HubSpot users can track, trigger, and enhance their existing CRM processes and workflows with the power of interactive video.


FeaturesContract management
ResourcesBlog, customer cases, webinars, help center, chatbot, customer support
Free trialYes

Next on the list is Precisely – an enterprise contract management solution. With this HubSpot integration, drafting, negotiating, sharing, and signing contracts only takes a couple of clicks.

Here are some of Precisely’s key features:

  • Contract templates
  • Collaboration options
  • Allows you to create and sign contracts in HubSpot
  • Fully supports legally binding contracts
  • Full control of the signing process
  • Assigned customer success manager

What makes Precisely stand out is the abundance of editing and access management options – you can easily add or remove signees, cancel the signing and view the document’s status right from your HubSpot interface.


FeaturesCampaign optimization, report customizability, follower analysis, social reporting
ResourcesContent library, case studies, webinars, ebooks, blog, podcasts
Free trialYes

A data-driven approach to social media marketing is at the core of Oktopost's social media marketing suite for B2B enterprises and mid-market companies.

In addition to integrating natively with prime marketing automation and CRM platforms like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oktopost provides marketers with multiple tools to leverage social data for better customer experiences and revenue growth, such as:

  • Audience targeting
  • Automated publishing, scheduling
  • Badge management
  • Behavior tracking
  • Benchmarking
  • Trend analysis

With over 3,000 global businesses utilizing Oktopost's solutions, it serves as the go-to source for employee advocacy, employer branding, social selling, and social media management.


FeaturesDigital asset management
ResourcesKnowledge base, podcast
Free trialNo

Next up is Brandfolder – a digital asset management (DAM) solution for enterprises. More often than not, marketing and creative teams spend countless hours trying to find the assets they need to complete a task. Brandfolder removes this headache by offering a comprehensive platform where all digital company assets can be managed, accessed, and distributed effortlessly.

Brandfolder provides these features:

  • Cloud-based storage
  • Intuitive interface
  • Robust privacy & security controls
  • Option to share groups of files
  • Content automation

Another reason you should add this app to your Hubspot ecosystem is the options for synchronization and embedding – when an asset is updated in Brandfolder, HubSpot will automatically reflect the latest version.


FeaturesConcessions management, on-demand recording, audience analytics
ResourcesBlog, FAQ
Free trialNo

Next on our list is InEvent – software designed to streamline processes for in-person professional events and video production.

Despite InEvent's usual features, such as constructing mobile applications or creating personalized white-labeled landing pages, it also offers numerous unique ones, including:

  • Concessions management
  • Conferencing
  • Gamification
  • Speaker profiles
  • Virtual lobby
  • QR codes
  • Multi-Event

InEvent was developed by event professionals and A/V specialists, so it does not matter what type of event you're planning; this flexible solution will help your ideal event come to life.

Roger365 MS Teams Connector

Roger365 MS Teams Connector
FeaturesMicrosoft Teams integration, telephony, contact center, chat, CRM
Free trialYes

Roger365 is a contact center & messaging solution that is naturally integrated with Microsoft Teams.

This provider is unique in that it not only serves a contact center solution for inbound phone calls but also integrates webchat, WhatsApp, SMS and social media into Microsoft Teams. The main features are:

  • Microsoft Teams becomes an omin-channel platform
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Call flow and audio prompt builder
  • Helpful tools for agents (caller&queue details, simple call forwarding etc.)
  • Reports
  • AI Chatbot

Furthermore, using Roger365's UI, you can create notes, tickets, or tasks that will automatically be transferred to HubSpot CRM.

Best HubSpot apps: final recommendations

In this article, we highlight the best HubSpot apps that can help your business grow faster. In order to help you narrow down your search, here is a quick rundown of some of the best apps we recommend:

  1. Badger Maps - a field sales tool that serves as a personal routing and sales planning app for reps.
  2. Voxloud – an advanced cloud-based phone system that uses AI to offer a comprehensive communication solution for small and medium-sized businesses.
  3. Warmly – a powerful solution for optimizing lead generation, automating outreach, and improving overall sales efficiency through advanced analytics and seamless integration with HubSpot
  4. Stripo – an intuitive email template creator that offers flexible customization, a wide range of readymade templates, and seamless HubSpot integration.
  5. StoryChief – a comprehensive platform for copywriters, agencies, and marketing teams to handle all aspects of content marketing.
  6. Narrative BI – a generative analytics platform that helps growth teams turn raw data into actionable information to drive business growth.
  7. Product Fruits – a comprehensive user onboarding platform that empowers businesses to drive conversions, reduce churn rates, and enhance user experiences.
  8. NUACOM – an excellent cloud-based phone system for businesses to efficiently manage customer calls and improve user experience.
  9. Fill – a versatile online platform that offers efficient contract, form, and e-signature management for businesses of all sizes and types.
  10. Wave – a versatile digital and contactless business card solution that streamlines the process of contact information exchange for professionals.
  11. Skribble – a reliable e-signing solution that enables users to electronically sign documents within minutes and accelerate their processes while maintaining the highest standards of security.
  12. Popl – a versatile and user-friendly digital business card platform that helps businesses with seamless design, management, and distribution of digital cards.
  13. – its AI-powered engine personalizes your newsletter by automatically curating content.
  14. Clever Ads – an AI-powered platform that offers tools for data-driven ad targeting, intelligent ad management, and automated campaign optimization for businesses to enhance their digital presence.
  15. SMSFactor – a CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) solution, with international reach for businesses to send marketing and prospecting texts to their target audience.
  16. Mindstamp Interactive Video – an interactive video software where you can create personalized video marketing, engaging product videos, and training education videos.
  17. Precisely – an enterprise contract management solution with plenty of editing and access management options.
  18. Oktopost – a B2B social engagement suite that supports modern data-driven organizations.
  19. Brandfolder – an intuitive digital asset management system.
  20. InEvent – is a powerful software for in-person professional events and video productions.
  21. Roger365 MS Teams Connector – contact center and messaging solution integrated into Microsoft Teams.

Best HubSpot apps – FAQ

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