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Best Magento extensions: our top picks

If you've ever done some research on how to build your own online business, you've probably heard of Magento (Adobe Commerce). It is an open-source platform that quickly gained popularity because of its ease of use and drag-and-drop tools that allow virtually anyone to set up their eCommerce store in minutes.

Another reason why Magento is the go-to for many entrepreneurs is that there plenty of extensions available on the Magento marketplace that let you optimize your business, enhance customer experience and make your website truly unique.

Navigating thousands of extensions and tools can be tricky, especially if you're a newbie. That's why we came up with a list of some of the best solutions that will help you get your eCommerce website set up and running in no time.

Best Magento extensions: a detailed list

To help you find the next addition for your eCommerce website, we gathered a list of some of the best tools available on the Magento marketplace that are set to save you time, money and effort when managing your online store.


FeaturesPayment authorization, fraud prevention, subscription service, business spend management, invoice generator, issuance of virtual and physical cards
Free planYes

If you've ever bought something online, it is more than likely that the payment process was powered by Stripe – a payment platform used by many well-known online stores and services.

There's no wonder the world's leading companies choose Stripe, as it offers eCommerce businesses a variety of useful features:

  • Plenty of payment options – from buy now, pay later to bank debits and transfers
  • Invoicing
  • Subscription services
  • Accounting support
  • Payout management
  • Easy-to-use APIs
  • Supports 135+ currencies

These tools can help increase conversion rates and are especially helpful if you're running a global online store or looking to break into new markets.

With so many features and options for easy integration, Stripe is the perfect addition both for startups and large enterprises.


FeaturesCollect customer reviews, display customer content, subscriptions, loyalty, and referral programs
Free planYes

If you're looking to not only boost your conversion rates but also build trust and gain loyal customers, look no further than Yotpo.

The main focus of the Yotpo platform is to foster customer engagement, and besides allowing your users to leave reviews, you can also:

  • Easily set up loyalty and referral programs
  • Offer subscription options
  • Deploy personalized SMS marketing

These days, being able to see other customers' reviews and content has become extremely important for many online shoppers, so don't miss out and check out Yotpo to take your eCommerce marketing to the next level.


FeaturesLive chat, proactive chat invitations, built-in ticketing system, visible product details, AI chatbot automation
Free planFree trial

LiveChat is another tool on the list set to improve your customer experience. Used by some of the biggest companies worldwide, this intuitive and easy-to-use platform makes customer support a breeze.

LiveChat uses the power of AI to quickly greet your visitors, segment them based on their behavior on your website, and match them with the appropriate representative.

Another great thing about LiveChat is that you can integrate it with 200+ tools and deploy it anywhere on your website – even on the checkout page, and provide assistance to buyers who might have some questions about the products or pricing.

So, don't leave your customers wandering around your online store. Set up a chat system with LiveChat that will guide your users, help solve any problems they may have, and close the sale.


FeaturesCustomer support system
Free planNo

Next on the list is Richpanel – a customer support extension used by thousands of leading merchants worldwide.

What makes Richpanel stand out is that allows you to build a self-service portal on your website that would automatically take care of returns and exchanges and provide your customers with information like order tracking details.

Besides reducing the number of support tickets, Richpanel also allows you to:

  • Manage all support channels from one inbox
  • Manage customer support across multiple stores
  • Easily access customer's order history

Providing quick and effective customer support is extremely important these days, so make sure to check out Richpanel if you want to give your customer service system an upgrade.


FeaturesForm builder, predictive analytics, personalized communications
Free planYes

Next up on the list is Klaviyo – a tool that helps businesses automate personalized communications.

These days, companies have more sources of customer data than they even realize. However, not every business has the tools or expertise to leverage this information for marketing purposes.

That's where Klaviyo steps in.

By making use of even the smallest details about a customer, this platform generates highly personalized messages and pop-ups that are sure to catch your visitor's attention.

Additionally, Klaviyo integrates easily into any tech stack or system and allows you to monitor the performance of your communication, whether it is email or SMS messages.


FeaturesAutomatic tax return submissions, sales data management, calculations
Free planFree trial

It is safe to say that dealing with taxes is one of the most complicated and daunting tasks when it comes to managing an online business. Luckily, TaxJar has the solution.

With TaxJar, you can rest assured that your taxes will be taken care of – the cloud-based platform automates sales tax compliance across all of your sales channels and jurisdictions, allowing you to fully focus on your business growth.

If you're looking to expand your company to new markets, TaxJar has you covered too. With AI-powered product categorization, flexible API, and a real-time calculation engine, the platform will quickly calculate accurate sales tax and you will be ready to sell your products in no time.


FeaturesCentralized customer communications, helpdesk
Free planFree trial

Providing customer support across all of your communication channels can be a bit tricky. But with Gorgias, you can manage email, social media, phone and live chat messages all in one place.

This extension also provides you with a full view of the customer's message and order history, so your customer service team can deliver personalized help quickly, without leaving the helpdesk. Another great thing about having a 360-degree view of all your communications is that you can easily interact with customers on your ads or posts, creating a positive experience before they even visit your website.

So, if you're looking to give your helpdesk an upgrade, be sure to check out Gorgias – an extension that allows you to manage multiple stores at once and solve your customers' issues in minutes, thus driving sales and overall customer satisfaction.


FeaturesData feed creation and optimization, feed reviews, automated text ads
Free planFree trial

If you're struggling with building successful shopping campaigns, chances are your product data feeds are not set up properly. Luckily, DataFeedWatch is here to help you out.

This tool simplifies and automates data feed work, helping your business drive sales. Besides optimization and automation, DataFeedWatch also lets you:

  • List your products on 1000+ shopping channels
  • Review the performance of every product
  • Create engaging ads
  • Increase conversion rate and ROI

It is an easy-to-use tool used by many leading merchants worldwide that allows you to create a data feed in a couple of minutes, so don't hesitate to give it a go.


FeaturesBuild iOS & Android apps, integrate directly with Magento
Free planNo

SimiCart is a company with over 10 years of experience in the eCommerce industry, so you can be sure that their mobile app builder will offer nothing less than the best.

While this extension is on the pricier side, having a mobile app to compelement your online business is sure to make your store more accessible and increase revenue.

When developing your own mobile app with the SimiCart builder you are be able to:

  • Easily integrate the app with your website
  • Configure the layout and features to your liking
  • Publish your app on the main app stores

But this extension is not all that SimiCart has to offer – this company specializes in Magento and provides development, design, marketing and many more services for eCommerce websites.

Store Pickup

Store Pickup1
FeaturesAdd store unlimited locations and information about the store
Free planNo

Store Pickup is an extension by MageAnts, a certified extension developer. This tool offers an additional delivery option that allows customers to collect their orders at the store most convenient for them.

This extension allows you to:

  • Schedule pickup time for both shops and clients
  • Configure products available at each shop
  • Show stores available for pickup on each product page
  • Include a store locator feature

Offering your customers the option to pick up their order themselves is a great way to reduce costs and eliminates issues like the package getting lost or damaged in transit.


FeaturesBuild pop-ups and contact forms
Free planNo

Poptin is a tool that helps you engage with your customers by delivering eye-catching pop-ups and forms. By tracking your website visitors' behavior, Poptin is able to present them with a personalized pop-up at the right time.

Some of the main features of Poptin include:

  • Pop-up creation in virtually any language
  • Campaign tracking
  • Survey creation
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Pop-up automation

Overall, Poptin is a great solution that helps capture your customers' attention, gain valuable leads and close sales. And if you're unsure about your design skills, Poptin has plenty of beautiful form and pop-up templates available.


FeaturesShipping costs calculation, tailor shipping to your requirements, address validation
Free planFree trial

When online shopping, being able to see the estimated package arrival data is extremely convenient. The next extension on this list provides this feature and much more.

ShipperHQ is a tool that shows customers the the most important shipping details in the cart and at checkout, thus providing transparency and allowing the buyers to choose the best shipping option for them.

But shipping information is not all that ShipperHQ has to offer. With this extension you can:

  • Adjust rates for specific products or package sizes
  • Create shipping rules or restrictions for certain regions or quantities
  • Define products that can be packed together
  • Manage shipping rates from different warehouses

So, if you're looking for a solution that not only will boost sales and improve customer experience but also help you manage business costs and inventory, don't hesitate to try out ShipperHQ.

PluginHive - Magento Shipping Services

FeaturesShipment tracking, label generation, shipping cost adjustment, live carrier rates display feature
Free planFree 14-day trial

PluginHive offers another extension that makes managing the shipping process easier for online businesses, as it completely automates the all the tasks associated with shipping.

By adding PluginHive shipping extension to your Magento store, you will be able to:

  • Connect your store to the top carriers around the world like FedEx, UPS and many more
  • Automatically choose the cheapest carrier service
  • Generate and print shipping labels directly from your website
  • Allow your customers to track their shipments via email notifications
  • Adjust the shipping rates based on the weight or other specifics of the products

No matter the size of your business, having a tool like PluginHive can help you manage the shipping process, save you time and money, and provide your customers with quick and affordable shipping options.


FeaturesLive chat, chatbot, messaging integrations
Free planFree trial

Next on the list is Oct8ne – a plugin that takes customer service to another level. Instead providing text predictions or suggestions for the agent, Oct8ne allows the representative to interact with the customer visually, and share photos and videos of products and services in real-time through their visual support, unique in the market. With Oct8ne you can also activate a videocall or even share the screen through the same chat window.

Besides allowing you to guide your customers through their shopping journey, Oct8ne features also include:

  • Access to the customer's product view history
  • Offer a visual and innovative customer journey
  • Automize workflow though a visual chatbot 100% customizable thanks to its drag & drop module system
  • One-click integration with social media channels such as WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger and Instagram
  • Statistics in real time, divided per channel

What's nice is that Oct8ne also offers plenty of tutorials and training sessions, so your team will get the hang of the coviewing technology in no time.

Shipping Tracker

Shipping Tracker
FeaturesShipment tracking
Free planNo

Shipping Tracker is an extension that allows your customers to track the status of their orders. The great thing about this extension is that the user doesn't need to log in – all they need is their email address and the order ID number.

With Shipping Tracker, you will be able to:

  • Redirect the customer to the tracking page of third-party carriers
  • Send order tracking links to customers
  • Add a page on your website for shipment tracking
  • Easily manage the extension from the admin panel

Providing your customers with the ability to track their orders is a great way to build engagement and provide transparency, so make sure to add this feature to your eCommerce website.


FeaturesAutomated VAT return calculation and filing
Free planFree trial

For business owners, keeping up with all the taxes and the latest regulations can be exhausting and time-consuming. Luckily, LOVAT has a solution.

Their Magento extension saves you countless hours and takes care of complex accounting tasks such as:

  • Accurate VAT calculation
  • Filing taxes
  • Tax audit preparation

Another great thing is that LOVAT also sends out notifications about upcoming deadlines and provides live support in case you have any questions. Staying compliant with VAT regulations is extremely important for any kind of business, so if you want to make sure all of your taxes are calculated and filed on time, try out LOVAT.

Free Gift

Free Gift1
FeaturesAdd gifts to cart
Free planNo

There's no better way to attract customers to your online store than by offering discounts or gifts. With the Free Gift extension, giving gifts is easy – you have plenty of options to set it up so free items automatically appear in your customers' carts.

The Free Gift extension offers these features:

  • Gifts are added automatically
  • Gift information is displayed on product pages
  • Easy to configure and set up
  • Allows your customers to choose a gift they prefer

This extension not only takes work of your administrator's shoulders but also improves the customer satisfaction and experience, so make sure to check out Free Gift if you're looking for new ways to increase your sales.

Ideal Postcodes

Ideal Postcodes
FeaturesAddress validation
Free planFree trial

When running an online business, making sure your customers enter their addresses correctly is extremely important. Not only misspelled addresses can cause extra shipping and return costs but can also prove to be fraudulent. Luckily, Ideal Postcodes has got your back.

This extension uses the most accurate and up-to-date data to verify an address and boasts these useful features:

  • Adds address finder to address forms and admin pages
  • Real-time validation corrects and resolves incomplete or incorrect addresses entered by users
  • It is screen reader compatible so people with visual disabilities can find addresses easily

Most importantly, Ideal Postcodes speeds up the checkout process, making the customer experience extra smooth. So, if you're looking for a solution that would prevent fraud and failed deliveries by making sure your customers' shipping information is reliable, check out Ideal Postcodes.


FeaturesGDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA compliance
Free planYes

With so many new data protection laws and regulations coming out every day, it is truly a hassle to keep up and stay compliant. That's why TRUENDO offers an easy-to-use solution that is regularly updated and lets virtually anyone make their website or an app compliant within minutes.

This all-in-one extension includes features like:

  • Automated scanning for any features on your website or app that collect data
  • Options for geo control
  • Available in 31 languages
  • Customizable cookie consent banners and privacy widgets

Data privacy is especially important at TRUENDO, that's why this company makes it extremely easy for organizations of all sizes to stay compliant and for users to exercise their data rights.

Alepay Payments

Alepay Payments
FeaturesOnline payment gateway, accepts various payment types
Free planNo

AlePay Payments is an extension that allows your Magento store to process a variety of payment methods, from debit or credit cards to local payment methods like mobile banking apps.

With AlePay Payments, you can:

  • Accept all major debit and credit cards
  • Off instalment payments
  • Support Magento one-step checkout
  • Use REST API for mobile payments

Offering a variety of payment options increases sales and makes your website appear trustworthy, so don't miss out on AlePay Payments and improve the checkout experience for your customers.


FeaturesPayment orchestration
Free planNo

Gr4vy is another extension on the list that manages payments, transactions, and services. What makes Gr4vy different, is that it is built natively in the cloud – allowing you to scale easily and control the whole infrastructure from anywhere.

The Gr4vy extension offers:

  • The ability to offer multiple global payment options and providers (ApplePay and GooglePay, major BNPL providers, digital wallets, cards, and more)
  • Options to easily extend global and local payments through your existing dashboard
  • The power to optimize for risk, cost and redundancy

If you're looking to modernize your payment infrastructure, make sure to check out Gr4vy. The platform is super intuitive, gives you a clear view of your payment landscape and takes care of scalability, empowering you to focus on your business.

Transactional Email Tester

Transactional Email Tester
FeaturesTransactional email testing
Free planNo

Editing transactional emails can be quite tricky on the Magento platform. There aren't many options for customization and merchants are unable to test out email templates before they are sent out to their customers. Luckily, an extension by ArgonDigital offers a solution.

With their Transactional Email Tester, merchants don't have to create an account and place an order just to see what the confirmation email would look like – the extension allows you to preview and send out the message to your team before it is launched on your website.

This extension also includes:

  • Integration with the Magento Default Template Editor
  • Testing with real store data
  • Option to test template variables

Informational emails can be a great opportunity to upsell, so don't miss out and make your messages more engaging with Transactional Email Tester today.

Best Magento extensions: final recommendations

Setting up an online store and choosing from all the tools available on the Magento marketplace can be exhausting. Since there are so many options, even picking from the best ones can be a challenge.

That's why here is a quick recap of the most useful extensions mentioned in this article:

  1. Stripe – payments platform used by leading online businesses.
  2. Yotpo – marketing platform that helps you gain customers for life.
  3. LiveChat – customer support automation tool.
  4. Richpanel – allows you to build a self-service customer support system.
  5. Klaviyo – tool that uses customer data to create engaging messages.
  6. TaxJar – sales tax compliance simplified with automation.
  7. Gorgias – delivers a unified view of all of your customer communications.
  8. DataFeedWatch – a tool that automates and optimizes data feeds.
  9. SimiCart – develop a mobile app for your eCommerce business.
  10. Store Pickup – offers your customers options and information about store pickup.
  11. Poptin – delivers personalized, friendly pop-ups.
  12. ShipperHQ – an extension to manage your shipping.
  13. PluginHive – completely automates your shipping processes.
  14. Oct8ne – allows you use images and screen sharing when providing customer support.
  15. Shipping Tracker – allows your customers to track their orders without log in.
  16. LOVAT – automatically calculates and fills VAT returns.
  17. Free Gift – automatically adds gifts to your customers' carts.
  18. Ideal Postcodes – verifies your customer's addresses to ensure smooth shipping.
  19. TRUENDO – ensures compliance with the latest data privacy regulations.
  20. AlePay Payments – offers your customers a variety of payment options.
  21. Gr4vy – a cloud native payment orchestration platform.
  22. Transactional Email Tester – allows you to test out and preview your transactional messages.

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