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38 Best Zapier Apps to Automate Workflows and Maximize Productivity

Zapier is one of the most popular and effective tools out there that you can use to automate and enhance your workflows. It's an online automation platform that allows you to connect web apps to automate repetitive tasks and save time.

However, choosing the best Zapier apps can be a challenging task, as there are thousands of them available on the Zapier marketplace.

That’s where this guide comes into place. It contains the 38 best Zapier apps that you can use to automate your daily workflows and enhance your productivity.

Best Zapier Apps: Our detailed list

Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or someone who works online and performs repetitive tasks daily, using Zapier can be a huge time saver. It allows you to connect different applications to automate workflows and maximize your efficiency.

Here’s our detailed list of the best Zapier apps that’ll help you in choosing the right tools for your needs and enhance your Zapier experience.


FeaturesComprehensive CRM and ERP system available for web, Windows, iOS, and Android
Free versionFree trial

Firmao is a cloud-based management software that makes it easy to manage your business processes from anywhere in the world. It’s an advanced technology solution that provides fast performance, secure data protection, and instant information exchange between different business departments.

It has a comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module that you can use to manage sales opportunities from different sources, including mailing, cold calling, live chat, Google Ads, Facebook, and callback. The software also allows you to manage the sales process and monitor conversion rates at each stage of the sales funnel.

Another great feature of Firmao is that it can be easily integrated with Zapier, allowing you to create two triggers, including adding a contractor and a task. With this integration, you can automate processes by choosing a trigger, which then performs an action within the Firmao system. In addition, the Zapier integration capability also helps you connect Firmao to other solutions, providing greater flexibility and ease of use.

Key features:

  • CRM with sales opportunities from multiple sources
  • Work time monitoring
  • Task and project management
  • Easy invoicing for customers with custom appearance
  • Marketing lead generation with email campaigns, cold calling, and live chat
  • ERP system to manage a warehouse, supply chain, sales, stocks, HR, finance and accounts, assets, and projects
  • Ability to design sales processes, circulate documents, and automate work with defined business rules

Firmao offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing all aspects of a business, including CRM, ERP, project management, time tracking, and invoicing. It’s an all-in-one Zapier app for small businesses to streamline their operations.


FeaturesAccess controls/permissions, calendar management, graphical workflow editor
Free versionFree trial

Flowster is a workflow and process management application that automates repetitive tasks between team members and clients. With a library of over 1,000 pre-made templates, it allows you to create detailed business processes quickly and easily.

It makes for a great tool for managers to monitor everything their teams are doing, including employee progress, receive status updates, and track activity from a dashboard. It works on the basis of conditional logic and shows employees only the work that needs to be done.

Another key feature of Flowster is its integration with Zapier, allowing you to connect it to more than 1,000 apps, including Google Sheets, Trello, HubSpot, and Slack, seamlessly. Not only does it streamline your workflows and automate repetitive tasks but it also saves you time to focus on more important business operations.

Key features:

  • Quickly create process templates
  • Collaborative workflows with employee progress tracking
  • Large library of pre-made templates
  • Conditional logic to show only relevant work
  • Schedule recurring workflows
  • Forms to capture structured data

Flowster is a workflow and process management app that comes with a library of pre-made templates and integrations with other apps using Zapier. It makes it easy to create and execute detailed business processes with minimum effort.


FeaturesStreamlines debt collections and recoveries, campaign management with detailed reports
Free versionFree trial

Legodesk is an innovative debt resolution platform specifically designed for lenders. It helps simplify legal processes by offering a fully-automated end-to-end solution that includes features like delinquency tracking, collaboration tools, and strategy deployment.

The platform integrates with LMS, CRM, or LOS to create a unified profile of the defaulter. You can use it to manage overdue accounts, resolve disputes, and serve legal notices digitally or by post. It also offers features for campaign management, billing, invoicing, and reporting.

As a Zapier app, legodesk can connect to a wide range of productivity apps, such as Gmail, HubSpot, and Calendly, to help you streamline end-to-end client management.

Key features:

  • Dynamic recovery strategies with auto-mode and workflows
  • Legal notice management with predefined workflows
  • Matter management with collaboration tools
  • Campaign management with court-compliant delivery reports
  • Billing and invoicing with tax-compliant bills
  • Reporting with data in the desired format and visualization

In short, legodesk is an all-in-one platform that helps lenders in their debt resolution and collection processes. It streamlines operations, automates legal processes, and provides robust reporting options to optimize resources.


FeaturesCustomized online invoicing, payment processing, and contract management
Free versionFree trial

Clientary is a services automation platform that helps businesses manage clients, proposals, projects, invoices, contractors, payments, and staff. It offers a full suite of features to streamline client lifecycles and keep all the necessary information in one place.

This Zapier app offers a wide range of features, including custom branding options, role-based permissions, cloud access from different devices, and expense tracking. Additionally, you can easily integrate it with tons of other apps, such as Microsoft Excel, Dropbox, and Toggl, through Zapier to make your workflows more efficient.

Clientary also provides a custom, branded portal for clients to access documents, invoices, and project status. It provides your clients with the confidence they need to continue moving forward and working with your business.

Key features:

  • Proposals and estimates with signature gathering
  • Invoicing and payments with a credit card, ACH, and offline methods
  • Time tracking and project management with budgets, deadlines, and varying rates
  • Custom-branded client portal with project status and historical invoices
  • Expense tracking and re-billing
  • Customizable with company colors and logo
  • Role-based permissions for team collaboration
  • Cloud access from any device

Clientary makes for one of the best Zapier apps for businesses to take care of client management, payment and time tracking, and online invoicing.


FeaturesSocial media scheduling tool
Free version14-day free trial

SocialBee is an incredibly useful social media management tool that comes packed with a ton of features to help your business with its social media campaigns. This tool allows you to manage your social media accounts all from one place. This includes creating, scheduling, publishing, and analyzing posts.

SocialBee works like a one-stop shop for all your social media accounts. Once you're logged in, your home page dashboard will prompt you to connect to your social media account. But perhaps its best feature involves automating your social media postings.

This feature allows you to schedule your posts so that you don't have to do it manually every day. This gives you room to focus on what’s important. It also has a content recycling feature, which means your posts can be shared multiple times without you having to do anything.

You can also create different categories for your content and set up evergreen content to be re-shared automatically. This can help keep your social media accounts active and engaging. Plus, SocialBee offers analytics and reports, which come in handy if you want to see how your social media accounts are performing and adjust as necessary.

Key features:

  • Social media scheduling
  • AI content generation
  • Manage your social media profiles from one place
  • Content creation with Canva
  • Analytic features

In summary, SocialBee is a social media management tool that allows you to create, schedule, publish and analyze your posts. It also allows you to manage your social media profiles in one place, gathering more leads with less effort.


FeaturesWell-designed cloud infrastructure for fast email delivery
Free versionNo

Mailazy is a powerful transactional email delivery tool that helps businesses reach their customers in just 4 steps, including email verification, domain authentication, integration, and email delivery. It makes for a simple yet efficient solution for sending transactional emails, such as welcome emails, OTP emails, verification emails, password reset emails, and more.

The platform allows you to send emails either through SMTP integration or a simple HTTP REST interface and eliminates the complexities associated with large-scale email sending. From logs and analytics to webhooks and high scalability options, it has everything you need to send and track your emails effectively.

You can also integrate this online tool with Zapier and connect it to other useful apps to improve your productivity. These apps include MailChimp, Google Calendar, Slack, HubSpot, Gmail, Google Forms, and Salesforce.

Key features:

  • Logs and analytics to improve email performance
  • Real-time notifications and webhooks
  • Scalability at no additional cost
  • Pre-warmed up IPs for high deliverability
  • SMTP integration and RESTful APIs for seamless integration
  • Versatile solution for transactional emails

With fast email delivery, high deliverability, customer support, and budget-friendly prices, Mailazy is a great solution for people looking to simplify their email communication process.


FeaturesInvoice and report creation, client management, expense and payment tracking
Free versionFree trial

InvoiceBerry is an excellent invoicing and expense-tracking solution that helps you save time and money. It offers a range of features designed to simplify your expense-related processes, making it easier to keep track of your finances.

Another useful feature of this app is its ability to create professional invoices within seconds. You can choose from a range of readymade professional templates or upload your own logos if you want. The app also allows you to add your invoice items, customer details, and payment methods with ease.

InvoiceBerry supports several online payment methods, including PayPal, Square, WePay, and Stripe, so that your customers can pay their invoices easily. You can also connect it with thousands of other apps, including QuickBooks, MailChimp, Google Sheets, and Slack, to help you streamline your workflows.

Key features:

  • Send invoices by email
  • Create professional invoices in seconds
  • Keep track of who's paid and who hasn't
  • Accept payments online
  • Smart invoicing for small businesses and freelancers
  • Send recurring invoices
  • Convert quotes into invoices with one click
  • Send invoice reminders to non-paying customers

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use online expense management and invoicing tool that can be integrated with Zapier, then InvoiceBerry could be the best option.


FeaturesVisual bug reporting for apps and websites, user feedback surveys
Free versionFree trial

Gleap is a customer feedback tool that helps you strengthen your customer relationships, improve products based on feedback, and boost sales. It provides in-app bug reporting for apps and websites, which automatically logs all visual and technical data needed to troubleshoot issues.

The app also features live chat for support teams to talk to clients on a personal level and answer and resolve their questions and queries. It also allows you to utilize the power of automation to send targeted in-app messages to users in order to drive activation, retention, and conversion.

Another great feature of Gleap is the public product roadmap that allows you to discover the features your users want in your product. Additionally, you can easily integrate it with popular tools like Zapier, Slack, GitHub, Zendesk, Jira, HubSpot, and Webhooks, to maximize efficiency.

Key features:

  • In-app bug reporting with automatic logging of technical and visual data
  • Live chat for support teams
  • Automated messaging for activation, retention, and conversion
  • Release notes for product users
  • Public product roadmap and feature request software
  • User feedback surveys directly integrated into the app or website

Gleap is a single-stop solution to listen to the voice of your customers and improve your products. It allows you to strengthen your relationships with customers and increase retention and sales.


FeaturesArtist Management Software
Free versionYes

Stagent is a software solution designed to make work easier for professionals in the music and entertainment industry. This software is specifically designed for two types of teams – agencies and individual artists.

Agencies can benefit a lot by using Stagent’s software solution. For instance, it streamlines booking for booking agencies and automates itineraries, all while keeping it paperless. You don't need to have printers and scanning machines, as you can get your contracts and documents signed electronically.

The same features are tailored for individual artists too, allowing you to be the best artist you can be while helping you stay organized.

Key features:

  • Streamlined communication with team members
  • Finance tracking
  • Automated itineraries
  • Organized bookings, contacts, and invoices
  • Multi Bookings for multiple artists, even within the same event
  • E-signatures
  • Integrations with over 5,000 tools and apps with Zapier
  • Analytics
  • Online payments

In summary, Stagent is an all-in-one solution that allows artists, management teams, and booking agencies to bypass the logistical challenges they face in the entertainment industry.


FeaturesProfessional email creation, advanced email tracking, automated marketing
Free versionFree trial

Cyberimpact is an email marketing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. It’s known for its user-friendly interface, a wide range of email marketing tools, and excellent customer service, which is available in English and French through chat, email, or phone.

It comes with mobile-optimized email and image editors, enabling you to create professional-looking emails that’ll look great on any device. In addition, it offers real-time statistics to help you measure your email marketing results and make data-driven decisions.

Lastly, Cyberimpact integrates with Zapier, which means you can connect it to other platforms, such as Facebook Lead Ads, Shopify, ClickFunnels, and Leadpages, that you use every day.

Key features:

  • Helps you comply with Canada’s anti-spam laws
  • Easy to import contacts from Excel
  • Email templates optimized for mobile devices
  • Collects more information about your contacts
  • Includes various tools to create and modify images
  • User-friendly email editor to generate stunning emails
  • Enables the creation of custom newsletter subscription forms

Cyberimpact is designed to make your email marketing campaigns easy and efficient to help you increase customer loyalty and increase sales.


FeaturesOpen-source and free e-commerce platform, with over 13000 themes and modules
Free versionFree to download and install (a small fee to create an OpenCart store)

OpenCart is an open-source e-commerce platform that provides businesses with the ability to launch and manage their online stores. It’s a free-to-download app that offers lifetime support and updates. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it simple to manage products, orders, and store information.

The platform supports multi-store management to help you manage multiple stores from a single interface. This includes the ability to set products for different online stores, use specific themes for each store, and localize websites.

OpenCart is best suited for organizations that understand the basics of website setup and development tasks. However, it’s user-friendly and easy to use, which means that businesses with no web experience can also use it. It’s also PCI-compliant and offers a wide range of payment and shipping options.

Key features:

  • Unlimited categories and products
  • Extendable with templates
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Over 8 shipping methods and over 20 payment gateways
  • Backup and restore tools
  • Discount coupon system
  • Shipping calculations based on weight and size
  • Printable invoices

OpenCart is one of the best open-source e-commerce platforms that you can use for free. It allows you to create and launch your own customized store to start selling your products online.


FeaturesMultistreaming, monetization of live streams, create branded livestreams
Free versionFree plan available

Flutin is a professional live video streaming platform that allows you to monetize and stream your pre-recorded or real-time videos. You can multistream your branded streams in HD quality to more than 30 streaming platforms, including Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

That platform allows you to create hype for your content beforehand and monetize it to earn money. It also makes it possible to make your live sessions SEO-friendly by setting unique titles and descriptions for each streaming destination.

You can use Flutin to promote your brand by hosting live product exhibits and service tutorials to reach a larger potential customer base. On top of that, you can also integrate it with other apps you use, including Facebook Pages, Google Calendar, Eventbrite, and Discord, through Zapier to automate your workflows.

Key features:

  • Stream videos on over 30 platforms quickly and easily
  • Broadcast live streams in HD quality
  • Schedule pre-recorded videos and promote them on social media
  • Publish Facebook event cards directly from the studio
  • Get a shareable link for your scheduled event
  • Optimize SEO for live sessions
  • Host private live shows and sell online tickets
  • Earn tips during live events
  • Monetize live sessions via paid requests feature

If you’re looking for a Zapier-integrable live streaming tool that allows you to monetize your content and promote your brand, you can consider using Flutin.


FeaturesComprehensive SMS service for businesses to get in touch with their customers
Free versionYes

GatewayAPI is a cloud-based SMS gateway that enables businesses to send text messages to their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. It comes with a user-friendly dashboard that you can use to send SMS messages to a large number of recipients in seconds, track campaigns, and engage with your audiences in real time.

One of the best features of this platform is that it allows you to set up your account without having any technical knowledge or experience. In addition, GatewayAPI offers support on weekdays 9-16 UTC+1 and 24/7 with an extended SLA.

Another key feature of GatewayAPI is that it boasts an uptime of over 99.99% on its SMS API. It means you can feel confident that your business can always reach its customers. The platform also offers multiple add-on services that can help you strengthen your business’s SMS campaigns.

For example, it offers virtual numbers that you can use to send SMS messages in countries where a virtual number is required. The company also takes security seriously and has leading compliance and security measures in place to protect customers' data.

You can integrate Gatewayapi with Zapier to connect it to other tools, such as HubSpot, Unbounce, Google Sheets, and Gmail, to improve your workflows.

Key features:

  • Intuitive dashboard and user-friendly interface
  • Uptime of over 99.99% on its SMS API
  • Direct connections by default for Premium Message Class
  • Add-on services such as shortcodes, virtual numbers, and keywords
  • SMS automation and email to SMS
  • Virtual numbers for SMS donations, customer support, competitions, and polls
  • Tough SSL and leading security measures
  • Support on weekdays 9-16 UTC+1 and 24/7 with an extended SLA

GatewayAPI is a powerful and affordable cloud-based SMS gateway for businesses to send SMS messages to their customers, employees, and other stakeholders.


FeaturesCreate, edit, publish, and monetize interactive videos, onboardings, stories, and how-to guides
Free versionYes

Viqeo is a unique video solution that allows you to create, edit, publish, and monetize videos for your business. It comes with an intuitive video editor that can help you create any type of video content, from Google web stories and social media marketing videos to brand-lift surveys and ad creatives.

The video platform allows you to create interactive videos and change the color scheme of the player so that it matches your brand. Additionally, you can also add a poll to your video and get viewer results in real time.

Another great feature of Viqeo is that it has non-linear playback functionality. It means that you can change what the video shows depending on what choices people make. This feature makes sure that the message you're delivering is speaking directly to the target audience.

Viqeo also has a statistics dashboard that provides you with important metrics like poll results and views engagement. This information helps you understand how your videos are performing and how you can improve them. The best thing about these metrics is that you don’t need to be a data geek to understand them to optimize your content.

Lastly, it’s possible to integrate Viqeo with Zapier, which means you can connect it to thousands of other tools that you’re using. Some of the most popular ones include Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, HubSpot, and Trello.

Key features:

  • Customizable video player with multiple features and presets
  • Interactive content creation with non-linear playback and polls
  • Real-time analytics reporting with relevant metrics like views, engagement, and poll results
  • Integration with Zapier to connect to popular apps
  • Customizable player appearance and behavior settings for web pages
  • Pre-made templates for social media storytelling

Viqeo is an excellent tool for businesses that focuses on video marketing to enhance their content quality to generate more sales.


FeaturesEmail finder for lead generation, email address quality verification
Free versionYes

Minelead is a powerful email search tool that helps businesses and individuals find email addresses for any company using their domain name. The app offers a powerful email finder that allows you to perform real-time company email lookups to find emails quickly, without wasting valuable time.

The app also offers an email verifier to check email quality and verify email deliverability for maximum campaign efficiency. Another great feature of the app is that it offers a browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox. You can use this extension to search for emails quickly and easily while browsing the web.

We also liked Minelead’s bulk operation feature that allows you to search for, find, and verify thousands of company emails at once. The services it offers work in real-time, which means it provides you with fresh and working emails, instead of returning them from an outdated database.

In addition to its powerful features, Minelead integrates with Zapier seamlessly. It enables you to connect it to thousands of popular apps, including Gmail, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Google Sheets, ActiveCampaign, Microsoft Outlook, Asana, and LinkedIn. It’s one of the best ways to automate your workflows and have more time for what matters the most.

Key features:

  • Real-time company email lookup
  • Email verifier for maximum campaign efficiency
  • Browser extension for quick and easy email lookup while browsing the web
  • Create custom email lists with favorite emails and leads collection
  • Bulk operations for searching, finding, and verifying emails for multiple companies at once
  • Integrates with Zapier to connect it to thousands of popular apps

Minelead is a powerful tool for sales and marketing professionals who need to build targeted campaigns, grow their network, or conduct market research. With its powerful features and real-time capabilities, businesses can target the right people at the right time to increase their conversion rates.


FeaturesChatbots, popups, emails, push notifications, visitors’ behavior tracking, and live chat in one inbox.
Free version7 days trial

Dashly platform is created to drive the conversion of your marketing communications with customers. It provides your marketing and sales team with solutions for automated lead generation and customer engagement marketing campaigns.

With Dashly, you can personalize and segment them by customer’s email, name, ID, location, and website behavior like button clicking, filling out a lead form, opening an email, visiting a pricing page, etc.

Integrating this platform with Zappier allows you to transfer lead data to your CRM or other services and vice versa.

For example, all the phone numbers collected by Dashly popups will be transferred to your CRM. That means you can use this database to send them SMS via TextMagic. Or launch a triggered email campaign in Dashly using leads collected with Facebook Lead Ads. you can integrate this app with Zapier to connect it to other tools you use for your business.

It also can be tools like Salesforce, LeadSquared, Shopify, Gmail, ActiveCampaign, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and HubSpot.:

Key features:

  • Website visitors’ behavior and data tracking
  • Chatbots
  • Live chat
  • Pop-ups
  • Push notifications
  • Triggered emails
  • Campaigns and team performance analytics
  • One inbox for all customer communications
  • Lead cards with customers’ data
  • Ready-made templates
  • 30+ integrations

You need no coding skills to set up Zappier integration or launch marketing campaigns in Dashly. The platform provides its users with a visual builder. In a powerful combo with ready-made templates, launching a chatbot or pop-up will take 10 minutes. If you need something extra, there team of experts ready to help you any time.


FeaturesGlobal print-on-demand services, 50+ ready-to-use integrations, 241 print locations in 104 countries, ready-to-grow integrations
Free versionYes

Cloudprinter.com is a global print platform that offers print-on-demand services to help businesses expand their reach. With over 241 print locations in 104 countries, the platform provides you with access to a vast network of print partners and suppliers to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.

The platform also offers a wide range of print products and templates, to help you create high-quality, customized print materials that meet your brand’s specific needs. It comes with a smart dashboard to keep track of your print jobs and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

The platform also includes a PDF file checker and modifier to make sure that each file meets the format requirements and matches your product specifications. Additionally, it also offers a 24/7 customer support team, making it easy for businesses to get help whenever needed.

You can integrate this app with other tools you use through Zapier. It allows you to streamline your workflows and sync data between multiple apps such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Slack, Trello, and Shopify.

Key features:

  • Global print fulfillment with access to over 241 print locations in 104 countries
  • 5000+ ready-to-use templates for a wide range of print products
  • High-quality production with constant quality checks across all print facilities
  • Smart dashboard for real-time updates and access to important data and insights
  • PDF file checker and modifier to ensure files meet necessary format requirements
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable practices with reduced carbon emissions
  • Print automation features with Print API and Print Apps for fast and easy integration

Cloudprinter.com is a powerful print platform that’s changing the way print sourcing takes place. It helps you automate your print jobs and global fulfillment to expand your outreach and save time.


FeaturesEasy custom form creation without extra code, automation of internal workflows through integration with other tools, easy form sharing
Free versionFree plan + 14-day free trial on paid plans

Designed for modern web projects, Basin is a popular form automation tool that allows you to create custom front-end form experiences without the engineering lift on the backend. It was founded in 2017 to help businesses, developers, and designers speed up and enhance their form development and management workflows.

Basin can connect to any type of form and accepts submissions from static sites, no-code projects, jamstack apps, and popular platforms like Webflow and WordPress. It can be integrated without any special libraries, extra configurations, or dependencies. All you need to do is point your form at Basin and start accepting submissions.

Other than collecting submissions, Basin blocks spam, sends notification and auto-response emails, and can also trigger integrations with connected apps, helping you save valuable time and resources that can instead be spent on more important tasks that add value to your business.

Another great feature of Basin is that you can easily integrate it with tools like Zapier, Make, and Integrately, which allows you to send submission data downstream to other apps and services your business already uses. For example, by integrating Basin with Zapier, you can configure your lead capture forms to trigger follow-up emails/messages automatically and add leads to your CRM. It helps you streamline your internal workflows and personalize your customer experience.

Key features:

  • Build custom forms without the engineering lift
  • Automates repetitive tasks to speed up internal workflows
  • Connects forms to thousands of popular apps and services using Zapier
  • Provides a submission inbox to view, share, and manage form submissions
  • Stores and accesses up to 10GB of files and images
  • Provides form sharing for clients and team members
  • Offers data retention and domain restriction
  • Provides form analytics to monitor form traffic and conversion rates
  • Ensures GDPR compliance by sending data receipt emails automatically

Basin is a great tool for businesses to create and publish backend forms quickly and easily. It integrates with countless tools through Zapier to help you automate your internal workflows and save time and resources.


FeaturesTemp and shift-based workforce management, AI-powered tools to automate repetitive operational work, worker retention and timekeeping tools
Free versionFree trial

Ubeya is a workforce management solution designed for businesses and staffing agencies that work with shift-based employees. The app provides a complete solution to optimize different processes, such as scheduling, time and attendance, compliance, communication and payroll.

It’s an AI-powered tool that offers an intelligent demand forecasting feature to help you schedule the right employees at the right times. Additionally, it also encourages employees to pick up shifts that suit them the best to keep them happy and satisfied.

The platform's automation capabilities reduce administrative work to a minimum, allowing you to focus on more critical tasks. For example, you can automate the entire basic communication with your temp workers, including availability check, confirmation, reconfirmation and create any automated workflow to collect information from your workers pre or post shift.

Ubeya is one of the industry's first platforms that manage an entire workforce, including internal and external workers, in one place. You can integrate it with Zapier, which will help you to connect it with thousands of popular apps, such as Google Calendar, Recruit CRM, Slack, and HubSpot, to automate your workflows.

Key features:

  • Create shifts and positions
  • Instantly message individuals or teams with automatic group/job chats
  • Track real-time employee working hours with geolocation GPS mobile time clock
  • Receive automated payroll reports based on dynamic wages and positions
  • Analyze jobs and P&L with Ubeya insights and financial forecasts
  • Manage all workforce, internal and external, in one place
  • Zapier integration for connecting with thousands of popular apps

Ubeya is a complete solution for businesses and staffing agencies to manage their shift-based workers efficiently.


FeaturesCustomer review and reputation management, analysis and optimization of customer experience
Free versionFree trial

ReviewTrackers is a powerful reputation management software that allows businesses to monitor, analyze, and manage online reviews from multiple platforms like Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, and more. It’s a cloud-based solution that provides an intuitive dashboard, making it easy for you to collect customer feedback.

One of the key features of this platform is that it uses machine-learning technology to discover insights from reviews. It comes with a powerful analytics and reporting engine to help you find insightful data about customer experience and identify areas for improvement.

In addition, ReviewTrackers can be integrated with Zapier, which means you can link it to other tools you use for your business. Some of the most popular tools that can be linked with ReviewTrackers through Zapier include Slack, Google Sheets, Asana, Salesforce, Zendesk, and HubSpot.

Key feature:

  • Monitor reviews on different online platforms, such as Facebook, Google, and TripAdvisor
  • Centralize all review data in a single app
  • Respond to customers instantaneously
  • Request reviews via simple, easy-to-use SMS and email campaigns
  • Analyze performance with powerful analytics and reporting engine
  • Generate new reviews with the Review Request tool
  • Unlock actionable customer insights
  • Integration with Zapier to streamline workflows

ReviewTrackers is a powerful reputation management app that can help businesses of all sizes unlock actionable customer insights, improve their reputation, and drive growth.


FeaturesWebinar creation and management, built-in email and landing pages, analytics to see how webinars are performing
Free versionFree trial

WebinarNinja is a cloud-based platform for creating and managing webinars of various types, including hybrid, on-demand, automated, live, summits, and series. The application offers an intuitive interface and a variety of customizable features to simplify the process of creating, launching, and managing webinars. You can also use it to store and manage all webinar-related content in a centralized repository for future use.

One of the best features of this app is that it comes with several marketing tools. They allow you to configure automatic notifications to send confirmation/reminder emails for events to registrants. They can also be used to run drip or one-time marketing campaigns to promote your webinars.

To use the data generated through your webinars effectively, you can integrate WebinarNinja with Zapier. It’ll allow you to connect the app to other tools you use, such as Constant Contact, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, and Mailchimp, to streamline your workflow.

Key features:

  • Create hybrid, on-demand, automated, live, summits, and series webinars with ease
  • Built-in (customizable) thank you and registration landing pages to establish brand identity
  • Multiple presenters, automated recording and archiving, GDPR compliance, screen sharing, and polls
  • Powerful marketing tools for improved engagement and conversion rates
  • Integration with Zapier to connect WebinarNinja to third-party tools
  • Create pre-packaged sales offers and embed them into presentations

WebinarNinja is an ideal solution for creators and coaches who want to create and manage engaging webinars with ease.


FeaturesHandwritten direct mail marketing at scale, AI-powered handwriting
Free versionFree trial

Scribeless is an automated direct mail marketing platform that enables you to generate and retain more business with handwritten notes. It uses AI technology to recreate real handwriting and can send notes at scale, be it 1 or 100,000. The notes are written on premium card material and are 100% realistic, giving a personal touch to your marketing efforts.

The platform offers a variety of handwriting styles to choose from and allows you to add images to your notes, making it possible to customize your mail marketing.

By using Scribeless, you can show your customers that you care, save time and money, and avoid a sore wrist. It also allows you to integrate your Scribeless campaign with other useful apps on Zapier, including HubSpot, Shopify, ShipStation, and Typeform, to improve your marketing efficiency.

Key features:

  • AI-powered handwriting technology on premium card material
  • Wide variety of handwriting styles
  • Free industry expertise and strategy calls
  • Customizable with dynamic QR codes, images, and handwriting
  • Local facilities on both coasts of the USA, and in the UK and Mainland Europe

Scribeless makes for a great platform for all businesses that want to send personalized handwritten notes to their customers in a quick, affordable, and scalable way.


FeaturesApproval workflows automation, sequential approval steps, advance conditional logic, over 5000 API integrations through Zapier
Free versionFree trial

Approveit is a powerful app that simplifies approval workflows throughout your organization. This unique functionality allows you to save time and resources while making sure that all the approvals are taking place correctly.

Another great feature of this platform is that it allows you to automate the approval process without coding knowledge, extensive onboarding, or complex setups. You can set it up within a few minutes to bring order and transparency to your approval workflows. What makes the process even easier is that you can use the Approveit smartphone app on your mobile to process pending approvals.

The platform integrates with over 5,000 apps and systems through Zapier, enabling automation not only for the approval process but also for post-approval actions. This wide range of integrations ensures seamless connectivity and functionality.

Key features:

  • Streamline approvals using your existing communication channels
  • Build custom approval forms for your team
  • Maintain an unchangeable approval history for compliance
  • Integrations with over 5,000 apps using Zapier
  • Easy to set up with no complex configurations
  • Access and export approval data for compliance audits
  • Enhance efficiency and productivity with automated workflows

Approveit is an excellent app for marketing teams, HR managers, finance employees, and IT professionals to create custom approval forms, automate post-approval actions, and maintain a secure and auditable approval history.


FeaturesPDF generation automation, 300 free PDFs a month, built-in real PDF previewer, support for external tools like Google fonts, QR Code generators, and Tailwind CSS
Free versionYes (with 300 documents per/month and 1 day of document retention)

PDFMonkey is a convenient PDF generation solution that simplifies the process of creating professional documents. It helps you save time and eliminate the need to write PDF building code or deal with complex configurations and dependencies.

This platform provides a user-friendly interface for creating different types of documents, such as contracts, receipts, invoices, and more. Generating PDFs from websites or other sources on your computer, offers flexibility in document creation.

The main functionality of the platform is that it allows you to automate the PDF generation process and integrate it into your workflows, using a simple REST API. Additionally, you can integrate it with Zapier to connect it to other tools, such as Gmail, HubSpot, Google, Sheets, Google Drive, and Shopify.

Key features:

  • Simplified PDF generation
  • Easy creation of documents like contracts, receipts, invoices, and more
  • Generating PDFs from websites or other sources on your computer
  • Automation of PDF generation through a simple REST API
  • User-friendly dashboard for template creation and management
  • Real PDF preview in the dashboard
  • Support for rendering charts using preferred chart libraries
  • Up to 300 free PDFs per month

PDFMonkey is a great tool for organizations that need to automate PDF generation, preview templates in real-time, and leverage external tools for enhanced customization.


FeaturesAdvocate’s dashboard, real-time notifications, automatic payouts, insightful analytics
Free versionFree trial

GeniusReferrals is a referral program software that simplifies the process of growing your business through customer referrals. It helps to engage with your audience, increase the odds of getting referrals, and drive sales.

The app provides you with a detailed view of all the advanced metrics of your referral campaigns to help you make informed decisions. It also makes it possible to customize your referral programs based on your business’s unique needs. Plus, it can be integrated with Zapier to help you connect it to other apps, such as HubSpot, Google Sheets, LeadConnector, and ThriveCart.

GeniusReferrals goes beyond just referral marketing, as it also offers a user-friendly solution for affiliate and influencer marketing programs. It provides your affiliates with a well-designed dashboard that showcases all the necessary information and tools needed for a successful partnership.

Key features:

  • Referral Program Creation Suite
  • Advanced tracking and monitoring tools to view detailed insights
  • Customizable referral programs to fit the specific needs of a business
  • A range of dashboards, widgets, and other monitoring tools for added flexibility
  • Superior and simplified experience for affiliate and influencer marketing programs
  • Robust portal for affiliates to access critical metrics, links, payouts

In summary, GeniusReferrals is an all-in-one Zapier app for referral, influencer, and affiliate marketing campaigns that can help you improve your customer base.


FeaturesCloud-based CRM solution, ERP system for managing operations
Free versionFree trial

OneHash is a powerful business management software that offers CRM, ERP, project management, and help desk solutions, all in one place. It allows small and medium-sized businesses to automate their processes and enhance collaborations between different departments to improve business operations and increase sales.

The app features a user-friendly interface and can be integrated with a range of popular tools such as Zapier, AWS, Slack, WooCommerce, Shopify, and PayPal. It also supports both Android and iOS for better mobility and flexibility.

Other functions that you can perform using OneHash include easy invoicing, payment tracking, employee payroll management, and advanced CRM analytics, to gain valuable insights into customer data and interactions. It also makes it easy to manage your contacts, track leads, and monitor call logs, all from a centralized and user-friendly platform.

Key features:

  • Cloud-based CRM solution for sales enablement
  • Lead tracking and management in one place
  • Live chat for customer interaction and support
  • Efficient ERP system for managing operations
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries, including education, healthcare, and finance

OneHash makes for a comprehensive business management solution for SMEs to help increase customer retention, streamline processes, and reduce error risks.


FeaturesCreate, sell, and promote online courses, a high-converting website builder
Free versionFree trial

LearnWorlds is an online course platform that helps you create, sell, and promote online courses. It offers an engaging and effective training experience for learners with interactive e-books, videos, surveys, SCORMs, certificates, assessments, and one-to-one/group sessions.

The app offers a high-converting website builder with hundreds of beautifully crafted templates and flexible and responsive designs. It also features drag-and-drop block-based website-building functionality, along with bespoke branding options.

With the advanced sales engine and marketing funnels, you can sell courses, bundles, and memberships with advanced pricing options and customizable checkout experiences.

LearnWorlds is a 100% white-label platform that requires no coding and offers a visual editor for iOS & Android native apps. Plus, you can integrate it with Zapier to connect it to a range of other apps, including Gmail, WooCommerce, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and ClickFunnels.

Key features:

  • Engaging and effective online training experience
  • Beautiful themes for course player
  • High-converting website builder with hundreds of templates
  • Advanced sales engine and marketing funnels
  • Branded mobile app with push notifications
  • Course Building Academy, live master classes, and resources library
  • 100% white-label, no-coding required

If you’re looking for an online learning platform that allows you to create, manage, and sell online courses conveniently, you can consider opting for this Zapier app.


FeaturesComprehensive IMMP
Free versionNo

Infraspeak is an IMMP (Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform) that streamlines facility management and maintenance. It’s designed to turn data into real actions that have an immediate impact on business.

This Zapier app is basically an ecosystem of IoT devices, integrations, and native apps that you can use to develop a maintenance management solution that addresses your unique operational challenges. The platform uses machine learning and AI to create and assign tasks, automate workflows, and optimize resource allocation.

Infraspeak can be connected to various third-party systems and applications, including customer service, accounting, project management tools, and IoT sensors. You can also integrate it with Zapier to link your maintenance management system to other apps, such as Amazon Alexa, Jira Software Cloud, Zendesk, and Pipefy.

Key features:

  • AI and machine learning to automate workflows and optimize resource allocation
  • User-friendly mobile and desktop interfaces for data capture
  • In-depth and customizable KPIs for maintenance performance analysis
  • Automatic and in-depth reports on maintenance-related spending
  • Preventive maintenance planning and scheduling to avoid breakdowns
  • Reliable data insights with reporting and analytics

In summary, Infraspeak is a perfect solution for facility managers who want to streamline maintenance operations and enhance communication between facilities management teams and building occupants.


FeaturesCustomer support system designed to help businesses assist customers
Free version14-day free trial

HelpDesk is a customer support system that helps businesses improve their workflow through automation. This product helps businesses provide assistance to customers in a convenient and effective way.

You’ll find many of HelpDesk’s features helpful. For instance, you can keep all your customer communication in one place. This makes it easier to track your support actions while keeping you ready for more customer interactions. It also allows you to handle tickets from different social media and email channels.

But it doesn't stop there. HelpDesk comes packed with features that allow you to integrate with various channels and tools. This boosts productivity and workflow, as many of the integrations have an automation-first approach. It also allows you to reduce your workload as you save on manual effort and time.

Key features:

  • Ticket management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Automation
  • Analytics features
  • Multichannel support

In summary, HelpDesk is a customer management system that brings automation and swift responsiveness to your overall customer communication. It allows you to keep all customer communication in one place.


FeaturesSimultaneous presenting, web conferencing, user activity reports
Free versionYes

Roi4Presenter is an innovative web service and application that allows you to create and present interactive online presentations with ease. It allows you to make multiple presentations at the same time, even without your personal presence.

Avoid “ping-pong” scheduling for a convenient time for everybody involved in the decision-making with ROI4Presenter. After uploading your presentation to the service, you can send personalized links to interactive presentations within a few clicks directly from your mailbox, CRM, or LinkedIn. Because of this, prospects will be able to see the presentation when it is convenient for them.

After sending a link to a presentation, you’ll get a notification when a person opens it, and every user’s interaction will be saved into a report. Additionally, a prospect can also initiate a call with a presenter by clicking “Call presenter” button.

Key features:

  • Create and customize presentations
  • Receive notifications about interactions during and after the presentation
  • Access to history and reports after the presentation
  • Centralized storage
  • No software installation required for viewers
  • Lead forms data sent directly to a CRM, adding it to an existing contact or creating a new one

Roi4Presenter is specially designed for sales, marketing, HR professionals, and anyone who uses presentations in their work. It offers a unique way to make online presentations more engaging and effective.


FeaturesA form builder that creates beautiful forms, surveys, and quizzes
Free versionYes

forms.app is one of the most advanced form builders in the industry. This tool is designed to simplify and streamline the process of creating and managing forms, whether it's for your business or your personal needs. forms.app allows you to create and collect forms, automate workflows with other integrations including Slack and Google Sheets.

You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to create forms, surveys, or customize design elements, and you can even customize your forms using your brand's colors and logo. Other features such as advanced analytics and reporting allow you to track and analyze the data you collect.

Some of the forms you can create using this platform include customer satisfaction surveys, contact us forms, evaluation forms, feedback forms, online order forms, online registration forms, and job application forms, just to mention a few.

Key features:

  • Form builder
  • Survey maker
  • Quiz Maker
  • Store Builder
  • Form templates
  • Integration with over 500 applications via Zapier

In summary, Form.app allows you to create a wide range of forms and surveys, collect responses instantly, and customize design elements.


FeaturesMarketing automation tool
Free versionYes

Mautic is a marketing automation platform that takes care of tedious marketing and sales tasks. It also gives users the ability to integrate with other tools while giving them valuable insights to connect at a deeper level with their audience.

Think of Mautic as an all-in-one marketing automation platform that can help you streamline your marketing efforts, saving you time and resources. It’s designed to help you build meaningful relationships with people.

But that’s not all. This powerful marketing tool helps you manage your marketing campaigns, track your website visitors, and automate your lead generation process. But perhaps one of the most convenient features of Mautic is its flexibility.

It's an open-source platform, meaning you can customize it to fit your specific needs. You can integrate it with other tools you use, such as your CRM or social media platforms, to create a seamless marketing ecosystem.

Key features:

  • Create and send personalized email campaigns
  • Track your leads' behavior
  • Design and build custom landing pages that convert
  • Schedule and publish social media posts
  • Campaign management
  • Integration with other tools such as your CRM

In summary, Mautic is one of the market's most powerful marketing automation tools that can help you save time and effort with your marketing campaigns. It's customizable, flexible, and loaded with a ton of useful features that can take your marketing to the next level.


FeaturesTools for PDF file and data extraction
Free versionYes

PDF.co is a secure and cost-effective solution for all your document-related needs. From converting, merging, splitting, and compressing, to extracting data from PDFs, this powerful digital tool has got you covered.

What's more, PDF.co is not just a standalone app, but also an API platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing software and workflows. This means you can automate your document-related tasks and streamline your workflow, saving you time, effort, and resources.

But that's not all. With PDF.co's advanced features, you can also create custom PDF forms, perform OCR on scanned documents, and even automate your document workflows with webhooks and Zapier integrations.

Key features:

  • Create re-usable low code extraction templates using the Document Parser feature.
  • PDF manager which allows you to split, merge and edit PDF documents.
  • You can fill out PDF forms, and add images, texts, and signatures to PDF documents
  • Generate PDF from HTML templates
  • Barcode readers ensure that you can extract QR codes from different PDFs, scans, or images.

Overall, PDF.co is a great document management solution that helps you simplify your workflow while saving you time, effort, and resources. It allows you to generate and manage PDF documents from scratch, whether they are from HTML, PDF templates, CSS templates, or other formats, including Docx, XLS, CVS, TXT, or PNG.


FeaturesLead Management Software
Free versionNo

Ohmylead is a powerful tool that helps you collect, manage and qualify leads. It allows you to easily track the source of your leads and organize them in one convenient place.

One of the key benefits of Ohmylead is that it saves you time. Instead of manually entering leads into a spreadsheet or database, Ohmylead does it for you automatically. This means you can spend more time focusing on other important aspects of your business.

Ohmylead also helps you stay organized. For each lead, this tool creates a smart card with all of your lead’s important contact information, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses. You can easily filter and sort your leads based on various criteria, such as location, source, or status. This makes it easy to prioritize and follow up with the most promising leads first.

Key features:

  • Collect, connect, and quality leads from various sources
  • Integrates with popular tools like Mailchimp and Salesforce
  • Landing page builder
  • Filter and sort your leads based on various criteria, such as location, source, or status.
  • Customizable reports

In summary, Ohmylead is a lead management tool that helps businesses capture and organize their leads. It saves you time by automatically entering leads into a centralized database and helps you stay organized by filtering and sorting your leads based on various criteria.


FeaturesData management software
Free versionYes

SeaTable is a powerful tool that helps you manage your data in a smarter way. If you're tired of working with traditional spreadsheets, you'll love what SeaTable has to offer. Think of it as a spreadsheet and data management software that allows you to work with different kinds of information sets, no matter how large they are.

SeaTable allows you to easily import your data from spreadsheets, databases, and other sources. Once your data is in SeaTable, you can organize it any way you like. You can create custom views, filter, and sort your data, and even create relationships between different tables.

One of the best things about SeaTable is its collaboration features. You can invite others to work on the same project with you, and everyone can see the changes in real time. You can also set permissions to control who can view or edit your data.

Key features:

  • Organize all information in one centralized place
  • Sort, filter, and group your data
  • Data management
  • Collaborate and share your work with other team members
  • Capture and display information through images and other graphics
  • Automate recurring tasks with custom scripts in Python and JS

Seatable is a powerful, user-friendly data management tool that helps you organize your data in a smart way. It allows you to import data from various sources, create custom views, filter, and sort your data regardless of the data size.


FeaturesDigital business card platform
Free versionFree trial

Popl is the fastest way to share any of your social media profiles by simply tapping your phone on another person’s phone. This solution serves as an instant way to share all your social links with the tap of a phone.

Popl is a revolutionary tool that allows you to share your contact information effortlessly. You simply hold your phone up to someone else's phone, and your information is instantly shared. But that's not all. Popl also allows you to customize your digital business card with your logo, social media links, and even a personalized video message. This makes it easy for potential clients or customers to learn more about you and your business.

This solution is designed to help you connect with potential leads or clients, save their info as a contact on your phone, and convert them into potential leads. As their branding states, you only get one first impression, so make it “pop.”

Key features:

  • Digital business card creation
  • Instant contact information sharing via QR code or NFC technology
  • Customizable with logos, social media links, and video messages
  • Multiple card designs for different purposes
  • Analytics and tracking to see who viewed and saved your card
  • Integrations with popular apps and platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn

All in all, Popl is a tool that allows you to create a digital business card that can be easily shared with anyone, anytime, anywhere. It’s the perfect tool for busy professionals who want to easily share their contact information without fumbling through their wallet or phone.


FeaturesCustomer engagement solution
Free versionFree trial

Emitrr is a customer engagement solution that provides businesses with a suite of tools to enhance their interactions with customers. It’s a comprehensive platform that allows you to streamline your customer communication processes and build more in-depth relationships with your audience.

One of Emitrr’s standout features is its ability to automate customer engagement, by digitizing your schedule entirely. Using their automation features, you can quickly and efficiently communicate with your customers. This feature is especially useful for businesses that miss customer communications outside traditional business hours, as it allows you to stay connected with your customers 24/7.

Key features:

  • Group texting
  • Broadcast/Mass texting
  • Integrations
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Automated texting
  • Schedule based texting
  • Missed call to text
  • Webchat to text

Emitrr is a customer engagement solution that provides businesses with a suite of tools designed to automate and enhance interactions with customers, with Emitrr you can easily text from a computer or a mobile device.


FeaturesProfessional software for events
Free versionYes

InEvent is an all-in-one solution designed to help companies with event management, event marketing, and event monetization. Since its inception in 2013, companies ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to start-ups have trusted InEvent with their events, meetings, and corporate travel – and it's easy to see why.

InEvent solutions help you maximize results from events and business interactions without compromising speed or security. This solution offers a streamlined approach to event planning, saving businesses time while reducing costs. InEvent provides robust data and analytics capabilities, giving businesses insights into attendee behavior, engagement, and other key metrics.

All the solutions this platform offers are straightforward and integrate easily with other tools. They include solutions for briefing management, an events calendar that makes it easy to follow the budget and ROI individually, and shareable reports, just to mention a few.

Key features:

  • All-in-one solution for event management, marketing, and monetization
  • Native integration with other solutions and software
  • 24/7 live support in many languages
  • Sort different tickets and events lists for different passes and badges
  • Helps your attendees know where to find activities and venues for in-person events
  • Data and analytics tools that enable businesses to measure the success of their events
  • Top-notch security with US-EU privacy shield

All in all, InEvents is an event management solution that enables you to manage multiple events in one place. This industry leader will help you with in-person, hybrid and virtual events, virtual live conferences, virtual meetings, virtual exhibitions, offsite events, and much more.


FeaturesRecords Data privately on Ethereum Mainnet
Free versionYes

BLOOCK is a software solution that provides a secure and scalable way to store and validate data on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s designed to overcome the challenges of scalability and capacity limitations that are commonly faced in the blockchain industry. The app ensures the highest level of digital security and allows you to record data privately.

One of the best features of this app is that it doesn’t affect the response time for uploading data to Ethereum. It allows for improved scalability and faster recording of larger amounts of data. The software is user-friendly, making it easy for you to connect any project to the scalable Ethereum world.

Another excellent feature of BLOOCK is its cost-efficiency, allowing you to connect easily to Ethereum while staying within budget. Additionally, you can link it with a range of other apps, including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Airtable, Asana, Typeform, and ActiveCampaign, using Zapier integration.

Key features:

  • Record data securely and privately on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Improved scalability with faster response time for data uploads
  • High levels of transparency and robustness from decentralized blockchain technology
  • Maintain data privacy with confidentiality on your server
  • Easy accessibility and cost-efficient Ethereum connection
  • Full traceability and provenance of data with digital security

Overall, BLOOCK is an innovative and powerful app that allows for the recording and validation of data on the Ethereum Mainnet with improved security, scalability, and privacy.


FeaturesProduct management with story mapping
Free versionFree trial

StoriesOnBoard is a comprehensive product management tool that helps businesses build better products. It’s specially designed for product teams to collect customer feedback and use custom rules to sort it out and categorize it. The app allows your teams to collaborate and create actionable feature ideas and prioritize them on a kanban board.

One of the best features of this tool is the user story mapping module, which can help your teams to create a clear backlog of user stories and keep track of development. It can also be used to invite stakeholders so that they can review the roadmap and provide real-time feedback on a unified platform.

StoriesOnBoard also features a well-designed dashboard that you can use to generate reports and export data into Excel format. It streamlines feedback, groups suggestions into ideas, and notifies clients about updates. Plus, you can also integrate it with third-party apps like Zapier, Slack, Figma, and Google Suite.

Key features:

  • Automated customer and user feedback collection
  • Collaboration in feature idea creation based on customer feedback
  • User story mapping for release planning and scope management
  • Integrations with popular issue trackers like Jira, Trello, and GitHub
  • User-friendly interactive dashboard for reporting and insights
  • Custom contracts, email notifications, access control, and more

StoriesOnBoard makes for a lightweight solution that streamlines the product development process by allowing you to gather ideas. It prioritizes and validates ideas, collects feedback, and aligns all stakeholders with a story map.


FeaturesCloud recording and podcasting studio
Free versionFree trial

SquadCast is a browser-based podcasting platform designed to help YouTubers and producers create high-quality audio and video content with ease. It eliminates the need for additional software, plugins, or extensions, making it simple and efficient for hosts, co-hosts, and guests to connect and share their voices.

The platform also offers post-production collaboration services and patent-pending cloud-based technology that allows you to produce multiple shows simultaneously. It also offers guest invitation links, HD remote video recording, and backup of audio and video files.

Another great feature of SquadCast is that it provides studio-quality video recording for up to 3 remote guests and separate audio tracks for each participant. Using this app, you can enjoy reliable and seamless remote recording with no delays, echoes, connection drops, or audio drifts. Plus, you can integrate it with Zapier and connect it to other tools, such as Transistor.fm, OneDrivePodcast.co, Trint, and Descript, to improve your workflows.

Key features:

  • High-quality audio and video recording
  • Guest invitation links
  • Green room for managing remote video interviews
  • Patent-pending progressive upload of audio files
  • Backup of audio and video files
  • Quick post-production and publishing

If you’re looking for a remote podcast recording platform that allows hosts and guests to collaborate in real-time and record high-quality audio from anywhere, you can consider using SquadCast.


FeaturesAutomated monitoring and reporting system
Free versionFree trial

With Swydo’s automated reporting you can bring your marketing data together in one platform to create comprehensive reports and dashboards. It’s designed for small to medium-sized businesses, marketing professionals, and agencies seeking a reliable marketing analytics solution.

With Swydo’s well-designed reporting module, your clients can make data-driven decisions to maximize ROI. The software allows you to create professional, branded pay-per-click, SEO, and social media reports within minutes. What makes this module even better is that it features built-in templates and widgets and also offers auto-scheduling functionality.

Swydo’s Monitoring Tool makes it easy to set up custom KPI dashboards for each of your clients conveniently in one location. It helps you maximize your return on investment by getting a quick overview and identifying which clients and campaigns require your attention to boost performance before the next reporting period.

Key features:

  • Create comprehensive and customized reports within minutes
  • Automate reporting delivery with the scheduling feature
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Visualize and measure the status of KPIs and goals
  • Promote effective collaboration among marketing teams
  • Improve time management and boost efficiency

In summary, Swydo is a great reporting and performance marketing tool for digital agencies and advertisers, allowing them to monitor and optimize ad campaigns and generate customizable, branded, and white-labeled reports.


FeaturesIn-depth testimonial creation and management
Free versionYes

Trustmary is an innovative platform designed to help organizations showcase their happy and satisfied customers by curating testimonials. The platform provides a flexible and user-friendly solution that integrates with other tools, such as CMS systems, and allows you to identify the best-performing testimonials with its analytical software.

The best thing about this Zapier app is that the entire process of collecting, optimizing, and sharing testimonials is automated. Plus, you can also set up triggers to send reminders and alerts to your customers to submit their reviews. There are some testing options available as well, such as A/B and multivariate testing to help you optimize your website for more conversions.

Trustmary can be integrated with various third-party vendors like Zapier, so that you can connect it with other tools you use, such as ActiveCampaign, WooCommerce, Pipedrive, Asana, and User.com. It allows you to customize the platform and automate your workflows to meet your specific business needs.

Key features:

  • Customizable review widgets to showcase the best testimonials
  • High-quality text and video testimonial forms
  • Feedback forms for collecting customer feedback via multiple channels
  • A/B and multivariate testing options
  • Reporting dashboard with existing templates and real-time data
  • Automated process for collecting, optimizing, and sharing reviews

If you’re looking for a single-stop platform that allows you to showcase reviews/testimonials on your website and manage your social proof easily, then Trustmary might be what you need.


FeaturesAll-in-one SaaS solution for fundraising management
Free versionFree trial

DoJiggy is a web-based fundraising management solution that’s specially designed for charities, schools, and nonprofit organizations. It offers event creation, payment processing, and donation management to help organizations manage their fundraising efforts.

This Zapier app comes with a range of specialized features, including online event registration, donation collection, and peer-to-peer fundraising. It also provides customizable registration forms, event pages, and fundraising pages that can be easily branded to match the organization's needs.

With integrated payment processing, real-time reporting and analytics, and an easy-to-use interface, DoJiggy makes it easy for nonprofits to manage and grow their fundraising campaigns. The platform also offers a wide range of integrations, such as Zapier, popular fundraising tools, and marketing platforms, to help you streamline your organizational processes.

Key features:

  • Mobile-friendly design for donations and registration anywhere
  • Fundraising thermometers and leaderboards
  • Social media integration for easy sharing
  • Prizes for top fundraisers and perks for donor levels
  • Option to add offline donations
  • Automated email confirmations and receipts
  • SMS text messages for text-to-donate

Whether you're organizing a charity walk, a gala, or a peer-to-peer campaign, DoJiggy provides a comprehensive solution to help you achieve your fundraising goals.


FeaturesProject management for teams on Slack
Free versionYes

Workast is a project management app that integrates with Slack, simplifying task management, collaboration, and productivity for teams. With Workast, you can create dedicated spaces for each project, set reminders and notifications for due dates, and get notifications from Slack directly into your account.

The app offers a variety of task tools and features, such as lists, boards, calendar view options, the ability to create and distribute tasks, add due dates and attachments, and leave comments for better communication.

Additionally, Workast offers a range of reporting options, such as custom reports for ongoing tasks, available resources, and team accomplishments. You can also utilize the power of Zapier integrations to link this tool with other apps that you use daily, including Trello, Gmail, Todoist, Google Sheets, HubSpot, Zoho Mail, and Ever Note, to make your workflows efficient.

Key features:

  • Slack integration
  • Unlimited tasks and spaces
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Meeting agendas
  • Custom reporting options

With its integrated project management, flexible task management capabilities, and seamless collaboration features, Workast is a powerful tool for keeping your team on track and getting more done in a short time.


FeaturesSMS and messaging for marketing campaigns for businesses
Free versionYes

SMSFactor is a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) platform specializing in sending professional SMS, both domestically and internationally. It offers various tools for managing SMS sending, including a constantly evolving REST API for software integration and an online platform for mass and one-off SMS messaging.

The platform provides services such as customer file cleaning, virtual mobile number rental, appointment reminders, and SMS sending by email. You can also use this app to reach your customers with important information like order updates, delivery notifications, appointment reminders, and promotional offers.

SMSFactor integrates with a variety of systems, including e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, and CRM tools. You can also connect it to Zapier and create Zaps for different apps like AWeber, Facebook Lead Ads, Many Chat, SharpSpring, and Twitter.

Key features:

  • Bulk or individual SMS sending
  • Programming and scheduling of messages
  • Personalization of both sender information and messages
  • Campaign history and reporting
  • Response receipt and template creation
  • Reseller and white-label options
  • International sending supported in over 150 countries

If you need an affordable and reliable online solution to communicate with your customers through SMS, the SMSFactor could be the best option.



Happierleads, as the name implies, is a lead-generation tool designed to help businesses track and reach out to their potential customers. With this platform, you can easily identify your anonymous website visitors, view their lead information and reach out to them to convert them into paying customers.

Another unique feature of Happierleads is the ability to segment traffic. You can create behavioral and demographic filters to segment your leads and score them automatically based on their web activity. You can export phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and email addresses of leads that show high buying intent but aren’t converting. In addition, the app also provides fresh, accurate data with its proprietary real-time lookups so that you can act on new information immediately.

Happierleads can easily be integrated with Zapier, which allows you to connect to a wide variety of email and CRM platforms, including Gmail, Email by Zapier, Mautic, HubSpot, and ActiveCampaign. It means you can connect different tools you use to make your workflows effective and efficient.

Key features:

  • Identify anonymous website visitors
  • Segment traffic with behavioral and demographic filters
  • Reach out to leads via email retargeting campaigns
  • Search for decision-makers in a robust global database
  • View lead information including phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and email addresses

It’s the only solution out there that can track website visitors in real-time and has a reactivation strategy out of the box, automatically reaching out to lost leads via email campaigns to bring them back to the funnel.


FeaturesIn-depth task management and shared inboxes
Free versionFree trial

DoneDone is a cloud-based project management solution that helps businesses track issues, manage customer support, and create custom workflows. It’s designed to simplify and streamline the process of managing tasks, making it easier for your teams to stay organized and on track.

One of the key features of this tool is the mailbox, which enables you to manage customer support and feedback by auto-forwarding company emails to a DoneDone Mailbox. This helps streamline communication between your support team and customers, making it easy to manage conversations and provide quick and personalized support.

DoneDone provides reports to help you stay on top of your team's performance goals. You can see how quickly your team is responding to support tickets and monitor progress on new project issues. The platform also offers integration with multiple third-party platforms such as Zapier, Google Drive, Github, Harvest, and Slack.

Key features:

  • Cloud-based project management solution
  • Help desk and ticket management
  • Conversation assignment and prioritization
  • Performance tracking and reporting
  • Customizable workflows
  • Mailbox for managing customer support and feedback

In summary, DoneDone is a great tool that eliminates the need for messy spreadsheets or bulky software, and allows you to view assigned and unassigned tasks, monitor progress status, and keep track of due dates and priorities.

WP All Export Pro

WP All Export Pro
FeaturesComprehensive tool to export company data in different formats
Free versionNo

WP All Export Pro is a powerful tool that makes it easy to export data from WooCommerce and WordPress websites. It’s an upgraded version of the WP All Import plugin from the same developer, with advanced features that make it easier and more convenient to export data in any format.

The app features a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that enables you to build your export within minutes. It offers comprehensive options for customizing your exports, including the ability to combine export fields, set delimiters, and process data with PHP. You can also bulk edit thousands of records simultaneously and create XML feeds for any schema you want.

WP All Export Pro also has a flexible API and powerful scheduling options, making it easy to run jobs automatically on a schedule. Lastly, you can also integrate it with Zapier to connect it to other platforms, such as Google Sheets, Box, Microsoft Excel, MailChimp, and Shopify, to automate your workflows.

Key features:

  • Advanced filters to export only necessary data
  • Drag and drop interface
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Bulk editing for thousands of posts
  • XML feeds for any schema
  • Scheduled imports and exports
  • Developer-friendly with the ability to write and test PHP code

In short, WP All Export Pro is an excellent plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress that allows you to export data from your website(s) in a customizable and flexible format for further use.


FeaturesDigital marketing and lead generation
Free versionFree trial

VBOUT is a marketing automation platform designed to help businesses automate and centralize their marketing efforts to deliver engaging and personalized experiences to their target audience. You can use this platform directly or through a white-label setup to build custom plans, manage sub-accounts, and share assets.

With a user-friendly interface, the landing page builder of the platform includes a drag-and-drop editor and an expanding library of pre-designed templates. It features email marketing tools and a centralized social media management platform to simplify your social media activities and manage them all in one place.

In addition to the features mentioned above, VBOUT also offers a visual workflow builder to automate repeated marketing tasks. The most popular Zapier integrations include WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Pipedrive, Facebook Lead Ads, MailChimp, HubSpot, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

Key features:

  • Personalized email campaigns
  • Social media management
  • Landing page creation
  • Visual workflow builder
  • Lead management system
  • Complete view of marketing pipeline, list engagement, and campaign performance

VBOUT is a transformative marketing automation software that can help you streamline and automate your marketing efforts, from email campaigns to social media management and lead tracking.

Best Zapier Apps: Final recommendations

Here's a quick rundown of the best Zapier apps, carefully selected based on their ease of use, versatility, and integration capabilities. These apps allow you to automate tedious tasks and increase efficiency by connecting your favorite web apps and services.

  • Firmao – a cloud-based business management solution designed to help companies make their processes efficient.
  • Flowster – a project management tool that helps teams organize tasks and improve daily workflows.
  • Legodesk – a well-designed debt resolution app to help lenders by simplifying legal processes.
  • Clientary – a full-suite app for small businesses to manage clients, staff, invoices, payments, leads, proposals, and projects.
  • SocialBee – s social media management tool with plenty of content creation, scheduling and analytics features.
  • Mailazy – is a simple yet powerful email automation software designed to help you increase productivity and save time by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows.
  • InvoiceBerry – an invoicing and expense-tracking platform for small businesses.
  • Gleap – a cloud-based customer feedback platform designed to help you strengthen your customer relationship.
  • Stagent - a software solution designed to make work easier for professionals in the music and entertainment industry.
  • Cyberimpact – an all-in-one email marketing platform for small businesses.
  • Opencart – an open-source e-commerce platform for online retailers to create and manage online stores.
  • Flutin – an online live video streaming platform to multistream, promote, and monetize pre-recorded or real-time videos.
  • Gatewayapi – a powerful SMS gateway that offers businesses a range of features to help them reach their target audience quickly, efficiently, and reliably
  • Viqeo – an innovative video tool that allows you to create and edit interactive videos to build stronger relationships with your subscribers, followers, and customers.
  • Minelead – an open-source technology solution to find high-quality email addresses and verify their quality in real-time.
  • Dashly – an online platform for effective communication and engagement with clients to increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Cloudprinter - a leading global print platform that makes an ideal solution for businesses looking for print-on-demand services to expand their reach.
  • Basin – a comprehensive custom form-building platform for businesses to improve their workflow efficiency and save resources and time.
  • Ubeya – an all-in-one shift-based workforce management solution that provides complete control of financials and reduces administrative workloads.
  • ReviewTrackers – a customer review and reputation management to collect, analyze, and manage customer feedback and improve user experience.
  • WebinarNinja – a user-friendly platform with customizable features to create high-quality webinars to improve engagement and increase conversion rates.
  • Scribeless – an AI-powered automated mail marketing tool to send personalized handwritten notes to customers.
  • Approveit - a user-friendly app to streamline approval processes across your organization, automating workflows and integrating with thousands of apps through Zapier.
  • PDFMonkey – a user-friendly platform to simplify the process of professional PDF generation and template management.
  • GeniusReferrals – a referral marketing platform that helps businesses increase their customer base.
  • OneHash – a cloud-based project management tool that helps teams keep track of their work and manage business operations.
  • LearnWorlds – an online platform for creating, delivering, and selling online courses.
  • Infraspeak – a facilities management platform designed to help building managers keep their facilities running smoothly.
  • Helpdesk – a customer support system that helps businesses improve their workflow through automation.
  • Roi4Presenter – a virtual presentation platform designed to help presenters create interactive presentations to engage their audiences.
  • forms.app – a tool designed to simplify and streamline the process of creating and managing forms.
  • Mautic – a marketing automation platform that takes care of tedious marketing and sales tasks.
  • PDF.co – a document management solution that helps convert documents and extract data.
  • Ohmylead – is a lead management tool that helps businesses capture and organize their leads.
  • SeaTable – user-friendly data management tool that helps you organize your data in a smart way.
  • Popl – a tool that allows you to create a digital business card that can be easily shared with anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  • Emitrr – a customer engagement solution that provides businesses with a suite of tools designed to automate and enhance interactions with customers.
  • InEvent – an event management solution that enables you to manage both virtual and live events events in one place.
  • BLOOCK – a secure and scalable Ethereum blockchain-based data management platform designed to minimize costs and provide unique solutions for next-level growth.
  • StoriesOnBoard – a storyboarding tool designed to help product teams visualize customer feedback and improve their products.
  • SquadCast – a remote podcasting platform designed to help content creators record and share their podcasts from anywhere.
  • Swydo – a performance marketing platform that helps businesses monitor and manage their online advertising efforts.
  • Trustmary – a testimonial creation and management platform designed to help businesses showcase testimonials of their happy customers in a unique way.
  • Dojiggy – a fundraising platform that offers a range of tools to help organizations plan and execute successful fundraising events.
  • Workast – a project management app that integrates with Slack and provides teams with task management, calendars, and communication tools to help increase productivity and efficiency.
  • SMSFactor – a CPaaS platform that offers bulk and individual SMS sending, programming, personalization of sender, message tracking, customer file cleaning, and appointment reminders for professional use.
  • Happierleads – a cloud-based lead generation and management platform that allows you to efficiently capture, manage, and nurture leads through a suite of tools, including form builder, lead scoring, and lead tracking.
  • DoneDone – a task management software that provides an efficient and organized way for business teams to manage tasks, bugs, and features, enabling them to work smarter and deliver better results.
  • WP All Export Pro – a premium plugin for exporting WordPress and WooCommerce data to CSV, XML, or other file formats, allowing you to quickly and easily extract data for analysis.
  • VBOUT – a comprehensive lead generation and marketing automation platform that helps you centralize and automate your marketing efforts while delivering personalized experiences to your audiences.

Best Zapier Apps – FAQ

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