Chrome extensions for businesses and professionals

Chrome is currently the primary browser of more than 2.65 billion internet users worldwide. Obviously, there has to be a reason for this popularity, right?

Well, most people would point to Chrome extensions as the said reason. For the uninitiated, these are software programs that let you customize your browsing experience, extend functionality, and integrate with third-party services. No doubt, they’re extremely helpful.

But, here’s the thing: there are close to 200,000 Chrome extensions out there. It’s going to be quite a task to pick the right ones for your browser.

And, you can’t exactly have them all. Not only will that take up a whole lot of RAM, but the excessive extensions will also bog down your web page loading time.

This is where this article comes in. Below, you’ll find the best Chrome extensions — covering multiple vital areas, including web development, security, and marketing – essential for your professional and business needs. Let’s take a look at the top picks.

Chrome extensions for web development

The extensions in this category cover all-things web development for various popular platforms such as WordPress and Shopify. They make hosting (and life) easier by improving development workflow for developers and anyone working with websites, really. This includes things like plugin management, theme detector, and hosting detector.

Ad Library By Foreplay

Ad Library By Foreplay
FeaturesAd saving from different platforms, board organization for ad management, cloud storage for permanent access, support for all types of ads, ad download option as .mp4 files, integration with Notion, and AI-driven ad brief creation and competitor tracking
Free planFree to use

Ad Library by Foreplay is a powerful Chrome extension that allows you to save ads from different platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can also organize these ads into boards for easy access and sharing with teams or agencies.

The main features that Ad Library by Foreplay brings to the table are:

  • Save ads from different social media platforms with a single click.
  • Organize ad inspiration into boards, complete with options to tag ads, filter by niche or format, and share links for collaboration.
  • Store saved ads in the cloud indefinitely to ensure access to content without worrying about expired links.
  • Save all ad types, including DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) and Carousel ads, with the ability to save ad copy, landing page screenshots, and more.
  • Download saved ads as “.mp4 files” and embed boards into Notion pages for seamless integration with workflow processes.

Other than these features Ad Library By Foreplay also provides you with access to a “Discovery Library” with over 5 million curated ads. Additionally, it also comes with AI Ad Brief Builder and Spyder (a 24/7 Competitor Tracker) to enhance ad analysis and strategy development.

WP Hive

WP Hive banner
FeaturesInsights on plugin’s impact on WordPress website, discovery of new and popular plugins, side-by-side comparison of plugins
Free planYes

One of the best Google Chrome extensions for enthusiasts, users, and just about anyone in the WordPress ecosystem, it tests the impact a plugin has on your WordPress website.

Right on the plugin page, you’ll get insights on:

  • Plugin’s impact on memory usage and pagespeed.
  • PHP errors.
  • Javascript issues.
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility.
  • WordPress 5.5 version compatibility.
  • Activation and resources errors.

Beyond that, the extension also helps you to easily discover new plugins or popular ones according to filters set by you.

Plus, WP Hive’s extension also lets you compare plugins side by side, like you do for phones. In addition to the insights mentioned above, it assesses things like overall quality, ease of use, and value for money for the 2 plugins.

Ultimately, this is one of the best Chrome addons to help WordPress users to decide on the right plugins for their websites.

Scan WP

Scan WP banner
FeaturesTheme detection, plugin detection, basic theme and plugin information
Free planYes

As you can probably guess, the Scan WP extension is used to detect the theme and plugin of a WordPress site.

Once the extension is activated, all you need to do is press the orange WordPress logo. It will reveal everything there’s to know about the site’s theme and the plugins used to extend functionality or for design purposes. This includes:

  • The theme or plugin name.
  • Price.
  • Version.
  • Vendor's name.

These details are extremely helpful if you’re looking to build a similar WordPress site or duplicate what you see. Plus, it’s also a handy guide if you’re building your own theme.

Overall, the Scan WP extension is a good one to have for web designers, developers, or if you want detailed information on WordPress sites construction.


Gochyu banner
FeaturesTheme detection, plugin detection, direct link to SEMrush
Free planYes

Gochyu is another Chrome extension that helps to determine the theme and plugin that a website is using. An URL is all you need and it’ll let you know the theme/plugin name, platform, author, and more.

The information provided should help you to quickly build a similar-looking site — whether you’re competing against a rival site, a fan of the UX/UI, or working from a sample given by a client. It’s also an easy way to find the theme that suits you if you’re a beginner.

And, unlike the other detectors in the market, Gochyu’s services aren’t limited to just one CMS or platform. Sure, is its forte but it also works on, Shopify, Joomla!, Squarespace, Wix, and more.

In brief, Gochyu is ideal for anyone that works with websites, including web designers and builders, developers, and digital marketers.


FeaturesEffortless SQL query generation and AI-powered functionality
Free planFree trial

The AI2sql chrome extension works as a holistic SQL assistant designed to provide you with a seamless database experience. It’s basically an AI-powered SQL generator that you can use to write SQL queries on the go.

What sets this extension apart is that it uses AI technology for hassle-free SQL query generation. Additionally, it also allows you to avoid syntax errors and save time for enhanced coding experience.

AI2SQL can be a game-changing tool for database developers to craft SQL queries in a matter of seconds and redefine the way they work.


FeaturesHotel price comparison, cashback, hotel rebooking at cheaper rates, best available hotel booking deals, real-time price tracking, and hotel ratings
Free planYes

RatePunk is a free-to-use Chrome browser extension that serves as a travel money-saving companion throughout the hotel booking process. It allows you to earn cashback, and save money through 8 different ways.

  • Compares hotel prices across platforms to help users select the cheapest option, such as $120 on Expedia versus $150 on and $190 on Priceline.
  • Evaluates whether the desktop or mobile price is better in terms of cost-effectiveness.
  • Provides users access to zero-margin hotel prices on their website, prompting bookings when they offer the best deals.
  • Offers a one-click negotiator that simplifies the process of landing a better hotel deal without lengthy discussions.
  • Redirects users to Airbnb properties listed on other booking websites, which can eliminate the need for additional fees.
  • Includes a price tracking feature that notifies users via email when prices drop. It’s especially useful for those booking well in advance.
  • Informs users if connecting to another country via a VPN service could secure a better hotel deal.
  • Comes with a rebooking feature, ideal for free-cancellation hotels. It notifies users via email if prices drop, and allows them to cancel and rebook at a more favorable rate.

All in all, RatePunk is a must-have Chrome extension for people who are always on the go and want to save money on their hotel bookings.


FeaturesSafe web browsing, real-time protection, parental control, data protection, and protection from harmful links and pages
Free planYes

Established in 2020 in Vietnam, ChongLuaDao, also called CLD, is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting online scams and phishing. With a strong online community, the organization is particularly focused on protecting internet users in Vietnam.

It offers a powerful Google Chrome extension, which serves as a shield against potential online threats, including fake, fraudulent, and malware-ridden websites.

Here’s a list of the main features the extension offers.

  • Protects users from potential threats and ensures a secure online experience while browsing.
  • Real-time protection with two modes, including a manual mode and a machine learning algorithm-driven mode.
  • Enhances online security by displaying a pop-up warning when visiting less secure websites.
  • Empowers users to block websites with inappropriate content for children, with a rating system based on personal experiences.
  • Identifies and blocks harmful or less secure websites to help users take proactive measures.
  • Uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to automatically learn and adapt from data for enhanced protection.

Overall, ChongLuaDao is an excellent Chrome extension that actively combats cyber threats and ensures a safer digital space for users.

Hoo's Hosting

Hoos Hosting banner
FeaturesHosting detection, Google PageSpeed check, SEO information
Free planYes

One of the must-have Chrome extensions for those working with websites, it detects the hosting provider of any given website. As a hosting provider has a big say in a website’s success, knowing this detail is a huge advantage.

For starters, if an established and reputable site is hosted by a certain provider, it’ll be easier for you to put your trust in the same provider, too. This is especially handy for beginners who might not know how to start the shopping process for a host.

Besides that, the extension is also helpful for intelligence gathering to find out how your competitor’s site is benefitting from its choice of hosting provider.

Overall, it’s one of the most helpful Google extensions for those in the web hosting industry and those searching for a new provider.

Shopify theme detector

Shopify theme detector banner
FeaturesTheme detection, Direct link to try the theme, Direct link to SEMrush for competitors research
Free planYes

The name is a dead giveaway — this Chrome extension helps you to determine the theme used on a Shopify website.

For newbies and busy business owners, this extension will greatly accelerate and simplify the search for the right theme from thousands of available options. Plus, you get to see the theme’s potential plays out on a live site.

Meanwhile, for more experienced users like web designers and developers, knowing the theme used could save hours of work. For instance, you can easily emulate a desired design of a Shopify website by choosing the same theme and customizing it for a personal touch.

In brief, this is a top Chrome extension for Shopify sellers and anyone who works on design work for the platform.


LambdaTest banner
FeaturesAutomated and manual browser testing, Integrated debugging, geolocation tests
Free planYes

A top Chrome extension for web development, LambdaTest lets you run automated and manual cross-browser tests at scale. The extension supports a whopping 2000+ browsers and operating systems (OS) by leveraging on its cloud infrastructure.

Here are the highlights of the LambdaTest Chrome extension:

  • Fast and easy tests across 2000+ desktop and mobile browsers.
  • One-click testing right from your browser tab for your favorite configuration.
  • Take full-page screenshots of up to 25 different browsers and OS configurations at a time.
  • Easily schedule screenshots with preferred date, time, and configurations.
  • Geolocation tests to analyze how your website performs in different locations.

Significantly reducing manual testing while ensuring browser compatibility, this is one of the best Chrome extensions for web developers, designers, and testers.

My CV Creator

My CV Creator
FeaturesCover letter creation, resume building, multiple resume templates, tips from experts, and a flexible text editor
Free planYes

As the name implies, My CV Creator is a Google Chrome extension designed to help you create resumes and cover letters conveniently. It offers step-by-step guidance to help you achieve that in a matter of minutes, which also eliminates the need for writing experience.

The key features that My CV Creator provides include:

  • Generates professional-quality and eye-catching resumes/CVs and cover letters quickly with the assistance of AI.
  • Allows users to transform their resume into a mobile-friendly website to improve presentation and shareability with recruiters.
  • Multiple readymade templates to help users create resumes that align with industry standards and their preferences.
  • Incorporates expert tips and AI assistance to guide users on how to write a compelling resume effectively.
  • Evaluates resumes and provides suggestions on improvements, ensuring that the final document is polished and impactful.
  • Provides access to an easy-to-use text editor, which ensures flexibility in editing and formatting for polished results.

With AI assistance, expert guidance, and a user-friendly interface, My CV Creator makes for a great Chrome extension for users seeking to simplify the process of creating professional resumes and cover letters.


FeaturesOn-page search engine optimization (SEO), page analysis, domain analysis
Free planYes

Manganum is a powerful Google Chrome extension that allows you to transform your browser into a productivity hub. The main purpose of this extension is to help you revolutionize your browsing experience by keeping you from juggling between tabs and losing your focus.

It enables you to streamline your workflow, take notes, translate text, manage multiple tasks, and much more, using your Chrome browser.

The main features of this extension include:

  • Launchpad: Dial into your favorite bookmarks and frequently visited sites Instantly with a single click, right from the sidebar of any tab or Chrome side panel.
  • Google Calendar Integration: It allows you to access your Google Calendar schedule from any tab, and receive gentle reminders for upcoming events. One-click access to Google Meet and Zoom to make sure you're always punctual.
  • Integrated with ChatGPT and Google Bard: The extension provides you with one-click access to leading AI text generators like ChatGPT and Google Bard.
  • Task Management: Manganum allows you to stay on top of your tasks with ease, as it provides you with access to Google Tasks, TickTick, and Todoist on every tab.
  • SMS Sync: Another great feature of this extension is that it makes it possible to receive SMS directly within Manganum while your Android device stays tucked away.

Other notable features of this extension include access to Google Drive, Google Translate, Google Keep, multiple calculators, history and tab manager, mini-games, daily motivation dose, stunning wallpapers, and clock & weather widgets.

Serpstat Website SEO Checker

Serpstat Website SEO Checker banner
FeaturesOn-page search engine optimization (SEO), page analysis, domain analysis
Free planYes

A powerful SEO tool, the Serpstat Website SEO Checker extension provides a full SEO audit of any domain or page with key metrics, analytics, and tips with just one click. This includes visibility, traffic, number of keywords, top competitors, and more all in one place.

Serpstat’s main appeals include:

  • On-page SEO – including site start date, meta tags, HTML tags, favicon checker, Google Cache, PageSpeed Insights, and more.
  • Page analysis – such as top 10 keywords in Google ranking, ranking position for a specific keyword, keyword cost per click (CPC), and missing keywords.
  • Domain analysis – including domain traffic, number of keywords, Yandex Quality Index, improved and declined keywords, and visibility change graph.

Digital marketers, SEO teams, and small to medium businesses will be able to make the most out of this Chrome extension and will find it indispensable.

ColorVeil by East-Tec

FeaturesColor filter for enhanced readability, easy to use, compatibility with web pages and documents, and privacy-focused
Free planFree to use

ColorVeil is an innovative Chrome extension that’s designed to improve the web reading experience of individuals dealing with visual stress, dyslexia, and eye strain. It can also be used by anyone seeking a more comfortable reading environment on the web.

Installing this extension in your browser will add a customizable color filter or veil to any website or document opened in your browser and provide you with the following features:

  • Enhanced Readability: Apply a personalized color overlay to web pages or documents to choose the color that best suits your needs and preferences.
  • Easy Use: Toggle the ColorVeil filter on or off with a simple click on the extension icon for a hassle-free user experience.
  • Customization: Customize the color intensity according to your preferences and unique vision requirements.
  • Universal Compatibility: The color veil is visible on all web pages when activated, providing a consistent and personalized reading experience across the internet.
  • Privacy Focus: The ColorVeil prioritizes user privacy, as it uses the no data collection or utilization policy.
  • Free Usage: The extension is free to use, making it an accessible tool for home, school, or work environments.

ColorVeil by East-Tec is an excellent solution for Chrome users, especially those with dyslexia and scotopic sensitivity syndrome, who want to enjoy a more visually comfortable web reading experience.

Chrome extensions for security & privacy

These are some of the best Chrome extensions for security. They protect against various vulnerabilities and keep your online data safe. Among the functions are secure file sharing, protection of your inbox, and password management.


FeaturesBrowser threat detection and removal
Free plan7-day free trial

If you want an added layer of security when browsing, look no further than Guardio – an antivirus extension for Chrome.

With malware, phishing, and data leak protection you don't have to worry about clicking the wrong website. The extension automatically blocks harmful websites and malicious pop-ups or notifications, allowing you to browse freely and securely.

Guardio not only constantly scans the websites you visit for malware and adware, but also checks if your browser itself is healthy as soon as you install the extension. Additionally, it also alerts you if your personal data has surfaced anywhere on the web because of a data breach.

With so many threats floating around the Internet today, giving your browser a security boost with an antivirus extension like Guardio is a great idea.

Tresorit for Gmail

Tresorit for Gmail banner
FeaturesShare encrypted links and file requests, secure links as replacements for attachments, Direct access via Gmail for management
Free planFree trial

Tresorit for email is one of the best security Chrome extensions out there. Using end-to-end encryption, it lets you securely store, sync, and share files and folders without even leaving your Gmail inbox.

Here are some of the reasons the extension is such a hit:

  • Replace risky email attachments with encrypted links for secure external collaboration.
  • Attach files from your computer to your emails as secure Tresorit links.
  • Seamless integration with direct access to Tresorit within Gmail to make file sharing and link management easier.
  • Permission controls for file sharing where you can choose between manager, editor, and reader permissions. Plus, you can also set up expiration dates, email domain policies, download limits, and more.

Tresorit is an excellent extension for all Chrome users, but especially for businesses, frequent collaborators, and those that prioritize security.

The Prime Hunt

The Prime Hunt
FeaturesOpen-source tool for threat hunting, Unified interface with One UI concept, Sigma rule integration, Sigma-enabled community, and query result filtration with one click
Free planFree to use

The Prime Hunt is an open-source Chrome browser extension that provides a unified interface for different SIEMs/EDRs to revolutionize threat hunting. Developed by SOC Prime as an LGPL project on GitHub, it introduces the One UI concept to simplify and accelerate the threat investigation process.

It allows beginners to master different security platforms and query languages while using the right methodology at each step. For seasoned professionals, it provides an optimized workflow to ensure efficiency in all types of threat-hunting endeavors.

One of the best features of Prime Hunt is that its One UI for different technologies aligns with the Sigma framework, which resembles a single language for cybersecurity. It means that Sigma rules can be easily translated into multiple platform formats. This functionality enables users to run and fine-tune Sigma rule translations within different platforms to make sure that the community is Sigma-enabled.

Using this extension, you can use queries to quickly identify accounts and assets affected by suspicious activities. It allows you to filter and analyze query results with one-click precision and delve into relevant CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) or other sources to elevate the depth of your investigation.

In simple words, the Prime Hunt extension allows you to experience a more efficient and collaborative approach to threat hunting.


FeaturesWebsite blocking, custom allowlist, custom schedules, pause for schedules, keyword blocking, quick block option with timer, and instant blocking
Free planYes

AppBlock is a powerful website-blocking extension that you can use with your Chrome browser. It’s specially designed to help you eliminate distractions and maintain focus during work or study sessions.

Here’s a list of features that AppBlock brings to the table:

  • Website Blocking: Block distracting websites effortlessly for maximum productivity.
  • Keyword Blocking: Target specific content with advanced blocking based on keywords.
  • Timer Quick Block: Manage breaks efficiently with timed blocking for better time management.
  • Schedules Redesign: Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly scheduling interface for personalized blocking sessions.
  • Pause for Schedules: Pause scheduled blocking temporarily for added flexibility.
  • Allowlist: Selectively allow certain sites, automatically blocking all others for undisturbed browsing.
  • Instant Blocking: React promptly with instant blocking to halt distractions on the spot.

Whether you're working on projects, studying, or simply taking a break from social media, AppBlock allows you to take command of your digital space and stay on track.


SimpleLogin banner
FeaturesOpen-source, multiple mailboxes, unlimited bandwidth and reply/send from an alias
Free planYes

A very popular entry in the Chrome extension store, SimpleLogin is an email alias solution. With the extension, you can easily create a different email for each website to conceal your real email.

What this does is that it’ll help to protect your inbox against spam, phishing, data breaches, and more. Plus, it helps to prevent cross-site tracking, too.

All emails from the alias will then be forwarded to your personal email address. If you want to reply to the forwarded email, it will be sent from your alias so that your email address remains concealed. And, since the emails come from the same email alias, you can easily block the alias if necessary.

Use the SimpleLogin extension to subscribe to newsletters and email campaigns, sign up for a new account online, or whenever you want to hide your real email.


Click&Clean banner
FeaturesOne-click removal, 4 pre-configured cleaning modes, malware scanning
Free planYes

With over 3 million users, you simply can’t afford to overlook the Click&Clean extension when it comes to security and privacy. This extension is a one-click cleaner for your browser to help protect data security and privacy.

Some of its main features include:

  • 4 pre-configured cleaning modes: low, medium, high, and dev. The last is an advanced mode for experienced users and developers.
  • Can remove browsing data from the beginning of time or from a specific period of time.
  • Option to delete all private data at once or remove just one specific item like browsing history, download history, or cookies.

Ultimately, it’s a great find for business owners and anyone that cares about data and cybersecurity.


Passwork banner
FeaturesEncrypted with AES-256, Security dashboard, password generator
Free planNo

The Passwork extension is a password manager designed for businesses and corporate companies. It lets employees and administrators easily and quickly insert, generate, and manage the company’s passwords with just a few clicks.

This is what you can expect with Passwork:

  • Beginner-friendly password management.
  • AES-256 encryption for passwords.
  • Password autofill and one-click login.
  • Invitations to teammates to access organization vaults and folders.
  • Customizations of access rights for each user.
  • Password generator where you can configure the length, special characters, capitalization, and more.

In short, this is a good tool for businesses, start-ups, and organizations to protect the firm’s data. Individuals will also find it a handy extension to help to keep track of passwords securely.

Easeenet For Web Browsers

Easeenet For Web Browsers banner
FeaturesEnd-to-end 256 bit encryption, Two-factor authentication, password autofill
Free planYes

Easeenet is a multifunctional Chrome extension. Primarily, it’s a password manager that caters to non-techy users. But, it also doubles up as a tool for secure document storage and sharing.

Promising easy and secure password management, Easeenet has all the essential features to simplify security protection. For instance, the extension will autofill all known passwords and login credentials.

Additionally, it also automatically recognizes when you’re keying in your login credentials for a website. It’ll then prompt you to store and categorize them in your Easeenet dashboard for easy management.

Besides that, Easeenet also offers a digital vault where you can store and share important documents. And, uniquely, Easeenet will preserve and pass your digital estate to your next of kin if anything happens to you.

In brief, Easeenet is one of the best Chrome extensions for those looking for a non-technical and beginner-friendly password manager.

Authenticator App by 2stable

2stable banner
FeaturesSecure and fast 2FA, encrypted backups, multi-import, synchronization across multiple devices, and an easy-to-use icon in the menu bar
Free planYes

2stable is a small group of software developers dedicated to crafting innovative tools for everyday online users. The Authenticator App Chrome extension is one of their most popular tools that provides a reliable, highly secure, and efficient two-factor authentication experience.

It’s developed to help end-users streamline the login process for different accounts by allowing them to autofill their 2FA codes with just one click.

The main features this Chrome extension brings to the table include:

  • Secure and Private: Your data is always encrypted in the Authenticator App, even when stored in iCloud, to ensure privacy and security.
  • Encrypted Backup: Creates secure encrypted backups to safeguard your data in case of device loss or when switching to a new one.
  • Show in the Menu Bar: Keep the Authenticator App readily accessible in the browser’s menu bar.
  • Multi Import: Allows you to import your accounts from Google Authenticator, password managers, and files quickly yet securely.
  • Support for All Popular Accounts: Extensive support for popular services, including Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Coinbase, Roblox, and thousands of other providers.

Authenticator App by 2stable is an excellent tool for every Chrome user who wants to enjoy fast and private access to their accounts.

Chrome extensions for marketing, insights, & productivity

These extensions play a varied but vital role in increasing online presence, boosting efficiency, and just generally making life easier for all Chrome users. Whether you’re selling on Amazon, running a website, or just need a jolt of productivity, these extensions will offer all the tools you need.


SellerApp banner
FeaturesProduct overviews, profit calculator, alert to notify changes
Free planYes

SellerApp is one of the absolute must-have Chrome extensions for Amazon sellers to research and compare products on the go. The extension researches and compares products as you browse through Amazon pages to gather sales information.

Here are some of SellerApp’s features:

  • Product overviews – such as sales potential with up-to-date Best Sellers Rank (BSR), keyword tracker, and changes.
  • Product keyword – helps to find the best keywords to drive sales and profits.
  • Profit calculator – includes a breakdown of all the costs such as referral and shipping fees.
  • Alert to notify the changes in pricing strategies, ratings, reviews, and listing quality.

All Amazon sellers looking to track competition and keep up to date with the market will find this Chrome extension incredibly helpful.

Attention Insight

Attention Insight banner
FeaturesVisual representation of visitors’ attention, automatic percentage of attention, detailed analysis report
Free planFree trial

Attention Insight offers AI-powered design analytics. With the Chrome extension installed, you can gauge how visitors engage with your site’s designs, improve visual engagement and user experience, audit competitors’ websites, and make data-driven moves to optimize your site.

Here’s how Attention Insight can help:

  • Assess visibility and engagement by finding out where and which part of your website visitors engage the most with.
  • Generate an AI heatmap to customize the color, size, and placement of the CTA button to boost conversion.
  • Keep track of what works and what doesn’t work for your competitors’ websites so that you can tweak accordingly.

All in all, Attention Insight is a great tool for anyone working with a website or who has a website. Particularly so if you want to boost your online presence.


FeaturesAnalyst-centric threat intelligence, high-level IOC (Indicators of Compromise) research, IOC summaries with important context
Free planYes

Pulsedive is a threat intelligence Chrome extension that enhances your browsing experience. The extension allows you to highlight URLs, domains, and IPs on any website and enrich them with the extensive threat intelligence data set that the platform handles. It provides high-level IOC summaries with important context, such as associated threats, registration events, and observed risk factors.

In addition, Pulsedive allows you to query their extensive data set, which includes redirects, SSL certificates, WHOIS data, meta tags, HTTP headers, web technologies, protocols, ports, and more. This comprehensive data enables you to perform in-depth analysis and investigation conveniently.

Another great feature of the extension is its one-click submission, allowing you to contribute new intelligence to the global community. This contributes to collective knowledge and strengthens the overall threat intelligence ecosystem.

Here are the key features of the Pulsedive Chrome extension.

  • Highlight IPs, domains, and URLs on any website for enrichment
  • Retrieve high-level IOC summaries with important context
  • Query Pulsedive's extensive data set for comprehensive information
  • Scan IOCs to fetch live screenshots and relevant data on-demand
  • Open insights in Pulsedive's community platform for deeper analysis
  • One-click submission to contribute new intelligence to the global community

Pulsedive is an incredible tool for people who want to perform high-level IOC research easily to investigate the potential riskiness of IPs and domains.

Markup – My Web Markups & Highlighter

Markup - My Web Markups & Highlighter banner
FeaturesWeb highlighting and annotations, automatic summarization, multiple devices syncing
Free planYes

For productivity, Markup is definitely one of the best Chrome extensions for it. The extension lets you highlight, annotate, save, share, and sync all sorts of texts — including web pages, articles, and blog posts.

Some of Markup’s key features include:

  • Highlight and annotate texts on any web page, blog, and article to quickly draw attention.
  • Automatically summarize a page for quick reading.
  • Save important articles for later.
  • Share highlighted content via various channels, including social media and email.
  • Sync highlighted content with multiple devices.

Overall, Markup is a top-notch Chrome extension for those who work with lots of texts and those looking to streamline web page browsing.

Email Finder

Email Finder banner
FeaturesBulk email finder, over 425m contact search, email verifier
Free planFree trial with limited credits

If the name isn’t a big enough hint yet, Email Finder is a Chrome extension that helps you to find business emails from various websites — especially professional business platforms like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, and AngelList.

Here, with just a few clicks, you can use the extension to find leads and prospects in bulk within these platforms. Beyond emails, it’ll also provide other details like:

  • Company name.
  • Website domain.
  • Job title.
  • And more.

Plus, there’s an email verifier, too, to help ensure that you have the right emails.

In brief, this Chrome extension is a nifty tool for those in business developments, recruitment, lead generations, and marketing.

Refermate Anywhere

Refermate banner
FeaturesReferrals and coupons
Free planYes

Refermate Anywhere is an extension by Refermate – an app that allows you to not only earn cash back when online shopping but you can also earn commission for referring your friends or followers.

Some of the key features of Refermate Anywhere include:

  • Supports 24,000+ brands & stores
  • Notifications whenever the price drops or if new coupons become available
  • Refer with one click
  • Payouts in cash

Whether you're looking to save money or to gain additional income for referring your social media followers, Refermate Anywhere is the extension for you. With thousands of supported brands and an easy referral process, it's truly a useful tool to have.

Engage AI

engage ai banner
FeaturesLong-term conversational memory, smart response functionality, advanced networking capabilities, and real-time email notifications
Free planYes

Engage AI is a powerful Chrome extension that allows users to revolutionize professional networking on LinkedIn. It operates directly within the LinkedIn post comment field and utilizes AI to help you write personalized and insightful comments, which enhance your networking potential.

Along with improving the quality of your LinkedIn responses, this ChatGPT LinkedIn plugin also allows you to save time.

Here’s a list of the main features Engage AI offers:

  • Advanced Networking Capabilities: Crafts captivating post comments to promote interactions and conversions with AI proficiency.
  • Second Brain: This feature archives past comments, and acts as your personal assistant for efficient recall and use.
  • Smart Response: Provide diverse response tones to make your interactions more engaging and dynamic.
  • Long-term Conversational Memory: Recap commented posts for easy recall and retrieve relevant posts for future interactions with the same prospect.
  • Save and Monitor Key Prospects: Identify and save ideal prospects to monitor their recent LinkedIn posts for strategic engagement.
  • Set Up Email Notifications: Allows you to stay updated on engagement opportunities with timely alerts for proactive networking.
  • Multiple Integrations: Integrates with leading business and marketing tools, including Zapier, HubSpot, Hootsuite, Pipedrive, and Integrately, which enhances its capabilities and networking efficiency.

Engage AI is an excellent Chrome extension for people who want to elevate their LinkedIn networking experience with personalized responses.


contentbase banner
FeaturesMarketing bundles, fully customizable design, little to no editing required, and own the product forever policy
Free planPay per bundle (free bundles are available)

ContentBASE is an online platform that simplifies the process of finding and creating fresh promotional content. It’s a single-stop solution for entrepreneurs, influencers, businesses, managers, and marketers to find professionally designed and ready-to-use marketing bundles, available in Canva and Photoshop.

The Chrome extension of this tool acts as a bundle browser that allows you to explore the latest design releases directly in your internet browser. You can find marketing bundles across a wide range of categories, such as fitness, beauty, real estate, consultancy, yoga, wellness, fashion, restaurants, and eCommerce.

One of the best features of this tool is that it’s designed for both novices and skilled users. It features user-friendly Canva bundles for easy editing, while Photoshop bundles cater to those with graphic editing skills. Additionally, each bundle is fully customizable, and you can edit it just the way you want so that it aligns with your brand identity.

Lastly, ContentBASE follows the “own forever” policy, which means your template bundle will be yours to keep, forever, once bought.

SEO GPT by SEOVendor

seovendor banner
FeaturesSearch-friendly titles/descriptions creation, bypass AI detection, natural language generation capability, deep content analysis for better results, SEO-oriented results, over 200 ways to write SEO content
Free planFree to use

The SEO GPT Chrome extension is a cutting-edge tool that uses artificial intelligence to create SEO content on the go. With years of SEO expertise and successful projects, SEOVendor has developed this next-gen extension to simplify the process of search-engine-optimized content creation.

The key features of this tool include:

  • Streamlines both on-page and off-page optimization tasks through advanced AI capabilities.
  • Generates compelling titles and descriptions for pages or backlinks based on provided keywords and URLs.
  • Bypasses mainstream AI detectors and plagiarism checkers, like Crossplag, Copyleaks, Content at Scale, Small SEO Tools, Duplichecker, and even those claiming to detect GPT-3/GPT-4 models.
  • Produces coherent and natural content and avoids forced keyword stuffing and awkward phrasing.
  • Goes beyond surface-level analysis by reading the page content thoroughly (like a human) to craft engaging and SEO-optimized titles and descriptions.
  • Uses more than 200 content styles commonly used in SEO to help you transform your SEO strategy efficiently and effectively.

Whether you're an SEO agency or an individual, the SEO GPT Chrome extension provides an easy-to-use platform to craft SEO content.

ProfilePro by Merchynt

merchynt banner
FeaturesGBP (Google Business Profile) SEO, automated keyword research, SEO-optimized business description recommendations, best business categories suggestions, one-click response generation for reviews, and AI image creation for GBP
Free planFree to use

Merchynt is a well-established online platform that provides multiple services for managing GBP (Google Business Profiles). One of the platform's standout offerings is ProfilePro, an AI SEO tool, which is accessible through a user-friendly Chrome extension.

It’s an AI-driven extension that allows you to optimize your GBP profile and enhance your business’s presence on Google.

Here’s a list of features that ProfilePro offers:

  • Tailors keyword research specifically for your Google Business Profile to enhance local SEO efforts.
  • Recommends an SEO-optimized business description to improve the visibility of your business.
  • Generates one-click responses to Google reviews, streamlining engagement with customers.
  • Suggests the best business categories to optimize your GBP for search engines.
  • Creates optimized descriptions for your services and products tailored to local SEO keywords.
  • Creates SEO-optimized Google Business Updates based on your target keywords.
  • Generates AI images for use in Google Business updates to enhance visual appeal.
  • Provides automated responses to questions asked on your Google Business Profile.
  • Simplifies the optimization process with a user-friendly interface that requires just three questions to get started.
  • Available in multiple languages including, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Bengali, Punjabi, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, German, Russian, Urdu, Hindi, French, Korean, Arabic, Tagalog, and English.

Whether you're a business owner seeking higher Google rankings or a digital marketing agency managing client profiles, ProfilePro is the perfect tool to optimize Google Business profiles effortlessly.


flymsg banner
FeaturesAI writer, autofill text expander, rich-text message editor, support for images and videos, autosave favorite templates, AI-based LinkedIn engagement tool, and AI post generator for social media
Free planYes

FlyMSG is a versatile AI-based Chrome extension that comes with an AI writer, autofill text expander, and keyboard shortcut app. It leverages the capabilities of some of the most powerful AI tools, such as Microsoft Azure Open AI (GPT 3, GPT 3.5, and GPT4) and Google AI Palm 2.

The latest release of this extension came with FlyMSG AI, which introduced multiple micro-products including FlyPosts AI and FlyEngage AI. These tools are now accessible for free to help users enhance their productivity and communication even further.

The four main features of FlyMSG are:

  • FlyLearning (Paid Feature): Access 14 hours of on-demand Digital Sales Prospecting training content covering LinkedIn, video, and messaging strategies.
  • FlyMSG Auto Text Expander: Facilitates the deployment of messaging across various SaaS platforms.
  • FlyPosts AI: Speeds up the creation of thought leadership content for LinkedIn posts.

Other features of FlyMSG include plain and rich-text message editor, hyperlink formatting, font customization, image and video embedding, quick text input, rich-to-plain text conversion, autosave templates, message sharing, version history rollback, and utilization tracking.

All in all, FlyMSG is a perfect Chrome extension for users looking for a suite of productivity tools for efficient messaging and social media engagement.


hubstaff banner
FeaturesTime tracking, screenshot capture, online timesheets, task management, URL monitoring, employee payroll, GPS location tracking, and real-time reports
Free planYes

Hubstaff Chrome extension makes for a comprehensive time-tracking solution that allows you to streamline your workforce management and save time.

The key features that Hubstaff offers include:

  • Simplifies time tracking by running in the background.
  • Allows users to start and stop effortlessly as they work on different projects.
  • Enhances transparency and accountability with screenshot capture functionality, providing visual insights into employee activities.
  • Replaces manual timekeeping and Excel spreadsheets with online timesheets for accurate and organized time management.
  • Manages tasks within the extension, ensuring seamless coordination and tracking of project progress.
  • Monitors website activities and tracks productivity by keeping tabs on URLs visited during work hours.
  • Simplifies payroll management by allowing you to automate payroll processes, choose desired payment methods, and set rates (fixed or hourly).
  • Tracks employee locations in real-time, providing visibility into field activities and optimizing workforce management.
  • Integrates with multiple tools, such as Asana, Trello, Jira, Basecamp, Teamwork, and Hubstaff Tasks for a unified project management experience.
  • Stores data securely in the cloud and provides accessibility from anywhere via the website, with the latest security measures for data protection.

Hubstaff not only saves time and money with accurate time tracking but also transforms how you manage your team through its user-friendly interface and powerful set of features.


spoilertv banner
FeaturesTV spoilers and show information, real-time alerts, customizable RSS feed, regular and quick updates, and easy search functionality
Free planFree to use

SpoilerTV is an online platform known for its extensive collection of TV spoilers and show information for the most popular television shows. The Google Chrome extension of this platform allows you to stay updated on your favorite shows without the need to visit different sites regularly.

Here are the key features of the SpoilerTV Chrome extension.

  • Personalized Alerts: Receive in-extension alerts for new articles related to your selected shows to make sure you never miss a moment of the latest updates.
  • Customizable News Feed: Tailor your news feed by selecting one or more TV shows or subjects to curate content that matters most to you.
  • Regular Updates: Stay informed with the latest news and articles from SpoilerTV.
  • Dropdown Convenience: View all the updates directly in your extension dropdown, and access all the latest information about your favorite shows.
  • Social Sharing: Share exciting updates via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn directly from the extension.
  • Search Functionality: Find the information you're looking for with the built-in search feature conveniently.

SpoilerTV covers more than 800 TV shows, and it’s a perfect extension for TV enthusiasts to stay connected with the latest in the world of television.

JobConvo Live Desktop Streamer

jobconvo banner
FeaturesLive desktop streaming
Free planFree to use

As the name suggests, JobConvo Live Desktop Streamer is a simple yet practical Chrome extension that offers a seamless solution to elevate your virtual meetings.

It allows you to quickly and easily stream your desktop during meetings to enhance collaboration and ensure a clear exchange of ideas.

Designed for simplicity and efficiency, JobConvo helps you streamline your virtual interactions without unnecessary complexities.

Frejun Chrome Dialler Plugin

frejun banner
Free planFree to use

FreJun Chrome Dialler Plugin is a free-to-use Google Chrome extension that allows you to place calls directly from web pages with a single click. It simplifies your calling process by identifying phone numbers on web pages and allowing you to make calls on the go.

Here’s a list of features that the FreJun Chrome Dialler Plugin offers:

  • One-Click Calling: Identifies phone numbers on web pages and initiates calls instantly with a single click.
  • Dialpad Convenience: Allows you to make calls using the integrated Dialpad for a user-friendly calling experience.
  • Recording and Storage: Records all calls, whether made or received and stores them securely in your account for future reference.
  • Call Flexibility: Can be used to call any landline or mobile phone number in India.
  • Incoming Call Handling: Can receive calls from any number.
  • Business Call Management: Captures and manages all your business calls efficiently.

FreJun Chrome Dialler Plugin is an excellent tool to manage your calling experience to make sure your business communication remains efficient and well-documented.


FeaturesOne-click web page pinging, automatic URL submission, and user-friendly interface
Free planFree to use

Pingler is a user-friendly Chrome extension that provides users with a simple way to ping web pages on the go. After adding the extension to your Chrome browser, you only need to click on the Pingler icon to send the URL of the current web page to ping it.

It’s an excellent tool for everyone looking for an easy and quick way to notify search engines and other services about page updates. This functionality not only accelerates the indexing process but it can also enhance website visibility.

What makes Pingler different from other similar tools is that it eliminates the need for manual URL entry or navigating to external ping service websites. With just a single click, you can ping any page you're on, which saves both time and effort.

So, whether you're a website owner or web developer and need a tool that simplifies the page-pinging experience, then the Pingler Chrome extension can be a great choice.


FeaturesAI talent sourcing on the LinkedIn jobs page, AI talent sourcing from job descriptions, Email discovery on LinkedIn, an extensive B2B database, and CCPA and GDPR alignment
Free planYes

AroundDeal is a ChatGPT-powered Chrome extension designed to transform the recruiting and prospecting process. It simplifies the search for B2B contacts by converting job descriptions into shortlists within seconds.

The extension is specially made for recruiters, sales representatives, and business professionals to help them improve their workflows and focus on boosting business revenue.

Here are the main features that the AroundDeal Chrome plugin offers.

  • AI Sourcing on LinkedIn Jobs Page: Click the embedded AroundDeal button on Jobs pages on LinkedIn for automated talent recommendations within seconds.
  • AI Sourcing from Job Descriptions to Talents: Add job requirements as needed and receive targeted recommendations instantly.
  • Find Emails: Discover the emails of your targeted prospects on the LinkedIn platform easily.
  • Expand Networks: Connect with profiles beyond the LinkedIn platform to improve your network. The extension works on company websites and major CRMs, including HubSpot and Salesforce.
  • Auto-Connect: Streamline connections by auto-filling email addresses when LinkedIn requires one.
  • Large Database: The extension has a comprehensive global B2B database with 120M+ business profiles, 43M+ contacts in APAC and emerging markets, and 6.5M+ c-level executives. It’s also CCPA and GDPR-aligned and ensures 95% of data accuracy.
  • Versatile Information: The information that AroundDeal offers about contacts includes name, location, job title, email address, phone number, company name, industry, company headcount, and business headquarters.

AroundDeal aims to help users connect with the best-fit prospects, generate high-quality leads, and accelerate revenue growth across recruiting, marketing, operations, and sales.


FeaturesUpdates on the US taxation system, personal finance, and accounting
Free planFree to use

TaxUni is an online platform that provides information on complex financial topics for Americans in a simple manner. Through insightful articles, guides, and tax-saving strategies, it offers accessible content for everyone to make individual and business taxes easily understandable.

What sets this platform apart is its commitment to monitoring the finance industry and delivering information to its users about any noteworthy developments. Additionally, you don't need to pay for any subscription or sign up for a newsletter to use TaxUni, as it’s entirely free to use.

With the TaxUni Chrome extension, consuming this wealth of information becomes a seamless experience. It works as a digital finance university that offers comprehensive insights into the US taxation system, personal finance, and accounting, within a few clicks.

In simple words, the TaxUni Chrome extension is an easy way to stay informed on the latest financial news and achieve your short and long-term economic goals.

Email Tracking for Gmail by Orangedox

Email Tracking for Gmail by Orangedox
FeaturesReal-time Gmail attachment tracking, folder sharing, and document/file update notifications
Free planFree to use

Email Tracking for Gmail by Orangedox is another powerful Chrome plugin that allows you to monitor your Google Drive and Dropbox email attachments with precision. It provides you with real-time notifications whenever your files are read or downloaded.

The following are the key features of Email Tracking for Gmail by Orangedox.

  • Attachment Tracking: Gain real-time insights into the status of your Google Drive or Dropbox attachments by staying informed with instant notifications for reads and downloads.
  • Access Control: Enable or disable access to your documents even after sharing them in order to ensure privacy and security.
  • Real-time Updates: Keep the recipients updated regarding the changes made to your shared documents, with real-time update notifications, to make sure they always have the latest information at their fingertips.
  • Folder Sharing: Share folders of content conveniently and receive tracking data to see what files were downloaded or viewed.

Email Tracking for Gmail extension by Orangedox is a single-stop solution to transform your email attachment management.

screenseal by globaleyez

screenseal by globaleyez
FeaturesCourt-admissible screenshot capturing, customizable digital timestamp settings, screenshot capturing in bulk, automatic saving, and multiple options for quality and resolution
Free planYes

screenseal by Globaleyez is a Chrome extension that redefines the process of capturing website content with time-stamped screenshots. What sets this tool apart from the competition is that the screenshots it captures are 100% reliable and are court-admissible.

The distinct features of this extension are as follows:

  • Digital Timestamp: Create screenshots of web content with a sleek automatic timestamp, which displays time, date, and URL. A data matrix code is included for easy access to the URL.
  • Credibility: The digital timestamp ensures credibility and protection against falsification, and makes the screenshots ideal for proof of documents and court evidence.
  • Free for Personal Use: screenseal is free to use for personal purposes, with a watermark appearing on the screenshots.
  • Screenseal Pro: screenseal Pro (paid version) is also available, which allows you to capture the visible part of a website, the entire website, or any specific selection using various key combinations.
  • Bulk Screenshots: The Pro version can capture web content from multiple browser tabs simultaneously and even extract video frames.
  • Content Handling: screenseal Pro loads dynamic web content before capturing screenshots and disables pop-ups intelligently.
  • Automatic Saving: Pro screenshots are automatically saved and grouped in preferred formats (PDF, PNG, JPEG) after capture to optimize your workflow.
  • Flexible Placement: You can position the timestamp at the top, bottom, or center of the page to capture crucial content conveniently.
  • Quality and Resolution Selection: It’s possible to choose different quality and resolution settings for captured screenshots.
  • Timestamp Format Options: The tool offers a variety of timestamp formats (ISO, ANSI, DIN) for different use cases.

Overall, screenseal by globaleyez provides an advanced way to capture website content in the form of screenshots, which are acceptable in courts.


FeaturesOne-click deployment of code, support for multiple repositories, works with a wide range of deployment platforms, code deployment for web apps, WordPress, websites, and other software pieces
Free planYes

DeployBot, as the name suggests, is a Chrome extension that allows you to deploy code directly from your browser. It’s designed for developers, web agencies, and freelancers to make the code deployment faster and more streamlined. Once installed, it enables one-click deployment of websites, web apps, WordPress projects, and any other software piece to the selected environment.

DeployBot integrates seamlessly with GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab repositories, and the supported deployment platforms include FTP, SFTP, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Heroku, and Shopify.

Here’s the main list of features that DeployBot offers.

  • Write and deploy ship code seamlessly for your entire team
  • Configure separately for multiple environments
  • Receive notifications on preferred communication channels
  • Choose a manual or automated deployment process based on your preference
  • Simplify the rollback of problematic releases
  • Enhance version control processes
  • Reduce server configuration requirements
  • Share release notes effortlessly
  • Enable users to deploy without server access
  • Monitor deployment progress in real time
  • Run shell scripts before, after, or during deployment
  • Manage permissions for team and clients
  • Execute or compile code during deployment
  • Analyze deployment impacts on performance and stability

DeployBot Chrome extension is built by developers for developers and it offers a comprehensive deployment solution to streamline the coding journey.

Vimego - Simple Video Downloader

FeaturesEasy-to-use download buttons for audio/video/subtitle files, minimal permission requests, and optimal resource consumption
Free planFree to use

Vimego - Simple Video Downloader Chrome extension is designed to provide online users with seamless video, subtitles, and audio downloading experience. It simplifies the process by injecting download buttons directly into the audio/video players.

If you’re on the video playback page, you’ll find the Vimego’s resolution button in the upper right corner. Clicking on it will allow you to download the video with the corresponding resolution. Whereas, if you’re in the video thumbnail list, the download button will appear in the upper left corner.

Key features of Vimego include:

  • Injects download buttons only when you need them, to ensure a clean and clutter-free user interface.
  • Designed for efficiency, the downloader consumes minimal system resources for a smooth experience.
  • Another great feature of Vimego is that it requests only essential permissions for enhanced privacy and security.
  • You can use Vimego’s external ffmpeg tool to download high-resolution video variants that are not available with injected buttons.
  • If you see multiple download buttons for the same quality, it indicates various frame rates or codecs. Hover over the button to view the tooltip with quality and frames per second information.

Vimego - Simple Video Downloader provides an intuitive and resource-efficient solution for downloading videos, subtitles, and audio directly from your browser.


FeaturesPremium supplementary materials and an extensive database of expert Q&As
Free planFree to use

Quizplus is a vast repository of premium supplementary materials that help you elevate your academic experience and improve your grades. Installing this extension in your Chrome browser allows you to gain access to an extensive library of study tools covering more than 30 fields of study.

The distinct features of this tool include:

  • Access a limitless library of supplementary materials to enhance your learning experience.
  • Join the pool of tech-savvy students and explore different study tools across various disciplines.
  • A vase database, with answers to over 10,000 expert questions.
  • Find relevant material to close knowledge gaps efficiently before upcoming exams and ensure a confident and prepared approach to your assessments.

Quizplus offers all types of informational material to help you explore the world with confidence. So, whether you’re studying or even grocery shopping, it can help you accelerate your assignment completion and boost productivity.

Undetectable AI (The Chrome web store page doesn’t work)

FeaturesAI text generation, human-like typing, AI stealth writing technology for work protection against plagiarism, and a user-friendly interface
Free planNo

Undetectable AI is a next-gen Chrome extension that features AI-powered human-like typing technology. It automatically transcribes your pre-written copy/pasted content to save time and effort and streamline workflows.

Additionally, it also offers protection against false plagiarism accusations, which is particularly crucial for students and academics.

Here’s a list of the main features that Undetectable AI brings to the table.

  • Save Time and Effort: Eliminates the need for manual input to save valuable time and effort in document creation.
  • Protect Your Work: Utilizes AI stealth writing technology to safeguard your original content by providing a defense against potential plagiarism claims.
  • Precision and Accuracy: Features an accurate auto-typer to make sure that copied and pasted texts in platforms like Google Docs appear as though they were manually typed.
  • User-Friendly: Designed for simplicity and ease of use for efficient document preparation with minimal effort.

Undetectable AI is an excellent Chrome extension for human-like text generation to enhance productivity and protect the integrity of your written work.

LingQ Importer

FeaturesImport foreign language text and captions to study, import article images and original URL, Customize LingQ account and language, and tagging capabilities
Free planFree to use

The LingQ Importer is an excellent Chrome extension that revolutionizes the language learning process. It allows you to import web pages, articles, and video captions from popular platforms like Netflix, WordPress, Quora, and YouTube directly into LingQ's web and mobile language learning applications.

The main features of this extension include:

  • Automatically bring in the text, captions, and title of any web page you're on for learning.
  • Capture the essence of the content by importing the article image and preserving the original URL for reference.
  • Craft your own language learning experience by specifying your LingQ account and the desired language for import.
  • Choose or create a course for import, providing organizational flexibility for your learning journey.
  • Improve lesson categorization by adding different tags to organize your content within your LingQ account.

Whether you're reading articles, watching videos, or exploring web pages, LingQ Importer allows you to integrate the desired content into your language learning routine conveniently.

Scam Broker Alert by BrokerChooser

Scam Broker Alert by BrokerChooser
FeaturesInstant trust verification of online brokers, database from global regulators, top-tier regulator insights, and protection against financial scams
Free planFree to use

Scam Broker Alert by BrokerChooser is a security extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to guard yourself against online financial scams. The main function of this extension is to help you verify the safety of a broker website before entrusting it with your finances.

It provides instant notifications when you land on a broker platform, which indicates whether the broker is “Trusted” or “Not Trusted”. The database that the extension uses is based on information from top-tier global financial regulators, such as SEC in the US and FCA in the UK.

For Trusted brokers, the information provided by Scam Broker Alert varies:

  • If the BrokerChooser platform has a detailed review against a broker you’re visiting, it’ll provide you with the review score and a link to the full review.
  • If the broker hasn't been reviewed yet, the extension will offer a summary based on the regulator's robustness (top-tier or mid-tier).
  • In cases where no information is available, the extension encourages you to contact BrokerChooser for a quick broker check.

If the broker is Not Trusted, you’ll receive reasons why BrokerChooser’s experts do not endorse it. For example, the broker can be considered Not Trusted because of a lack of top-quality regulation. You can also visit BrokerChooser’s website to find out if it’s on a regulator's warning list.

In short, Scam Broker Alert by BrokerChooser acts as a shield against financial scams by helping you determine the broker’s trustworthiness.

Ideal Postcodes Rapid Address Entry

Ideal Postcodes Rapid Address Entry
FeaturesStreamlined address entry process on UK address forms
Free planNo (free trial)

Ideal Postcodes Rapid Address Entry Chrome extension is designed to optimize the address entry process on UK address forms within popular web applications. The tool is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Zoho CRM, Sage, Odoo, Shopwired, BigCommerce, Salesforce Lightning, Really Simple Systems CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, and QuickBooks.

The main features of Ideal Postcodes Rapid Address Entry are:

  • Speed up the address entry on your checkout pages by reducing the time it takes to input accurate information.
  • Minimize failed deliveries and increase productivity with a quick address entry process, which is also less prone to errors.
  • Access the most up-to-date and accurate UK address dataset with Royal Mail's PAF dataset for data integrity and reliability.

By incorporating Ideal Postcodes Rapid Address Entry into your workflow, you can ensure a faster, more reliable, and error-free address entry experience.

Stackby Webclipper

DSers extenxion
FeaturesContent capture on webpages, customizable web-clipper, icons for quick actions, tagging and labeling functionality, and visually appealing gallery layouts
Free planFree to use (for Stackby users)

Stackby is a cloud-based work management platform designed to help you manage data, teams, and workflows with flexible spreadsheet-style databases. It’s as simple to use as a spreadsheet yet as powerful as a database, and you can integrate it with over 2000 apps to meet your unique business needs.

The platform comes with a dedicated Google Chrome extension that you can use to clip web content directly to your stacks (databases) in Stackby.

It enables you to enhance your productivity through:

  • A single click allows you to clip text, hashtags, emails, URLs, and phone numbers from a webpage to any Stackby stack. The clipped content can also be added to an input table with a right-click.
  • Using the API key from your Stackby account, you can tailor your web clipper to your specific needs.
  • The extension offers different icons for quick actions, like “@” to capture all emails, '#' for hashtags, “URL” for the current page URL, and “phone number” to extract phone numbers from any webpage.
  • You can tag or label your clips using multiple or single option columns, and assign them to team members via the collaborator column for personalized organization.
  • The extension offers a visually appealing gallery layout in Stackby to easily interpret and manage your clipped data.

Stackby Webclipper simplifies data management and enhances productivity by allowing you to bring information from any webpage directly into your Stackby database.

DSers - WooCommerce store connection helper

DSers extenxion
FeaturesConnection error resolution between DSers accounts and WooCommerce stores
Free planFree to use

DSers is a dropshipping Tool for eCommerce that transforms the way you manage your online store. It allows you to set multiple suppliers for a single product and inspect inventory to personalize your offers for an enhanced shopping experience.

Other main features of this tool include the ability to place hundreds of AliExpress orders in seconds, customer satisfaction with order tracking, and optimization of delivery times and shipping costs. You can integrate DSers with multiple eCommerce platforms, including AliExpress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and Jumpseller.

The Chrome browser extension of this tool is called DSers - WooCommerce store connection helper and it’s designed to address connection issues between DSers and WooCommerce.

Common scenarios where you might face connection problems include:

  • Initial Linking: When connecting DSers to your WooCommerce store for the first time.
  • Verification Process: When DSers verifies your WooCommerce store during each login attempt.

To resolve these issues, you only need to install and activate the DSers Chrome extension. After that, return to DSers and refresh the page for successful reconnection of your DSers account to your WooCommerce store.

DSers - WooCommerce store connection helper is a simple extension that allows you to fix connection issues between your DSers account and WooCommerce store.

Refermate Anywhere

Refermate Anywhere
FeaturesMoney saving during online shopping, automatic coupon application, cashback and commission earning, and user data protection
Free planFree to use

Refermate Anywhere Chrome extension is an online shopping assistant that can help you save money while placing online orders. But what makes this tool special is that it allows you to earn commissions and cashback as well.

The key features of this tool include:

  • Access the best coupons from thousands of online stores in one place, without going through the hassle of manual code searching and applying.
  • Enjoy top-tier cashback rates to enhance your overall savings on every purchase.
  • With a single click, you can refer any product or brand you love to others and earn commissions for each sale generated.
  • The extension doesn’t collect or sell your personal data for a confidential and secure online shopping experience.

Refermate Anywhere upgrades your online shopping experience, with its innovative savings and income generation features.

Importify - Product Importer

FeaturesProduct import, semi-automatic order fulfillment, and AliExpress product locator with the ePacket delivery option
Free planNo

Importify is a web app that allows you to simplify and streamline your eCommerce operations. It allows you to enhance your sales and business management efforts to save time and improve productivity.

The web app works together with the Importify - Product Importer Chrome extension that allows you to import products from different wholesalers to your Shopify store. It’s specially designed for drop-shippers to help them automate daily importing tasks and complete order fulfillment in just a few clicks.

Importify offers a range of features to optimize your e-commerce workflow including:

  • Import products from various online platforms, such as AliExpress, Alibaba, Etsy, Lazada, and Flipkart, to your online store directly.
  • Streamline your order fulfillment process with an auto-filled checkout form, which reduces manual work for improved efficiency.
  • Locate products on AliExpress easily with the added benefit of identifying those offering the ePacket delivery option.

With Importify, your focus can shift from routine tasks to growing sales and managing your business effectively. Incorporating it into your eCommerce toolkit can help you elevate your overall dropshipping experience.

Sneeit Spot

Sneeit Spot
FeaturesAll-around theme and template management for Blogger and Blogspot
Free planFree to use

Sneeit Spot is a powerful support Chrome extension designed for specific Blogger/Blogspot themes and templates from “” or compatible sources. It allows you to manage theme options, menus, and translations, and/or import demos to update your theme code without losing configurations.

After adding this extension to your browser, all you need is to reload your Blogger dashboard page. It’ll create a new link atop the menu, labeled “Sneeit Spot”, and clocking on it will enable you to access a suite of features for efficient theme management.

For post-related features, you’ll need to navigate to the Posts section in your Blogger dashboard and hover over a post. This way, a distinct Sneeit icon (red) will appear, which will allow you to edit your post seamlessly with Sneeit Spot.

The main features of Sneeit Spot include:

  • Customize your theme easily by accessing theme options/settings. The extension intelligently generates options by scanning different variables in the theme.
  • Update your theme just the way you want without losing customization, including widgets, options, and other personalized settings.
  • Manage theme menus with drag-and-drop functionality, and create, customize, and delete menu items as needed.
  • Translate fixed texts in the theme to your preferred language.
  • Import prebuilt demos for your site to speed up the customization process.
  • Apply AMP or UNAMP format for your post-HTML if your theme supports the AMP feature.
  • Receive suggestions and insights to improve your post's SEO performance.

Sneeit Spot is an excellent tool that provides you with an improved Blogger/Blogspot dashboard experience with enhanced customization and efficiency.

Email Verifier by ZeroBounce

Email Verifier by ZeroBounce
FeaturesEmail verification within the browser, real-time bulk email verification, 100 free monthly email verifications
Free planFree to use (limited)

The Email Verifier by ZeroBounce Chrome extension allows you to validate email addresses that you encounter while browsing. It verifies all email addresses in real-time and allows you to minimize email bounce rates, enhance deliverability, and protect your sender reputation.

Here are the key features Email Verifier by ZeroBounce offers.

  • Identifies and validates email addresses in real-time across social media, blogs, or websites. Simply click the ZeroBounce extension, find your target email, and validate with a click.
  • Collects and validates large email lists instantly within your browser, without the need for login or list uploads.
  • Allows for 100 free email verifications each month, which are replenished monthly.
  • Provides an option to download email verification results in CSV or XLSX format, which you can also print.

Email Verifier by ZeroBounce makes for an ideal tool for those who want to elevate their email list quality to make sure their messages reach the right audience.

Alura Extension

Alura Extension
FeaturesSales & revenue estimates, AI-powered insights, popularity tracking, keyword tag analysis, unlimited free searches, instant Etsy insights, and easy product idea validation
Free planFree to use

Alura is a powerful Chrome extension designed to redefine your Etsy experience. It acts as your strategic partner in mastering Etsy, as it offers AI-based data and analytics, including sales and revenue estimates, popularity tracking, and keyword tag analysis.

The key features of the Alura extension include:

  • Monthly breakdowns of shop and listing sales.
  • Popularity tracking to identify top-performing listings.
  • AI-powered analysis for informed decision-making.
  • Impactful tags driving top listings.
  • Effortless data export with a single click.
  • Unlimited free searches without any paywall restrictions.
  • Etsy integration for real-time data on visited product pages.
  • Direct Etsy data for accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Easy product idea validation with market demand assessment for strategic growth.
  • Product performance tracking to stay competitive.

Alura allows you to elevate your Etsy selling experience by providing a practical and effective approach to Etsy analytics.

Chrome extensions: final recommendations

With over 200,000 Chrome extensions out there, it’s going to be tough to limit yourself to just a few. So, to make things easier, below, you’ll find just the best Chrome extensions and a quick recap on why you should have them on your browser:

  • Foreplay – a powerful extension that helps you save, organize, and analyze ads from popular social media platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • WP Hive – insights on plugin’s impact on WordPress website
  • Scan WP – detects the theme and plugin of a WordPress site.
  • Gochyu – determines the theme and plugin that a website is using.
  • AI2SQL – an AI-powered Chrome extension designed for database developers to write error-free SQL queries directly in the browser.
  • Ratepunk – an excellent Chrome browser extension that guides users through the hotel booking process and helps them save money in multiple ways.
  • ChongLuaDao – a powerful Chrome extension that uses machine learning algorithms to provide real-time protection against scams, phishing attacks, malware, and fake websites for a secure browsing experience.
  • Hoo's Hosting – detects the hosting provider of any website.
  • Shopify Theme Detector – detects the theme of a Shopify site.
  • LambdaTest – runs cross-browser tests across 2000+ browsers and OS.
  • My Cv Creator – an innovative Chrome extension that employs artificial intelligence to help users create professional resumes, cover letters, and even mobile-friendly resume websites within minutes.
  • Manganum – an excellent Google Chrome extension that comes with a powerful launchpad and a plethora of features to help you turn your browser into a productivity station.
  • Serpstat Website SEO Checker – detailed insight into a website’s SEO.
  • ColorVeil by East-Tec – a free Chrome extension that allows users to apply personalized color filters to any website or document for improved readability and reduced eye strain.
  • Tresorit for Gmail – stores, syncs, and shares files and folders for your Gmail.
  • Guardio – antivirus extension blocking harmful websites.
  • The Prime Hunt – an open-source Google Chrome browser plugin designed for streamlined threat hunting, with a unified interface for different SIEMs/EDRs.
  • AppBlock – a Chrome extension designed to block distracting websites efficiently, and enable users to maintain a focused digital environment.
  • SimpleLogin – an email alias solution for receiving and sending email annonymously.
  • Click&Clean – one-click cleaner for browser history, cookies, and data.
  • Authenticator App by 2stable – a highly secure and efficient two-factor authentication solution that offers fast and streamlined login experiences.
  • SellerApp– researches and compares Amazon products on the go.
  • Attention Insight – AI-powered design analytics.
  • Pulsedive - a powerful threat intelligence Chrome extension that makes it easy to perform daily threat analysis activities on the go.
  • Markup – My Web Markups & Highlighter – lets you highlight and annotate texts.
  • Email Finder – finds business emails from various websites.
  • Refermate Anywhere – offers a smart way to shop and refer.
  • Engage AI – a cutting-edge Chrome extension that leverages ChatGPT technology, to elevate LinkedIn networking by delivering personalized, AI-generated comments and fostering efficient, insightful interactions.
  • ContentBASE – a versatile platform that offers customizable Canva and Photoshop marketing bundles to simplify the creation of fresh and personalized promotional content across multiple categories.
  • SEO GPT by SEOVendor – a next-generation Chrome extension that uses AI technology to help both SEO agencies and individuals with search-friendly content creation.
  • ProfilePro – an innovative AI-powered Chrome extension for effective SEO optimization of Google Business Profiles.
  • FlyMSG – a versatile Google Chrome extension, powered by advanced AI technology, for a seamless and productive experience for content creation and social media engagement.
  • Hubstaff – a robust Chrome extension that revolutionizes workforce management with automatic time tracking, screenshot capture, online timesheets, and task management.
  • SpoilerTV – a user-friendly Chrome extension that offers real-time TV show updates and spoilers for staying informed on over 800 shows without manual website visits.
  • JobConvo Live Desktop Streamer – an easy-to-use Chrome extension that allows for seamless desktop sharing in virtual meetings for enhanced collaboration.
  • Frejun Chrome Dialler Plugin – a Chrome browser extension that enables one-click dialing directly from web pages using cloud telephony to ensure efficient communication.
  • Pingler – an easy-to-use Chrome browser extension that’s designed to simplify the web page pinging process, with a single-click functionality.
  • AroundDeal – a ChatGPT-powered Chrome extension for recruiting and prospecting, which offers AI-driven talent recommendations and effortless conversion of job descriptions into shortlists.
  • TaxUni – a simple Chrome extension that provides a quick and easy way to stay updated on US financial news, tax changes, and money-saving tips.
  • Email Tracking for Gmail by Orangedox – a Chrome extension designed to track Google Drive and Dropbox email attachments, with real-time notifications on their status.
  • screenseal by globaleyez – a Chrome extension to capture court-admissible timestamped website screenshots, with enhanced workflow features for optimal execution and document proof.
  • DeployBot – a user-friendly Chrome Extension that streamlines manual code deployment by enabling developers to deploy code with a single click directly from their browser.
  • Vimego - Simple Video Downloader – a simple yet effective Chrome extension that streamlines video, subtitles, and audio downloads by injecting download buttons directly into the player.
  • Quizplus – an academic Chrome extension that can work as your go-to companion for efficient and effective studying and improved productivity.
  • Undetectable AI – a user-friendly Chrome extension that uses advanced AI technology to generate human-like text for efficient document preparation.
  • LingQ Importer – a Chrome extension designed to automatically import foreign language web content, including articles and video captions for an improved language learning experience.
  • Scam Broker Alert by BrokerChooser – a security tool that allows you to determine the trustworthiness of online brokers to ensure financial safety.
  • Ideal Postcodes Rapid Address Entry – a Chrome extension designed to enhance the accuracy of UK address entry on web forms for improved efficiency and accuracy.
  • Stackby Webclipper – a Chrome extension that integrates with Stackby to capture and organize web content within the Stackby database for workflow management.
  • DSers - WooCommerce store connection helper – a seamless way to connect your DSers account to your WooCommerce store.
  • Refermate Anywhere – a unique tool to save money while shopping online through an automatic coupon application and earn commissions by referring brands and products.
  • Importify - Product Importer – a time-saving Chrome extension that automates daily tasks for dropshippers by making it easy to import products from multiple wholesalers to Shopify stores.
  • Sneeit Spot – an innovative Chrome extension to transform the Blogger/Blogspot dashboard, with theme management options, menu customization, translation tools, and post-editing features.
  • Email Verifier by ZeroBounce – a Chrome extension that validates email addresses in real-time and empowers users to maintain a clean, high-quality email list.
  • Alura Extension – a pragmatic Chrome Extension for Etsy sellers that offers data-driven insights to streamline product research and enhance overall Etsy strategy.

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