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Zyro review – lean, cheap, website-building machine

zyro review

Zyro focuses on two things – speed, and affordability. On top of that, it’s also quite easy to use. For regular people looking to build a simple portfolio website, or businesses looking to sell online on a budget, Zyro is a very good option.

I’m not breaking any news here: for both business and personal uses, websites can be incredibly important. And with no experience in coding and no time to learn it, many people opt to go for a website builder.

Many website builders, however, suffer from two common problems:

  • They’re expensive! Most website builders start their prices at the $10-15/month range. eCommerce plans often ask for twice as much.
  • They’re slow! About as fast as an upside-down turtle gently floating by the beach, websites made with builders tend to be pretty slow.

Spoiler alert: Zyro is not “many website builders”. It’s fast and genuinely affordable. Zyro may not be jam-packed with loads of third-party features, and it may not be the most pixel-perfect design solution out there, but it nails the basics and is ideal for inexperienced users.

For this Zyro review, I signed up for an account and set up a test site. And as you carry on reading, you’ll see not only the website itself, but also go through my entire experience of starting up, building, and editing my website using this platform.

Spoiler alert #2: while for the sake of simplicity, Zyro seemingly had to sacrifice a lot of in-depth customization and maybe some of the features, the trade-off seems to be worth it.

If you want a simple website builder that does the basics right – Zyro is for you. It’s a no-frills platform, that can help even complete beginners to get a lovely website, at a virtually unmatchable price.

You can click to read the full conclusion here – if you want to know my final thoughts.

Ease of useExtremely easy to use
Templates110+ modern themes
Business featuresEcwid-powered eCommerce
PerformanceExcellent performance
Current deal:Save up to 67% on Zyro plans!

Zyro pros and cons


  • Very affordable
  • Simple and easy-to-customize templates
  • Pretty helpful AI tools
  • Great website performance


  • Grid editor limits design customizability
  • Blogging tools lack depth

What website to use Zyro for?

Different tools are meant for different jobs – the same is very much true for website builders. What is Zyro good for? What is it not? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular website niches and see how this builder does in each of them.

Website typeBenefitsLimitations
BlogVery simple setupIncredibly limited interface
Portfolio siteExcellent themes, focused on simplicity and beautiful mediaLimited features make the portfolio sites rather simple
Business siteGood built-in AI tools, easy to useNot many third-party options, some tools are limited
eCommerce siteVery cheap to get startedThird-party Ecwid solution can be a bit tricky to use

Zyro for blogs

Zyro has a blogging suite – and that’s about as much as we can say about it. If you’re used to some dedicated blogging platforms like WordPress, you’ll find it seriously limiting.

Editing a post will be like making a website: you’ll be able to drag and drop various elements on your post, and mix them together. It works for page editing, but for text, it can be needlessly complicated. Don’t use Zyro if your primary goal is blogging. If you’re a business, looking to share a post every now and then, Zyro is perfectly fine, but that’s where I draw the line. Read the full blogging section here.

Zyro for portfolios

Zyro was made to be used for portfolios. A simple website setup process and beautiful image-focused themes are ideal if you’re looking for a simple site to showcase your work.

There are over 110 templates, covering various niches – there’s even a dedicated section for professional CV sites. If you’re looking for an effortless route to a beautiful portfolio, Zyro’s bending backwards to be just that. Read the full templates section here.

Zyro for businesses

Zyro has a decent array of business tools: the most exciting of them certainly being the artificial intelligence (AI) options, such as the smart heatmap, and content writing features. On top of that, there are also some good tools for analytics and marketing.

There isn’t much, though. Zyro lacks certain features other builders have, like dedicated email marketing or social media posting services. Everything pretty basic – but what is there, works really well. All down to you and your needs! Read the full business features section here.

Zyro for online shops

Zyro offers a very affordable eCommerce solution, starting at just $9.90 a month. That being said, it’s not really Zyro’s solution at all – instead, Zyro is using Ecwid as a dedicated eCommerce solution on the side.

It looks different than Zyro, and there’s a rather sharp learning curve: however, once you go past it, it absolutely delivers. With a very affordable price tag, this is a good budget eCommerce solution. Read the full eCommerce section here.

Zyro pricing

Zyro offers a total of 4 plans: two for regular, and two for eCommerce websites. The prices start at $2.90/month – which is several times less than what the biggest website builders will charge you. No wonder it’s number one on our cheapest website builders’ list – it a very affordable website builder. However, it’s worth mentioning that to get this deal, you’ll need to sign up for a long-term deal: this way you get the best monthly price.

Zyro offers a limited free trial. You are free to test out the website editor – however, to publish a website, you’ll need to pay up. Luckily, Zyro has a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning that you can easily get everything back, if you’re not happy with the premium plans.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s what these premium options look like:

BasicGreat tools for a simple websites: get the biggest discount HERE!$2.90/month
UnleashedNo bandwidth and storage restrictions, good for growing businesses$3.90/month
eCommerceeCommerce features for selling online$9.90/month
eCommerce+Advance eCommerce: abandoned cart recovery, Amazon integration, and more$14.90/month

Zyro website plans

zyro personal pricing

The Basic plan for $2.90/month allows you to connect a memorable domain name and secures your website with a free SSL certificate. But it does limit the storage storage to 1GB and bandwidth to 3GB. Plus, you get pretty limited marketing capabilities. This is a good option for a personal – but not a business website.

Whereas, the Unleashed plan rids you of those storage and bandwidth limits and adds all of the advanced marketing tools, plus a free custom domain name for a year. It’s a solid option for small businesses looking for a budget-conscious pick. After all, it’s only a dollar more, coming in at $3.90 a month.

Zyro eCommerce plans

zyro ecommerce plans

Zyro also has two eCommerce-capable options: what’s so different about them?

Well, the standard eCommerce plan does not have any massive issues or limitations, and I find it to be a great option for a business that wishes to sell online. You’ll be limited to 100 products, and will get gift cards, discount coupons, shipping and tax management, and there will be no Zyro commission on any of your sales. Also, even this cheap plan includes automatic tax calculations right out of the box, making your business management just a little bit easier.

The eCommerce+ plans adds all of the above, plus will you an opportunity to build your store in multiple languages, as well as add abandoned cart recovery, automatic tax calculations, and product filters: this is an excellent option for advanced users. Especially considering, that you can sell unlimited products.

And yes – it’s excellent value all around. Shopify’s plans start at $29/month, while eCommerce-capable Wix plan starts at $23. Squarespace offers one at just $18 a month, but that will also include a 3% transaction fee.

So overall, Zyro offers seriously good value for the money: and even the cheapest plans have plenty of features to be entirely useful. Five stars. Good start!

Is Zyro easy to use?

  • The setup process – The start-up process is pretty straightforward. You get your website built either via answering some questions, or by picking a template, and then you go straight to editing.
  • Building your website – Zyro has a very intuitive and minimalistic editor. It’s a very simple option, that may appear limiting for some people.
  • Managing the dashboard – similarly to the website editor, the dashboard is very simple and intuitive.

All in all, using Zyro was a breeze. From the moment I set up my account, it took just a few minutes to make a website – it’s up there with the best website builders in the market. And just a few minutes more to go through all of the main editing options.

In fact, for this Zyro review, I made a website that you can visit yourself. Here it is, in all its glory (click the image to visit it!).

Here’s how I made it.

Getting started with Zyro

After you choose a plan and sign up for your account, you’ll be given two options on how should you want to build your website.

zyro select building option

Looks like we have to diverge! Zyro offers two website-building options. The regular “pick a template and edit it”, and the more sophisticated Zyro AI website builder.

No point wasting time and thinking which one to choose – whatever method you choose to make, you can always try again. This is exactly what I’ll do in this Zyro review right here. Let’s test them both!

Here’s what these options are like:

  • “Use a template” – as simple as it gets, and exactly how it sounds. You just pick a theme with pre-added information and get straight to editing.
  • AI website generator – answer a few questions, get a website based on your answers, and then, you can start editing.

“Use a template”

Upon signing up – I was led to this virtual gallery showcasing some smooth-looking, SEO-friendly templates.

zyro template selection

You can browse around this catalog and see how distinct templates look on different devices before choosing one and starting to build your website.

And then, you simply pick one, and immediately get transferred to the editor.

zyro regular editor

Well that’s been brief. Let’s see how the other option gets on.

AI website generator

When you choose to use an AI generator, you get asked to insert your website category. The options are plentiful: my favorite ones included “Hot Dog Stand”, “Ice Cream Fan Site” (same), and “Paper Shredding Machine Supplier”.

zyro ai builder choose category
But I’ve gone for a good ol’ family restaurant…

Then, you get to choose what elements you want to see displayed on your site.

zyro ai select functions

Options already came preselected, but you can choose any of the 7 available: online store, blog, contact form, subscription form, Instagram feed, maps, and video.

Depending on the type of website you pick, the preselected options will be different. But of course, there’s a method to it. For instance, all restaurants will be offered to pick the same choices.

Immediately after choosing, Zyro will simply generate you a website.

choose the preferred zyro design

And I really mean, generate. If you click the “Generate Again” button, you’ll get 3 brand new website designs to choose from. So, click away until you find the right one!

zyro ai design alternative

After selecting the website, just like that – we’re back at the original editor. But this time, the pre-made website has the elements that we want, pages that we need, and already suits the pre-determined theme.

zyro ai generated site
The images on the site get added automatically. What they’ll be, depend on what business you selected.

As you can see, Zyro does not offer multiple website editors. Instead, it offers two different paths to set up your website. Whether you’d like to start with a blank canvas, or skip the theme selection process and get a more custom website, depends entirely on you. Either way, it will be a fast and easy process.

Zyro editor

Both AI and template websites are edited using the very same Zyro editor. Overall, I found it to be rather simple: but all the main design features were there, and it quickly became one of my favorite visual editors out there – it’s a proper DIY website builder experience, that still manages to be very simple.

When you choose to “Add Section”, you get to choose from a variety of different pre-made zones, fitting with the style and color scheme of your theme.

adding new section on zyro

And then, I could choose from 11 different types of elements to add on those sections.

adding elements on zyro

From there, either select, or drag and drog elements for them to be on your site.

But, truth be told, Zyro is not a pure drag-and-drop builder. While you will have an opportunity to move the elements around, they will still have to oblige to Zyro’s grid system and to the restraints of the selected section itself.

zyro editor grid

But I won’t go as far as to call it a “bad thing”. I think that this system smartly combines some customizability (sure, place that map all the way up top, who’s gonna stop ya?) with a lot of foolproofing. Zyro websites will look good on all devices, and you won’t be given an opportunity to break them entirely.

Sections can also be given a custom background: you can choose either picking a color, or an image.

section color settings

And there’s some site-wide customization as well. There are nearly 20 distinct pre-made color palettes to choose from, and you can also edit them entirely. The picks you do here, will also determine the color options in your Section Settings.

zyro section color settings
zyro color settings in depth

And you can also pick one of the 15 available fonts, and choose which fonts go with which titles.

zyro fonts

I was also able to quickly manage, add, and edit all the pages that were pre-loaded on my website.

zyro pages and navigation

And there’s one more thing worth noting: throughout my Zyro review quest, I haven’t experienced any glitches, hang-ups, or moments where the editor was at least a little bit sluggish. It was genuinely a joy to use.

There isn’t much to speak about. Several custom sections, 11 elements, and grid-based editing isn’t the biggest list of features I had to cover. But all of the things I tested were good, and they worked. If you want pixel-perfect, designer-grade editing, this editor is not for you (may I suggest Wix instead?). For everything else, this will probably suffice.

Zyro dashboard

“Less is more” mantra can also be see when you leave the website editor. The dashboard is seriously minimalist.

No, I mean it. Just have a look!

zyro dashboard

But all the information is there. I can use the top menu to see which domains I own, and what subscriptions I have. And by hovering on my website of choice, and clicking “Settings”, I can access a menu full of…settings.

zyro general settings

This is where you can see which domains are connected to the site and what apps are connected to it. This is where you can also manage your online store, SEO for the best ranking of search engines, as well as subscriptions and form submissions.

Zyro customer support

It happens to all of us – something just won’t work, or we might just get confused. This is where it’s very important that a platform would have a solid customer support base.

And Zyro has just that. At any time, while you’re logged in and browsing around Zyro, I saw this little button at the bottom-right corner.

customer support icon

And clicking it reveals a live chat function, which I can always use in order to get any of my problems sorted out. So, I decided to get on it, and ask for help.

It only took about a minute for me to get connected to a live agent, who explained what my issue was, and offered a solution, as well as some extra light reading to do, to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

zyro customer support chat

Honestly, this is how I want customer service to be in such platforms: always close, and always available. I didn’t have to go to any specific pages, or wait for days for an email response. I saw something that bothered me, had a lovely chat, and carried on with my day.

chat rating
And left a rating, too!

With Zyro, everything’s clean, simple, and in one place, the way it should be. Therefore, I can say that Zyro has pretty solid ease of use. You have to sacrifice some functionality, but overall, it’s a great option for beginners.

Zyro templates – minimalistic simplicity

  • How many templates? – Zyro has over 110 themes, spread across several different niches.
  • How do they look? – As with most things Zyro, the templates look minimalistic. But they’re professionally designed and easy on the eye.
  • How much do they cost? – All of the Zyro templates are free.

With over 110 templates to choose from, Zyro offers a pretty solid selection – each theme has responsive designs, for perfect viewing on both a desktop and a mobile version. Everything is separated into 9 different subsections – from blogs, to music & entertainment, or service industry, most of the major niches are covered.

resume themes on zyro

Going through themes, you’ll probably notice one key thing: the themes are rather minimalist, focusing either on large images, or massive headlines to give them any substance.

zyro restaurant themes

Let’s zoom in closer to see how they look like:

zyro template example 1
zyro template example 2

If this is the style you’re looking for – that’s awesome. If not, well, this will be an issue for you. That being said, every single Zyro theme looks modern, so no matter which one you pick, you’ll still have a website that genuinely looks good. So there’s no surprise that Zyro holds strong positions among the best website builders for artists as well as the best website builder for photographers.

And simply by replacing the pre-selected text and images with those of your own, you should end up with a very well-customized personal wesite.

So sure, there won’t be multiple templates, focusing even on the most niche of businesses. That’s something Wix would do.

zyro alternative wix categories

But even with fewer themes, I don’t see it to be that much of a problem. After all, Zyro still has the ability to make business-specific websites (remember AI generator and Paper Shredding Machine Supplier?). If you want that – use the generator. If not, stick with Zyro’s minimalist themes.

Zyro business features

  • eCommerce – Zyro uses Ecwid as a partner for eCommerce. A pretty simple, yet powerful solution.
  • Blogging – similar editor to the one used for building websites. Does the job, but could be improved.
  • AI tools – a very extensive array of various tools for website building, writing, and even logo making.
  • Analytics and Marketing – several interesting integrations, available with the $3.90 plan and better.

Zyro does the basics really well. There are ways to use it to sell online, do some basic blogging, marketing, as well as get some basic analytics. On top of that, there are also some rather promising AI tools. It’s not all perfect, but for small personal business, it’s enough.

Zyro eCommerce builder

Zyro offers a pretty powerful eCommerce suite for selling both digital product and physical products. It’s very easy to get started with it. On the left of your website editor, there is a simple button to start an online store.

online store icon

From there, you’ll enter a very different-looking dashboard. That’s because Zyro has partnered with Ecwid, a dedicated eCommerce platform, to supply their own eCommerce features to this drag-and-drop editor.

Zyro using Ecwid is actually a pretty good option. It offers extensive product and inventory management, as well as over 70 payment gateways. It’s a foolproof way to accept online payments.

zyro ecommerce editor

This eCommerce builder where I got to add my products, my prices, set up my shipping options, and manage my stock. You can access everything from the menu on the left.

Something else that you might notice, is that the store manager looks nothing like Zyro’s own editor. The trademark minimalism is gone, everything is just a bit more clustered, and can quickly get intimidating.

But there’s still a helpful guide available right at the very top. And if you’re easily intimidated, the best option you can do is to follow it.

I took just a few minutes to delete the preset items, add some of my own and set everything up.

adding item on zyro ecommerce

And then, I left the Store Manager entirely, went back to editing my site, and added a new section.

zyro adding store as a section
And there was my store!

You can choose whether you can your store to be a whole separate page, or do you want the items to be within a page that you already have.

And that’s how you add a store to your Zyro site.

zyro ecommerce store

Zyro eCommerce solution could be better suited for beginners: I would give it full marks, if it was within the builder’s own system, and not using Ecwid as the intermediary. That being said, eCommerce is still completely functional: you just have to learn, how to use it.

And for 9 bucks a month? That’s a pretty good trade-off.

Zyro blogging

Blogging with Zyro is fairly basic, but quite functional. Getting started is easy, too: just click the “Blog” icon on the left-hand screen on your site.

zyro blogging icon

There, you’ll redirected to your blog page: in my case, there are already some pre-made blogs that I could edit and make my own.

zyro blog page

But you can also just click to add a new section, as choose to insert a blog. In fact, just like a store, you can add a blog on any page of your Zyro website.

Now, how’s the overall blogging experience? Well, editing these posts doesn’t feel like Google Docs or WordPress, or any other platform genuinely meant for writing. Zyro’s blog interface looks a lot like its website builder.

zyro blog post editor

You can actually add any elements and sections you insert on your site, here on your blog as well. That might appear odd, but actually, could be sneakily useful.

zyro adding blog section

Once you’re done, just click “Publish” on the top right corner, and you’re good to go.

Zyro blogging tools are basic, so I can’t recommend them if you’re planning to use a website for blogging and blogging only. But if you just want to occasionally write a line or two about yourself or your business, this could work.

Zyro AI tools – the secret weapons

AI is both the present and the future – and Zyro’s betting big on it. It has a few AI-powered tools, that should make building a successful, original website all the more easier. And actually, I found the tools to be rather useful.

Zyro AI writer

Will the AI writer leave this poor little writer jobless? I guess there’s only one way to find out!

On the left-hand side menu (where everything is, really), you’ll find the AI writer.

zyro ai writer icon

And surprisingly (uh-oh!), it can churn out some seriously readable website content (uh-oh!) in just a few moments. All you have to do is to select the niche that best describes you, and let it rip.

zyro ai writer option selection

And just like that, you’ll get access to several custom-made texts that you can use on your website, immediately.

zyro ai writer texts

A few takeaways: first, it’s pretty cool to click buttons and have a bot write for you. Secondly, yes: this copy is not exactly perfect. Having said that, it’s still better than staring at a blank page as you contemplate life choices, right?

What Zyro content generator will do, is it will give you a good starting point, some sentences that can put you in the right direction. Think of it not as a writer, who will do everything for you, but as a brainstorming buddy, who will help you think of the winning formula.

AI heatmap

If you’re a business, whose business depends on the success of your website, you need to make it perfect for your visitors. But sadly, we can’t get into the minds of the people and really see where they look, what they see, and what could be improved.

So, AI comes to the rescue.

On the left-hand side, there’s an option called “AI Heatmap”, that will show you the most eye-catching components of the website and guide you with button placements, CTAs, and general site-layout.

ai heatmap icon zyro

The heatmap is simple: the bigger, and the warmer-colored the area on the website are, the more attention the readers are paying to them.

Here’s how a heatmap looks on a page, optimized for selling – Amazon.

amazon heatmap
The product, and the buying buttons are key.

And here’s how slightly less successful website looks like:

zyro ecommerce site heatmap
The ribbon saying “New!” really seals the deal.

This really made me think – I need to make a button that says “Buy Now!”.

You can draw all of these conclusions on your website, too. Zyro’s here’s to help. And I think that it’s a great little tool many small businesses will love.

Other AI tools

As a matter of fact, Zyro has a lot of interesting tools, available to anyone, for free.

You can just visit the Zyro website, and check out the “All Products” section, to see a big selection for yourself – there are things such as a blog title generator, privacy policy generator and other content optimization tools.

zyro all products

So, just run through a few of my favorites that I discovered (or rediscovered) during this Zyro website builder review:

The logo maker, in which you can either put together a logo manually, or use the AI function to build you an entirely new one. It’s also available straight from the website editor.

zyro logo generator

An AI slogan generator, that takes your keywords and makes some original taglines.

slogan generator

And who could forget the AI business name generator.

zyro business name generator
All in all, Incowe: Handcrafted For Homes sounds pretty nice!

Now, are all AI tools I found in this Zyro review 100% useful? Maybe not, maybe not for you. But overall, the way they’re incorporated in the website, and some of the things that they churn out are genuinely useful. AI is a common trend to take up, but the way Zyro did it, is actually quite exciting. Check them out if you’re interested.

Analytics and marketing

An upgrade to the $3.90 (or higher) plan will give you access to several marketing and analytics tools. Namely, these:

zyro analytics and marketing

And I do find that to be quite useful, especially if you’re making a business website. An ability to connect Google Analytics lets you discern how visitors land on your website. Then you can visualize their behavior using Hotjar (which is, in simple terms, just a more advanced version of Zyro’s AI heatmap).

Or you can take advantage of Facebook Pixel to craft enticing Facebook ads and effectively manage your paid campaigns.

Zyro also makes it possible to deploy FB messenger on a website. As a result, allowing visitors to connect with you directly via your website.

For small businesses, this, perhaps combined with Ecwid-powered eCommerce, makes Zyro a fairly solid business option. There aren’t many third-party apps, as there would be in some other products, and the blogging could be improved, but the tools Zyro offers just about cover the basic business needs.

Zyro performance

Pages made with website builders are not expected to be fast. Quite the opposite: they’re expected to be very slow, taking forever to load, and ruining days of the unlucky visitors who happened to land on them.

Zyro, however, has pretty solid performance. The website is both responsive on all devices, and it loads quite fast.

zyro performance

There’s no need to be discouraged by the C rating. Instead, I’d like to divide your attention to the ribbon below. It takes just 790 milliseconds to load the top part of the website (the one your visitors will see first). And then, in the background, the rest of the site will follow, and everything will be finished in 3.5 seconds total.

Both of these numbers are quite low. 3.5s full load time is just around Google’s recommended speed for websites. And 790ms until the largest element on the website loads is pretty good, as well. Remembering that this page also includes an entire Ecwid eCommerce store inside, that’s genuinely really good!

Overall, Zyro has decent performance. Full marks here.

Alternatives to Zyro

Zyro isn’t going to work for everyone reading this post. You might be you’re looking for something more advanced, that actually allowed some in-depth editing. Or maybe you didn’t like the collection of templates on show.

Whatever it is, we got your back – here are some of the top alternatives to check out.


Similar to Zyro, Wix offers two ways to build a website: with an AI-powered ADI and a regular Classic Editor. However, it also has two different editors. The ADI editor is similar to Zyro’s, letting you add various elements, but restricting the freedom. Wix Editor, however, boasts hundreds of extensive templates, hundreds of great third-party plugins, and a super-advanced pixel-perfect editor.


Squarespace gives everything you’d need for creating a stunning website without spending thousands of dollars, or thousands of hours. It’s a simple, all-in-one business solution, combining a website builder, eCommerce platform, and a blogging solution.


Few website builders come close to Weebly when it comes to eCommerce solutions. Weebly’s affordable eCommerce, uncluttered editor, and a simple interface makes it a good cheap eCommerce alternative to Zyro.

Zyro review – conclusion

Zyro is a great way to create a personal website. And it’s also a match made in heaven budget-conscious business projects. Fast, cheap, and easy to use, it’s nearly a perfect trifecta.

You won’t get to edit much. And out of the 110+ themes available, most of them follow a fairly minimalist design – something I love, but you might not be looking for. That being said, Zyro’s helpful tools and A+ customer support make it a good beginner option.

Zyro is a killer combination of price and quality – It almost has no business being this cheap! If you need something simple, that won’t break the bank, this is the way to go.

Give it a shot – AI might just make you a perfect website. With content, and all the fixings.

Zyro FAQs

What is Zyro?

Zyro is a simple website builder, offering basic website building tools for a very low price. It’s a good option for personal projects and small businesses.

Is Zyro cheap?

Zyro is one of the cheapest website builder options we’ve ever tested. With the prices starting at $2.90 a month, its excellent value for money.

Does Zyro offer website hosting?

Yes, Zyro hosts its own websites. However, you can’t host websites on Zyro that were created elsewhere. You can, however, use the Import tool to add elements like images and text from a previous website.

Is there a Zyro free plan?

There is no free Zyro plan. However, you can use a no-question-asked 30-day money-back guarantee to get all your money back if you’re not satisfied

What is Zyro best for?

Zyro is best for portfolio sites: thanks to its beautiful themes, and an intuitive setup process, this builder is perfect if you wish to showcase your work to a wide audience.

Is Zyro a good website builder?

Zyro is a good website builder if you’re looking for a simple way to make a personal, or a small business website.

Can I use Zyro for blogging?

Zyro includes a blogging feature. However, the feature isn’t the easiest to use, and we wouldn’t recommend using Zyro to run a full-fledged blog.

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