These apps could resurrect your relatives using artificial intelligence

Many have reported strange phone calls coming from beyond the grave. Quora is riddled with comments regarding calls from lost loved ones. Is this possible? Can you contact your fallen family and friends after death? With AI, necromancy has never been easier.

Once an age-old magic practice used to communicate with the dead, necromancy has seemingly entered the digital age as more people report speaking to loved ones who have passed.

Many people have reported on Quora, a knowledge-sharing platform, that they have spoken to dead relatives, partners, and friends who have passed on but still linger on their devices.

One Quora user explained that she received a message from her deceased son via Bluetooth.

Although this sounds like a scary story someone would tell you in the dark, communicating with a digital twin of your lost loved ones through your devices is possible.

You may have heard of the app that will bring your relatives back to life, ‘HereAfter AI,’ regarded as the immortalization application that can help you speak to an AI version of the dead long after they’re gone.

But now, more apps allow you to ‘connect’ with an AI version of your loved ones long after their passing.

Stories from beyond the grave

If you want to connect with an artificial version of your lost loved one without going through all the trouble of brewing potions, doing seances, or conjuring demons, you can with this app.

Storyfile allows you to immortalize your life through video and audio, allowing your family members to learn more about you once you’re gone.

This conversational video format turns a one-way experience into a two-way conversation, all with a video webcam and your device's microphone.

Through a video recording, you will answer curated questions that your loved ones may want to ask you.

According to StoryFile’s website, the company will save and upload your video answers to its cloud.

The final product will culminate in an interactive video prepared to answer questions and converse normally.

Once you have passed, artificial intelligence will select the most appropriate answers to questions your family and friends may want to ask you.

Through its proprietary legacy capture technology, you can be sure to haunt your family long after your death.

Chatty Casper

It seems that haunting your family has never been easier with these new applications that allow an artificial version of you to call and text those you left behind.

No longer will the dead have to exert time and energy possessing your digital devices. They can rest in peace knowing you’re potentially being cared for with this app.

The app in question is Chat Ever After, which uses technology to contact a digital version of your loved ones for a price.

The app takes historical chat data between you and a loved one, then uploads it to Chat Ever After’s servers and trains the large language model (LLM.)

The model will learn from this data and adopt the content and mannerisms of the virtual version you desire to contact.

The LLM learns from the data you have provided, allowing you to speak naturally (or so they say.)

Once you start chatting, the LLM will learn from your current conversations, helping it to adapt and improve.

For $70.99 monthly, you can access ten departed accounts, text and voice chats, lifetime and after-life access, free updates, a fully trained model, and unlimited chats.

Compared to StoryFile, which provides packages for a one-off payment of $49, that’s quite the price to simply ‘talk’ to an AI version of your departed loved ones.

False hopes

Alongside the hefty price tag, the Chat Ever After website began to raise alarm bells.

What with its invalid email address, the team of “esteemed” artificially generated professionals, and the dubious statements on its website.

The team members appear to have fake names, like Dr. Plague, “medical” professional Dr. Mortissa Diagnosa, AI psychiatrist Ivan Synapo, and AI developer John Codesmith.

Intriguingly, the founder, Ivan Synapo, who has supposedly “dedicated his life to creating the groundbreaking Grief Prevention Technology, is nowhere to be found.

I did some sleuthing and found no indication of this man ever existing. There is no trace of Ivan Synapo on the internet.

Alongside the absent founder, tenuous team, and AI-generated avatars, the reviews are comical.

“I told mommy I did a goal for soccer she said good job Billy and I ate a pizza and want a chicken nugget she said no,” Billy writes.

This lends more to the theory that this site isn’t real and may be an abandoned project or ironic website.

After careful consideration and with statements like Ivan Synapo is the “first psychiatrist to diagnose an LLM with Schizophrenia, it may be easier to contact the dead via an Ouiji board than through this “app.”