Ferrari hit by ransomware, hackers leak 7 GB of data

The Italian luxury car maker Ferrari had internal documents taken from the brand's website.

Data from Ferrari's website was posted on a dark web leak site owned by ransomware group RansomEXX. Hackers claim they have obtained internal documents, datasheets, repair manuals, and other information.

The stolen data set consists of almost 7 GB of data. A screenshot of the stolen data shows a document marked 'confidential.' It looks like a purchase agreement for a specific model of a Ferrari brand car.

Ferrari hit by ransomware
Message on the leak site. Image by Cybernews.

The leak marks the second time Ferrari had the company's documents stolen by hackers in less than a year. In December 2021, Italian manufacturing company Speroni was hit by the Everest cyber gang.

Threat actors advertised stealing 900 GB of data from Speroni containing sensitive information about the company's partners such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat Group, and other Italian car manufacturers.

Ferrari hit by ransomware
Message on the leak site. Image by Cybernews.

Earlier this year, threat actors interfered with Ferrari's entry into the NFT market. Threat actors took over the company's subdomain and used it to host an NFT scam almost immediately after Ferrari announced it would mint tokens based on Ferrari cars.

Interestingly, RansomEXX published the leak less than a week after the Romanian cybersecurity firm Bitdefender became an official sponsor of Ferrari's Formula One (F1) racing team.

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