Google will start deleting Photos and Gmail accounts this week

Google will start deleting inactive Google accounts and their contents on December 1st, citing security reasons.

The company first announced an update on its inactive accounts policy in May this year. According to the company, an inactive Google Account is an account that has not been used within a two-year period.

Inactive accounts and all their content, including content within Google Workspace (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar) and Google Photos, will be deleted.

"An account is at a higher risk of compromise if it remains inactive for an extended period," stated Ruth Kricheli, Vice President of Product Management at Google, in a May update on inactive account policies.

The account deletion process will be implemented in phases. Google has outlined that it will initially send email notifications to inactive Google accounts regarding the deletion of profiles. Subsequently, notifications will be sent to the associated recovery email addresses.

Users can ensure their accounts are active by:

  • Reading or sending an email
  • Using Google Drive
  • Watching a YouTube video
  • Sharing a photo
  • Downloading an app from the app store
  • Using Google Search
  • Using Sign in with Google to sign in to a third-party app or service

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