Users notice OpenAI secretly pushing new update

OpenAI silently introduced a new custom GPT feature over the weekend.

OpenAI has updated the ChatGPT application with a new feature that allows tagging custom GPTs in the prompt using '@.' The new tagging option will potentially allow an easier switch between GPTs holding different personas and expertise. There has been no official announcement from the company as yet.

In November 2023, OpenAI rolled out custom versions of ChatGPT for specific purposes, called GPTs. Premium users of ChatGPT were enabled to build their own GPTs using the interface of the application without the coding skills required.

According to OpenAI, when put into action, specific GPTs become smarter and more efficient in performing specific tasks over time.

OpenAI expanded its business model by also introducing a GPT store, enabling users to create GPTs in categories like productivity, education, and “just for fun,” which they can share publicly. Once in the store, created GPTs become searchable and can climb the leaderboards.

According to OpenAI, GPT creators will be able to monetize their creations based on how many people are using their GPT.

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