OpenAI releases ChatGPT-4 for big business

OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT, announced the release of a new enterprise platform incorporated with its 4th generation AI model, and geared exclusively for big businesses.

“Get enterprise-grade security & privacy and the most powerful version of ChatGPT yet,” OpenAI touts as its tagline for its latest enterprise size product.

The Microsoft-backed artificial intelligence leader says ChatGPT-4 – already being used by many Fortune 500 companies, can help businesses “craft clearer communications, accelerate coding tasks, rapidly explore answers to complex business questions, assist with creative work, and much more.”

Early adopters of ChatGPT-4 include Block, Canva, Carlyle, The Estée Lauder Companies, PwC, and Zapier, the company said.

The enterprise version will include features such as a dedicated admin console, unlimited high-speed GPT-4, internally shareable chat templates, and longer inputs with 32k token context.

Its advanced data analysis will also be unlimited for enterprise users, unlike the limited version for ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

Also included are credits for companies to build their own API’s, as well as SSO, domain verification, and analytics.

Last but not least, and maybe most importantly, OpenAI states the enterprise version will guarantee that any data input into ChatGPT-4 will belong solely to the company and not be used to train any of OpenAI’s large language models – a significant issue for many privacy advocates, authors, artists, news organizations, and other individuals concerned about copyrighted works and intellectual property.

“We believe AI can assist and elevate every aspect of our working lives and make teams more creative and productive,” the company stated in its announcement.

Although many companies such as Samsung and Apple have banned the use of ChatGPT at work due to employees leaking confidential information, recent surveys have proven that many workers secretly use the chatbot to help streamline productivity.

A June study revealed that over 15% of employees regularly post company data into ChatGPT – and over a quarter of that data is considered sensitive information.

The company is hoping that offering a business level version will help companies embrace ChatGPT in the workplace.

With the launch of the enterprise version, OpenAI hopes businesses will feel comfortable embracing ChatGPT-4 usage at work.

As for the increasing overlap in products with Microsoft, OpenAI’s parent company, an OpenAI spokesperson said that "customers can choose which platform is right for their business."

Microsoft already offers it Azure businesses customers access to ChatGPT as part of its cloud computing platform.

OpenAI released its consumer-focused ChatGPT last November, gaining over 100 million monthly active users by January.

By April, ChatGPT reported its active user growth increased to more than 800 million users per month.

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