Breach of watchmaker Timex exposes thousands

Attackers breached the US watch manufacturer Timex Group’s environment and may have stolen personal details, including Social Security numbers.

The attackers penetrated the company’s systems in June 2023 and roamed for several days, Timex’s breach notification letter, which it sent to affected individuals, said.

“The investigation also determined that an unauthorized actor was able to access or take certain information stored on the network during this period of time,” the company said.

According to the letter, attackers may have accessed individuals’ names and Social Security numbers (SSNs). Over 3,000 people were impacted by the “sophisticated” cyberattack.

While the attack took place in June, Timex completed the investigation into the attack in mid-December.

Losing SSNs poses significant risks, as impersonators can use the stolen data in tandem with names and driver’s license numbers for identity theft.

Timex said it will provide affected individuals with two years of credit monitoring and identity protection services.

Timex, established in 1854, is a global watch company headquartered in the US. The company’s revenue in 2022 exceeded $1.7 billion. The watchmaker employs nearly 7,000 staff.

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