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AI-powered WebWave: revolutionizing small business websites

WebWave's desire to make it easier to create a website is in its DNA as a website builder. By adapting to the AI trend, WebWave offers small business owners a way to have a custom website in 3 minutes. Their solution is a new force in the race for uniqueness and authenticity.

WebWave was founded in 2012 by Maciej Czajkowski. Inspired by his past as a web developer, he decided to make a tool that would shift the process of creating websites into the hands of graphic designers, marketers, and, eventually, small business owners.

WebWave's mission is to help small business owners to express themselves and their businesses online in their unique way

Maciej Czajkowski, WebWave's founder and CEO

The word "unique" lies at the core of WebWave's web design philosophy. Czajkowski and his team have created a drag-and-drop website builder with a graphical interface with freeform canvas and layers.

While Wix or Squarespace opt for stiff, predefined layouts, WebWave wants to empower entrepreneurs with the creative freedom to reflect their businesses and brands online.

Democratizing great designs with AI

In October 2023, WebWave launched the AI Website Builder. It was voted #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt with a 4.9/5 rating from 250 reviews. With WebWave AI, you can generate your website in 3 minutes. Based on a brief description, AI creates a functioning website - from a simple one-pager to a multi-page site. Generated projects are diverse, reflecting various aesthetic styles and business needs.

WebWave website

By simplifying the web design process, WebWave AI makes a website - a necessary tool for business growth - more accessible. In 3 minutes, you can listen to a song or make a cup of tea. Now, you can also create a professional website.

However, generating your site is just the beginning. WebWave stays true to its values of uniqueness and allows for complete website customization using the drag-and-drop editor.

AI website by WebWave

WebWave doesn't see AI as a replacement for human skills and sensitivity but as a helpful tool.

AI generates not a rough sketch but a solid first version of your website. It creates a layout, content outline with copy, and all the visuals, like color palettes, fonts, images, and animations.

Doing it yourself would take days or weeks if you aren't an experienced web designer. Editing what AI creates is so much easier.

WebWave AI tool

You can customize the AI website as much or as little as you want. If a simple logo swap is enough for you, go ahead. But if you are inspired to add more sections, play with colors, or rewrite the copy, you can easily do it with WebWave.

The advanced customization options are what sets WebWave apart from its competitors. You have control over every aspect of your site to achieve satisfying results.

New opportunities for small businesses

Using any AI website builder reduces the costs of creating a website. It's done in less time and with much less effort. That is something that every busy small business owner will appreciate.

However, WebWave adds one more thing to the mix - uniqueness. By default, the website builder generates good-looking sites that address business goals and needs. With the advanced customization, having a one-of-a-kind website becomes a reality.

WebWave AI editor

We live in a visual world. Building a brand with a unique aesthetic, focusing on storytelling, and crafting emotional connections with the audience is no longer reserved for big corporations. That's something that applies to small businesses as well.

WebWave understands that.

Janusz Mirowski, Head of Global Marketing at WebWave, emphasizes the generational change of small business owners.

We can't ignore the digital nomads. People who grew up with the Internet. People who understand the power of social media. People who prolongate their identities online. They need a website that keeps up with that, and WebWave is here to help.

Janusz Mirowski, Head of Global Marketing at WebWave

For WebWave, the AI website isn’t just a generic, mediocre substitute for a professional design for those who value time more than quality. They offer a solid foundation with plenty of room for a personal touch to create a proper digital home for any business.