Data protection and elimination solutions

In our world where data has become a means of moving forward for most businesses, data protection is one of the most prominent concerns.

Businesses deal with data loss, breaches, and exfiltration every day. Average internet users may raise questions over where their personal information is stored and how it is used. Some may want to remove their presence from countless databases altogether. Luckily, there are answers to these problems.

Data security solutions may range from encryption, secure storage, and exfiltration prevention to personal information removal from databases and outright data destruction. Sometimes, a product may be all-in-one and include both data protection and elimination.

The abundance of such services may make it harder to choose, and this is where we step in. To make your data security journey a little easier, we made a list of the data protection solutions on the market today.

Data protection solutions: detailed list

Data protection is a serious matter, whether it be from a security or from a removal standpoint. So take a look at the data protection solutions overview and get acquainted with everything these providers offer.


incogni banner
Services:Data removal
Resources:Guides, FAQ, blog
Free trial:30-day money-back guarantee

There are hundreds of companies whose entire business model is selling people's personal data – including yours. These businesses, commonly known as data brokers, can collect anything from your full legal name to your social security number.

For the most part, data brokers have little to no concern about who’s purchasing your data. This, coupled with brokers being a prime target for cybercriminals, means your personal information is at a serious risk.

Luckily, Incogni offers a solution that protects you from these data brokers. Using data protection laws – including GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA – the SaaS tool requests that these companies remove your data.

Of course, you could do this yourself. But there are so many data brokers, and it’s difficult even to figure out which companies have your info. Plus, the process is confusing and time-consuming. Incogni saves you the headache.

Simply give Incogni some minimal personal info, just enough for its agents to act on your behalf, and that’s it. Incogni scans its database of 180+ data brokers as well as paid and people search sites – contacting only appropriate parties to have your data removed.

You can just sit back, relax, and watch the progress from Incogni’s user-friendly dashboard.


Services:Personal information removal from 190 websites for people and businesses
Resources:Free opt-out guides, articles, comparisons
Free trial:Yes

OneRep automatically scrubs your personal information from 190 privacy-breaching websites and Google and continues to monitor the web in case the data reappears.

You can also opt out of websites manually, as OneRep provides free self-removal instructions for all data brokers they opt you out of. The great thing is that you can keep track of the removal progress in the visual dashboard updated in real-time.

In addition to individual protection, OneRep offers flexible group and corporate plans for organizations that want to safeguard more of their team. OneRep is an easy-to-activate employee benefit with a high take rate and unlimited user capacity.


Removaly banner
Services:Removal of personal information
Resources:Opt-out guides, articles, comparisons
Free trial:Yes

Just as the name says, Removaly is a service for those who wish to remove their personal data from any database or website. The nicest thing about it is that the data scanning and removal process is fully automated, and a personalized dashboard will inform you where your personal data is at any time.

However, if you want to handle your data with your own hands, Removaly can help you here as well. They have an extensive knowledge base full of articles and guides to lead you through the process, as well as educational information on staying safe and secure online.

And if you run into any issues during the data removal process, their customer support is there to help. You can take a look at their FAQ section, use the live chat support, or contact them by email with any questions or concerns you might have.


blackfog banner
Services:Ransomware prevention, anti data exfiltration, privacy protection
Resources:Knowledge base, glossary, blog, datasheets, case studies
Free version:No

Cyberattacks more often than not start and end with data exfiltration as well as monetary gain purposes. BlackFog provides top-tier solutions for ransomware and other cyberattack prevention, helps implement anti data exfiltration measures, and offers overall privacy and data protection.

BlackFog uses its behavioral analysis and anti data exfiltration technology in order to prevent cybercriminals from entering your perimeter in the first place. However, in case of a breach or otherwise unauthorized data collection events, their team of professionals also helps mitigate the risks. Their solutions are available both on a personal and enterprise level.

On top of all of that, they also help companies ensure compliance with global privacy and data protection regulations. They have numerous resources available, ranging from blog posts to case studies and datasheet analysis, as well as ebooks and an extensive knowledge base.


vinchin banner
Services:Virtual machine backup, disaster recovery, data security, backup data encryption
Resources:FAQ, knowledge base, blog, datasheets, user guide, installation guide, videos & events, customer stories
Free trial:Yes

Vinchin provides efficient data backup solutions for virtualization, which are integrated into one well-performed software. If you have business-critical IT workloads running on virtual environments, Vinchin can be your best choice that helps you establish a complete data protection plan.

Vinchin ensures a high-security level of VM backup data with Backup Data Encryption and Encrypted Transmission (LAN-Based) to both encrypt data and transmission path for the backup process. They also offer Backup Storage Protection (Anti-Ransomware Backup Storage) to keep your data in the backup repository away from cybercriminals. You can also use Vinchin to build a disaster recovery center both on the cloud and at a remote location with Cloud Archive and Offsite Backup Copy.

For clients who’re interested to explore its full potential, Vinchin offers a 60-day full-featured free trial of its product. There’re also product-related resources like FAQs, datasheets, and how-to videos to help you get to know their solutions more in-depth.


calamu banner
Services:Data breach prevention, data encryption
Resources:Webinars, articles, infographics, info sheets, whitepapers
Free trial:Yes (demo)

Calamu offers a data-first security solution for ransomware protection across end-user devices, servers, and the cloud. They use fragmentation technology to encrypt and scatter your data across multiple separate storage locations. This makes it virtually impossible for data to be compromised during a data breach or ransomware attack.

Calamu products include a Drive solution, which protects files on employee devices, and thus makes them safe from breaches or ransomware. There is also a connector solution, which protects data at rest in the cloud or on-premises, as well as a Console for administrative control. This console allows for user and environment management, as well as for analytics.

If you’d like to learn more about what Calamu does, you should check out their page for free resources. You can participate in webinars, read articles, explore infographics and info sheets, as well as whitepapers.


Cysec banner
Services:Data protection on the cloud, premises, and edge
Resources:Factsheets, datasheets, whitepapers, brochures, briefs, blog, case studies
Free trial:-

Cysec is all about data protection in a variety of environments, providing data security solutions for fintech, satellite ecosystems, and IoT and edge computing. It also offers documentation for cryptography API and invites its clients to utilize the external documentation platform.

Cysec’s solutions include an operating system called ARCA Trusted OS, a product for robust data security, which allows for completely confidential computing at a large scale. It can be applied at the hardware, kernel, and application-level and simplify key management and encryption. Cysec Lab is another product, more focused on penetration testing and security architecture assessment in relation to data protection. They provide testing for hardware and software and help build secure computing environments tailored to your specific needs.

An extensive Cysec’s resource center includes factsheets, datasheets, whitepapers, and briefs. You can also take a look at case studies and Cysec’s blog to further familiarize yourself with their solutions.

Quantum Xchange

quantum xchange banner
Services:Quantum-resistant cryptography
Resources:Blog, resource library, videos & events
Free trial:Yes (demo)

Quantum computing is just around the corner, meaning that current public encryption keys (PKE) will be virtually useless in protecting your data from being stolen and used for malicious purposes. Quantum Xchange is looking at the near future of encryption and offers its clients quantum-resistant cryptography solutions.

The one thing that sets Quantum Xchange apart from other quantum cryptography providers is that they don’t ask you to get rid of your current cryptography completely. Instead, they offer quantum-safe solutions compatible with various infrastructures used today. This not only ensures complete data protection for the future but also eliminates and patches any existing vulnerabilities in cryptography systems.

For clients that aren’t yet knee-deep into post-quantum cryptography, Quantum Xchange has a wide range of resources. These include blog posts, video material, events, and a guide on implementing quantum-safe key delivery.


galaxkey banner
Services:Email encryption, electronic document signing, secure file transfer, secure workspace
Resources:FAQ, datasheets
Free trial:Yes

Our data travels back and forth on the internet every second of our waking life and were it not encrypted, anyone could intercept and read our exchanges via email, workspace chats, and etc. Galaxkey set out to combat this threat by providing its clients with various end-to-end data encryption solutions.

Galaxkey’s solutions include email encryption software which secures your emails with three layers of encryption. There’s also secure file transfer, a digital document signing solution that protects from unauthorized access to sensitive documents and ensures an easy and safe signing process. As if that’s not enough, they also provide a secure workspace that offers protection from data breaches.

For clients willing to try out their services, Galaxkey offers a free trial and a demo version of all of their products. There are also downloadable datasheets for analysis and extensive FAQs for those who encounter troubles or are simply confused about Galaxkey’s features.


internxt banner
Services:Zero-knowledge cloud storage for files and photos
Resources:Comparisons, blog, password checker, file virus scanner
Free trial:Free version

When it comes to filing storage, most people move from hard drives to the cloud. However, more often than not the cloud providers can see and interact with our data. Internxt set out to change that by offering a zero-knowledge cloud storage solution.

One of the current products of Internxt is Drive – a cloud storage solution for all types of files. The other product is called Photos, and it’s an encrypted and private photo gallery. Internxt is committed to user privacy, that's why both of these solutions offer military-grade encryption and the option to sync multiple devices in a way that is both user-friendly and secure.

Besides these products, Internxt also has many resources, including an informative blog, a password checker for checking your password’s strength and presence in leaks, and a file virus scanner for analyzing suspicious files.


Safetica banner
Services:Data discovery and classification, insider threat detection, regulatory compliance, data loss prevention
Resources:Knowledge base, e-learning, webinars, and events
Free trial:Yes

Safetica provides solutions for all things related to data protection. Whether you are afraid of losing your sensitive data, have already lost it, or need to be sure that no insider information will leave your virtual premises, Safetica has it all covered.

Insider threat detection ensures that any and all potential threats are discovered early, thus making your data protected at all times. Data loss prevention is all about access control and preventing unauthorized information sharing. Data discovery and classification provide the opportunity to always have sensitive data insight, no matter where it’s stored or transferred. And finally, regulatory compliance helps organizations ensure that they comply with data protection security requirements and prevent related violations.

Safetica also provides numerous resources for those willing to expand their knowledge. They include an extensive knowledge base, an e-learning platform, and various webinars and events with topics centered around data protection.


Services:Implementation, technical account management, professional services engineering
Resources:Resource hub, webinars, blog, guided product simulations, case studies
Free trial:Yes

Next on our list is JumpCloud – a cloud-based open directory platform that provides safe access to all types of IT resources and manages identities as well as devices.

JumpCloud's platform provides an API that allows enterprises to integrate the system with a variety of third-party apps and enables single sign-on capabilities for access to many applications. In addition, it allows managers to track employees' activities across various endpoints.

It is an excellent addition to any company since it provides tools and integrations that assure maximum flexibility and productivity, and is accessible in cloud-based and on-premise implementations.

Device Authority

device authority banner
Services:Password/certificate management, data security, secure updates, access control, IoT edge security
Resources:Blog, case studies, events, videos, webinars
Free trial:Yes

Device Authority asks the most important questions related to IoT and data security: “if you can’t trust the device, how can you trust the data?” With this approach in mind, they offer their clients numerous solutions for device and data protection within IoT networks.

Device Authority solutions for businesses include KeyScaler Identities and KeyScaler HSM Access Controler, which are password or certificate management and access control systems, respectively. For data protection against security breaches, espionage, and attacks during software or firmware updates, Device Authority suggests KeyScaler Data Security and KeyScaler Secure Updates. And finally, KeyScaler Edge is an IoT edge management and security platform.

For those interested in learning more about IoT and data security, Device Authority offers to take a look at their blog, case studies, and videos and participate in events and webinars.

CM Alliance

CM Alliance
Services:Virtual cyber assistant, certification and standard compliance, data security, cloud security, asset management
Resources:Blog, events, reports, webinars, summary sheets
Free trial:No (Discovery call)

The CM (Cyber Management) Alliance is a renowned consultancy service that specializes in cybersecurity management. Their goal is to reduce organizational risk exposure to cyber threats by harnessing the power of the right processes and the right technologies.

One of CM Alliance’s best solutions is the VCA (Virtual Cyber Assistant) service. It’s a subscription-based, unique, and affordable service for small to medium size businesses. It offers more than 280 sub-services in cybersecurity, including certifications and standards, data security, supply chain cybersecurity, governance and compliance, asset management, incident response, cyber resilience, cloud security, and more.

The VCA service is perfect for organizations to establish a healthy posture in risk management, governance, business continuity, and incident response.


GroupSense website
Services:Digital risk protection services, ransomware, election threat protection, dark web threat intelligence, and VIP monitoring
Resources:Blog, events, news, video guides, press releases, whitepapers
Free trial:No

GroupSense is a digital risk protection services company that helps you reduce digital risks with actionable and relevant intelligence. Unlike traditional threat intelligence, it combines automated technology and human analysis to provide more relevant and insightful intelligence that can be used immediately to mitigate threats, with no further analyst processing required.

First, the company maps intelligence monitoring to your PIRs (Priority Intelligence Requirements), which are the areas of risk that are most critical to your organization. PIRs also help define your digital risk footprint to understand and prioritize different points of vulnerability.

Next, world-class analysts use the company's patent technology to provide you with the most critical, customized information. The analyst team does this by adopting criminal personas and using undercover techniques similar to those used by law enforcement and national security organizations, so threat actors gain their trust and provide them with the information they need to protect clients.


eclypses banner

Services:Mobile application security, website security, IoT device security
Resources:News, press releases, case studies, white papers, videos
Free trial:No

While most of today’s technology focuses on securing the operating systems and communication protocols to protect data, Eclypses takes it a step further. They offer complete data security for applications, websites, and IoT devices.

Eclypses’ signature MTE technology, developed for apps, websites, and IoT devices, is a data encryption technology. It works by generating meaningless and random streams of values that replace your data that’s traveling between endpoints. It can also act as a single-use encryption key. This allows for application-level security for your data and ensures utmost protection against zero days.

Eclypses also offers numerous resources, including case studies, white papers, and video material. For those who want to keep up with the latest trends in data protection, Eclypses provide press releases and a news portal.


baffle banner
Services:Cloud data protection, database encryption
Resources:Datasheets, guides, white papers, research, briefs
Free trial:Yes (demo)

Baffle’s main focus is protecting data in the cloud, using “no-code” and “low code” data security mesh. This technology works by de-identifying sensitive data and restricting access to it. This zero-trust approach allows for easy access control.

The cloud data protection platform by Baffle is mostly structured around data protection. The simplified encryption, tokenization, and masking solutions don’t require application code modification, which in turn allows securing the data at scale. Another product of Baffle is a database encryption solution, which is just what it says on the tin. Baffle’s encryption solution adds an extra layer of security to data stored in a variety of databases.

And if anything is unclear, or you want to explore further before trying the product, Baffle has countless resources at your fingertips – datasheets, guides, and white papers. Even research papers and product briefs are available.


Evalian banner
Services:Data protection, penetration testing, ISO certification, information security, training, audits
Resources:Guides, case studies, blog
Free trial:Yes (no obligation quotes)

Evalian is an all-round data protection service provider which focuses on a variety of solutions, ranging from a simple consultancy to rigorous testing and auditing. They also offer ISO certification help and training.

Professional consultants at Evalian help big and small businesses understand and meet the necessary data protection requirements such as GDPR, and provide extensive training in applying them. Their penetration testing solutions include testing of infrastructures, mobile apps, and web applications, as well as vulnerability assessments and social engineering services. Finally, they also offer support and preparation leading up to and during ISO certification.

The resources which are free to use for all parties interested include extensive guides on supply chain cybersecurity, incident response, and pentesting. You can also get familiar with their case studies and get the latest news from Evalian’s blog.


netcentrics banner
Services:Asset, critical system, and communication systems security
Resources:Press releases, white papers, case studies
Free trial:No

The best way to secure data, according to some, is by securing everything that surrounds it. This also seems to be the approach of NetCentrics. The way they ensure total cybersecurity is by building a resilient defense that is capable of getting one step ahead of bad actors.

NetCentric’s solutions focus on general cybersecurity by offering data security solutions, security and threat assessment, and privacy infrastructure building and management. They help U.S. government agencies when data breaches occur, prevent data leaks, and offer data discovery and classification services. This goes along with database security support services and scanning of data related to privacy.

NetCentrics also offers its clients a glimpse of their insights in the form of case studies and white papers, as well as company news and press releases.


Cryptolab banner
Services:Cloud encryption, surveillance data security, biometric data encryption, blockchain security, healthcare cloud solutions
Free trial:Yes (CSE demo)

When it comes to securing data, encryption is king, and Cryptolab’s professionals seem to understand this like no one else. They apply their encryption solutions in a wide range of areas, including the cloud, biometrics, health care, and more.

One of the most exciting projects that Cryptolab has going on is Crypto Search Engine, which can be integrated into existing systems and provide top-tier encrypted and secure data sharing opportunities.

Other Cryptolab’s projects include quantum cryptography solutions, a prototype of a new application for unlocking devices with brain waves called Brain Password, and biometric data encryption, which further eliminates the possibility of biometric data theft.


Services:Data removal technologies
Free trial:No

Sometimes someone needs to get rid of data such as expired identification and similar cases. And then, specialized data removal technology is needed, as a simple paper shredder probably won’t make do.

ProDevice has developed several data destruction technologies, and now offers a wide variety of products to its clients. For example, there is a selection of degaussers, or demagnetizers, for removing data from functional or damaged magnetic media. Another product type is a media shredder, which helps get rid of data on discs, hard drives, magnetic tapes, tablets, mobile phones, and more. This ensures permanent data erasure. And if you want to not destroy but preserve data, ProDevice has secure media cabinets as well.

For those interested in learning more, ProDevice has an extensive blog, which covers everything related to data removal practices and technologies.


Services:Post-quantum cryptography for hardware, firmware, and software
Resources:Blog, whitepapers
Free trial:-

PQShield specializes in helping companies with transitioning from legacy cryptography to quantum-safe cryptography standards, thus ensuring complete data safety and all-round preparation for the near future of quantum computing.

Their products include post-quantum cryptography solutions for hardware, firmware, and software. For example, the PQSoC solution offers a System on Chip design for embedded devices, such as secure elements, smart cards, and security chips. Additionally, the PQSlib is a cryptography firmware solution for IoT, embedded devices, and secure elements. PQShield also has encryption products for messaging platforms, apps, and mobile and server technologies.

For those who are interested in learning more, PQShield has an extensive blog available on their website, as well as a collection of whitepapers.
Services:Secure and fast decentralized identity management, privacy-preserving and password-less access to digital services
Resources:Blog, documentation
Free trial:Yes is a cybersecurity company that offers a decentralized identity management solution called SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity). This technology provides a user-centric and powerful digital identity layer for the internet with advanced security features.

The company’s SSI solution is based on blockchain technology and offers government-grade security. Its suite of products combines usability, simplicity, and advanced cryptography to provide hyper-secure access to both private and public digital services. reduces the risk of online transaction scams and identity fraud and gives you peace of mind that your business data is safe. It comes with single sign-on authentication for service providers and credential issuance tools for Trusted Authorities to ensure ease of use. Lastly, it offers an ID wallet and verified credentials for users to provide them with password-less and privacy-preserving access to digital services.


imi banner
Services:Training and certification on identity and access governance, risk management, and compliance.
Resources:Blog, newsletter, social media
Free trial:-

IMI, or Identity Management Institue, is an organization that specializes in leadership, training, and certification related to identity and access management. The topics of the training include governance, access control identity theft, fraud prevention, compliance, data protection, and technology.

One of IMI’s programs is Certified in Data Protection (CDP), which is a training and certification program for the best data protection practices. It incorporates international security standards and privacy laws as its learning material. They also provide program certification and product certification services for those willing to obtain an independent assessment of their compliance, and independent testing and reviewing of the products.

IMI has a number of free resources available on its website. You can browse the blog, subscribe to their newsletter, or check out their social media accounts.

Polymetis Apps

Polymetis Apps
Services:PII Protection for Jira, confluence labels, API key manager for Confluence and Jira, expression testing, customer data protection, cloud workflows for Jira
Resources:Blog, documentation
Free trial:Yes

Polymetis Apps is a company that provides secure and innovative apps for Atlassian products, including Jira and Confluence. They offer a range of apps that help teams achieve more while using their Atlassian products.

The best thing about Polymetis Apps is that you can use them for free if you’re running a team of 10 people or less. You won’t even need to provide your credit/debit card details to install and use them.

Here’s a list of apps that Polymetis offers.

  • PII Protection: A secure Atlassian Forge app that manages and optimizes PII (Personally Identifiable Information) security and privacy in Jira Cloud.
  • Magic Labels: A Confluence app that offers advanced features for managing labels, such as rules, bulk actions, and highlight-to-label functionality.
  • Project Labels: An app that allows administrators to give each project in Jira Cloud its own label and manage them in one place.
  • API Key Manager for Confluence: It creates time-limited, restricted, and read-only API keys for Confluence Cloud to improve security.
  • API Key Manager for Jira: This app creates temporary, restricted, and read-only API keys for one specific Jira Cloud instance for enhanced security.
  • Expression Tester: It’s designed for Atlassian developers, data scientists, and admins that allows them to evaluate Jira expressions and export them as JSON. It can be used to test custom conditions and validators, apply Jira expressions to JQL queries, and more.
  • Colorful Labels: An app that allows you to define a color of a label per project or instance-wide to add more colors to issues in Jira.
  • PolyCRM: This app allows you to manage customer data and related deals right in Jira. It makes it easier for sales teams to map all previous steps and close more deals.
  • Cloud Workflows: An app that adds custom conditions and validators to Jira Cloud to provide you with more fine-grained control of workflows. It includes pre-defined templates and also allows users to write their own custom Jira expressions.


continuity banner
Services:Security validation for storage and backup in the cloud and on-premises
Resources:Blog, infographics, case studies, whitepapers, webinars, videos, news
Free trial:Yes (Demo)

Continuity is a company of data protection experts, and its main mission is to provide cyber resilience solutions to security and IT enterprises. They offer top-tier data protection measures both in the cloud and on-premises and ensure continuous security of your data.

Continuity’s products include StorageGuard, which is a security layer solution for storage and backup systems. It continuously scans and analyses data storage and backups and automatically detects security risks. The other product, called AvailabilityGuard, is designed to prevent outages and data loss incidents and to help achieve higher operational stability and quality of configurations.

The knowledge base of Continuity includes infographics for its products, case studies, and whitepapers. There is also the opportunity to participate in webinars and watch engaging videos.

Software Improvement Group

Services:Software health and security
Resources:Blog, articles, press releases, videos, webinars, events, white papers, solution sheets
Free trial:-

Software Improvement Group, or SIG for short, helps you assess and recognize improvement opportunities in your software. They measure source code against their software analysis database, expose hidden risks, improve security, and clear a path to modernize legacy technologies.

SIG also uses the world's largest software benchmark to enable enterprises to reduce the total cost of software ownership, mitigate risks, and improve development performance. They've just published their annual software benchmark report detailing emerging trends and key takeaways that software leaders can immediately apply to their own practice.

For those willing to learn more about the Software Improvement group and the latest development in software quality and security, you can access countless blog posts, articles, videos, and webinars on their website. There are also whitepapers and solution sheets.


cyberhaven banner
Services:Data detection and response
Resources:Research, whitepapers, datasheets, videos, webinars
Free trial:Yes (demo)

Cyberhaven is the company behind the industry's first Data Detection and Response (DDR) platform. It was built to solve the headaches of old-fashioned approaches to data security, in much the same way that modern Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools reshaped malware defense in recent years.

At RSA, Cyberhaven will be taking part in the launch of the inaugural Data Security Working Group, which details how organizations can improve their cybersecurity posture by adopting a data-centric approach to security to bring consistency to enterprise security and risk management programs.

Among the resources that Cyberhaven offer their clients are research papers, data sheets, as well as informative webinars and videos.


nakivo banner
Services:Data backup solutions
Resources:Blog, forum, webinars, datasheets, whitepapers, videos
Free trial:Yes

NAKIVO Backup & Replication is an all-in-one enterprise-grade solution enabling you to manage backup, recovery, and disaster recovery workflows, can become your ultimate data protection defense when all else fails.

This solution can help you recover entire environments within minutes with a set of advanced disaster recovery features to minimize production downtime of your IT infrastructure. Whenever necessary, you can find and recover virtual machines, and restore files and objects directly from backups to maintain regulatory compliance. The support of immutability capabilities for Linux-based repositories and Amazon S3 (via S3 Object Lock) cloud storage enhances ransomware resilience for your organization’s critical backup data.

NAKIVO offers a free trial of the solution, giving you 15 days without feature or capacity limitations. There is also a free edition that can perfectly fit smaller infrastructures.


Racktop image
Services:Cyberstorage, cyber NAS, ransomware defense, insider threat detection, compliance reporting, data-centric zero trust, encryption
Resources:Reports, insights, case studies, videos, blog
Free trial:Yes

RackTop is an organization mostly focused on protection against data-driven cyber attacks. Their technology follows an innovative data-centric zero-trust model and empowers data safeguarding from ransomware and insider threats.

RackTop’s solution is called BrickStor, which is a security platform for unstructured data. Transformative technology ensures that data assets are protected from ransomware attacks, malicious insiders, and sabotage. The security platform uses behavioral analysis and automated processes to safeguard your data. Strong encryption and data indexing also take part in ensuring smooth and secure data management processes.

Among the resources that are available on RackTop are countless reports, insights, videos, and an extensive blog. So if you want to learn more about RackTop’s solutions, just dive in or contact them directly.


Services:Data encryption
Resources:Blog, community portal
Free trial:Yes

At Vaultree, transforming data protection with cutting-edge encryption technology is the main goal.

The company's end-to-end encryption technology protects data even while it is in use, thus making processing easier and faster. It is also searchable and scalable – performing just as fast even when more data or users are introduced.

Another great thing about Vaultree is that it can be easily integrated into any technical enterprise stack commonly used today.


Services:Ransomware protection, insider threat detection, high availability
Resources:Blog, case studies, infographics, presentations, data sheets
Free trial:Yes

Next up is ProLion – a company founded in Austria specializing in ransomware and insider threat protection. What makes ProLion stand out is their proactive approach, which helps detect ransomware well in advance and prevents downtime.

When cases of ransomware hit the news almost every day, implementing best-in-class data protection and backup solutions is crucial. But ProLion does not only that – besides securing data and backups, their software is also able to detect compromised users or devices and swiftly isolate them.

With ProLion you can be sure that your organization's data will remain secure, manageable, compliant and accessible.

Data protection solutions: our final recommendations

Whether you want to securely handle your company’s data or remove your personal information from the internet and various databases, there is a solution for you.

Below, you’ll find a brief overview of every data protection solution we covered in our list:

  1. Incogni – innovative data removal tool with an extensive data broker database.
  2. OneRep – removes your personal data from data broker websites.
  3. Removaly – personal data removal services.
  4. BlackFog – behavioral analysis, anti-data exfiltration technology, and ransomware prevention.
  5. Vinchin – efficient data backup solutions for virtualization.
  6. Calamu – next-generation and ransomware-safe data protection solutions.
  7. Cysec – data security solutions for fintech, satellite ecosystems, and IoT and edge computing.
  8. Quantum Exchange – quantum-resistant cryptography.
  9. Galaxkey – secure workspace platform including email encryption and secure e-document signing.
  10. Internxt – zero-knowledge encrypted cloud storage solution.
  11. Safetica – data loss prevention, data discovery and classification, insider threat detection – an all-in-one solution.
  12. JumpCloud - a cloud-based platform that provides safe access to all types of IT resources.
  13. Device Authority – services for device and data protection within IoT networks.
  14. CM Alliance - an affordable, subscription-based cybersecurity service for small to medium-sized businesses to enhance their cybersecurity posture and reduce costs.
  15. GroupSense – a digital risk protection solution that provides actionable and relevant risk intelligence to businesses.
  16. Eclypses – zero-day protection and application-level data security.
  17. Baffle – data protection, encryption, and access management.
  18. Evalian – data security compliance, training, and security systems pentesting solution.
  19. NetCenrics – reliable threat assessment and security infrastructure building services.
  20. Cryptolab – encryption solutions for cloud, biometric data, and blockchain security.
  21. ProDevice – physical data removal and destruction technologies.
  22. PQShield – helps with transitioning from legacy cryptography to quantum-safe cryptography standards.
  23. – a fast and secure cybersecurity solution that streamlines identity credential issuance, verification, and management.
  24. IMI – specializes in leadership, training, and certification related to identity and access management.
  25. Polymetis Apps – an innovative company that develops useful apps for Atlassian products, including Confluence and Jira for enhanced data security and protection.
  26. Continuity – top-tier data protection measures both in the cloud and on-premises.
  27. Software Improvement Group – helps you assess and recognize potential improvement opportunities in your software.
  28. Cyberhaven – Data Detection and Response (DDR) platform.
  29. Nakivo – enables you to manage backup, recovery, and disaster recovery workflows.
  30. RackTop – providing active defense against modern cyber attacks.
  31. Vaultree – end-to-end scalable and searchable encryption.
  32. ProLion – data protection against ransomware.

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