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Best network security providers: our top picks

With cyber felons continuously exploiting difficult global times, investing in network security is a crucial step to ensure a good cybersecurity posture. Not being aware of who or what is connected to your network can result in a company-wide cyberattack. This includes malware, ransomware, spyware, and other threats that can lead to data theft.

With the help of a network security platform, you gain 100% visibility into your network and connected devices. And if there are any unauthorized access cases, you can be sure that the service will effectively help prevent any damage.

But if implementing network security sounds difficult, don’t worry. With the right providers, the platforms can be very intuitive and offer lots of insights in a clear matter.

The only challenge can be finding trustworthy services that are worth your money. That’s why we made a list of the best network security providers out there.

Best network security providers: our detailed list

Protecting your network can help save you from potential company-wide cyberattacks. Below, you’ll find a detailed list of the best network security solutions together with their services and resources.

Cato Networks

cato networks
ServicesHands-free management, managed threat detection and response, SaaS, cloud management application, secure remote access
ResourcesBlog, library, cybersecurity masterclass, SASE analyst discussions, learning material
Free trialYes (trial)

Network security shouldn’t turn you away from your focus, and that’s why Cato Networks exists. With hands-free management services, the provider takes care of all things network-related. This includes changes to networking and security policies.

Cato Networks also offers a self-service management application which is easy to navigate. Cloud-based, it allows full network configuration and provides detailed analytics of network traffic.

But that’s not all – Cato Networks also has Security as a Service and secure remote access products. The best part is that you can check it out yourself by claiming the free trial! So, if you want the load to be taken off your hands, Cato Networks is the way to go.


Masergy company
ServicesManaged SD-WAN Secure, co-managed SD-WAN, SASE, and network security
ResourcesWhitepapers, case studies, infographics, videos, webinars, blog, guides, press releases
Free trialYes (demo)

If managed or co-managed SD-WAN or security services are what you’re looking for, Masergy is the answer. Using its innovative cloud and network platform, the company assists other businesses with digital transformation.

With loads of managed services to offer, Masergy also includes SASE solutions. SD-WAN, Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) – you name it, it’s all there.

To learn more about network security, you can check out Masergy’s resources, such as their blog, videos, or guides. And if you want to see what it’s all about, you can start by opting for the company’s free security risk assessment.


Fing company
ServicesNetwork monitoring, internet speed tests, troubleshooting tools
ResourcesNews, help center
Free trialYes

Fing provides multiple products for network monitoring solutions. Whether you need a desktop app, mobile app, or hardware, the company has them all.

Starting from Fingbox hardware, not only can you keep your network safe and sound but you can also improve your Internet performance. As for Fing’s apps, you can use them to troubleshoot network problems and detect trespassers. You’ll see every device connected to your network, and you’ll also be able to run Internet and Wi-Fi speed tests.

As if that wouldn’t be good enough, you’ll be pleased to know that both desktop and mobile apps are free of charge. However, if you want to see its full potential, you should opt for the premium versions.


ServicesNetwork access management
ResourcesNews, FAQ
Free trialYes (demo)

Your network, your rules – that’s how NACVIEW perceives network security. Thanks to their network access control solution, you won’t have to worry about threat actors again.

NACVIEW lets you be in control of what or who tries to access your network. This means 100% visibility – you’ll be able to see devices (including VPN connections). Not to mention that it also detects and responds to threats. This means that devices with detected malware will be automatically disconnected.

And even if the network needs to be accessed by guests, NACVIEW grants it securely. To sum it up, this solution is essential for protecting the whole company’s network.


ServicesNetwork data visualization and analysis, API based network data access
ResourcesBlog, whitepapers, surveys, videos
Free trialYes (demo)

Looking for intuitive network security solutions may be difficult, but look no more, as CUJO AI is just that and more. With a vision to create private and secure digital experiences, the company uses artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve it.

The CUJO AI platform gives you an all-in-one solution. With this high-performance software, your network is monitored in real time. And since it only measures connection information and technical components, privacy and compliance are guaranteed.

Aside from that, the CUJO AI platform detects and recognizes not only connected devices and application usage but also cyber threats and privacy risks. So, if you wish to ensure good network health, this full-stack set of software is what you need.


ServicesCybersecurity services, network and application performance monitoring
ResourcesNews, blogs, events, briefs, whitepapers
Free trialYes (demo)

Another great network performance monitoring solution is provided by Endace. The company understands that performance problems can cost a lot. And not just money – productivity, revenue, and brand image can also suffer.

However, with Endace, this issue is easily solvable. Not only does the service monitor your network, but it also troubleshoots asymmetric connection, network latency, quality of service, and packet loss issues.

Overall, Endace lets you detect, investigate, and remediate network outages or performance issues so your business doesn’t suffer. To test the platform out and find out how accurate the investigations are, simply request a demo version on their website.


ServicesFile-based attack protection
ResourcesVideos, case studies, free tools, reviews and awards, news, FAQs, blog
Free trialYes (demo)

Searching for an effective and low-cost network security solution? odix is just that. Its main focus is protecting companies from file-based attacks.

You’ve guessed it – malicious codes from all file types will be removed, and threats will be stopped before reaching the network. odix also offers a FileWall for malware-free Microsoft 365 email attachments and eliminates threats from removable media devices.

And even if you ever get lost or have some questions regarding their products or anything cybersecurity-related, the company has many informational resources. This includes FAQs, blogs, a news section, and many more.


ServicesSecurity for the atomized network
ResourcesBlog, datasheets, guides, whitepapers, videos, webinars, FAQ
Free trialYes (demo)

Netography is a company that offers security for the atomized network. With the use of an all-in-one platform, your network’s security posture is guaranteed to be first class.

A Security as a Service platform, Netography Fusion provides you with complete visibility and analytics of your network. Not to mention that it also detects, remediates, and hunts various threat actors in real time.

Want to see how Netography Fusion works yourself? You can do it by scheduling their demo. And if you want to learn more about the product and network security, you can check out their detailed and clear guides, videos, webinars, and more!


ServicesZero-trust network access, automated and secured network infrastructure
ResourcesBlog, docs
Free trialYes

Cyber felons don’t sleep and neither should the guards of your network. And if there’s anyone or anything that understands that, it sure is Enclave. It automates network management, making sure it’s compliant with policies.

With a single platform, Enclave protects your and your customers’ networks. And by monitoring the landscape 24/7/365, the platform also ensures zero-trust access.

For more information, you can follow their blog or scan the docs provided on their website. Although the resources aren’t very extensive, the fact that they offer a free version makes up for it big time.


ServicesManaged security services, hosting, iMIS services
ResourcesRecent news, help desk
Free trialNo

E-Tech provides many professional services, one of them being managed network security. Although they offer top-notch expertise, their prices are still cost-efficient, making it a great security option.

E-Tech’s managed network security includes vulnerability testing, providing you with scans and expert recommendations. You can also opt for a full security and IT infrastructure evaluation of the whole network. But that’s not all – to make sure your network is protected from all corners, you can make use of their security auditing.

It’s also worth noting that the provider uses deep learning intelligence. By leaving your network’s security in E-Tech’s hands, you’re promised fast deployments, scans, and protection from ransomware or any other threats.


ServicesSecure connectivity platform
ResourcesBlog, videos, webinars, whitepapers, case studies, podcasts
Free trialYes (demo)

Hybrid working environments are nothing new, but Cyolo can take care of the security aspect, which can sometimes be overlooked. That’s right – one solution for all-round protection.

Cyolo’s platform promises an adaptive and easy-to-navigate platform that follows a zero-trust approach. No matter where your employees are or what devices they use – they’re pledged secure access to resources.

What’s interesting is that you also get a full view of your network. You are free to visualize users’ risk profiles, implement multi-factor authentication, and achieve your security objectives. Sounds interesting? Hop on to their website to find the demo version!


ServicesManaged network operations centers, cloud and security services, cross-functional services, managed application services
ResourcesNews, events, brochures
Free trialNo

Those who are looking for a network security provider who also offers other cybersecurity services will be pleased to learn about CNS.

They secure the environment by applying a multi-layered approach. This includes data encryption, user compliance policy management, secure connections, and malicious or email-borne threats. Aside from that, CNS also provides you with application, endpoint security, visibility and analytics.

And if all-rounded protection is what you wish for, they offer a consultancy, audit, and compliance service which is standardized to global cybersecurity standards. Overall, with many years of experience and proven success, CNS is a great solution for your company’s digital transformation support.

Network Perception

ServicesNetwork Segmentation, Workflow Automation, Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Analysis, Network Access Visualization, Security Assessment, ISA/IEC 62443 Compliance, Critical Asset Protection, Zero-Trust, Instant Point-in-Time analysis, Pro-active Alerting and Notification
ResourcesKnowledge base, blog, current events & news, case studies, testimonials, whitepapers, FAQs, webinars
Free trialYes (demo)

Network Perception is another company that protects industrial control systems by ensuring network access security as the first line of defense. A lightweight platform with an intuitive interface – it’s a good solution for anyone.

The solution, called NP-View, provides network access visualization, independent verification, and proactive velocity. Network Perception uses continuous analysis and risk assessment for identifying vulnerabilities states – they know the vulnerability before a breach.

If you’re not really sure whether this provider is the right one for you – request a demo! This way, you’ll be able to visualize Network Perception’s value with no strings attached!

Best network security providers: final recommendations

Network security services are not hard to find – it’s finding the trustworthy ones that can be challenging. That’s why we made a list of the best network security providers that ensure high-quality protection.

Here’s a quick recap of all the platforms or services mentioned in the list:

  1. Cato Networks – management application with detailed network traffic analytics.
  2. Masergy – innovative network platform that assists with digital transformation.
  3. Fing – application for detecting trespassers and troubleshooting network issues.
  4. NACVIEW – secure network access solution with guaranteed threat response.
  5. CUJO AI – AI-powered network platform for cyber threat and privacy risk detection.
  6. Endace – network security solution that monitors and troubleshoots your network.
  7. odix – network security service focusing on file-based attack prevention.
  8. Netography – all-in-one solution to better your network’s security posture.
  9. Enclave – 24/7 network security that ensures zero-trust access.
  10. E-Tech – wallet-friendly managed network security services.
  11. Cyolo – intuitive network protection for hybrid working environments.
  12. CNS – multi-layered network security.
  13. Network Perception – network security solutions for anyone’s needs.

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