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Best Penetration Testing Tools: our top picks

Our digital world has been increasingly facing all sorts of attacks and malicious acts. This has provoked individual users and companies to build high-security systems to prevent hackers, data breaches, and other malicious actors.

Also known as ethical hacking, penetration testing is one of the many ways to protect your organization and secure its defenses. However, conducting successful penetration testing requires quite a bit of technical expertise and high-quality tools. Mimicking the actions of malicious actors, penetration testing improves a company's security posture and eliminates any vulnerabilities.

The market of penetration testing tools is quite broad, has efficient solutions that serve any size company, and performs different functions according to the security needs.

To get the hang of the existing first-class penetration testing tools and help you make the most of it, we came up with a comprehensive list of the best penetration tools. So let’s get down to it.

Best Penetration Testing Tools: detailed list

In a nutshell, choosing and leveraging tools that have the ability to control the evolving and complex threat surface can be daunting. Luckily, these tools will not only save you time and money, they also will make sure your company’s safe and sound.

BLST Security

BLST Security
ServicesBusiness logic security testing
Free versionNo

The testing that BLST Security provides is a little bit different from the testing offered by most of the companies on this list.

Instead of checking your code for bugs or vulnerabilities or trying to attack your website or an app as an attacker would, BLST Security ensures there are no logic errors in your API. Their AI model uses machine learning and helps uncover logic gaps that would expose sensitive data, and allow fraud or privilege abuse.

Logic attacks are difficult to detect and can result in revenue loss or even compromise your operations, so don't hesitate and check out BLST Security to protect your business.

Pentest Tools

ServicesReconnaissance tools, web vulnerability scanners, offensive tools
ResourcesBlog, platform tutorials, changelog, API reference, FAQ
Free version2 free scans

Pentest Tools is a flexible and easy-to-use pentest arsenal with a selection of powerful cloud-based tools, automation, and flexible reporting.

If you’re looking for a fast and automated solution, Pentest Tools features, such as pentest robots, attack surface mapping, bulk scanning, and internal network scanning, will serve you well. If you’d need more manual work, this company has a dedicated team of testers that makes sure the workflow of the platform is optimized.

Even though a good pentester can never be replaced by automation, that automation can make human expertise exponentially more effective. As a result, this platform builds focused automation that works in the context of offensive security specialists as opposed to blanket automation that aims to replace the entire workflow.

Even though Pentest Tools platform doesn’t offer a free version of its software, you can use 2 free scans to test if that’s something suitable for your company. Check out their website to find out more information.


ServicesPhysical penetration testing, phishing simulation, mobile application testing, web application testing, cloud security testing, internal infrastructure testing
ResourcesBlog, FAQ
Free versionNo

OnSecurity’s innovative approach to pentesting ensures you get the best experience possible. The portal allows businesses to easily quote, book, and review penetration test findings in a simple and user-friendly way.

With OnSecurity you’re in good hands as all its testers are CREST-certified. The company’s cost-effective approach ensures you get actionable results in hours, not days, therefore your quote is based on the actual time taken, without any padding or rounding up to the nearest day.

And that’s not all! OnSecurity’s rapid reporting ensures there’s no waiting around before any action can be taken. Also, their free scanning tool will notify you as soon as a new vulnerability arises. By detecting security issues in real-time, OnSecurity will ensure you’re always one step ahead of hackers.

Software Secured

ServicesPenetration testing, baseline penetration testing, developer training
ResourcesBlog, case studies, testimonials
Free versionNo

As you might have guessed from the name, application security is the main focus at Software Secured. However, what sets this company apart is that the tests are conducted by real hackers, thus allowing you to see your app as an attacker would.

At Software Secured, penetration testing is not only a one and done process – the provider can also test your app as you build and grow, which is a great option for fast-growing SaaS companies.

But testing the code is not the only way Software Secured makes sure organizations deliver quality applications. The company also offers developer training led by industry experts and a variety of interactive courses and activities.


ServicesPenetration testing, vulnerability disclosure, attack surface management
ResourcesCase studies, webinars, events, glossary, FAQ
Free versionNo

Bugcrowd is another reliable crowdsourced cybersecurity platform with quick access to deploy smart resources to help uncover blindspots in companies’ infrastructure. It offers penetration testing, bug bounty (that leverages a crowd of trusted security researchers), vulnerability disclosure, attack surface management, and hacking events to bring your team together and accelerate the discovery of vulnerabilities, threats, and risks.

With Bugcrowd’s pen testing as a service (PTaaS), you can improve your overall security posture, enforce testing to improve risk minimization, rapidly accommodate demands across different test types and approaches, and keep your development pipeline secure – it has all you need.

No doubt, with Bugcrowd, you’ll get the quality and industry-standard service, as it's certified compliant with both ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certifications, ensuring rock-solid security architecture and its testing.

Check out Bugcrowd’s website and learn more about penetration testing they offer.


ServicesPenetration testing, attack surface management, cloud security posture management, cyber threat intelligence, dark web monitoring, digital brand protection, mobile and web security scanning, network security assessment
ResourcesBlog, security advisories archive
Free versionNo

If you’re in need of intelligent automation and acceleration of hurdled processes, ImmuniWeb can be a solid choice.

This provider has one of the largest platform capabilities with numerous penetration testing options for different applications, cloud, and infrastructure. To top it off, AI-supported assessments are backed up by experts executing the testing and addressing the issues manually. This provides all-around insurance on your security.

And since ImmuniWeb leverages production-safe OSINT and AI technologies, you can be sure data leaks, phishing, and other security incidents will be long-forgotten.

You can take an in-depth look at the platform on their website.

Crashtest Security

ServicesPenetration testing, vulnerability scanner
ResourcesBlog, whitepapers, case studies, vulnerability prevention guides, API documentation
Free version14-day free trial

Crashtest Security is an all-in-one automated pentesting tool that can easily be integrated into your current dev stack. It’s highly focused on easy onboarding and setting the penetration testing into your workflow within minutes.

These are not the only awesome features – it also provides you with a security certificate to showcase your continuous security approach. To add to it, the Crashtest Security Suite integration is a dream come true for developers. Its vulnerability scanner integrates with more than 20 systems and tools, such as Google Cloud Build, Codeship, Jira Software, and many more.

Conveniently, Crashtest Security offers a 14-day free trial and a security audit for your website. You can learn more on their website.


ServicesPenetration testing, pentest as a service (PTaaS), compliance pentesting
ResourcesBlog, resource library, webinars, events, FAQ, documentation
Free version10-day free test drive

If you want on-demand access to the community of professional pentesters whose skills match your apps’ tech stack – Cobalt PTaaS is the right tool for you.

The testers at Cobalt, also known as Cobalt Core, are highly-experienced in penetration testing and assessments of web and mobile applications, web APIs, as well as internal and external networks.

Cobalt is a unique tool, as it has customized services that will accustom you to your needs: whether it would be micro engagements or continuous testing. If you’d like to try out Cobalt tools, they offer a free 10-day test drive to see how the PTaaS platform works under the hood.


ServicesPenetration testing, consulting, code review, one-on-one training, online courses, VPN
ResourcesBlog, courses, FAQ, forums
Free versionNo

If you’re looking for penetration testing with educational elements and some training for your team – zSecurity is a great choice. It provides penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, consulting, code review, one-on-one courses, and comprehensive training.

Alongside these features, zSecurity offers net hacking, web hacking, and social engineering. These could be beneficial for teams wanting to step up their game in training development and security teams.

Having the training in penetration testing and securing systems from black-hat hackers can help you ensure your teams will be the red team gurus taking care of your overall security.

Horangi Cyber Security

ServicesPenetration testing, red teaming, crest accreditation, cybersecurity assessment, regulatory compliance, managed threat hunting, smart contract audit, source code review
ResourcesBlog, whitepapers, events, webinars, podcast, technical documentation, FAQ
Free versionYes

Horangi Cyber Security offers CREST-accredited penetration testing. Its extensive scope of tests exploits a variety of systems, including web applications, network and web services, as well as a number of other systems.

Besides best-in-class penetration testing delivery, it provides cybersecurity assessments, red teaming, regulatory compliance, smart contract audit, and other tailored features that massively add up to your security.

If that doesn’t sound like a jackpot yet – you can use the free trial Horangi Cyber Security offers and try it out yourself. Or you can also simply schedule a demo to explore and get to know the platform. For more information, check out their website.


ServicesPenetration testing, phishing exposure assessment
ResourcesBlog, FAQ, events, infographics, support videos, on-demand webinars
Free versionNo

BreachLock delivers extensive penetration testing as a service (PTaaS), which is powered by certified hackers aka testers and AI. It focuses on solving the issues of scalability and cost within a sharp, DevOps-ready platform.

This penetration testing-focused tool can get you started within a few clicks and has fast execution, comprehensive remediation, and automated re-testing. Just like most tools, BreachLock offers full-stack cybersecurity coverage, including app, network, and cloud.

Beyond that, this tool has received industry recognition and is highly recommended by a broad variety of clients.

To learn more about BreachLock penetration testing and preventing cyber breaches and whatnot, check out BrechLock’s website.


ServicesPenetration testing, red teaming, pentest AI, vulnerability assessment, cybersecurity training, dark web monitoring
ResourcesBlog, glossary, testimonials, FAQ
Free versionNo

Raxis is another neat penetration testing service with professional hackers providing state-of-the-art pentests and assessments.

This provider has fine-tuned features, such as an actionable storyboard, customer management portal Raxis One, redacted data exfiltration (previously unrealized vulnerabilities), and more.

After every penetration testing, the job is only half done. That’s why the Raxis service makes sure of remediation after pentesting. Its engineers prepare your system for the inevitable and show you the gaps that need filling, how a breach would exfiltrate the data, and how to remediate it.

Overall, Raxis is a great tool for penetration testing and everything that comes with it – vulnerability assessments, dark web monitoring, security awareness training, code reviews, and whatnot.

Cyber Security Hive

ServicesPentest as a service (PtaaS), phishing simulation, security training, PCI assessment, security audit and compliance, cyber security forensics
ResourcesBlog, testimonials
Free versionFree pentests

If you’re looking for personalized penetration testing, Cyber Security Hive will serve you well. They have a Ptaas platform called threatscan.io which is a managed penetration testing platform and will help you track your penetration test, vulnerabilities, request for revalidation, ntegrations with Jira, Slack, and multiple user roles for authorisation.

ThreatScan will enable you to download reports instantly and certificate of completion. It also has over 150 checklists of vulnerabilities for web VAPT. What’s great is that ThreatScan supports both network and web application penetration testing.

Beyond comprehensive penetration testing, Cyber Security Hive offers phishing simulation, security training, cyber security incident response, compliances, such as ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, SOC Type1, Type2, and more. These assure that your system’s security before and after the penetration testing continues to expand.

If you’d like to learn more, get a proposal customized to your requirements on Cyber Security Hive’s website.


ServicesPenetration testing, DDoS simulation, red teaming, security training, consulting
Free versionNo

Secuvera is a time-tested provider offering penetration testing, security advice, simulations, and advanced training.

Offering its tools since early 2000s, Secuvera is BSI-certified and provides quality penetrations tests specifically with WBRT – White Box Red Teaming – an innovative approach to overcome the restraints of pentests without taking the risks of red teaming.

In addition to its enriched collection of features, Secuvera also offers port and vulnerability scan, API testing, source code analysis, WLAN checks, and beyond. To expand the expertise of penetration testing and security matters, this provider has workshops and training adjusted to your security needs.

For more in-depth information about penetration testing, check out Secuvera’s website.


ServicesPenetration testing, red teaming, phishing, password audit, IRP testing, training, policies and procedures review, compliance
ResourcesBlog, articles, events, newsroom, case studies
Free versionNo

CampusGuard has extensive experience doing external and internal penetration testing on a variety of campus-based networks, so it’s safe to say, it is a universal tool.

CampusGuard’s pentesting methodology utilizes these main phases:

  • Pre-engagement Interactions
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Threat Modeling
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Exploitation
  • Post Exploitation
  • Actionable Reporting (to include report review call and/or meeting)​
  • Follow-up Pen Testing (if needed)

These phases allow you to identify specific weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and deficiencies, which lead to corrective actions that are easy to fix. CampusGuard’s team evaluates your specific attack surface and fixes the price according to the engagement. Hence, it's a great choice, as it’s fully customizable to your needs.


ServicesSecurity workflow automation
Free versionNo

Trickest is a little bit different than the other services mentioned on this list. Rather than performing penetration tests for you, the Trickest platform allows bug bounty hunters, penetration testers, and security teams to build and automate their workflows.

Making offensive cybersecurity accessible to everyone is the main goal at Trickest, that's why the platform is extremely intuitive and easy to use even for beginners looking to break into the world of ethical hacking. What is great is that users can completely customize their workflows, import their old runs, and make use of a variety of open-source tools available on the platform.

All in all, Trickest is the perfect option for those organizations that already have a security department onboard – options for autoscaling and the fact that there is no manual infrastructure setup will surely speed up and enhance your team's security workflows.


ServicesPenetration testing, managed security, threat intelligence, data privacy
Free versionNo

Next on the list is Cyphere – a UK-based company providing penetration testing for your cloud, network, IoT, web and mobile apps.

You can choose from a wide range of penetration testing types, and when the tests are done, Cyphere will provide you with detailed technical and executive reports, a risk remediation plan and after care support. The nice thing about this company is that Cyphere serves a variety of industries from healthcare to retail and makes sure the vulnerabilities are eliminated, not just acknowledged.

If you're looking for a company that would take care of your cybersecurity altogether, look no further than Cyphere – besides penetration testing, they also offer threat intelligence, data protection and managed security services.


ServicesPenetration testing, DDoS Simulation, DevSecOps as a Service
ResourcesBlog, resource centers for different topics
Free versionNo

No matter what environment you want to test for vulnerabilities, Cyberlands has you covered.

While API security is the main focus at Cyberlands, they also deliver cloud, Kubernetes, mobile penetration testing and even DDoS simulations to truly put your systems to the test. Because the examination is tailored to the specifics of your app or environment, at the end of the tests Cyberlands offers recommendations and reports that are concise and easy to understand so your organization can take action right away.

Additionally, Cyberlands provides services for health institutions, banks and crypto exchanges, so you can be sure that their experts will detect even the smallest gaps in your security system.


ServicesTesting as a service, Managed Testing, Functional Testing, Penetration Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Digital Assurance, Mobile Testing, Cloud Testing, Dynamics 365 Testing, DevOps
ResourcesBlog, case studies, videos, brochures, webinars
Free versionNo

With over 22 years of experience in software testing and quality assurance, Testhouse is sure to help you deliver the best quality applications for Desktop, Mobile and the Web.

By conducting functional, security and performance testing, this provider is able to quickly detect defects not only in the code but also find any performance flaws that could affect the user experience. This is even more critical today as mitigating risks even before the application is launched will reduce costs significantly and protect your brand and reputation.

Additionally, Testhouse is not just restricted to testing your application for vulnerabilities but offers quality assurance advisory and consulting from scoping to development until go-live to get rid of bottlenecks during every phase of SDLC to help you achieve your business objectives.


ServicesPenetration Testing, Objective-Based Penetration Testing, Ransomware Penetration Testing, Application Security Penetration Testing, DevSecOps, Cyber Maturity Assessment, Compromise Assessment, Purple Teaming, Red Teaming
ResourcesBlog, Brochures, FAQs, Sample Reports, Methodology Guide
Free versionNo

The next provider is Packetlabs – a Canadian penetration testing company offering a variety of different tests and other security services. Canadian SOC2 certified cybersecurity firm specializing in expert penetration testing.

They offer a number of services to help strengthen your security posture including infrastructure penetration testing, web and mobile application testing, ransomware pen testing, social engineering, red team exercises, source-code reviews and exploit development.

Their team of highly-trained, certified ethical hackers are all in-house (never outsourced) and provide more than just a vulnerability scan with 95% manually simulated real-life attacks to uncover all of your network vulnerabilities.


ServicesPenetration testing, continuous monitoring, cybersecurity program
ResourcesBlog, whitepaper
Free versionNo

Fortreum is a provider on a mission to remove cybersecurity complexities and help you take your business to the next level.

The penetration testing services offered by Fortreum can either be compliance-focused or a simulation of a cyberattack on your organization. Whichever you option you choose, the experts will then come up with a plan based on the specifics of your company and begin the examination. After the test is done, you will receive a comprehensive report covering all the vulnerabilities found and steps to remediate those risks.

By providing continuous monitoring and penetration testing, Fortreum is set to help you achieve compliance and unlock new business opportunities.


ServicesPenetration testing, managed vulnerability management
ResourcesBlog, webinars, case studies, analyst reports, whitepapers, data sheets, eBooks, knowledge base
Free versionNo

At NopSec, helping companies manage their cyber exposure and empowering security teams to combat even the most complex threats is the main objective.

Their cybersecurity professionals not only will simulate an attack scenario but will also present you with a detailed report of your risk profile and a remediation strategy. Besides penetration testing, NopSec also offers a comprehensive vulnerability management platform that provides visibility of your IT assets and allows you to make better decisions by visualizing risk impact.

With their services used in healthcare and finance industries, you can trust NopSec to uncover the most critical vulnerabilities and provide you a full view of your organization's attack surface.

BTR Consulting

BTR Consulting
ServicesCybersecurity, risk management, consulting, awareness training
Free versionNo

If you're looking for an all-around provider that would not only improve your cybersecurity posture but also accelerate your business operations, look no further that BTR Consulting.

While this company offers ethical hacking services to test your internal and external infrastructure, web applications, and mobile environments, BTR Consulting also helps you ensure compliance and manage risks, allowing you to focus on your business growth.

The great thing about BTR Consulting is that the company pays close attention to your organization's culture and industry, thus providing you with solutions and services tailored to your specific needs.

Core Sentinel

Core Sentinel1
ServicesPenetration testing for web applications, internal and external infrastructures, secure code review, web application firewall
ResourcesWhitepapers, guides
Free versionNo

Core Sentinel is an Australian based company offering penetration testing services for your mobile and web apps, wireless networks, and internal or external infrastructures.

Their penetration testers are OSCE/OSCP certified and have years of experience providing professional services for insurance, banking, finance and government organizations, so you can be sure all your compliance and security needs will be taken care of.

Additionally, instead of solely focusing on preventing outside attacks, Core Sentinel also puts a lot of emphasis on securing the internal systems and offers solutions to minimize risky employee behavior.

Best Penetration Testing Tools: final recommendations

Choosing the right penetration testing tool doesn’t have to be daunting. All of the mentioned tools provide universal or personalized features that will suit your needs best.

Here are our top picks:

  1. BLST Security – checks for business logic attack flows.
  2. Pentest Tools – flexible and highly-automated penetration testing tool.
  3. OnSecurity – physical and digital penetration testing delivering reports in hours.
  4. Bugcrowd – reliable tool with smart resources.
  5. ImmuniWeb – all-around secure penetration testing tool.
  6. Crashtest Security – integrated penetration testing tool perfect for developers.
  7. Cobalt – on-demand access to professional penetration testing.
  8. zSecurity – leading provider of ethical hacking.
  9. Horangi Cyber Security – multifunctional and solid penetration testing tool.
  10. BreachLock – simple and scalable penetration testing.
  11. Raxis – customized solution for penetration testing.
  12. Cyber Security Hive – personalized penetration testing services.
  13. Secuvera – time-tested penetration testing with great price and value ratio.
  14. CampusGuard – actionable penetration testing with remediation assistance.
  15. Trickest – workflow building and automation platform.
  16. Cyphere – provides a wide range of penetration testing types and other cybersecurity services.
  17. Cyberlands – penetration testing services with a focus on API security.
  18. Software Secured – application security penetration testing.
  19. Testhouse – application testing and quality assurance.
  20. Packetlabs – penetration testing for a variety of different purposes.
  21. Fortreum – cybersecurity and testing services to ensure compliance.
  22. NopSec – vulnerability management platform.
  23. BTR Consulting – cybersecurity and consulting services provider.
  24. Core Sentinel – Australian company offering a variety of penetration testing services.

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