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Best Windows Apps for Multimedia Design

With personal computers and smart devices becoming more accessible, making digital art has never been easier. Not to mention the wide variety of software available today that allows users to create virtually anything – from complex 3D animations to simple greeting cards or photo collages.

Whether you're an amateur artist or a professional creative, having the right tools not only can make your creative process easier but also allow you to experiment and truly let your imagination roam free.

One place to find such tools, from audio editors to special effects apps, is the Microsoft app store – with hundreds of multimedia design apps to choose from, you'll surely find something that will allow your creativity to shine through.

Best Windows Apps for Multimedia Design: Our top picks

If you're looking for solutions that would help you create stunning content, here are some of the best Windows apps that will allow you to turn your ideas into reality.


FeaturesAudio editing and recording
ResourcesNews, forum
Free planYes

If you've ever needed to do some audio editing, you've probably heard of Audacity – one of the most well-known free audio tools developed by a dedicated community in 1999.

Audacity is an open-source app that offers these features:

  • Audio recording
  • Audio editing
  • Computer audio recording
  • Plugin support: VST2, AU, LV2, Nyquist & LDAP

Overall, Audacity is extremely easy to use and is loved by thousands of creatives worldwide for its simple multi-track editing and recording features.


FeaturesGraphic software, vector graphic editor, UI/UX design
ResourcesTutorials, forum
Free planYes

Lunacy is a free, easy-to-use graphic editor that will help you quickly create all sorts of visuals, starting from posters or pictures for social media to complex UI designs and clickable prototypes.

Here are some of the features that make this app stand out:

  • AI photo tools
  • Background remover
  • Image upscaler
  • Icons, illustrations and photos for you to use

What's great about Lunacy is that the interface is translated into 18 languages, including Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese. Also, if you need extra help with graphic software, Lunacy has an onboarding tutorial and plenty of other tutorials on the web to help you out.


Features3D creation suite
ResourcesBlog, forum, Wiki, developers portal
Free planYes

It wouldn't be a comprehensive list of best multimedia tools if there were no mention of Blender – a free software program that allows artists to turn their 2D creations into 3D models and much more.

Thousands of artists around the world trust this app for its variety of features like:

  • Modeling tools
  • Video editing
  • Animation
  • Rendering
  • VFX

But that's not all – not only you can customize the Blender interface, but you can also adjust every tool to your liking with an extensive Python API.


FeaturesImage and video editing, design tools
Free planYes

If you've ever needed to create a quick design or edit a photo, you're probably familiar with Canva – a free online tool that allows you to create stunning visuals effortlessly. But did you know that Canva also has a Windows desktop app?

Besides providing a distraction-free space for you to create and organize your work on, the Canva app offers features like:

  • Presentation templates
  • Logo templates
  • Poster templates
  • Video maker and editor
  • Photo editor

Another great thing about the Canva app is the collaboration features, allowing teams to work on the same projects in real-time.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
FeaturesVector illustration, photo editing
ResourcesLearning center, discovery center
Free planFree trial

Next on the list is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite – a comprehensive suite of applications for professional graphic design, vector illustration, layout, and photo editing, and more.

Some of the main features of this app include:

  • Vector illustration and page layout
  • Image editing and pixel-based design
  • AI-powered bitmap-to-vector tracing
  • Screen capture tool
  • Font exploration and management tool

Besides offering a variety of tools in one place, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite also boasts over a 1000 high-resolution digital photos, 7000 clipart and digital images and over a 1000 of TrueType and OpenType fonts.

Best Windows Apps for Multimedia Design: Final recommendations

Here's a quick overview of all the best multimedia design apps mentioned in this article:

  1. Audacity – free and open-source tool for basic audio editing and recording.
  2. Lunacy – a free graphic editor that allows you to edit photos, vectors and create UI/UX designs.
  3. Blender – a powerful free tool for animation, rendering 3D modeling and video editing.
  4. Canva – a free photo and video editing tool with plenty of templates to choose from.
  5. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite – a comprehensive suite for graphic design, vector illustration and more.

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